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From Ben Fournier: I found out that old writers of pokemon show did write up to show no.43 and they are the ones who made show no.38 (the cause of seizures) & they just made up pokemon as they went along (they made up the pyschic & ghost pokemon,I don't like those either)...

This page gives information about the pokemon such as there names in Japan. I've not seen the name natas anywhere yet but maybe you'll find some thing I missed: http://creatinghorizons.com/pokedex/index_main.html

Digimon on show had chanting and made fun of christians. Pokemon is different however, Ash, Misty & Brock do not use psychic powers, they do obey law/rules and the pokemon they have don't use psychic powers and no one makes fun of christians.

I'm a kid however and like the show but it's not my favorite show, my favorite show is batman. Well thank you for your time, also your web page neat.

Anonymous: hey, i was just surfing and came across your page& i thought to myself what poor people are out there that has nothing better to do than "research" card games and movies and say they are evil. Also say Christians are being resulted around the world. well how many people died that were killed by Christians for being pagans and how do you know Lucas is a satanist. LET THERE BE ROCK!

Berit's note: Please see the chart showing the difference between cultural and Biblical Christianity and re-read Star Wars Joins United Religions at the Presidio. Notice that I didn't say or suggest that Lucas is a satanist.

From Renee: ….. not until my 7 year old son was confronted about a Pokemon card at a homeschool park day…. was I truly convicted about sharing the information I had. I just took for granted that all Christians already knew the deception of the enemy, and knew he would never show up at one's front door dressed in a red suit with horns on his head, holding a pitch fork, and saying, "Hey arm yourselves, I'm here to attack you!" No, the enemy is much more subtle than that.

I was thanked over and over by the parents whom I shared your article with. After reading the article, and truly asking the Lord if these cards and the trading of these cards were pleasing to the Lord, the young men (12 yr. olds) decided themselves that they would be better off finding something else to do, that might be more constructive, with their time, Thank God. … Thank you for all of your time and research to enlighten people who may not be able to see, but are open minded enough to seek the Lord's guidance.

From Michael Beck Founder, Atlanta Chapter of the Pokemon League:  I have written to you before, you have posted my comments. Since that time, I have been checking your site periodically, as I find the information you provide very interesting. As you could tell in my last letter, my views didn't coincide with yours. I stated how I disagreed with your article, and left it at that.   

What I'd like to say, is how upset I got when I read some of the nastiest, foul worded comments I've ever heard in my entire life. Most of which appear to be coming from 12 to 15 year old kids. I honestly do not believe that Pokemon causes them to use that language, that's probably traceable to lack of discipline at home.   

I have thought long and hard about the comments that you have posted from readers, and said to myself... "Why?"  It is so natural in this world to instigate an immediate debate when someone's view differs from our own. And it seems that the bigger the difference in views, the more vocal the debate. In this case, your case was made, you had already published the article on your fine website, and many who read it felt they needed to respond and share their opinion with you. (With the exception of the horrible and uncalled for profanity stricken letters) 

But what was accomplished? You exercised your first amendment rights, and readers exercised theirs. You made your convictions, readers made theirs. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that some readers tried to "bully you" into changing your views. Readers need to speak their opinion, not get personal, and get on with life. That's all that can be done.   

I'm thankful that in the city I live in, being such a melting pot, that the children and adults, (but specially the children) are unlike any other children in the United States. Because we promote fun, fairness, and the fact that it's just a game, these children are able to take all the positive aspects out of the game of Pokemon and leave the negative ones behind. This message is easily accept and suffer none of the negative consequences outlined in your articles. But this is just one city, and not everyone has a guide to help steer them down a lighted path while playing this game.   

After much thought, I've modified my position: Everything you've said in your articles have the possibility to happen. Children can fall prey to these negative things. But, with parental guidance and communication (as we celebrate here in Atlanta), the ability to seperate between "fantasy" and "real" will become easy for children, and they can continue to enjoy this game without interfering with their family, their future, or their faith.   

That is all I have to share regarding my position... however, I did want to tell you something else I have thought about. You write these articles, not as an opponent of Pokemon, but as a concerned Christian, a concerned human being. There is love in your heart when you share this information with the world, and because some may not agree, that doesn't take away the love and concern in your message. The interpretation of Pokemon's (or anything's, for that matter) values is in the eye of the beholder. People forget that. Thank you for taking a concerned position and sticking to it. Regardless of my position in relation to yours, your strength is an inspiration.     

From Mark Seely <http://members.aol.com/xsites/inmyopinion>: Though I am not Christian, I am finding your site highly informative, and reflective of my own judgments on "the New World Order" movement. I hope you will not take this as an insult, but I mentally substitute "anti-freedom" for "anti-Christian" while reading your site. I believe the spirit of the meaning is the same.

As for Pokemon, I watched it for 5 minutes the other day, and noted a highly anti-family emphasis, as follows.

The two heros of the story happened upon a nursery, with dozens of babies, and no one else there. The father of the babies had gone fishing to feed his babies. The two heros started playing with the babies. Then the father came back and became instantly aggressive, attacking the heros. The father and one of the heros fought for a while, then both backed off. The other hero said, "you shouldn't fight." The father told the two that the babies were his, that the heros were trespassing, that they were interlopers, and that they should leave. The two heros balked and would not leave. One hero picked up a baby. The father said not to touch his babies. The heros ignored him.

This is the value that Pokemon is trying to instill: that parents have no right to sovereignty over their own children. And fighting to protect your own children is wrong. This is like a fascist or Communist Chinese philosophy. I was thoroughly disgusted.

Keep up the good work. I am just starting to look at your site, and already I am deeply, deeply troubled (even more than I already was).

Anonymous: I'd like to mention that there is a BIG difference between the psychics referenced in the Bible and the Psychic Pokemon that you have used to illustrate "occult" practices in Pokemon. That big difference is, namely, the fact that these Psychic Pokemon don't get their powers from foreign god's. At the time of the writing of the Bible, all those so called "psychics" relied on offering sacrafices/worhsipping of a certain god to give them those powers. Just food for thought.

Berit's response: It's all essentially the same. The Bible tells us that all supernatural forces not from God come from a single source identified as Satan, Lucifer, the devil, dragon or serpent.... who masquerades as "an angel of light". The names and labels differ from culture to culture, but the basic manifestations, tempting promises, and occult formulas for contacting this source are amazingly similar in all earth-centered or pagan cultures around the world.  See explanations, charts and Scriptures in Establishing a Global Spirituality.

From Lisa Class: I know that in this day we must be guardians of our children's life.  However, more and  more,  I see religion becoming increasingly legalistic.  I grew up not celebrating  Halloween, not reading certain books or watching certain movies.  My children have the  same restrictions.  I am also well aware of the dangers of role playing games.  I was a D&D player in college. The only woman.  I loved the game.  What I loved about it was the  intellectual stimulation that it gave me.  It took my mind and pulled it to its outer limits.  I  had to think and react quickly.  However, I started to notice that my friends were taking  this as more then just a game.  It became their God.  It is in that I find danger. I quit playing D&D.

Berit's response: I agree there is a lot of legalism in the church, Lisa. Many old rules are being changed or abandoned, while new, politically correct, rules are added. But teaching and following God's truths and warnings is not legalism. What Jesus condemned as legalism in the Pharisees was primarily (1) adding moral codes and spiritual laws not given by God in His Word, and (2) trying to obey God-given guidelines in their own strength rather than by His Spirit.   

