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Some of the comments posted after January 1, 2001.

Most of these represent the views of visitors who have read the following articles or notes:

Pokemon, Pokecomics, Digimon,  Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z

Second letter from MangaJ Subject, "praying to 'other gods'":  You have at least posted and replied to my previous email, and I can respect you for that, but I had to restrain my vomit when I read that line. Why is your God so much better than others? It's not, that is why. All Gods are the same, and perhaps your God needed different methods to reach different people. And of course, your claim that Digi-mon was originally titled Digi-demon shouldn't offend you, because the word Demon is largely a Christian concept. Meaning Demons are part of Christianity, just like Satanists, they're Christian too, just worshiping the other side of the coin.

As far as I have read, all Gods promise the same thing, the exact same thing. So, why argue that they are wrong? It's because they are different, Christianity has always feared and made vast attempts to deter what is different. The original practice of speaking to the dead known as Necromancy was evolved into a warped creature of summoning the rotting dead from thier graves. Simple witches became life threatening forces that like to eat little children and turn people into hideous creatures like frogs or mythical beasts.

Any God, no matter what form, should always endorse the path that leads a person to happiness, and not the path conceived to be right by the current patrons of the religion. I have found happiness in studying the concepts of Ki, Telekinesis, and other numerous subject declared by Christianity to be wrong, simply because they could not understand it. It has led me to happiness, and any true God would accept that as the proper path.

You say, "all Gods are the same." Where did you learn that? From anime and other forms of contemporary entertainment? Or through multicultural education? What kinds of studies or research led you to that conclusion? Today's prevalence of your unfounded beliefs shows how easy it it to persuade young people to reject Christianity and follow all kinds of gods and spirits who care nothing for your welfare. God's Old Testament warning fits our times:

"For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisternsóbroken cisterns that can hold no water." Jeremiah 2:13

The reality of a spirit world is known by all major religions. Whether you study primitive animism, ancient civilizations such as Canaan and Babylon, Shintoism, Hinduism, Native American spirituality or folk Islam, you will find people who offer sacrifices to appease malevolent spirits and attract the favor of other spirits. Their presence and influence has been documented in historical documents around the world.

What evidence do you find for a loving God who personally cares about human welfare outside the Bible and the testimonies of men who walked with God? Who else can say like our God, 

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you." (Jeremiah 31:3) or

"Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9) or

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned.... For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior." (Isaiah 43:2-3)

?  I would be happy to post your response.

From Comicboy: Hello I am a 15 year old male. As much people have stated clearly before is that they found out such sites dealing with porn and anime such as dragonball ,sailor moon, and pokemon. All can reassure you that there is no such thing as pokemon porn or any other porn of these titles or any other titles. I am not saying that all Anime is not porn or h____ as i shall refer to it. H____ is basically japan version of porn as cartoons basically. That is not all but that is the basic princable.

I am a personal fan of dragonball (i will refer to all 3 titles of dragonball as just plain dragonball). I downloaded or read every single manga dealing with dragonball. I seen like every episode of dragonbal since in america u can not see dragonball z or just dragonball on Tv but i know from that they do not change the show that much from manga to tv. I have also watched the shows i downloaded that were uncut. Not one time is there porn. 

What Akira made dragonball and other shows like that are just entertainment. H_____ or porn is mostly made by people that are bored, sick people that have nothing better to do then to dream up sexual images of anime characters. So basically Misty and Ash never had anything going on between them....

Also on a side note i am tired of people attacking things as a scrapegoat. We need to really focus on real problems here. I am a 15 year old and i can get drugs, alchohal, and just about any thing else. Yes that does include women and porn activites....

Some people attack dragonball for violence and other anime. I can go get a gun if i wanted so u cannot really blame a cartoon show for that can u. People though blame anime or music for the why. Most people that commit the acts are not triggered by cartoons. what people really should is go after Gun cooperation.... 

I am not some kid that thinks he knows how everything works but i do not more then people think or let on. polotictions are bribbed. THey are bibbred by the people that us as a society shoudl be going after. We should go after tobaco companies and gun companies. We should not go after entertainment and censor it so that is losses all form of it orignal content.

Parents should really teach children what is wrong and bad. We would not have to worry about bad tv effecting people if the Parents do nto relay on tv as a babysitter. They should play an active role in the children's life if they want them to have good moral values. My parents are my best friends i can share anythign with thme cause we talk and stuff. They do not sit my infront of tv and wonder why i am not like them.

Another thing is that Christianity is not the only religion. THis is dircted to mostly Christianis that think that is u do not follow the bible you are an evil, cruel, bad person. I could name religions to my hand is numb from typing. So far though i find that Christianity is the only one that blames other cutlers for its problems. i never seen Jewish people blaming hindus for the holocust or some things like that. As some people say things that deal with " O "blank religion" teaches bad ideas cause "blank person" did so and so". well i just have one little tidbit to munch on , wasn't Hitler Christian?

Your history is a bit confusing. So are some of your statements. For example, what are "cutlers"? (last paragraph) 

Why would Jewish people blame Hindus for the Holocaust when that happened in Germany under the cruel reign of dictator steeped in occultism? No Hitler was not a Christian. He persecuted Christians and pressured pastors to use their platforms to persuade their congregations to tolerate and support Nazism. Most churches complied, betraying their God. Their compromise should sound a wake-up call across America today.   

From Mike Counts: mmm...I think you people need to take a reality check. There are real problems in the world that you could be working on, instead of bashing things that you do not understand. I myself do not like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Dragon Ball Z. The anime and manga that I do like you would probably bash:

My point is this:  You don't know much about the things you are bashing. For instance, from my description above, you would probably think Oh My Goddess is evil and chilling.  Instead, it's a *very* sweet romantic comedy that even my parents enjoy. My father also laughs out loud at Ranma 1/2, which is also a romantic comedy.  He likes reading Gunsmith Cats as well, which is better written than many detectives novels today.

Once you have watched every single episode and read every single comic of that which you want to bash, you can bash it.  I have seen all the pokemon eps. and I hate it.  It's just so stupid.  But you can't bash something without knowing it.

Oh, and have you ever played a role-playing game or Magic: The Gathering? Both are quite fun.  Role-playing games are not necessarily AD&D, and even that is interesting to play.  Magic is a fun, easy to learn game.

Maybe you should look around at the world around you and find something worthwhile to spend time on. Like abortion.  Or war.  Something real, not just television shows and games.

When I was growing up in Norway, I learned early to spot the poisonous mushrooms. They were the prettiest of all -- red with white spots -- but swallowing even a bite could be deadly. I knew that well, even though I never experienced its poison. The warning was enough, and it might have saved my life. 

I'm not familiar with the shows you mentioned, so I can't evaluate them. Nor have I played Magic the Gathering. But I have enough of the cards -- several dozens -- to know that the horrible occult and violent images are like poison to the mind. And I have watched enough anime -- and read enough manga -- to see that their basic philosophy conflicts with Biblical faith. You and I obviously have different standards for what is good and what is not.  

From Ian: I am a student at Tulane University, I am a Christian, and I watch anime, play video games, and *shrugs and sighs* I do tons of homework. Anyway, I read a few of you articles concerning pokemon and other anime and the cards and things like that, but I still have trouble believing they should be censored. 

I have never said they should be censored or banned. I don't tell the world what entertainment should be allowed. I just try to warn Christians that certain influences clash with God's wise guidelines.

I do enjoy anime; I watch the toonami on cartoon network (being the extent of my television watching) and I do see many of the problems that it has in relation to the Christian faith. Unfortunately, I do not see how we can complain so much about pokemon, sailor moon, dragonball z and such, when a few stations to the left or right brings you Mtv, comedy central, cnn... yeah, you will have to forgive my writing, I know its not the most coherent in the world.

I just think there is really very little out there that you can't say "well this is not Christian and we should stay away from it". There are no books, video games, music, collectibles, etc. that are warped in some way and in the end it seems the only things I do enjoy are the few anime's and video games I play. I do stay away from anything that is just outright demonic (like magic the gathering, diablo, ... star wars? okay maybe not in the most basic sense, but the last movie hit the threshold of my putting up with the ideals of non-Christian themes and so I will probably never like star wars again). 

I admit that the animes i watch and some of the video games i play definitely don't follow everything that Christianity has taught me, but then it's too be expected when the people who create the shows are not Christian.

I think the main problem is that there are no (or not many) Christian books, games, etc. that can capture the imagination (maybe that's not the way to say that) of Christian teenagers. And although i guess we could argue that the only real thing i should need to be content is a Bible, i don't see that as working for some reason. I have seen a few video games, comic books, and even a Christian card game (which you could compare to pokemon) in the Christian book stores, but most of them are poor quality and not thought out (The Omega Code was a pretty bad movie).

Finally, i want to ask your opinion on a matter. I would like to do a video game, or comic book of my own. But would it be possible to do a Christian story in a fantasy or perhaps a science fiction world. I guess the better question (so maybe you will understand what I am asking) is how do you feel about C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia (that's the only one that comes to mind).

Anyway, i thank you for reading my letter (considering how random some of it must be) and for at least attempting to decipher some of what i was saying. i would appreciate any response you have or questions or whatever (could you please e-mail me back?) thanks.

Ian, I appreciate you desire to serve God's purposes, and I'm praying that God help me answer your question. I don't want to discourage you, but I have been concerned about popular books that teach some Christian truths in a fantasy context -- a setting that does not demonstrate God's reality. Blending truth and myth (or fantasy) tends to water down and compromise the very message a Christian author wants to communicate. I wonder if this blend hasn't contributed to the Biblical illiteracy and unbiblical interpretations we see in today's churches.   