....I am so tired of self righteous self appointed people telling the rest of the world how to live.  I am not throwing stones at you; for I neither know you or have enough information to form a personal opinion.  I am speaking in general.  We are called to go forth. Not to  sit at home and live in fear.  If we were conquering this world for Christ, then we  wouldn't have to worry about the rise of the occult.  This earth would be so full of the  spirit of God that Satan and his forces would run screaming back to the pit. What we  need is less sermonizing and more action.  As the country song says "a little less talk and  a lot more action."

Anonymous: You are a ignorant fool!   Blessed be!

Berit's comment: [The last two words are a standard Wiccan greeting.] I wouldn't expect us to agree, but I pray that God would speak to your heart and show you His love. His Word shows the deep chasm between your world view and mine:

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God."  (1 Corinthians 1:18)

From Richard Whittaker: Ok, first of all I will state for the record that I am agnostic. (which for the less cultured means I don't know if there is a god). But I don't condone the arguments that have been created by some of the articles you have read.  Everyone has a right to their beliefs, whether it be christian, roman catholic or a bag of dog poo! this banter between people (which I might add can be down right threatening) is no way to topicalise the true subject. Which religion is the right one? The answer is simple, we'll never know until we die! So what is all this fuss about? Religious xenophobia! Which has caused so many wars over our torrid existence on this earth, now in our so called society we claim to find other means. But a war is a war. Preach away (I say to anyone) but if they aren't listening then there is nothing you can do.   

Now I go onto the cause of the argument.  I read your opinions of roleplaying and pokemon and I found them very interesting. Now please listen to mine! 

1: I have roleplayed since I was 10, I do not worship satan, I do not practice any black arts, My agnosticism came from the bible itself, I found it contradictory and misleading. 

2: Pokemon is a Japanese invention, their culture derives different religious aspects than that of Christianity. To condem pokemon as a diversion from christ is to display the same religious Xenophobia, no matter how politely you put it. 

3: Pokemon is about battling and fighting, again an ancient samurai code called bushido, gaining honour by the sword. It's like the japanese condeming us for the countless angels that appear in films and cartoons.

 4: Tom and Jerry is full of violence but still has christian themes..... (heaven and hell). We must be forcing our beliefs on other cultures. 

5: The values Ash on his adventures teach children... to care and love your responsibilities (pokemon)  Ash truly loves his pikachu where as his rival Gary just collects them to be strong....this is a good lesson gfor children to learn....look after something and it will grow! abuse it and it will run away! Take particular note to the charmander episode!

6: A man who murders in the name of god is still a murderer, there has been too many times religion has been excused for the behaviour of an individual or society.   I am sorry you have recieved so much abuse, it is not my intention to abuse you but to point out that even though you are right in your own way, so is everyone else. When I was a christian I was always taught that God watched over me, try this on for size, If god watches over us, then maybe he has intended our cultures to mix.   I hope so, then maybe rascism, xenophobia and hatred will be stamped out!   May your god go with you I only worship one less than you!  

Berit's response: Thank you for your thoughts and concern, Richard, but I don't mind "the abuse." It's my privilege to share His truth and warnings in love. Cultures may mix, but His Word can never be compromised or conformed to the new politically correct spiritual blend. When those who call themselves Christian begin to compromise their faith, they have stopped following Jesus. Yet, today such compromise is transforming churches everywhere (see Conforming the Church to the New Millennium), for most people would rather walk with the world than with Jesus.  That's why He warned His disciples, 

"‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.... But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me." (John 15:20-21) 

From Lewis Lovhaug:  I am a Christian.  I have been a Christian for several years now, but I have also enjoyed Pokemon.  …  But then I heard more and more stuff from pastors and people who believed Pokemon was satanic for a few reasons.  I can explain and maybe, just maybe, try to convince you that Pokemon is not evil or satanic or should be considered so.   First of all, I have heard several propagandous things about psychic Pokemon and psychic things themself being against Christian religion.  Why is it against it?  Is it not possible for the lord to bless someone with the gift of recovering themself or another, or possibly moving things with their mind?  Could not the lord be responsible for such things, even though many are just scams? 

Berit's response: God doesn’t contradict Himself. Throughout the Old Testament, He warns us of the dangers of blending Biblical faith with the pagan practices.  Using “mental projection” in the state of altered consciousness to move objects with our mind and will is vital to magic and spell casting. In Old Testament days, it was included under the broad category of witchcraft and sorcery. Click on Chapter 4 of A Twist of Faith and read about the nature and the growing acceptance of witchcraft today – even in churches.

 Second of all, the ghost Pokemon are not supposed to make people believe that when Pokemon die, they become ghosts, which apparently is not what is to be believed.  They are not giving the image that when Pokemon die, they become ghosts, actually Pokemon do die and go to the afterlife.  But if their souls have done a great wrong, they must repay the debt and have the immortal spirit forgiven by the lord before they can go to Heaven or Hell.

 It’s interesting how a whole new theology has grown out of the Pokemon myth. Your description of a soul that pays for its sins after physical death sounds like belief in reincarnation and Hindu karma.  This is the opposite of the salvation Jesus offers us. His salvation is based, not on our good deeds, but on faith in what He accomplished for us (atonement and redemption for our sins) through His death on the cross. He certainly doesn’t offer us either a second chance or a second earthly life after we die. Unlike most Eastern religions with their faith in reincarnation, the Bible shows us that only in this present life can we choose whether or not we will follow Jesus – and where we will spend eternity. 

"And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many." (Hebrews 9:27-28)

Ghost, according to the Bible, are supernatural beings not sent by God. Therefore they are “unholy spirits” or demons.

Third of all, when trainers of Pokemon capture them, they do not use them as slaves….  they love their Pokemon and treat them with love, which is as strong as the will of the lord.

 Fourth of all, many people say that playing Pokemon could lead to such satanic things as, "Magic: the Gathering" or "Dungeons and Dragons".  I have played a Dungeons and Dragons like game, and frankly there's nothing actually satanic about it. . . .

 History repeats itself -- again and again. In Old Testament days, God’s people had been well warned by Moses to stay away from the Canaanite gods and religious practices. Yet, it only took one generation before they had blended their beliefs with the pagan beliefs of their neighbors in  the land God gave them. They didn't see what they were doing. Apparently, the occult rituals, celebrations, and orgies were more exciting than the truths they had learned.  They had no discernment, therefore God withdrew His protection and the people were soon enslaved by their enemies.  Here are two important Scriptures to remember: 

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”  (Colossians 2:8)

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.”  (1 Timothy 4:1)

 Fifth of all, the TV show seems, according to some Christians, to point to the episode called "Haunter vs. Kadabra".  I once read a report about it being the fact that Ash "underestimated the trainer's might" or something like that, making him look like a bad guy.  The TV show is to point kids to morals and values, and not to satanic ways.

In conclusion, I hope to have at least convinced you that Pokemon is not satanic, and if you do think it is, and have anything that is satanic about Pokemon that you believe, please reply to this e-mail and I'll try to explain it as best I can.

 Thank you, Lewis, for putting so much thought into this message. But if you are as serious about Jesus Christ as you are about Pokemon, would you pray that God show you His will and way?  And would you read the Scriptures I have listed which show some of the signs of a pagan revival? Just click here

From Julie: I am a Mom who has a son that is  relentless in spreading the "Word" about Pokemon and the evil behind it.  He  has witnessed to several young boys in church, sad enough, and they tore up  and broke all of their Pokemon articles and cards.  What a change has  occurred in their lives!  Now they too are witnessing to others in their  schools and communities.  It is AWESOME to see 8 and 9 yr. olds on fire for  God and winning souls into His Kingdom!!!  My son has a binder full of  articles on Pokemon, a Pokedex of all the creatures and God's Word bringing  to light the Truth behind this craze.  My son, with God's awesome power and  help has put up a website to tell kids about the dangers in Pokemon.  We  would greatly appreciate any advice you may have.  He also put your site on  his "Links" page.  His web address is http://hometown.aol.com/Pokebuster7. 

 He has been asked questions concerning Digimon.  I guess this is a new craze  which looks to me to be quite similar to Pokemon.  We were searching your web  page in hopes to find info on it.  If you know about this Digimon stuff we  would greatly appreciate your input.  We are going to search for sites, if  any, concerning Digimon.  If we find anything we will pass it on to you.  The  boys said that kids in their schools are being turned on to Digimon and they  are concerned and need information on it to fight the good fight!

Berit's response: We have some information on Digimon in the Q&A section. I have watched several episondes and will write something when I have become more familiar with it.

From Nick: I'd like to start by saying this: I respect your freedom of speech and I hope you will respect mine.

That being said, I can proceed. I stumbled onto your page today and began reading what you have to say about  Pokemon and Role Playing Games.  I can understand why you distrust or  sometimes blindly attack some of the issues associated with these topics.   However, I do not agree with most of your views on Pokemon and role-playing.

I am 15, watch the Pokemon show, and role play occasionally with friends  but I do NOT purchase any Pokemon merchandise, as you stated Pokemon fans  will succumb to.  I can say that neither Pokemon nor role playing are evil  or occult.  With the wrong person, these can lead to depression, occult  acts, and violent doings.  But, Pokemon is just a cartoon.  The child that  is mature enough to realize this shouldn't have any "fantasy-reality  problems". 

Nick, please re-read the Pokemon article and Answers to Pokemon mail. A lot of your questions have been asked and answered in earlier letters. 

 Besides, it does have many strong Christian and  family-oriented themes if you actually take the time to watch it through.   Some of the more prominent ones include: *Helping those in need *Good friends stick together when they are not happy *It doesn't matter if you don't win, it matters that you tried your hardest. *People shouldn't fight and violence is wrong.  

Pokemon has no Christian themes.  A Christian theme would be based on the life and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Most of the world's religions promote values that enable the group or community to function reasonably well, but that doesn't make them Christian.  A fantasy story set in the context of an earth-centered religion or Eastern spirituality is not Christian. As for your last illustration, remember my review of the Pokemon movie. The thrill of violent action speaks louder than noble words. A boy who had heard the nice sentiments about resolving conflicts came out of the theater wanting to fight.

On the subject of role playing, it is not evil.  Granted, some role  playing games like Magic and Dungeons and Dragons do have occult themes or  violent messages, but these are games for adults.  I really think that most  adults are capable of distinguishing these games from reality.  The fact  that they are adult games is the reason why I do not play them.  As you  failed to mention on your webpage, there are other role playing games  besides Magic and Dungeons & Dragons that do not have hints of occult, that  are suitable for "younger" adults.  After all, Role Playing is simply  acting.  Just like acting in a play or movie, but you write the story.  And  just like a play, you take the role of a character. A role playing game is  not evil, it's the person that plays it that can be evil.  Most people can  be in a play or can write a story without evil themes, so they can also  roleplay without them.  There are (quite a few!) role playing games that do  not have evil or violence.  For example, in the game Baron Munchausen  (pardon the spelling), you simply tell stories off the top of your head and  try to outdo the previous person's story. It really can be quite fun  (without violence or occult I might add) and stresses imagination and wits  rather than fighting and dungeons.

I hope I haven't come off too assertive.  I would also like to be an example  that these "New Age" things are not evil and that not all 12-15 year olds  have a total disregard for people's opinions with cursing.  I believe people  can get on with their lives, their families, and with God even if they watch  a few cartoons or like to role play.

Best wishes with your webpage and your lives, Nick

PS:  I would appreciate it if you could post my email in your "comments from  readers" section.  I understand if you are too busy to do so, but it would  make me feel like I voiced my opinion effectively. 

You did present your opinion both effectively and kindly, Nick. Thank you. We don't agree because we speak and write from different perspectives. But that's what American freedom is all about, isn't it?

Anonymous: I am writing in regards to your constant bitching and complaining about what you believe is evil. Your website has become a source for constant ridicule among a large group of people who realize exactly how insane your obsession with ending all that is not holy has become. I pity you. Good day!!!

Berit's response: Why do you misinterpret what I am saying? Where did I say that I wanted to end Pokemon or any other entertainment that clashes with Biblical values?  Please read my articles more carefully before you criticize. I'm not trying to end anything. My goal is merely to help and encourage Christian families that want this information. But it seems that you want to end my freedom to express my beliefs.

You don't need to pity me. Obviously you are more upset than I am.  I am happy just to serve my Lord, and your irrational criticism seems almost funny to me. It also reminds me what Jesus told those who love Him:

"Blessed are you when men hate you . . . exclude you, and revile you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man’s sake. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy! For indeed your reward is great in heaven." (Luke 6:22-23)

Anonymous: I am a 14-year old doing an argumentative essay about pokemon. Personally, I like pokemon, but anything that I could point out for pokemon has already had been pointed out. I would just like to let you know, that it was really hard finding a fair website. I would just like to compare most sites that don't support pokemon (not including yours, which gives a fair turn to both sides).

If you search pokemon you find tons of personal web pages, web-rings, and marketing sites. They aren't the greatest sites, and it is frustrating to weed out the marketing sites, but overall its not bad. On the whole, owners of pokemon websites talk more about strategy than anything else.

Then I searched anti-pokemon. I got a bunch of personal websites that were really disturbing. One had tons of cuss words in its summary. Another, which I though might be a good resource, turned out to have a shareware game called "Shoot the Pikachu."

I know that some people will always think that pokemon is great, and others will always think that its a bad influence, but just comparing the web sites I think pokemon wins hands down.

Also, thank you for creating a good fair website that will allow me to get both sides of the story.

    From Berit: I appreciate the encouragement and your graciousness. Thanks a lot!

From "Dr. Moo": UTTER RUBBISH! I'm 13 and like pokemon. I'm not evil, antisocial or whatever. I go to Pokemon message boards and MAKE FREINDS. And get this, not ONE of them is Satanic. Now, put this on your site. 

From Ryan Edgerton: I'm the author of the most evangelistic and radical Christian Pokemon stories on the web. Yeah, 100% Christian with Pokemon thrown in. No, I am not writing to you from an insane assylum. I'm not entirely sure how the whole 'Your Comments' part of your page works, but could you do me the favor of putting this message up on it? Anyway, onto the actual topic at hand.