If you would read Bewitched by Harry Potter you will find (in points 1 and 2) a partial answer to your question about C. S. Lewis. I have pointed out several times that while C.S. Lewis included many occult images and practices in his stories, he seemed to be teaching a Christian world view through the Narnia series. However, I have received information from visitors that indicate that my assumptions might have been wrong. I will try to find time to post the report soon.  Meanwhile, you might want to use our search engine (bottom of blue column on our home page) to find all the other references to the Narnia series. 

From Sarah Michael:  i just recently stumbled onto your site. i was a bit startled by what i read, both by you and your readers. here's some explainations on things.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: in Japan, only about 1% of the population is Christian. most don't know anything about Christian beliefs and are educated only through movies from America. sad, huh? 

Yes, very sad! U.S. entertainment promotes and exports a culture far worse than our real culture. The world follows, even as our own nation adapts its thinking and behavior to the unthinkably vile and violent images sold to a welcoming public. Images matter, they direct the imagination which, in turn, inspire values and guide behavior. 

well, in Japan, Christianity and Judaism are associated with the occult. Eva uses what little people do know (Adam, angels, dogma, crosses, souls (one of the characters' names is Rei, which means 'Soul' in Japanese), etc.) and twists them into a show. i don't agree with this, but the message behind it is clear: don't play God. the entire thing starts and ends because Gendou Ikari is stupid and clones his wife to make Rei. Because of this, God sends Angels to destroy the earth. there are many uses of sexuality, too, but i believe this is used to show that people are imperfect, even the heroes. notice, also, that even the heroes cannot escape the wrath of God, even with all their fancy evas. 

SAILOR MOON: i'll just stick to one topic since i could go on so many tangents. the manga's creator, Takeuchi-san, is Christian and made Usagi-chan Christian, too. she did make a BIG mistake in the manga, though, and slept with her boyfriend some time before her wedding (like a month or two or something). i've heard things about nature-worship and such, but that doesn't really hold water, so i'll continue on with my letter.

Sarah, there's reason to doubt that she actually is a true believer with a changed heart. The Bible tells us we will recognize God's genunine followers by the "fruit" from their lives. The occult symbols and practices in Sailor Moon could hardly be promoted and perpetuated by a sincere Christian who loves God's ways.

YOUR READERS: wow, you sure get a bunch of foul-mouthed kids writing, don't you?

CHRISTIANS WHO DON'T WATCH ANIME: my sister and i are both Christians, as are my friends. i'm the only one who watched anime *before* i was saved. 

my friends and sister think of anime as dirty cartoons who take our attention away from God. that's not entirely true. i believe that anime shows us what the Japanese culture is like, including their religion. by watching anime, you don't have to agree with everything the show says and still enjoy it. heck, i watch leno every monday night and i don't agree with 80% of what he says. just because sailor mars is Shinto doesn't mean i'm going to give up my love for our Father in Heaven. just because Misato has sex outside of marriage doesn't mean i'll forget my vow and sleep with men. those who are easily influenced by movies, TV shows, or music have severe problems. demonic music, R-rated movies, or mature-audience anime don't turn a person bad. that person just lost the Way to the Light, unfortunately, and can't (or don't want to) control their own feelings.

Please read Ephesians 5:3-21, Sarah. It shows why I can't agree with you.

i would appreciate it if you would post this on your site. i spent some time thinking of what to say, and i would like to add more later if you comment on my letter. i don't want to start a war, i'd just like to speak my mind and defend both God and anime. thanks!  

"and we sing glory, honor, power and strength to the Lord...."

From Jenni: im not tryin to be rude and all, but ur realy overreacting w/anime and all. i mean, im a christain to and love to serve god, thats why i watch cencored anime! 

ever hear of cartoon network??? they do some MAJOR cencoring w/ the anime. if ur concerned bout adult anime, thats different and all.but im like the #1 gundam wing fan, and there is nothing wrong w/it! my dad even watches it w/me. he thinks its cool. 

dragon ball z......not even gunna start there. sailor moon, i can somewhat understand. i mean the way thet dress and all. the only anime that i see a problem w/ is pokemon and tenchi muyo. 

my dream is to move to japan and help w/anime. i mean, if there was something wrong w/cencored anime on a channel that almost every kid watches, i think my parents would tell me. theyve already checked it out and gave me the ok.

but............can u tell me what u have aginst it? also, many characters have moral sayings. "one must never give up till the end"-heero yuy gundam wing "all i do is get rescued from the sea. y?" hyami blue sub #6 theres alot more!

Jenni, if you think you can learn "morals" from anime, how can you think that you are not also learning the spiritual foundation to anime: the pantheistic essence of the Japanese blend of Shintoism and Buddhism?  Even the "morals" are packaged in the above spirituality which undermines Biblical faith. Please read Pokemon Comics and, if you have time, the other two Pokemon articles. They will help explain the Anime challenge to Christian faith.

From Raye Johnson: I have read your articles on Pokemon and some of your articles on other anime. Although I disagree with many of your views, I find that you have presented your case very completely. You have supported your arguments and I can see why you believe what you say. In fact, I applaud you. You have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. 

I would like you to think about something when next you review an anime or anime product: The majority of Japanese people are not Christian. Many of the things that you cite as being anti-Christian are accepted parts of Shinto or Buddhism, the two major religions of Japan. To the Japanese people, these things are part of life, and no more evil than the taking of Communion at a Catholic Mass. In point of fact, the taking of Communion, with its overtones of ritual cannibalism, would shock most Japanese!

I believe that, when viewing it, one must keep in mind the fact that anime is alien to the Western, Christian, culture. 

Also, I find that your citing of Scripture is not a positive argument for your case, to me. I have read the Bible, and I find it does contradict itself several times. I think this is because it was written by Man and then translated into English. However Divinely inspired the original may have been, God had to work through a human hand to pen it and the human hand is fallible. Furthermore, the human mind is prejudiced. If one simply *reads* the Bible, several different and conflicting prejudices on the parts of its writers become evident. This will not change your beliefs; but I must say that citing the Bible does not convince me of *anything*. The Scripture is like statistics; a quote can be found that will support *anything*.

I apologise if I have offended you in any way; I am quite sure I have not shaken your point of view. But I felt that I must say why I disagree with you. Best wishes,

Thank you for your gracious letter, Raye. You have not offended me, and I appreciate your comments. Actually, you confirm my points. I know well that those who agree with the Japanese blend of Shintoism and Buddhism see nothing wrong in anime. It fits their beliefs. That's why I am not writing for them.

My message is to Christians who will be tempted to blend Biblical truths with Japanese spirituality. This happening, and part of the proof lies in the comments of many of our visitors. They are already blind to the differences between the two world views. The result is a blended spirituality which may sound tolerant to the world, but it is no longer Biblical Christianity. As soon as we adapt God's unchanging Word with other spiritual philosophies, it ceases to be God's Word. And most people don't even see the compromise. 

I cannot stop citing Scriptures, because the Bible is my standard for truth. It doesn't contradict itself. Please send me example of where it seems confusing and, by His grace, I will explain the apparent contradiction. Everything in the Bible makes sense when you see the over-all context. 

From Mike D.: Let me ask you a little question, Dragonball is the work of the devil, right? So is pokemon, haryy potter, digimon, and all other forms of anime, am i correct? So this being true, then you in no way, shape or form have anything against the japanese culture other then the fact that they don't worship your god? I would assume you would say this is true. So why do you censor their word for porn, ___? (I know you won't let it through.) 

Your assumptions are wrong, Mike. I don't have anything against the Japanese culture. America's culture -- as driven and exported by Hollywood  -- is far more destructive to the world. But culture isn't the issue. I have some wonderful Japanese friends. We have loved visiting Japan. The issue is the influence of popular entertainment, especially on Christian faith. Since you are not a Christian, my warnings were not written for you.

You were right on your point about porn. I didn't "let it through" because I don't want curious children and youth to "search" for it on the Internet.  Some experiences are good and edifying such as walking through a majestic redwood forest or studying the beautiful petals of an orchid. These shows us the glory of God's creation and causes us to praise Him. Other things should not be experienced -- such as porn. I did a search for that word myself long time ago just to find out if people were telling me the truth, and they were. Maybe such porn cartoon images wouldn't affect those who already steep their minds in sex and violence. But for those who have chosen to keep their minds pure before God, those images can be haunting and devastating. 

I think the fact that your censor another cultures language shows exactly how ignorant and intolerant you actually are. Whether you mean to be or not, you are being intolerant, and you are being ignorant. 

Oh, and another thing. Since only christans go to heaven, and everyone else goes to hell, how many innocent people has your LOVING, FORGIVING, almighty GOD sent to hell, even if they have never had a single idea that he existed. I think that over the ages it would add up to quite a lot. if this is the case, then your god isn't good, great, loving, caring, or even sane. (yes, i am passing judgement on him, i know that). Different people, different cultures. get it now? children are not so close minded that they'll abandon their religion just because of a colorful cartoon charector on tv has a different one than they do.

Your question assumes something that isn't true.  First of all, God has created a world full of proof that He exists. No matter how sophisticated science becomes, it still grapples with the mystery of how the earth and the universe came into being. Something cannot be made out of nothing. It doesn't make sense unless we consider God. That's why He tells us in Romans 1:19-20,

"... what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse...."

I have heard wonderful testimonies about people in distant lands and jungles who never read or heard the gospel -- whose hearts were touched by God in miraculous ways. When missionaries did eventually arrive to share the gospel, they already knew His message of love. He is so faithful to reach those who "seeks Him with all their heart." 