Yes, I write Pokemon stories with Christian salvation messages in each one, and as a matter I'm pretty sure that's what God is calling me to do right now in my life. How do I know that? Well, lets just say that the enemy (AKA Satan) has been attacking me about it for a while through multiple forms. Now, I know some of you here think Pokemon is of the Devil, but try not to go Pharisee on me here, k? Why would Satan be trying to cut me down if I wasn't doing God's will in this situation. It's just like that time Jesus confronted the Pharisees about them saying He was doing miracles and casting out demons because He was using Satan's power, and Jesus rebuked them and said that the kingdom of darkness doesn't fight against itself, but it's Christians' job to kick Satan's ugly …. At any rate, people have gotten saved through my stories. I believe that's pretty good evidence right there.

And for those who are wondering, I don't compromise one bit of the Word in any of my stories. If anything, it's Pokemon that makes the compromise! I will admit, there are things in Pokemon that should be confronted with wisdom, like the whole 'Gotta' catch em' all" deal and Pokemon "Evolution" (which is actually a lot closer to a strange form of growing up) and the 'Psychic' and 'Ghost' type Pokemon, so here's the parental stradegy I propose.

If kids are really into Pokemon, be selective in what forms of Pokemon media and merchandise you let them expose themselves to. Personally, I reccomend my own Pokemon stories, entitled "Team Revelation" as a Christian suppiment to the Pokemon TV show and comics, along with my good friend Shadowcat's "The Motto" series, which are both rather good Poke-Christian resources. As for mainstream Pokemon resources, I reccomend Pokemon: The First Movie with discretion. For instance, try to point out to kids that "prayer works miracles" towards the end of the movie; you'll know when. If anyone has questions, comments, or would like to get a copy of "Team Revelation", my E-Mail address is…. God bless, and remember that you don't 'Gotta Catch Em All'.

Berit’s response: You ask, “why would Satan be trying to cut me down if I wasn’t doing God’s will in this situation?” There are several reasons. I mention one in the section on the armor of God: If any Christian drifts into an activity or yields to a temptation to participate in something God warns us to avoid, God may well allow Satan to “buffet” or oppress that person for his or her correction.  We take off the “breastplate of righteousness”, a key part of the armor, the moment we allow ourselves to be seduced by occult (dealing with spiritual forces not of God) entertainment or activtities.  God’s children are safe only when they trust and follow God,  and His guidelines are found in His Word, not our deceptive human feelings.  Check Ephesians 4:22-27 (especially the warning in v. 27) and 5:3-19.

Since I can neither agree with you nor recommend your “Christian Pokemon” stories, I did not include your email address. If you want to send me some of your stories, I will read them and prayerfully evaluate them according to His Word.

From Josh. Hey, I just finished reading what you had to say about Pokémon.  First off, I'd like to say congrats on such an intelligent piece of work, most people you see are either totally biased on it, or in total defense of it with  unreasonable and stupid points.  Nice to see somebody who knows what he's  talking about.

While I did, needless to say, see the explanation as mostly reasonable, there are a few things that get me confused here.  It's noteworthy that I do play pokemon myself, and am a christian (Jehovah Witness).  I go to the pokemon  league each week at Toys R Us to play cards with people, and own all three  color versions, but virtually never play it outside of the car.

I suppose this is a representation of somebody who takes advantage of pokemon in a reasonable way.  I'm not obessessed with it (while I was about the first month, trying to get my collection going).  I see one of your emphasized points is that Pokemon is very obsessive, which obviously isn't healthy (as people say it), especially spiritually.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the example of myself clears pokemon of being too obsessive.

Fact is, it is targeted at younger ones.  These people are very suspectible  to become obsessed by pokemon.  However, I believe this is essentially the  only problem with it.

Take for example the time you refer to Ash taking on Sabrina with her Abra.   Since psychic types are weak to ghost, Ash thought he couldn't lose...a little overconfident.  Right when the battle starts, Abra evolves into Kadabra  (who isn't really superpowered, BTW, an average psychic type).  Haunter is nowhere to be seen and Ash looses badly.  You say that people are much like this about pokemon...but you can't use this as a good reference!  Overconfident Ash marches in and runs away, and you say kids are encouraged to yet be overconfident?  If the people really look up to Ash so much, maybe they'd take into consideration his mistake.  Also, Haunter wasn't running away from Kadabra, he ultimately ended up trying to make Sabrina laugh.   Telepathically joined to Sabrina, Kadabra laughs so hard he can't fight.

Heh...I'm not using this to try and exuse pokemon of any violence, that most battles are won cleverly and avoiding battle.  There are few other situations that are handled without a true pokemon battle.  Still, the new writers have tried to make it that way.  Each trainer badge Ash earns is recieved by doing  "good deeds" quote the new writers.  I don't think the theory that pokemon is all about battling, and everything is worked out with a violent match.  I think the trainers are deciding who is the better trainer, and that will decide any conflict.  Pokemon need good trainers to be able to fight.  The theme isn't really about powering up your pokemon to be war machines, but knowing how to properly care for and raise them.  Look as Ash's Charizard, a very powerful pokemon. However, Charizard never even listens to Ash.  It was badly rained, hence usually stays in it's pokeball.  Going against a rival trainer, Charizard may be a powerhouse but a near useless one.  Simply getting up to it's most powerful state doesn't show how well you've trained a pokemon at all.  While the video game isn't even really capable of displaying that, it does have its own version of it.  If you get ahead of yourself in training pokemon, they won't listen to you.  Think if a person who does this connects their game boy to anothers for a fight...it'll show the kind of trainer they are.  Clearly, simply looking upon your pokemon as fighting elements won't do you any good.

I will admit, I don't like the psychic theme of pokemon.  Well, only one aspect of it, the telekinises.  This is downright different for me.  I don't really have a problem with powerful Psychic types like Mewtwo or Ghost types...after all,it's just a game.  I don't believe in ghosts.  I don't believe in blue hedgehogs, either, but it has never stopped me from playing Sonic games.

My opinion, at least, is that Pokemon can be too obsessive.  A simple moderation of it on the parents part, I think, could prevent this.  Of course, I'm just 14.  It might just all be pointless speculation, right?:)  

From Jean-Francois Dubeau: I am a 24 year old french canadian graphic designer and artist. You will most likely be disappointed to learn that I am at this point agnostic or atheist. Do not let this mislead you however, although my faith is too shaky to claim being a believer, I am far from being a God- hating ethan or a condescending rationalist. I am simply a product of my generation of confusion and mixed signals. When you are surrounded by over twenty groups all claiming to 'know the one and only way' it gets pretty mixed up. Give me time, I may come around.

In light of knowing me better, you may wish to disregard the rest of this message as the mad ravings of a non-believer. Many on-line christian organisation I have come across answer my queries with overt denigration and condescention leaving me more doubtful than before. So I have had bad experiences.

If on the contrary you chose to continue reading, you may once again be put off by my next affirmation : I am a role player. That is why I come to you now and ask for your help. Not in stopping, but in understanding.

The role playing community is not what we are depicted to be and our activities are not what the media has led people to think! Just as the media often depict christians as bible thumping fanatics, we are depicted as obsessive compulsives or devil worshipers. Let me tell you about who we really are and maybe we can help each other.