Finally, God doesn't send people to hell. But through the ages, people have chosen to do their own thing and to reject His ways. His door is open wide to anyone who would come to Him. Some say that Christianity is "exclusive," but it is actually far more inclusive than other major religions. Others require all kinds of "good works or thoughts" in order to reach their spiritual goals. In contrast, God humbled Himself, came to man, and made a way for us through the cross. 

Now, simply by believing, anyone -- even cannibals like Dahmer and murderers like David Berkowitz -- can be set free from their sin nature and be "born again" into God's eternal family. That's true equality: He invites everyone to follow, no matter how sinful, how weak, how incapable of changing their habits. Then He transforms their hearts and lives by His Spirit in the person.

If people choose not to follow, they face the consequences. But don't say God sends them to hell. He doesn't want "anyone to perish." 

From Kid Worren Katt: Blessed be. What IS this about anime being evil, Sailor Moon associated with the devil and everything non-Christian being evil? Lady, I happen to know a few non-Christian people, and they are completely normal, they don't float 6 feet off the ground with levitating heads, glowing red eyes, fangs and pea soup spurting out of mouths on heads that rotate 360į repeatedly. They are normal people.

Of course, they are normal, Kid. While some of us might dress differently, the issue isn't outward appearance. It has to do with an invisible spiritual realm -- and with personal beliefs, values and goals.

I also know many an anime fan, including a girl named Clelie, a girl named Audrey and one named Duane, and they're not "evil" and they haven't been "brainwashed" by anime like you suggest. 

Anime doesn't "brainwash" a person. Where did I supposedly say that? It does however immerse the minds of its fans in a particular world view or set of beliefs and myths, which would influence the faith and  thinking of someone who tried to follow God. Keep in mind, those who truly brainwashed (see Psychological Warfare or Brainwashing) do not even know what is happening to them. (See Brainwashing in America)

In Audrey's words, "Berit, you're a hypocrite! You say anime and rpg's brainwash us, but look at what you're trying to do with the bull you're flinging!" For shame. And don't give me the cold shoulder and the "I'm right and you're wrong" bit. i have played rpg's and I am a HUGE anime fan, I have been one for a long time, and I have made excellent grades in school and have many friends. Now, try and counter THAT. Good day to you,

Anonymous: when i was a poke maniac, i learned anime is exalent. you critisize it, but think about american art,or comics..fight fight fight....anyway, when butterfree left ash for another butterfree, i almost cried.::blushes:: and on the end of the 1st movei i almost cried too...i never do that for sense-less american batman , superman, and all those others...oh, that new Batman Beond is as delvil-worship-like as you can get.

my parents don't care if i watch anime or not- they are christains- i go to CCD - and if god doese not want u to look at the nude- why did he give it to ya'

maby if you were really agenst this gold mine of liturature don't watch it...of coarse if u had a child who liked anime what would you do? i don't need answers from the d&%$#@  bible to prove any thing- do you have a opinion of your own? if god told you to go out and kill all boy bands because they were "evil" and you liked N*SYNK (boyband for you old rags) and you hade to kill them because it was "god's soposable word" would you do it ?

God doesn't tell us to do something He has told us not to do in the Bible.

 what doese this have to do with your %$#@ site?  _____  dont even buy it if you so %$#@ hate it........forget you....doese not our constitution say "freedom of choice" or is "THE CREATOR" AGENST THAT TWO???? HUH????WELL??? FORGET YOU.....

Yes, our Constitution does give us -- both you and I -- freedom to choose.  Perhaps your Christian parents have tried to remind you that God helps us to make wise choices. Your language and attitude tells me that you may have made some unwise choices. I suggest you choose to listen to them and to God. 

From Audrey: Ugh, ok, after my last email I figured I'd better write a follow-up. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was threatening you in the last part, because that is NOT how I meant it to sound. I was simply suggesting that if you start attacking the Final Fantasy series you'll just get even more people mad at you. Heck, you'd probably make the people that are already mad at you even MORE mad, cuz, well, RPGs and anime pretty much go hand-in-hand.

One last teeny thing: why do you keep bleeping out the Japanese "h" word? Whoever told you that it meant "porno" was wrong because that is NOT what it means. It actually means "pervert." And besides, a lot of anime fans already know what word you're censoring anyways, so what's the point?

The point is that SOME children or anime fans don't know that word. That's good, and  I don't want to tell them.  The seedy experiential knowledge of the majority doesn't  justify corrupting a healthier minority.  After seeing a couple of those pornographic pictures last year, I certainly wouldn't want to expose children to mental pictures and suggestions that may never be erased from their minds. This may seem insignificant to those who are used to porn -- just as one dose of crack may seem innocuous to the addict.  But those who want to follow God rather than seek harmful thrills do best to close their eyes to such garbage.

As for the angry visitors -- when I follow my conscience and do what is right, I'm not bothered by people who get mad at me. God warned us that the world would despise  His followers.  After all, they crucified Jesus.  Knowing their hearts, He said, "Woe to you when all men speak well of you."  I thank God, I don't have that problem. 

Anonymous: Hello, I am a 12 year old girl and a fan of anime. I would like to start off by saying that I really don't mind you banning children from some of it. I respect your opinions and all I ask is that you respect mine.

Please remember that I don't "ban [anyone] from" anime.  I have neither the authority nor the desire to ban anything. 

Anime can harm the mind, if your mind is weak. I don't believe that Christians will be altered by the shows, but if they are they should stop watching it. I myself am faithless (please don't take that against me) but I have never felt the urge to kill someone just because I watch it on the television. I will not alter my belief in science and the earth just because I have seen Shinto practices on anime programs, and I do not believe that Christians will change their beliefs in God and heaven because a Bhuddist is shown on the screen. I think, in fact, that it has made me a better person. I look at the violence and think "That is so horrible! How could anyone do that?!".

Christians whose minds or beliefs are changed by a profusion of anime are probably not aware of what is happening. Since imagined experiences, especially in areas that clash with God's Word, will desensitize them to His values, their conscience would adapt to the message they choose to enjoy.  They become increasingly blind to God's perspective of good and evil.

This is a paragraph to read with an open mind: The morals that I have strictly held myself to, namely "All men are created equal" are so horribly violated in this site. I cry when I think of Christian superiority in schools. About how I may be forced to pray and worship a God whom I have no belief in in a public school! That the Ten Commandments may be posted in my classroom and I shall have to obey the first! No one has ever stopped a student in prayer, or writing that they would love to meet God, so what is wrong with simply asking that they admit it is only their opinion? 

Why does it make you so uncomfortable to see that Christians hold their faith as a conviction or firm reality, not an opinion? I don't mind at all talking with Wiccans who are as certain of their goddess as I am of my Lord. We need to steer clear of today's politically correct consensus process (See Mind Control) which demands that we trade fact and faith for feelings and opinions. Let's discuss, with love and civility, what we believe without demanding that others compromise or give up their position.

I freely admit that this is my opinion. Is there a God? I don't believe so, but is there wrong in that? Racism is freely distributed in this site, declaring that Shinto and faithless people such as myself are evil! I still remember a girl telling me that I would go to hell because I do not worship God. Is this what you want to spread? Instances that burn into childrens' minds and hurt for years? Hate? End open mind.

I do not mind the arguments against anime, though I do not agree. The racism is what I despise and I am on a mission to stop it. Thank-you for your time. (Please post on your site, I would appreciate it.)

Please show me where you see racism "freely distributed" through anything I have written. I have often reminded our readers that skin color should never be an issue for Christians. He has built a worldwide family of believers from "every tribe and nation." You have misjudged us. There is no place for racism at the foot of the cross. 

~Spread the light, stop the hate!~

From Shamus Mahan, Advocatus Diaboli: While this letter is primarily directed at the Anime Page of your Hate Propaganda Site,  it addresses several issues merely tangential to the issue of Anime.

First of all, for a christian, you seem to spend a lot of time engaging in  behaviour that you condemn. If you watch anime enough to be such a hard-core expert on it, aren't you being "wicked", according to your god (as "revealed" in your bible)? Sure, you can ostensibly claim to be watching it merely to "protect" fellow christians from it's evil influences, but many of the most severe pornography fiends were the people who only looked at it to "steer other people clear of it."

Furthermore, anime is the product of a non-christian society; by condemning it, you condemn an entire nation and their way of life. Christianity is no better than Shintoism or Bhuddism; every religion has fanatics, like you, who refuse to even entertain a belief that other value-systems have any credence. 

That's strange logic, Shamus. Does my critique of Disney and other movies indicate that I condemn the USA? I hope not. I have been far more critical of what is happening in the Western culture than of the cultural exports of other countries. I review movies and television programs aired in the US because I care about America. Nor do I condemn Japan or try to ban its entertainment. We have visited Japan and appreciate all the kind and thoughtful people we met.  Our aim is to encourage God's people to stand  firm in their faith, not compromising or re-defining His Word. 

Anime, and most video games for that matter, are made in Japan, where, thankfully, the corrupting influence of christianity has never caught on. DO you think your children will "catch" "heathenism" from these things? IF you're so convinced you're right, then no amount of anime or manga could possibly convince anyone otherwise. If christianity is perfect, the product of a perfect and all-powerful god, how could an "inferior" and *obviously* wrong (heavy sarcasm) system such as that presented in anime effect one of these true believers? 

I don't know what you mean by "true believer," but most of us are in process of being made whole and pure. I am not there yet. But when I chose to believe in Jesus Christ and His work for me at the cross, I received His holy Spirit. Now His perfect life is in me. All His strength and peace available to me. 

That doesn't mean that I automatically look to Him and follow Him each day. I, like other Christians -- including the potential anime fans in Christian families -- am vulnerable each day to temptations that could pull me away from Him. But I trust Him to make me a little stronger each day as I choose to read His Word, follow His way, and say "no" to the suggestions and distractions that could both replace and distort His best. He has always been faithful to me. 