Role playing is the act of creating a story in a communal manner. Much like a typical author, our goal is simply to entertain and create, but instead of doing it for profit or gain, and instead of doing it alone, we do it for enlightenment and fun, and we do it as a group. We get together with reference material, except for one we all create a character, the one who doesn't thinks up a good storyline, and we create. Those who have created characters represent the main characters in the story, the other one, often referred to as Dongeon Master, to our greatest shame I might add, takes care of consequential events and secondary characters. At the end of a series of evenings playing those characters in that particular story, we end up with a short or long tale that we created as a group. We do not gain nor loose anymore than what I have just described. You'll notice that this practice is more closely related to the time honored art of storytelling.

However! I am not writing to lecture you. Few of the things you write about concerning Pokemon and Dongeon & Dragons are false. Many of the true role players (commonly called gamers) are ashamed of being identified with the few who 'think it's real' or get obsessed. We are a passive and relaxed people, but we are getting tired of the stigma that follows us, that we commit suicide when our character dies, or that we live through our characters and get addicted to the story. Few do, but the media has concentrated on these rare few and demonized an entire form of entertainment, probably one of the cleanest, most intellectual form of entertainment ever, all for a cheap Nielse rating. 

We are tired of being mistaken for the people who play 'customizable card games'. We do play those games from time to time, but most of us never go so far as to actually trade or act them out. Most of all, we are tired of being compared to the children who ignorantly play our game in childish manner and dirty the reputation of a fine form of communal entertainment.

Grade schoolers should not play role playing games, they are not ready. Customizable card games are NOT role playing games, and role playing games are not violent, nor are they devil related.

We ask you, we beg you to please help us make our hobby shine in the light it deserves. Help us inform the masses of what 'good' role playing is and what 'bad' role playing is. The act of role playing itself is far from evil or damaging, it is what mass marketing, the media and uninformed people do with it that damages.

If you've had the open mindedness of reading this far, please at least answer to let me know your stance on this matter. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. If the christian community can come to better understand those who role play, 'gamers' will come to better understand christianity and the Lord's message, and trust me, a lot of us need both.

Berit's response: Thank you for your thoughtful letter. I can't give a quick answer or promise, and I know you understand why. This is a complex issue and I want to understand it better myself. I will pray and consider your insights as I write the new article on the power of the imagination. 

The main difference between us is that I try to see and write from a Biblical perspective. Those who don't trust the Bible as God's guidelines will surely not share my values. But I want to be fair and honest in the way I present other sides of this issue, so I welcome your information.

I'm glad you said that "Grade schoolers should not play role playing games, they are not ready."  The problem is that they do play. Many who have refused to play are facing rising peer pressure to join the group and start playing.  My goal is to encourage Christian parents by helping them explain to their children how imaginary experiences in the context of a contrary world view can confuse and undermine Biblical beliefs.  Because I love my Shepherd, trust His Word, and want His children to stay close to Him, I must continue to write the truths and facts He shows me.

From Zuriel: I came across your sites in the message forums at www.....  and I have to say I have never laughed so hard in my life. Have you guys ever read anything but your bibles? Did it ever occur to you that there is more to life than God and His teachings? I think it's very obvious that you have never opened your eyes. 

I used to like pokemon when I was younger but more interesting hobbies consume my time. Your arguments agianst it show your lack of cultural tolerance. Have you ever even played pokemon? Or are you too scare that the devil will bite your toes while you sleep? Also, one major reason why I like pokemon is because it introduced me to AD&D. There is nothing horrible, evil, or satanic about pokemon OR AD&D. I have read all the rules (unlike yourself) so I know this for a fact. AD&D is just like writing a novel. It encourages creativity and self exploration. It is a very healthy game. I think you two need to crawl out of whatever sheltered hole you live in and go to the library... at least watch the television. And I am sorry, but neo-paganism will win. It's a much more modern and tolerant system of beliefs.

Oh and thanks again for the laugh.

From Matthew Ross: Hello, I hope that I do not sound too confrontational in my letter but I simply have to question your views on roleplaying games. You seem to feel the need to speak out against what are simple fantasy games. I personally play dungeons and dragons and never in my gaming experience have I experienced people becoming "addicted" to gaming or using it as a stepping stone to occult practices. Perhaps you could help me by responding.

By the way, I have to say that I do at least agree that new agey sorts of religions are indeed garbage. I also have to say that anyone who sends hatemail should probably "button their lip", these immature pigs have no place using the internet and have given many a newsgroup and message board a turn for the worse. I also must say that although I disagree with the bulk of your ideals I do admire the strength of your convictions. It's good to see that some people stick with what they believe, if you ever want a good argument you're on! :-)  

Thank you, Matthew for that invitation.  May I assume that you read the section on psychological manipulation in the  Pokemon article but were not persuaded by my arguments?  I will try to make my position more clear as I write the new article on the power of the Imagination.    

From Ben: I have to say you're Pokemon article is total ----!!!!! Don't judge people you anti-Pokemon nazi!!!!

Second note from Ben: You can apologise to every Pokemon fan by putting up an apology letter,I will give you 3 days 2do this or I will have SAP hack this ------ ------ site.

Berit: Thank you for taking time to write us. But please let me ask you a question. Aren't you being rather unfair in wanting to silence us? Believe it or not, we do welcome opinions other than our own. Notice that we post all the diverse comments and information that Pokemon fans and others send us. 

The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees free speech. Would you abolish that protection? We don't hate anyone. We are not trying to silence other voices. Nor are we pressuring you or anyone else from playing the games and seeing your favorite films. We would like to live peacefully with all people -- no matter what they believe. Just allow us to follow our God and communicate our concerns with fellow-Christians. Please consider what you and everyone else would lose if suddenly no one would be free to speak unless their message fits a global standard for political correctness.

Third note from Ben: Thanx for taking time 2 write me! I'm very sorry for such a stunning and shocking e-mail! May God be with you!! Faith in Christ, Ben !!!!!!

Thank you, Ben, for such a good message.  May God guide and strengthen you.

Fourth note from Ben: When will U mail me back!!!!Pokemon4ever!!!!!!

Didn't you get my last note?  Please repeat any question you had so that I can try to answer. Or did you want me to post your letters? I would be glad to do so.

Ben: Post em'!!!!!

Thank you, Ben. I will.

Ben: Christ RULES!!!!!!!!!!

From Mike:  Somehow i ended up on your pokemon site... strange because i'm not crazy bout pokemon and i wasn't looking for them but anyhow i ended up there... Besides being terribly depressing... I found it impossible to ignore the absolute irony of the situation. All i have to say is, I believe i have more faith in God than you do, but for a person totally engulfed in what is argueably a fantasy world , you seem to paint yourself quite the hipocrite. 

I admit i find religoion quite conforting... as it is the only fantasy sincerely held by the majority of society. But in all reality, reality is what you make of it. People want to believe that reality is only money. But what if people suddenly quit worshipping money. In all reality i think money is the most popular reality these days of course reigning over god. hard to deny right. so i guess you got voted out :( ... too bad,but in all honestly this is all too confusing for me...as my grip upon reality is very wavering. anyways.... just food for thought. Ican'[t remember what i wrote. and this in no way expresses my views. This stuff has a sickening effect on me... so i have to call it quits. Please post it... and all comments are wlcome as i find much easier to digest others thoughts rather than my own.


Mike, would you do me a favor? Would you look up a couple of words and send me the definitions so I can post them. First, see the meaning of "reality" in a standard dictionary. Then look up "faith" in a Bible dictionary, if you have one. Unless we speak the same language and agree on the meaning of words it's difficult to really communicate.

Let me give you a clue about Christian faith. What really counts is not the power of your faith but your understanding of the Object of your faith. Do you know God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible, or are you putting your faith in a "religion" that "you make" with your imagination.  Please think about it.  

This is only the Pokemon portion of a longer letter posted on the Anime page:

From The Mage of the Eternal Flame - A force for Peace in a world full of evil and hate:

I will admit several things before continuing. I am not of the christian Faith. My faith is that of the New Age, thus the disagreement with your classifications.... 

Pokemon is a very enjoyable game, but the show is somewhat lacking. Some of my friends think it is evil for the simple reason that it is very stupid...Very much the same argument used towards the Boy and Girl bands that have plagued our hallowed country for the past two or three years...

The Pokemon Comics I will get to in a moment, but I own the graphic novels (a group of comics collected within a single book) that have been released so far in the series...

What I will do is point out a few errors and misconceptions that I have noticed while reading your Anime page. In your PokeComics review, you mentioned that the Ancient Haunter known as the Black Fog was resting on the statue of a princess, Groping her breast and fiddling with her Dress's Shoulder Strap. I believe that that is not the case, for these reasons: reason1) The Haunter's Hand is nowhere near the woman's breast and reason 2) If you had read a comic in a later group, you would have seen a depiction of a goddess by Toshihiro ono (::winces:: You will read a bit into the goddess thing, no doubt...the Pokemon mearly view her as a goddess, for she cares for them when no one else will...), and the shoulder straps are also low on the arms. I believe that the Haunter is mearly sleeping, and the hands are just laying as they will.

From Berit: I was merely writing my observations and describing what any reader might perceive in that picture. But keep in mind, what counts are the the subtle suggestions and perceptions -- whether based on a consistent story-line in the fantasy or not. If children see what I saw, it doesn't matter whether or not the image is consistent with the story or myth. Whether they consciously evaluate what they see in a picture or not, their perceptions will affect their understanding and guide their values. That's why art has become such an important strategy for changing values and speeding the paradigm shift. 

From "An Anonymous Catholic:"  Thank you for your insights into Pokémon and its various offshoots. I must say I disagree with your article and am going to try to persuade you to feel different about it. However, God gave us the power of speech, and so I am not going to condemn you or curse at you, like some others. I would also like to mention that I am Catholic and go to Mass every Sunday.

First, I would like to say that Pokémon is in no way satanic. It is a game, a harmless diversion for children. You refer many times to the episode in which Ash, the main hero, battles a psychic girl named Sabrina, and her Pokémon Abra. Ash attempts to battle it, but is thwarted by Abra's "Teleport" move, and eventually loses. I condemn Satan as much as any Catholic, but I do not believe that a psychic theme should be considered satanic. To get back to the episode, Abra goes on to win, because of Ash's compassion for his Pokémon. Ash sets out to find a "ghost" Pokémon, because he knows that "psychic" attacks are ineffective against "ghosts." This episode tells children that winning is not the most important thing. It also teaches perseverance and to never give up, which is also taught by the Bible in our neverending battle against Satan and sin.

I am not going to continue to quote episodes, because it is too time-consuming. However, I will say that each episode has some Christian value attached - friendship, caring, perseverance, and many others. Each "battle" that is fought ends in a nonviolent way. With Brock, the first "gym leader" that Ash must defeat on his way to the "Pokémon League," Ash forfeits for his Pokémon's sake. He goes on to train hard (teaching children to strive towards their goals), and almost defeats Brock. He is about to win when he forfeits, because the only he would have won is because of a freak accident. With Misty, the second, the battle is interrupted when the two "bad guy" characters attempt to steal the Pokémon. They are thwarted by Ash (teaching children that stealing is wrong), and he is awarded a "badge" (the symbol of defeating a Gym Leader) for his bravery. With Lieutenant Surge, the third opponent, Pikachu is badly wounded. Ash takes him to the "Pokémon Center" -- a sort of hospital -- and contemplates how he might win. He comes to the conclusion that he might win by "evolving" (causing a Pokémon to grow stronger by changing its form, comparable to the changes that happen in puberty) Pikachu, and ASKS Pikachu what he wants to do. This is an example of respecting others' free will and diversity.

On the subject of the child who went on a crusade ("Pokebuster"), I think it is wonderful that he has found a (what he believes to be Christian) purpose in life. I admire his resolve, but still do not believe it is necessary.

I pray that you are led on the best possible path by God, and that he shows you His will. If this is what He wants for you, then I am sure that He has some divine reason.

In closing, I would like to quote a passage from the Bible: "O Lord, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me! Many are saying of me, 'God will not deliver him.' But You are a shield around me, O Lord; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head. To the Lord I cry aloud, and he answers me from His holy hill. I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me." - Psalm 3:1-5  Peace be with you.

From Berit:  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but may I suggest you read Character Training for Global Citizenship. It helps show how the meaning words and values change when you move them from one context or world view to another.  Words such as "courage" or "tolerance" take their meaning from the context. Look at the latter. Most of the letters we receive proclaim tolerance but show only intolerance toward our beliefs. They measure the value from their perspective and rule out other opinions. Tolerance becomes acceptance of all kinds of practices that God calls dangerous and hatred for all traditional values that they don't like.  Does that sound a bit hypocritical to you?  In other words, anything that teaches a Christian's child to see from the new anti-Christian perspective will also desensitize him to his need for God and the cross.  

From BaronVonSteubben:  (This is about the Pokebuster website, please send it to him and ask him to post it, or just post it on your website)

First of all, I'd like to say I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus, God, the Bible and the Holy Spirit and that everyone is entitled to their opinion, even the insane. But I cannot believe you people! All of you "crazy Christians (as I like to call you)" are really taking things way too seriously when it comes to pokemon and other RPG's. I'm not a huge fan of  RPG's, I hate Pokemon because of all the "cuteness" and "kiddiness", but you step over the line when you badmouth Final Fantasy. Can you read the title of the game? Final FANTASY? It isn't real for God sakes! The Final Fantasy series has nothing to do with religion whatsoever! I consider it a hobby, to help pass the time on this Earth.

 Religion isn't even mentioned in the series! If anything, the game could be considered holy, because, after all, you are killing monsters and demons, not people and your fellow man. When you do fight people, they never die, like in Final Fantasy 8, you simply wound. When you talk about magic potions and curses, I think most intelligent people would know that magic is fake even though some wish it was real. 

You have offered absolutely no proof that support you claim that Final Fantasy is evil. Do you see people whipping out swords and stabbing each other because they play Final Fantasy? That's pretty much all I have to say about Final Fantasy, now on to Pokemon. I don't like it, but I still have to defend what was unjustly attacked. Pokemon, put simply, is just a fad. It is just like Beanie Babies, or pogs. It will one day, become not cool. Like in my school, at first it was cool, but it eventually got old and extremely stupid. 

You talk about what happened in Japan, when some people were victims of seizures. That is simply a mistake. Do you really think that an entire company would want to harm innocent people for no reason at all (exclude cigarettes, if the makers of pokemon hurt people on purpose, they would lose business)? You say that animals fighting each other is wrong. You are correct, but Pocket Monsters aren't even close to animals. Do you know of a Pica that can use electricity? Do you even know what a Pica is? It is a real animal. I say again, most intelligent people can tell the difference between fact and fiction.