Don't bother answering that; no offense, but I've heard all the "free-will" and "deceit" and "the DEVIL!" proselytizing I can stomach, and I can guess what your reply would be, and I have no argument to combat such monstrous un-logic as you would surely spew.

Feel free to take this space to interrupt me and quote a bible passage. I wonder how many of your readers look them up as they read along? 

Okay. Here Paul shares his deep concern for believers in Galatia who are conforming the wonderful promises about God's grace to their own cultural understanding. He says, "My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you...." (Gal. 4:19) He saw them drifting away from the purity of the God's Word and reminds them to guard against compromise and deception -- even as God's Spirit is at work in their hearts. 

Please don't assume I'm hateful or a fanatic; I'm just a bit put-off by hard-line christians always condemning my favorite things. It has finally raised my hackles enough to spur me on to writing this admittedly strong-toned letter. The mind-virus that is Christianity has perpetuated itself for almost two-thousand years, but it is fianally waning. I don't wish harm on you, sir, but the fact is that when your generation passes from this earth, there will simply not be enough crazy christains to fill your shoes. 

You may be right.  Speaking to His disciples before His betrayal and crucifixion, Jesus warned that our number would diminish toward the end of the church age, "... many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved." (Matthew 24:11-13)  Endurance isn't exactly a virtue in today's global culture, where most people prefer compromise to enduring the exclusion and persecution that accompanies discipleship.  

As the next few generations go on, christianity will seem more and more anachronistic and barbaric, and finally, it will pass into the history books to join Bhaal worship and Greek pantheism as the quaint practices of simple people. I am sad that I will not live to see that day, but I am somewhat relieved that the current generation of bitter old christians will not live to see their religion gain an inch of ground.

My views do not represent those of the average anime fan, nor are they influenced by anime, manga, video games, harry potter, Al Gore or Santa Claus. So don't even start. Finally, I hope you have the strength of character to post and reply to this on your anime section. I will give credit where it is due; you have not turned down challenges from people who disagree with you.

p.s.- And before you even begin your triumphant "Oh, see? He's EVIL!" angle, let me be the first to tell your readership, yes; that does mean "devil's advocate", and I'm using it figuratively. "Satan" is from the Hebrew "accuser/opposer", and I certainly do a lot of both in this letter. Ta ta!

I don't judge you, Shamus. My responsibility is to judge myself and confess my own sins. There is no triumph in showing anyone to be evil, and I don't mind the fact that you and others disagree with me. My God tells me that His ways neither fit nor please the world: 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways 

and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9

Incidentally, that same politically incorrect passages also says, 

"Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

Let the wicked forsake his way...

Let him turn to the LORD, and He will have mercy on him,

and to our God, for he will freely pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7


From ZxNinjaxZ: Since you either decided not to post my letter and/or delete it, I thought I should grace you with my presence by writing another letter.  I've been finding that as soon as some of the people who comment at
this site get smarter, you tend to not post those letters.  Look at the letter that was maybe a paragraph long, ending with "THEIR NOT REAL."  Short letter, gets the message across, but didn't prove a thing.


Come on, Ninjax. You know that isn't true. Look at the letter that precedes yours. It's  a long one that I am posting in installments because of the time it takes me to write  thoughtful responses. Then look at some of the recent letters posted on the Multiple Topics page. Like you, I only have 24 hours a day, and I can't possibly keep up with all the mail. Some weeks, I just get further and further behind no matter how hard I try to answer everything. I often answer mail until 1 and 2 in the morning. In the midst of tall the new mail each day, I am still trying to pick up some of the ones I missed two and three months ago.

 When people start to prove things, or suggest something to YOU, rather than YOU suggesting something to them, you stop replying.  I'll admit, these letters that I have been sending were a bit of a "game" to me.  A little
debate because I was bored out of my mind. I know you aren't going to rent The Crow, because you don't like
following suggestions from many people.  It's too "ocult" for you.


I don't have the time, Ninjax. I can't research everything. So I try to focus on entertainment that draws Christian children and youth. The Crow is not a priority.

 When you say that certain things "desensitize" people, really they make them less paranoid.  Nudity for one thing.  The human body is a natural thing.  Adam and Eve never wore clothing.  


Yes, they did, after the fall. See Genesis 3:7-11, 20.  Other Scriptures that deal with modesty versus nakedness include 1 Timothy 1:9 ("that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel")

Ancient Greeks believed the body was a beautiful thing.  But then again, you say that all the ancient greek
gods and goddesses were written by a mad man. [I did? Where?]

You say "no" to nudity, when Adam and Eve didn't wear cloths.  What's so bad about nudity anyway?  You're born naked, is that bad?

You refuse to acknowledge any super-natural type power because you say it doesn't come from your God.  Your God is not the center of the universe.

Characters in Anime, like in Dragon Ball Z, use this kind of power.  But you say it's occult because they tap into an energy source that is not from God, but their own.  It's a fictional world.  They don't have to follow
Christian laws, because they are not real.  In the series, the good majority of the characters are stronger than the character who is the Earth's God.   


I'm not concerned about the law they may or may not follow. I just try to warn Christian children not to watch myths and fables that inspire their imagination with a seductive world view that clashes with everything God taught us about Himself and His creation. To see the power of such suggestions, read my Pokemon and Harry Potter articles, including Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons and Pokemon.

RPGs, either Video game RPGs or card games, are not occult, or works of Satan.  I myself, am making an RPG in which five warriors decide the fate of a world and time itself.  The five characters are Rock, a hand fighter with amazing powers of flame, Sirius, a swordsman who's destiny is to become a new Shinigami for their world, Touma, a ninja who's dream it is to become a full Samurai, Hunter, an android from the future who is trying to save his world by correcting all the mistakes in the past, and Red, a mercenary who's family was killed by a demon named Triates.  Triates is the main villain, who was banished from their world thousands of years before, but a misguided man unleashes him in a ceremony gone wrong.  Each character has an elemental power, for Rock, fire, for Sirius, Darkness, for Touma, air, for Hunter, Earth, for Red, water. 


Click on  Symbols, then scroll to elements. Notice the link to real, not fictional, earth-centered religions.

Right away you will say that when the characters that I have created (or gotten permission from their creators to use) tap into a power that is not of God.  Technically though, you say your God created everything in the universe.  Now, I have my own universe, and I have created it.  Albeit, it's computer code, but still it's an imaginary universe, still a universe.  So when they "tap into" this power, it's coming from one who created it, albeit, it was in a game, but still very much created.


Ninjax, you illustrate how anime can deceive Christian children and turn them away from our wonderful, sovereign, allmighty God and King. You are not the creator of your own universe. Remember, it's all fiction. Yet, to you this fictional world seems so significant that you honor it with an investment of your heart and time.  You forget -- or deny the fact that -- anything you "create" comes from what God already created.  

From Animefanz:  This is not necessarily just for you, but for everyone on the board reading this.

First off I'd like to wish you and every one reading this a merry Christmas. Second I'd like to say a bit about myself. I myself am not religious, but I do have great respect for religion. I believe that faith can be a very powerful and wonderful thing and shouldn't be taken lightly. At the same time I love anime and things of the sort. I feel that many teach good morals and those that don't are just good fun!

I am offended by many of the letters that you have been receiving. And while I agree with what some of them are saying, I feel that that is no excuse for some of the stereotypes and hateful speech I see going on by certain party's that will remain anonymous.

So instead of just winning about how "she's wrong" or "That's not true" I'm just going to give a list of facts, and hope the readers will take to heart (and PLEASE correct any wrong info!) and write more intelligent letters

1) She does NOT want to ban anime or anything of the sort! While many extremists do want to ban certain things she is not really one of them. She has respect for the culture and merely is here to warn parents. So please, no more letters claiming this. 

2) She does not believe that anime is satanic. She merely believes that seeing too much of a certain image can confuse faith in a child. 

3) She is a person just like you. Please show her the same respect you'd expect from someone opposing your views. (I think I have something about this up higher in the board.)

4) Swearing does not make you sound smarter. Quite the opposite. 

5) If you feel I missed anything important put it here:

Again, I do NOT agree with many of the things that she says, so please, no Spam or flames about this. However, if you want to write me go to

(I would like to write about your views on D&D where would I get info on your viewpoint?) 

Happy holidays!

From Shamus Mahan, Advocatus Diaboli:   Round two!  

You said: "Does my critique of Disney and other movies indicate that I condemn the USA? " and my response is this: Yes. Yes you are. You are condemning every aspect of the secular culture, and pretending that "The USA" is some abstract "thing" that your comments are not referancing. What IS the USA? You'd have to define it as "Christian people who interpret the bible the way *I* do living in a certain part of North America." if you'd like to claim that you havn't condemned it.

You said: "I am not there yet. But when I chose to believe in Jesus Christ and His work for me at the cross, I received His holy Spirit. Now His perfect life is in me. All His strength and peace available to me. " and I reply :

Gaaagh! That's just a bunch of babble! It doesn't take thought to shoot down a comment by saying "Because Jesus BLAH BLAH BLAH!" In fact, it's a cop-out. 

Shamus, you don't understand Christianity. I don't condemn any culture in the world. You have missed my points entirely. But so does almost everyone else who doesn't know and follow my Lord. Let me try to explain.

Before His betrayal and death, Jesus prayed for His disciples. He understood well the physical and spiritual battle He was about to face in order to save the people He loved. Now He wanted to both warn and encourage His dear friends who would carry His message to the world. So He turned to His Father in prayer,

"I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours.... I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world....

"I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me." John 17:9, 15-21.