From Berit: In Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons we cite some of the research done on human memory and the imagination. The researchers found that the imagination can implant memories and change values as effectively as real life -- if not more so.  The key is to engage the emotions. Since a well-done fantasy can stimulate strong feelings,  it can also manipulate a person's beliefs and values according to its theme and values. Keep in mind, a story or movie can bring a strong spiritual or religious message without ever mentioning the word "religion."   



From Berit: You say you love God. You say that "GOD IS ALL IN MY LIFE."  How then can your mind and message be so full of anger, cursing and profanity?  Don't you see how you contradict yourself? 

God tells us in His Word that  "you yourselves are to put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth." (Colossians 3:8) 

For you, that might mean saying "no" to all the things that turn your mind from the true God and fills your heart with rage. I know that would be hard, since you love this violent, power-filled entertainment so much. But you cannot truly love God if you give your heart to things that clash with His truth. (Matthew 6:24) You have to choose. Please pray that our God of love and forgiveness give you strength and wisdom to make the right choice. Remember, Jesus said, 

"But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies." (Matthew 15:18-19)

"Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit.... For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things."  (Matthew 12:33-35)

To help you understand what I am saying, I would like to send you a gift: a copy of The Invisible War. If you send me your address today, I will mail it right away. Or you can read it online at The Invisible War.

Second letter from Pokemon fan: Ok I admit my language is not acceptable.  I apoligize to you as well.  I will not swear in this message either.  We all have things that we like and because of people like you we are challenged to try and stand up for what and who we are.  Please forgive my profane language.  But as well please answer my question i asked eirlier... Do you feel good for thrashing dreams?  I am really sorry for my attitude.  I ask forgiveness from you... and God.  But please answer my question... should YOU worry about us... or our parents.      I guess with love, Chameleon.

Thank you for your thoughtful letter, Chameleon. Let me try to answer your question. No, I don't feel good about thrashing dreams. That wasn't my intention at all. I started writing about these things a couple of years ago because some Christian parents and children asked me what I thought of various movies and television program. The reason they came to me was simply that I had written a book called Your Child and the New Age, so they thought I might be able to help them know whether something would please God or not. In other words, they asked me for advice.

So I started writing articles on these topics. I didn't intend to send the message to those who didn't want it. I didn't know people from around the world would come to our website and read what I write. I still don't know how so many people find us. 

I get a lot more angry letters than happy letters. It would be much more fun for me to write things that made everybody feel good and happy, but I can't. I have to do what God shows me, even if I do crush dreams. But I pray that He will replace those broken dreams with something that is much better: His love and a sense of His presence and approval. That's what I want most of all. And because I love and enjoy His closeness so much, I want to help others find the same peace and love.  That's probably why He keeps reminding me to warn people about things that take their hearts away from Him. Does that make sense?

Third letter from Pokemon fan: Please... i know i need to grow up but you also need to let our parents take care of what we like... not you.  I respect you ecause you replied to my letter calmly and i really do thank you for that.  Just please... keep your opinions to yourself... I should have.

I don't mean tell parents what to do. When parents ask, I try to answer their questions. God tells us to help and encourage each other, I try to do that. But I don't force anyone to come to our site or take our advice. People are free to come and go as they please. That's one of the good things about the Internet. Don't you agree?

As for keeping our ideas to ourselves, I'm not sure that's always a good. Some things should not be spoken or discussed, but a lot of times we need to help each other to understand an issue and to follow through with what's right. Remember Proverbs 27:17:  "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."  

I have learned something from you. I hope you have learned something from me. So we both are better off than before we met. Right?  

Fourth letter from Pokemon fan: Yes you are right... again thank you for being nice.  I guess i just did that because my life is going BAD right now... im sorry i took my anger out on you nice people.

I do understand your concern.  I think this site has a great concept.  I may still like Pok'emon and other forms of media but you have proven to me that nothing is more powerful that God.  You showed me to be stronger than the things I like.  Well again I want to thank you and again I apologize.  Thank you for caring.    Charmeleon.

Thank you, Chameleon, for your tender heart. I believe you truly want to know God and follow His way. I pray that He will use those hard places in your life to draw you close to Himself where He can bless you in wonderful ways. Look at what He promises those who seek Him with all their heart:

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you," says the Lord, "thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart."  (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

Last letter from the above Pokemon fan:  Ok thank you very much... I was just interested.  I still like Pok'emon and Harry Potter and other stuff like that but God comes first.  Thank you again for helping me.. i will click your link.. thank you sir.

From Bob O'Neill: Hello. My name is Bob and I'm 14 years old. I also happen to love everything about Nintendo, including Pokémon. Nintendo is a great company, and they make great games, such as Pokémon. Frankly, I was amazed when I discovered your page, along with the blatant hatred and contempt that you have for everything Pokémon. I'd just like to raise 2 points:

1. Are you aware that the Pope has given his official sanction on Pokémon, saying that it encourages creativity and imagination?
2. Second, you mentioned that Pokémon includes occult themes because there are dragons in the game. Well, let's think about this. Nintendo, a Japanese company (whose name means "Leave luck to heaven" in Japanese), created Pokémon. In Japan, dragons aren't "occult" and "evil", but rather, are considered sacred and beautiful, although non-existant.
Well, I hope that you consider my contribution, although the bulk of what has been shown on your page only leaves one to think that you are some of the most stubborn and uptight people on the planet.
PS: Pokémon Gold and Silver (The sequel to Blue and Red) come out next month. I'll be playing it! 

From Berit: I don't expect everyone to agree with us, Bob, and if I was as "uptight" as you presume, I wouldn't be posting your letter. As far as the Pope is concerned, he certainly has the same right as anyone else to state his opinions. However, I don't base my evaluations on what people say. I try to use the Bible as a filter for what is pleasing to God and helpful for His people. It says,

"But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts." (1 Thess. 2:4)  

From Domingo Tagle: I suppose it's a little dated now, but I was wondering if you still held the same beliefs as you did when you wrote the article.

I cannot insult you, I have no cause as you do not try to insult anyone. But I want to see if I can argue my point. You were disturbed by the little girl's comments about pokemon. I would be too... they were disturbing words.

She communicated them in the wrong way, and that was disturbing. I would just like to say I think the craze in the USA went a bit too far. I live in Australia, and it seems from what the girl was saying we have more control over our fantasies. In all my life I have never met any person with such an addicion that it became real for them. I am a pokemon fan. I have a friend who is a pokemon fan. We do not buy every piece of merchandise out there, we know it is a game and not reality. I've seen a lot of the younger kids too.

They're smart. They know what's real and what isn't (though they do try to get every bit of merchandise). I would just like to say... WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE? Nobody complains in Australia! To us it is preaching good values because we see through addictions, and find deeper meaning. The pokemon don't HAVE to obey, they only obey if they respect the trainer. There is nearly zero death in the show and games. No-one is truly evil except the the bad guys, who are human (pokemon cannot be bad. They do bad things because of their love for their trainer). 

It is in a pokemon's nature to fight. They love it, it provides good competition. They also want to win (that's where a trainer comes in). The little girl claimed she was a 'master'. She wouldn't be unless she finished a game. The pokemon are really more like companions rather than servants. Unlike Americans, we decided to take up pokemon because we genuine like for it, not just because it makes us 'cool' etc...