If His words mean nothing to you -- and if you really do want to understand this -- you may want to ask Him to clarify His words to you.  By His Spirit, He can surely do that. In any case, His last paragraph includes all of us who have chosen to follow Jesus today. 

The early Christians, as well as today's persecuted churches in China, North Korea, Sudan and Indonesia, chose to set their hearts on a kind of joy, relationship and fulfillment far greater than what the world can offer through anime. They have little to lose. The world's thrills never really satisfy for long anyway. To those who have "seen" God and know Him personally, the world system looks shallow and corrupt. So its not surprising that His true friends would rather die than betray the One they love. They -- and I count myself in their number-- are in the world but not of the world, and they don't expect the world around them to follow His ways. 

In other words, we are as "strangers and pilgrims" here on earth. Some Bible versions use the words "foreigners" or "aliens." (1 Pet. 2:11) Seeing ourselves as the "foreigners" -- not the immigrants around us -- we  don't hold you or anyone else (who is committed to this world system) accountable to His standards or guidelines. "Apart from Him," you couldn't live by His standards even if you tried.

Nor could I. Unless He had opened my eyes and filled me with His Spirit years ago, I could neither believe nor please Him. And like many others, I once thought Biblical Christianity was absurd and would have nothing to do with it. But He changed me, and only by His strength (which I don't deserve) can I know and do what He shows me. 

I know this sounds both weird and silly to those who don't want to know Him -- just as He said it would. "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God..." 2 Cor. 3:9. But, as I said earlier, if anyone truly wants to know Him, ask Him to speak to your heart, and He will surely answer. 

From Matt:  I'm 15 years old and I live in Michigan. I am a Christian, I pray, I went to Christian school, I attend church, I believe in God with all my heart. I am also a fan of Anime. I strongly believe that we as Christians, need to be more accepting of other societies and cultures. To say that what they believe is wrong isn't always the best thing to do. Who knows? Maybe they're right and we're wrong. They have their own proofs that their gods are real.

Matt, did you say you were a Christian? Yet, you don't believe what God tells us in His Word? How would you describe the God do you trust and follow?

I know your heart is in the right place, trying to help parents keep children away from Anime to stop violence or un-Christian values. I don't think Anime causes anything like that at all. I have been a big fan of Anime since I was 9 or 10, starting off with shows like Sailor Moon. I'd come home from school, eat a snack and watch Sailor Moon. She was a hero who gave her heart and soul into fighting for good, not evil. She had flaws, unlike Superman for instance.

Yes, she had many flaws. She's not a very good role model. Especially not for Christians who want to follow God. Remember, He tells us in Deuteronomy 18:9-12 that witchcraft, magic, sorcery, divination... are abominable to Him. He hates all that. How can His followers then love it so much -- and admire imagined characters who win battles by manipulating occult forces?

I don't think that shutting your kids out of every TV show with violence in it will do any good. That would make them want to rebel more, I have seen it happen. There is this one Christian mom I know who is way over protective and half of her kids ran away from home. I think kids need a balance of values. Ours is NOT nessecarily right and I think that shutting kids off from every other religion and culture is WRONG. I believe ours is right, but Buddhists believe theirs is right too, hm?

That's true. But who do you believe is right, Matt? Who is Jesus Christ to you? Which God would you trust with your life and death?

As for me, I can say with the apostle, Paul: "I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day." 2 Timothy 1:12  

Anonymous: Having read your article about the supposed effects of anime on christian children, i must say bravo. Every close minded word you type brings your belief system one step closer to its inevitable demise. No way can your religion sustain losing any more scientific arguments, so the line in the sand has been drawn. That means that you are forced to defend complete hypocrisy.

Have you noticed that wherever genuine Christians meets social opposition and hatred [in contrast to assimilation], their faith increases and their uncompromising churches grow?

 Anime is a wonderful and rich art form enjoyed the world around, and if it helps bring an end to christianity, all the better. I am a 23 year old atheist.

From Indra:  I admire you, you truly believe in your religion and that in and of itself is commendable. To have so much faith as to post articles relevant to your faith for other who share your view to learn from is doing, in my opinion, what Christians are asked to do in their bible. 

As you may have guessed from my use of pro-nouns I, myself am not of your religious sect, but after reading your site more thoroughly I tuned down my rant so it is very nearly coherent. I don't mean to offend you, I just want to ask a few questions in reference to your treatment of the popular form of Japanese art and entertainment known as anime.

I understand why, in certain cases, parents would want to censor anime or restrict it, much of the shows out there are in fact, not for children. This has been said before of course, but I want to know why kids have access to the H word. I mean, online access can be heavily monitored so kids really shouldn't be able to find anything meant to titillate. Parents need to be more focused on what their children view, I know that if my child saw some of the H I've viewed I would be shocked, saddened and appalled. 

Your warning about y___ and s__ was also a good thing. Christian sensibilities would be sent reeling if they saw some of what the average ecchi fangirl can come up with when bored. I have some more thing you may want to warn about: ______ girl/girl love or sex and anything marked ____ . 'Y__ or male/male sexual relationships (you probably know this word), which can also lead to pornography.  

I deleted the words so that no one will search and find these pictures because of me. But if a parent needs to know those words, I can make them available on request.

Doujinshi (fan drawn, fan based comics from Japan and a few from the US), fanfiction, or in rare cases actual commercial manga (comics). These things are not pornography but would get a milder PG-13 rating. None of these things are appropriate for young children (under 12) and parents probably don't want their children looking at them anyway because of the homosexual nature of the materials. 

All anime and manga searches by children should be restricted to official sites if parents don't want these things to show up. Fans of many anime popular with American children seem to have wild imaginations. Most sites containing these materials have a disclaimer/warning but AOL may not block sh___. I hope this helped you.

Any anime which is explicitly marked 'not for children', 'anime 18' or 16-up is also unadvised. The only shows I would promote for children (all of which I have personally viewed, but you may not condone) are 'My neighbor Totoro', 'Astro Boy' (the original anime, pretty cheesy and harmless) and, 'Oh, My Goddess!' (again this is probably deemed unsuitable by the highly orthodox).

I haven't watched those, so I can't comment on their contents. Though I don't see myself as "highly orthodox" at all, I don't like the last title.  But I appreciate your information. Parents need to know what children and teens are drawn to these days. 

Thanks for reading my ramble. I was also amazed at how little I actually knew about your religion before I came to this site and went to its links. You really changed my opinion about christians.

Thank you, Indra. I am very glad to hear that! :)

From gratch: I am responding to some of the views posted on your Anime page. I myself am not a christian, nor have I read the bible, but I have some views on the issue of Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and other anime movies or shows.

Since you are not a Christian, Gratch, you don't follow the same guidelines as those who love God. While your views may be fine for non-Christians, they carry little weight for those who live by God's standards.

Pokemon, I think is a very safe show for children to watch (in my opinion). I read in one of the letters that someone found "Porn" based on Pokemon. I have seen some stuff, and any "porn" you see on Pokemon is done by independant artists, based on the characters in the show (I'm sure you guys knew this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway). But (to me) this show need not be explained after watching a single full episode.
Sailor Moon is also (again, in my opinion) as normal as any other show on TV. The rumours of it having "nude transformations" in Japan may or may not be true, but in the end, I don't think its important, because the show here in the U.S. doesn't.
Which leads me into my final point on all Anime in general. I won't deny that some anime films and shows do contain small amounts of nudity. But they will never contain any actual sex, or anything of the sort (in accordance with certain laws in japan). Now, certain Anime's are quite violent, one example that I've seen had so much blood and guts it was disgusting. (Ironically enough, this was made by an American Anime company). And it is true that many of the women do have a very distinct female form. But also, Anime has many female main characters, and even if there is nudity, (as mentioned in some previous letters), it is much more tasteful than some of the "porn" we have here, usually depicting the women as strong, independant characters, hopefully allowing children to respect them as people. Of course, some Anime films simply aren't for children, but that's a given for all types of shows, isn't it?

That's true, Gratch. Thanks.

From David: I plead to anime fans to stop attacking this site for attacking anime. Why? We are obviously having no affect. We are not going to be able to change his opinion. As he has stated many times before the site is for Christians. SO what if they don't want to watch anime. Is that going to change your life? No.

IS the owner of this website going to prevent you from watching anime? No. Just let the Christians do what they want to do and continue to enjoy your anime.

Thanks, David, for demonstrating that we can be rational and civil even if we don't agree with each other. 

From Shamus Mahan, Advocatus Diaboli:   Round two!  (continued)

You continue: "I, like other Christians -- including the potential anime fans in Christian families -- am vulnerable each day to temptations that could pull me away from Him" to which I can scarcely resist chuckling. What could possibly tempt someone SOO obsessed with the Jesus Cult? You are 100% sure of your own holiness, and thus you speak with the AUTHORITY of god. NOWHERE do you even HINT that you could be wrong about anime. Your personal interpretation of a book written over the course of hundreds of years intended to be relevant to a nomadic tribe of people in the desert (and later, to a persecuted religious minority in the Roman Empire) is a shaky foundation upon which to base your condemnation of my hobby. 

You: "He has always been faithful to me. "

Me: Well, you don't expect much from him, do you? What does Jesus, personally, do for you? I can guess your answer, but please indulge me.

In response to my comment that Christianity is on the way out, you say "Speaking to His disciples before His betrayal and crucifixion, Jesus warned that our number would diminish toward the end of the church age, "... many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved." (Matthew 24:11-13) "

Me: I like how Jesus gets to talk all in bold letters. But you raise a good point, albeit unintentionally. This sort of scripture quoting is used by fanatics as proof that the END-TIMES are UPON US! (woe to us! woe!) It is a THREAT, that makes the immediacy of PAINFUL DEATH BY ARMAGEDDON a frightening reality to many weak-willed people. It is simply making use of the very tenet of immediate gratification that it supposedly denies to convert people out of fear.

Finally, you quote: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9"

...Not convincing enough. If it was truly universal wisdom, no amount of Earthly smearing could block out the obviousness of it's Truth. And I'm afraid that's just not the case. And poor little defenseless ANIME is the only casualty in this particular battle. I weep for the children. cheers,

I don't expect you to believe it. When you choose to do your own thing, God doesn't force His way into your life -- nor open your "eyes" to understand His love and ways. But you have plenty of company.  This passage in Romans  explains what happens when people turn away from Him: 

"...they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image.... Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator....

"For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. 

"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful...." (Romans 1:21-30)

From Ryan: First, a little background, I'm 15, I love anime and Star Wars, and both of my parents, who have taught me in the Christian way since I was 1, think you are a ridiculous zealot. I won't even bother to argue with you on those topics, because you've made up your hypocritical and intolerant mind on them. But I will say this:

Thank you very much for making me look bad. Because of people like you, when I say I'm a Christian, people generalize me with the insane zealot type Christian, and you are the perfect example of that type. Thank you for making me ashamed of my religion. I really appreciate not being able to admit I believe in God without people thinking me a member of the group of zealots that you are a part of, also known as the Catholic Church. Thank you for basically making a mockery of the entire Christian religion.

From YodaTuna: No offense, but back off of other people's hobby's.  I love anime and if that means I'm going to burn in hell so be it, as long as I can watch Dragonball Z.  I don't think 'God' has anything against anime.  I don't even think s/he would care, s/he probably has much bigger things to worry about. Thank you.

The following message from Richard had been posted earlier. Because I hadn't filed his original letter away with other posted messages, I accidentally put it up again -- but with a new set of answers. I may not have time to post more messages until Thursday so I will just leave it for now.  You can read Richard's latest message -- the one I intended to post -- on the Multiple Topics page.

From Richard (Otaku): I have been reading the comments on your site for about 3 months now and have decided to send this to you in order to perhaps defend all Otaku and tell my thoughts on Christianity.

First I will start with the easiest thing to do, tell my thoughts on Christianity. But before I do, know that in no way do I intend for this to offend anyone and if it does, I apologize.

Now, on to what I think of your religion.

At one time I was a Christian, but I reject it now because I do not believe that any god as loving as the bible says God is would condemn anyone to the suffering that is hell. If he is all caring and all forgiving as the bible says he is then he would prevent any and all suffering like that from happening. I refuse to believe that there is such a hypocritical God in existence. 

Add to that the fact that I am the type of person that does not believe everything he reads. I do believe a few things that I read, as long as there is historical proof behind it. As for the proof that there was a Jesus, I do not doubt that, but I do doubt that he was the so-called Son of God. I choose to think of him as a highly charismatic individual who knew what people wanted to see and hear, just like some of the politicians of today. They say what people what to hear and promise them better things and a better life if they follow them. Other than that, I have seen nor heard of any other 'proof' that the bible should be taken as non-fiction, instead of as a fantasy book (it has magic and demons in it, so that is what I classify it as.)

Please read "The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Christ," by Lee Strobel. You will find plenty of evidence for the historical authenticity of the Bible.

As for the whole seeing the world through God's perspective, why would we want to do that? 

Because the Bible provides a trustworthy, time-proven standard for what is good and bad, helpful and destructive. And because when we do, He keeps us close to Himself and fills us with the confidence that nothing in the world can disturb the peace or shake the hope we have in Christ. See My High Tower- Seeing the world from His perspective.

If we do that then we lose our ability to see what is right and wrong and we see what other's tell us is right and wrong (and God supposedly gave us our free-will, why don't we use it and judge for ourselves what is right and wrong?). That is not a good thing, because a person who blindly follows anything often is headed for disaster.

Now, on to the Anime defending portion of this letter. 

But first I would like to thank some of the people whose letter's you have posted that have not done as the typical anime fan has and flamed you with profanity and bashed you at every opportunity.

OK, now, I would like to say that Anime is not an evil thing. Like all other things it can be used for good purposes and bad (the good in anime being to entertain and teach morals, the bad being the pornographic anime, or ___ as it is more commonly know.) It all depends on the person that creates the anime. As for it being evil because it has non-Christian elements in it, I see no reason behind it. You use quotes from a book to 'prove' your point, yet you have never provided anyone with ANY good reason as to why there is any reason NOT to watch these animes in question (DBZ, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Sailor Moon, Digimon, or Pokemon, along with others.)

Did you read my articles on these topics, Richard?   How Pokemon Affects the Minds and Values of Children, Digimon, Pokecomic, Pokemon Movie... all give reasons why children and youth who want to know God and follow Him would be wise not to watch them. 

Just because your religion says they are evil does not mean your religion is right. There are so many religions in this world that all claim to be the only one that can lead to true salvation, that none of them could be right.

Only one of those many religions provides a written, verifiable record of 

  • historical events
  • the rise and fall of actual kings and nations
  • the descriptions of cultures molded by earth-centered religions -- including what happened to God's people when they left God to follow other gods and visions
  • the climatic changes that caused famine, migration and wars..... 

Over the years the facts cited in the Bible have been validated by archeology, climatology, and the historical record of events that took place in the Middle East thousands of years ago.  

With that said, I must say that most anime is actually written from a non-religious point of view. They are merely there to entertain. Now, there are animes that promote certain religions, and I have found some of them very enjoyable works of fantasy, as I have found some of the religions that have promoted Christianity.

Entertainment followed by dialogue (group discussion following the ground rules of the (consensus process) is one of the most effective ways to change values and mold beliefs. That's why education in depending increasingly on entertaining stories, games and movies to instill global beliefs and values in children around the world. They call it edutainment. (See Teletubbies)

I will close with this, nothing should be taken on faith, there is no point in blindly following anything.

Also, in promoting your religion you either purposely or inadvertently bash other religions due to the fact that you say their's is wrong. Think on what you are doing, and maybe you will come up with a better way to use the efforts you are in a better way.

Thank your for taking the time to read this, and again I apologize for anyone I have offended. Feel free to use this on your web site if you so choose.

Anonymous: You people are seriously paranoid and need help. How many people have suffered at the hands of religious people who thought they knew what was best for everyone.  You should mind your own business.

From Tanya:  I am a christian.  I do not believe in censurship.  I do however believe that today's society problems starts and ends at home.  If someone were to really look at the cartoons yall are criticizing you would see that it is basically the same theme's that arrive in the Bible and everyday life. It is a choice between good and evil.  

In the Bible good usually provails as it does in these shows.  I have two children that watch these shows, I watch them also.  I feel the shows aren't what currupts are children it is their parents.  Instead of trying to give our children all the material things in this world we should be giving them our time.  This is struggle for ppl.  I know this because i struggle with it.  

I have taught my children the difference in fantasy and reality.  I also use these cartoons to teach them about good choices.  Instead of critizing these cartoons we should be doing our job and raising our children better.  Show them that yes pikachu is cute and cuddly and nice and frienly, but sometimes he has to fight to protect the ones he loves.  Pickachu does not turn into an evil being unless his trainer teaches him to be that way.  The same way our kids don't turn evil unless we don't give them the love and attention that they need.  Pickachu is faithful to those that love him and care for him.  

The relationship that is there is a strong relationship of love and trust.  We should be teaching our children that is what is important.  Parents should really look at things in a logical fashion and they could use these things to help teach our children what is important.  I hope that you don't take any offense in anything i have said.  Stop quoting the Bible to ppl start using it to help.  We will always have evil in this world without it we would have nothing to fight for or live for.

In every culture, people fight what they consider evil and seek what they consider good. But that's not the issue. The real issue is how we determine what is good and evil. What God calls good -- which includes discernment based on His Word and readiness to "abhor evil" as He explains it -- is now hated by the world. 

The problem with anime is that it turns the meaning of good and evil upside down. Those who base their values on the world's view of good and evil will naturally be offended by God's standards. That's why Isaiah 5:20-21 is still relevant today:

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.... Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." 

From Mike Counts: I would like to reply to your reply to my comment in anime...


"When I was growing up in Norway, I learned early to spot the poisonous mushrooms. They were the prettiest of all -- red with white spots -- but swallowing even a bite could be deadly. I knew that well, even though I never experienced its poison. The warning was enough, and it might have saved my life.

"I'm not familiar with the shows you mentioned, so I can't evaluate them. Nor have I played Magic the Gathering. But I have enough of the cards -- several dozens -- to know that the horrible occult and violent images are like poison to the mind. And I have watched enough anime -- and read enough manga -- to see that their basic philosophy conflicts with Biblical faith. You and I obviously have different standards for what is good and what is not."

Yeah, maybe we do. I did not mean to defend anime as moral. Sure, some of it is anti-Christian. However, some of us can separate reality from fiction, but, sadly, most fundamental Christians today train their children to reject anything that doesn't agree with their faith. With the result that those same children will almost certainly get into the stuff no matter what.

Anyway, the point of my pervious comment was that anime and manga, being mere forms of entertainment, and one of the least dangerous, are not worthy targets of all the 'attitude' fundamental Christians have.

You could be doing something worthwhile with this site, or your time...

I do have one question, though. What 'basic philosophy' are you talking about? The Japanese standards for what is good and what is evil are almost identical to ours. Sure, some of the same themes run throughout many anime, such as revenge, loyalty, etc., but these are not disimiliar from our own Christian attitudes.

Lots of words, symbols and themes appear similar, but they often mean different things to different people. It all depends on the context. Two people may use the word "God" but to one person it means the Biblical God, while the other is thinking about a Hindu deity. A hexagram is an important religious symbols to serious Jews, while another groups uses it as a sign to transmit magical power.  Even words such as loyalty changes meaning when moved from one cultural context to another. (See Character Training for Global Citizenship)  

When you keep hearing a words in a new context over and over, the word takes on the meaning of that new context. That's why a young person will adapt the meaning of an old word or symbol to fit the new familiar setting. This normal process can totally change the person's understanding of God and truth.  It's also key to the cultural changes that have happened throughout history.  The issue is not whether or not you know the difference between reality and fantasy. Fantasies change our understanding and definitions in subtle ways that bypass our rational minds.  

From Simon: Sorry to say, but I found this website deeply disturbing..... I only scanned some of the information, but I got the impression that censorship and oppression are Christian beliefs.
I also found the articles about Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Magic etc. ludicrously short on facts. 

I'm not sure what facts you were looking for, Simon. Remember, I am not trying to explain the myths, themes or attractions behind the various anime or games. I am only trying to show those aspects that clash with Biblical truth.  

My warnings are written for Christian families and I make no attempts to censor or ban anything. I don't believe God tells us to change or clean up the world -- only to make personal choices to trust and follow Him. It's great if our love and lifestyles can encourage others, but Jesus never forced anyone to walk with Him. 

From Ja Ne-Krystal Starwind: Hello. I just want to know what kind of Christian you are. I am Catholic so our points of views may be different. Also I am an Anime lover. I admire the faith you have in your religion and I wish that I could be so devout. But the truth is, that I am not so I don't see you face to face on the idea that Anime is corrupting the minds of young children. (Please take no offense at anything that I say because I am half asleep and I might get carried away.)

I'm not offended at all, Ja. To see the basis for our faith, go to Our beliefs, then to Personal. These two pages explains it better than I can in this space.

For one thing (this has nothing to do with Anime Iím just trying to prove a point) I want to know if in your perspective of Christianity you think that if we miss Mass too often we shall end up in Hell for eternity, hmm? 

No, I don't believe that. We are saved for all eternity, not by attending church or mass or doing anything good, but by faith in what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. This truth puts every person -- not matter how bad they have been or how weak or incapable they might be -- on a level ground.  No one is good enough to make it to heaven or into God's loving family by their good deeds. Yet no one is bad enough not to be covered by His redemptive work and forgiveness if they confess their sins and trust in Jesus Christ. 

But when we choose to believe, we are filled with His Spirit -- His life, love, gentleness.... We then want to do the good things He shows us -- and we do them by His strength and wisdom, not our own.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."  Ephesians 2:8-10

Also I kind of scanned through most of the chats. I did read about 50 pages according to Microsoft Word, but that was in larger print. Okay Iím wandering off topic here. What I was trying to say is that somewhere I thought I saw a section where you wrote that imagination is evil because God doesnít put the thoughts into your head. Now I am not positive of this and since there are so many pages, I have failed to find it again. But I was just wondering because that is just a horrible thing to say when basically you are saying that you yourself are evil because you are using your imagination when you interpret the Bible or read books, any at that.

Thanks for asking for clarification, Ja. I can see how confusing this can be. The problem with the imagination -- as well as with words, knives, television and the Internet -- is that it can be used for bad  purposes as well as for good and neutral purposes. (Neutral might be when you have misplaced your keys and simply try to retrace  -- with your mind -- your steps to see where you might have put them.)

 Research into the mind, memories and changed values have shown that imagined experiences can influence a person's memories and values as much as actual experiences -- partly because hypothetical or virtual experiences are designed to arouse strong feelings. I know -- just be reading all the letters we receive -- that anime arouses strong feelings of attachment and loyalty.  These new loyalties to the show, to the peer group of anime fans.... tend to replace old loyalties.

When you repeat these imaginary experiences again and again, you become familiar with the new virtual context, practices and values. They begin to replace a person's original beliefs and values. That may not matter much to those who don't want to follow God. But it can totally undermine the faith and Biblical understanding of a person in a Christian family. Does that make sense? I tried to explain this in more death in Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons.

Also PLEASE, please, please, please, please, stop using the word Christianity okay? I know you wonít but I just wanted to tell anyone who reads this, if you post it, that not all Christians are like this. For another thing, someone posted that you must be Catholic because of your views or something like that. That is so not true. Catholics may be all stuck-up and put on airs that make it seem that our Religion is better than all the others but at least we donít say it out loud and preach sermons about it. I have no clue to what religion you are, but I know that if anything, you sound like a Baptist because Baptists are always saying, ďIf you are not saved, youíll go to hell....  

Now I just wanted to tell you that Christianity just means all religions that believe in God or Jesus (something like that), and it doesnít mean only your religion because not all Christian religions share your points of view, and apparently that includes Catholicism (I am judging my decision based on the statement someone made that said that the Pope Ďokayedí Pokťmon which seems to be one of your major targets.)

For my last thing to say in this letter is: it is pretty pathetic when you choose to constantly pick at Anime. There are *so* many other things. Yes, you can tell the world what you think but you shouldnít be so hellbound on getting people to actually believe it....

Here is the rest of the above letter (posted on the 25th) 

You can type up stuff like ďyeah it has connections to evil occults that will turn your children into mindless zombies whose only goal in life is to watch Dragonball, etc. and buy all the merchandise and constantly steal money from you so they can get more stuff until you are bankrupt and living in a cardboard box because any money you had saved up went towards sending your poor mindless zombie of a child to either an Anime Rehabilitation Center or some godforsaken island in the middle of the Pacific so they have no contact with anything that has to do with Anime.Ē 

But only crackpots who have nothing to do but annoy teenagers and other Anime lovers to death by getting their favorite shows censored will believe. I know, I know. Youíre purpose is to warn not to censor but that doesnít matter. YOU might not directly say ďCensor AnimeĒ but the actions you take convince other parents that Anime is evil. This causes a chain reaction, which always ends up with the shows being censored because the television companies donít want to lose any money. 

Then it's not censorship, Ja. It's simply a marketing decision.

I mean granted, if it is on normal everyday television maybe it should be censored, but not if itís on at midnight and especially if itís on cable. Is MTV censored? Half the time No. Is Playboy censored? What do you think? If they feel that Anime is *So* horrible that they need to censor it, then they should give it itís own channel so it can roam free uncensored. If anyone else shares my views please back me up because I think for once, Iíve run out of steam. (emails apprciated: I don't mind if they are flames cause I'll just laugh 'em off <I love a good 'dry humored joke'>)

Basically because I know that I will have Bible quotes thrown at me (which I really could care less about), my words will be twisted to form alternate meanings that somehow back this site up, and I guess Iíve lost some of my steam because I realize that it will make no difference and may not even be posted. 

Also for any of you who want to know I have been a Catholic since I was 3 months old, I donít necessarily like my religion but I wonít stand for people trash-talking it, and finally I am proud to say that I am thinking of becoming Buddhist (has no relation to Anime cause Iíve only liked it for a year and Iíve been thinking of changing my religion for 3 years now) because I believe that our main goal in life is to make ourselves happy and that is exactly what Buddhism is about.

And Christianity, I just donít like it because you are usually unhappy because of all the laws and youÖI just donít like it thatís all (: P) 

Actually, Christians are the most joyful, hopeful and confident people I know. We have a reason to be happy. God has made all His strength, wisdom, love and peace available to us -- for all eternity. No matter what happens all around us, we His promise of strength in every challenge and peace in every battle. That's why God's shepherd-king, David, happily wrote in Psalm 27:1-2,

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?"

Thanx for listening and please post this (*chibi eyes* please?) because I want people to know my view. Also I am sorry I got a little off topic. ^.^

From War_Mutt: This is for the people who run the Christian, anti-everything-that-doesn't-argee-with-us site.  I would just like to say, "Congrates!!" Why? Well, for the simple fact that after seeing your site I refuse to be a Christian any more.

Now don't get me wrong, I still believe in a higher being out there. But, jeez, if Christians are just going out and declaring everything that doesn't fit exactly with what they believe in as evil, wrong, or unjust...then I'm ashamed to be assoicated with the word "Christian". (side note: It's not just ya'll, its also that Fallwell guy...)

I mean come on! You go out and find things you don't understand, are scared of, or look different from the norm, and then condemn them. You now who did that too? lets see...The pharo who gave Moses all that grief...those people who captured Samson...Babylonians (who killed thousands of Jews)...the Romans (who killed Christians for fun and tried to kill Jesus)...Hitler...Spanish Inquisition (killed thousands of Jews), even the Catholic church, who condemned Galiliao. Seems to me, christians are hypocrates...

As for anime, manga, and card games, I must go with the one called Mewtwo on this, THEIR JUST FANTISY. First it was Fallwell with the Harry Potter nonsence, but must you people follow him down his path of idiotcy? (Hang it, getting off topic again...) *erhem* From all of the Anime, manga I've watched/read (which include pokemon, sailormoon and others you mention on your site) none have delt with Religion, less it be one practiced in Japan. But this however does not draw me away from Christianity. If anything it teaches me 'bout cultural differences, which is a good thing...

What has lead me from Christianity? People like ya'll and Jerry Fallwell posting the label of "HYPOCRATE" upon yourselves as you continue to spout out your scared ...

(don't jive the screen name with any of your verses, like you did Mewtwo...also please forgive the hidous spelling errors...)

War Mutt, may I ask you what being a Christian meant to you before you turned your back on Christianity?  We may not have been following the same God or Bible. If you look to a "higher being" I tend to doubt that you ever new Jesus Christ, my Lord, Friend and Shepherd. 

As for Fallwell, you may have confused the comment about Teletubbies attributed to him with Harry Potter.  I have never heard him say anything against Harry Potter, and the much-publicized statement about Teletubbies wasn't spoken by Fallwell.

From Greg: It was a long time ago, when I got your letter back. I felt there was nothing left to say, because you wouldn't care anyway. You gave me a bible verse and told me I was tricked, and that everything I thought was beutiful was really just the devil, in the end. 

That's not the way I said it, Greg, and I certainly didn't intend to hurt you.  I am sorry you received it that way. But please keep in mind, that since I am a Christian, I have to respond from a Biblical perspective -- otherwise I would violate my own conscience and integrity. That's my position and I cannot compromise. Sometimes it may seem more kind or loving to hide the truths I know so that I don't offend anyone. But that's not what Jesus did. He modeled genuine, life-giving love for all of us, yet He offended lots of people. That's why they killed Him.

I thought that I might tell you about a song I knew, that was from an anime show. I thought maybe you'd listen to it and then everything would be okay. You would know, that you were mistaken. But what is the point, now that I see the other things you write; now that I know what is in Your heart. You have never listened to a single letter writen to you... in all your life.

You didn't post my letter but I guess I always knew you wouldn't. Not at your own website, not with a reply like that. I guess I always knew, from the start, that My words were falling upon the ears of a statue. Just a mound of rock and nothing more.

Greg, I do read all the letters that come to us, and I post as many as I have time to answer each week. We have a huge backlog of unposted letters -- not because I am censoring them, but because it takes time to respond to all the questions, challenges and heartaches. The last few months, I have seldom left the computer before midnight and I often work until 1 and 2 am.  I just can't do anymore. When I have writing deadlines or must travel to speak somewhere, I get even further behind.  I am so sorry I left yours behind. Please send it to me again, and I promise to post it right away. 

I Had to do SOMETHING! At your website, you were written by one Raye Johnson, who presented the argument that the makers of Anime are mostly Shinto or Buddhism. In your reply you used the words "I am not writing for them." Can nothing be more terrible?! Can nothing at all? I, I read those words, and I just want scream, want to cry out, for life and love and what is more come on, LISTEN TO YOURSELF! PLEASE, open up your eyes for one single moment. For me, no not for me, for THEM, for everyone open up your eyes, and d rag your poor dead heart out of this place you have crawled to. I, I just, I don't know what to SAY. YOUR SO WRONG and I can't do a thing about it.

This is the last letter I am writting. I do not need a reply. You are probably the saddest person I have ever met, but I want you to know, that I did learn something after all. For you see, in the days befor I wrote you, I had begun a little poem:

"who are the heros among us

who are the winners of war

am I a devil

am I an angel

or am I something more"


And now I now I know, dear Berit, that I am something more, that all people are, with God's love... but never, without our own.

Johannes Norrell:  I am a 19 year old freshman in college, and I am familiar with a considerable amount of Japanese animation. One thing we must remember when viewing Japanese animation, or anime, is that it is a form of art, visual literature if you will. As such, there are many aspects to be considered. Perhaps the most obvious is the beauty of the animation itself, but also present are the music used and the themes explored.

It is the latter aspect that I would like to discuss. Like much of literature, some animes are filled with complex themes and allegories. As an example, I will use "Mononoke-hime," or "Princess Mononoke." At first glance, one could accuse this film of harboring beliefs that oppose those in the Bible. Granted, there are references to forest gods and a battle between them and mankind. However, that in and of itself does not make Mononoke-hime evil or immoral.

No, not for those who embrace a secular or earth-centered perspective. But from a Biblical perspective -- which is my point of view -- it fits into the category of "other gods" which my God tells us repeatedly to shun.

 For one, learning about Shintoist  beliefs is not a bad thing. In life we should be open to learn as much as we can so that we are capable of understanding our fellow man. 

I agree that in today's pluralistic culture we need to understand other beliefs. But every kind of "understanding" involves a context or a point of view.  Parents who take their Biblical faith seriously and want to encourage their children to follow God, will want to teach about other religions from a Biblical perspective or point of view.  That doesn't exclude caring for the people who follow "other gods," but it does mean separating ourselves from that person's religions. God's teaching cannot be blended or adapted to fit with other religions.

Christian missionaries spend years studying the culture they plan to enter. They love people of other faiths enough to sacrifice all the comforts of the Western world in order to go and serve them -- build hospitals, medical clinics, schools....

For a person of one religion to be exposed to another religion does not harm him; if anything, it encourages him to explore his own spirituality more deeply. It can only harm him if he is forced or tricked into assimilating those beliefs. You may disagree with this, but I think that an individual's relationship with God is exactly that: individual. I think personal exploration of one's own spirituality is the key to truly finding God. Thinking is the key. I myself am a very spiritual person.

You find God by exploring yourself? That's not what the Bible tells us. Self-made spirituality -- or imagining a God that looks like you -- is the opposite of what the Biblical God offers:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes;

Fear the Lord and depart from evil."

Proverbs 3:5-7

Secondly, the theme behind Mononoke-hime doesn't even have to do with religion. Simply put, Mononoke-hime conveys the message that by destroying nature, man is merely destroying himself. 

You can's separate Mononoke from the Samurai warrior spirit that inspired the story, Johannes. Much of it's action is infused with the spiritual power behind the unique Japanese blend of Shintoism and Buddhism.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is quite existentialist, and as such has many themes that are not in agreement with traditional Christianity. Once again, though, mere exposure to these ideas is not harmful; no intelligent person is going to change his entire belief structure because of the influence of animation. 

Some might, but most Christian children will only change their beliefs a little -- just enough to compromise their Biblical faith and distort their understanding of God.   

The theme of Evangelion is clearly stated in one of the movies: mankind's final enemy is himself. Personally, I think that there is a great deal of truth in this statement. God is not hiding from me; it is my own emotional/spiritual/mental limitations that put barriers between us. In Evangelion, these barriers are called "absolute terror fields," because it is our fear that creates them. I am not certain if the makers of Evangelion intended for their anime to be interpreted this way. However, because I am a free-willed, strongly spiritual person who takes the time to think things through, I have adapted that which I have gained from Evangelion to enhance my own beliefs.

Thank you, Johannes, for saying that. Others deny the influence of anime to influence the beliefs of a person. I maintain that children who watch Japanese animation will incorporate many of its suggestions into their current belief system.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (translation: Revolutionary Girl Utena) was mentioned by another person who responded, and I can only say that his understanding is shallow at best. Yes, there are some definite undertones of lesbianism in it, but we cannot hide from ourselves that with which we may not agree.

We don't have to watch or discuss those things that we do well to avoid. Images have a way to stick in our minds and pester our thinking.

Personally, I don't see anything immoral about homosexuality, but if I did, I wouldn't try to pretend that it didn't exist by refusing to expose myself to anything that might have homosexuality as a theme or influence. Back on subject, lesbianism is a VERY small theme in Utena. I won't go into detail as Utena is a very complex anime with a vast quantity of symbols and allegory, but I will mention the basic theme. The message behind much of Utena is that we should not follow the paths set for us by society. We should allow forge our own ideas, our own beliefs and our own ideas. We should not follow others, we should follow only ourselves. The "revolution" is simply that: breaking free of the barriers society puts on us and thinking for ourselves.

Perfect Blue is a movie adapted from a Japanese novel. It is by far the most risque of the animes that I have discussed with scenes of strong violence and nudity. Seeing these things have not "tainted" me, however. If anything, they have made me more aware of the flaws in this world that I should work to correct.

Those who are tainted by immoral images seldom realize what is happening to them, because the exposure to immoral images desensitizes them and lowers the moral standard.

The story and theme are both about finding one's identity in a world with so much shallowness and depravity as ours. One need only to look at the constant problem of teenage rebellion in this day and age to know that the search for personal identity has become increasingly difficult.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize what I have learned from these animes: Respect nature. Try to recognize and eliminate the barriers you put between yourself and God. Think for yourself. Be yourself. None of these are immoral statements. However, I realize that an 8 year old child would not be able to gain the same insight from viewing these animes. Instead, he/she would be unnecessarily exposed to horror, violence and nudity. These are all facts of life that one must recognize and come to grips with, but not at the age of eight. We must remember that not all anime is intended for children, and that there is a lot of it that children should NOT see.

Johannes, do your realize how difficult it is for many parents to stop a young child from watching along with an older brother and sister? When anything immoral or violent is brought into the home, the younger siblings almost always are vulnerable to its influence. Even if they don't watch it themselves, they are likely to hear a second hand message from those who do watch -- which will stir more interest. 

I think that this is the focal point to America's minconceptions about anime. Unlike most American cartoons, much Japanese animation is intended for teenagers and adults instead of children. We must remember that there is also a lot of truley amazing literature that would be equally inappropriate for small children. When viewed by a mature audience, many animes, like literature, contain thought-provoking and otherwise profound concepts.

On a final note, I will add that not all anime can be grouped together. To assume that all works in this vast genre are similar in every way would be insane. In addition to the inspiring and thought-provoking types of anime, there is a lot out there with pointless violence and degrading nudity.

Animated pornagraphy is usually called "___" and it is really disgusting. None of my defenses for the rest of anime apply here; ___ truly is sick.

I hope this will be an eye-opener to anyone who immediately disregards Japanese animation as something shallow or immoral. When veiwed by mature, intelligent and thoughtful people, it is a true form of art.

 Art is a medium of communication, Johannes. It is a tool for learning. If what the art represents is good, stirring helpful thinking and emotions, then its great. If it does the opposite, it's not good -- no matter how talented the artist. Like a book, a story, drugs such as morphine or even a gun , it has power to do either  good or evil. A Christian parent is responsible before God for discerning how any medium or means of communication might strengthen or weaken their child's relationship to the Biblical God. 

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