Tell me what you think. I want to know your views on my little e-mail.  

Thank you, Domingo, for writing to us from way "down under." It's great to hear your comparison between our two countries.  Yes, I do still hold the same beliefs, but I know a lot more about Pokemon today than when I first tried to answer questions about it. 

You may have noticed from other comments that American fans, like Australian fans, know that they know the difference between reality and fantasy. However, the main problem is not what they "know" or don't know. My concern has more to do with feelings -- how a child reacts emotionally to the game. 

Feelings and perceptions tends to be more effective than facts and mental persuasion in changing a person's values -- and in stimulating craving for more of something. If that doesn't make sense to you, please read  Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons- Like Peas in a Pod?  

But remember, I'm mainly concerned about those who want to follow the Biblical God. If that's not your goal, Pokemon may do more than most shows and games to build the character that today's world values. God has a different standard.  

From Succubus:  hi.. your pokemon article gave me a really good laugh.. i'm sure you've heard this all before but i like standing up for my beliefs. i never got into d&d it just doesn't interest me. i unfortunately find it harder to pretend now that when i was a little kid (although having one of my own now is a joy because she does bring some of that back) now when i was little i had a whole imaginary world inside of an imaginary rainbow and imaginary unicorns etc. i completely understood they they weren't real. and guess what... how woulda thought that i play magic: the gathering. and guess what else, i still know that it isn't real.. that it's just a game.

And i'm glad that i had parents that didn't mind that i had a vivid imagination because it comes in really hand when you're an artist who aspires to create the very entertainment that you enjoy when you go to a museum or watch a movie... 

So do you or the parent of the child who said he was going to use his psychic powers really believe that he really thought he had psychic powers or do you think he was just being a normal kid with a fun vivid imagination.. what a fun kid :)

From Berit: It doesn't really matter that much whether he believed it or imagined it. Either way he has learned to enjoy and appreciate supernatural powers from occult sources.  The Bible tells us to "Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good." (Romans 12:9)  A child that has learned to enjoy and crave supernatural power  will turn that guideline upside down.  You can't delight in psychic power and cling to what God calls good.    See Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

From Wesley: hi i would just like to say that your ideas on pokemon are very understandable. i disagree with you in some areas on this topic if you would please take the time to read this and maybe write me back a response. Firstly, i belive in your second or third paragraph you start to mention another game called "magic". i know that magic in the christian world is deemed satanic but when it is just a game that people want to play what is the harm? 

now i know that you are already coming up with reasons to say that "its just a game" is not a ligitimate statement. Though if i may say that in your very own article where you used clips off of the magic games banner advertisment it states "Here is the official reference to the biggest new teen/young adult fantasy game of the decade." 

Now im sure you know that when a child is after something that he or she wants a banner or another advertisment will not bother them. Also if you as a parent are that worried about your child looking at these things on the internet then set your parental controls or moniter your childs internet usage. Again i would like to point out the fact that the advertisment says that the game is for teens and young adults. By this age range a person should know what is right or wrong to them or to what they belive in. 

sorry i got off of the pokemon topic, in the last line of the pokemon song "gotta catch um all" has nothing to do with buying more cards or other so called "violent" products. it has more to do with ash the main character catching all the pokemon so he can be the pokemon master. the song in no way condones the use of the cards or other products that have to do with the pokemon industry. 

i have many more points on this topic but seeing on how i dont want to bore or anger you with my retorical comments i would like to say one last thing. in one of your topics in this article you talk about children carrying around there pokemon cards for protection from evil or to use the "powers" that you say children feel they get from these cards, do not christians do the same with there bibles? I would really like a response on my topic.

Thank you for your time. peace, punk, and anarchy.  with love wesley

From Berit: Thank you for being so polite, Wesley. You ask some very good questions. I agree that both Magic the Gathering and the various Pokemon games -- including the latest role-playing game -- sound innocent to most people. That's why I tried to answer your question, "what is the harm?" in that first Pokemon article in the section on "Role-Play and Psychological Addiction."  

You mentioned that I "used clips off of the magic games banner advertisment." Were you referring specifically to the reference to "fantasy games"?  From my perspective, it does make much difference whether you call it fantasy or not. Today's behavioral psychologists who plan the classroom strategies used to change beliefs and values in children (to conform them to the new global perspectives -- see Chart showing today's cultural shift) know well that feelings, suggestions and the imagination are more effective than facts in conforming children's minds to the new beliefs and values.

I agree with you about setting parental controls. That's what many parents try to do. But often their children don't want to obey. That's why parents write to me and ask me to help them provide explanations for their children. They know that their children need to understand the dangers to their faith. Only then can each child make his or her personal choice to follow God rather than the crowd. If they don't understand how Pokemon clashed with the Bible, they may just watch the show somewhere else.

The fact that an "ad says that a game is for teens and young adults" doesn't keep children from playing. In fact, it makes it more attractive. They feel good about themselves if they believe they can do something planned for older kids. 

The mantra, "gotta catch um all" has everything to do with buying. This is hot marketing, Wesley, and kids are doing just what the mantra says: bying more cards and gadgets.

Christians carry their Bibles because they know it ...

From Da Punx: Your [profanity] you said about pokemon is mostly false there is killing in pokemon the faint and so what if the urge kids to buy the games there are comercials on tv to buy londry detergent and you buy it dont you.

From Hokusman:  This here email is a reply to an article you posted on your website about Pokemon....  I've been looking for someone on the internet to have some intelegent conversation about Pokemon, but it seems that all I can find are 12 year olds cursing at each other, i.e., "Pokemon s___, you *****!" or "No, Pokemon rules, ****!!"

Anyway, I find nothing personally objectionable about Pokemon. I watch it with my 6 year old sister every now and then. (By the way, I'm 17.) I own a couple 3 dollar pokemon toys, but I'm not really an obsessed fan. I've never actually played the card game, the one you say is occult.

I don't think I used quite those words, Hokusman.  The Pokemon myth is based on an occult theme -- drawing supernatural power from a source other than the biblical God -- but the danger of the Pokemon role-playing game, in contrast to some of the Pokemon trading games, is greater since the child assumes a personal and active role within that myth. 

I have, however played the Magic card game with a couple friends at church after youth group one day. I did not find anything really evil about it. Also, I do not understand the part where you say pokemon is a stepping stone to such "evil" games as Sailor Moon and Star Wars. I have seen both, and Sailor Moon is just Power Rangers with all girls. And Star Wars is, well, you know, it's Star Wars.

Again, you are changing my words a bit. I don't use the world "evil" quite the way you indicate. If you haven't read my reports on Star Wars and Sailor Moon may I suggest you do? No point in repeating my lengthy arguments, right?

In one part of your article you stated that Pokemon is run by a big corporation only in it to make money for themselves. This is one area we may be on the same page. I took a bussiness class in eighth grade, I know how capitalism works. Evil rich guys trying to get more money from poor suckers such as you and I.

Is that all you learned about capitalism in your school?  What did you learn about the alternatives to capitalism? 

But the problem is, much of the t-shirt buying, card-playing seven year olds don't. If you've ever heard the Christian band Five Iron Frenzy, one of the songs on their new album (the song is called "Giants") is about the evils of multimillion corporations crushing small bussinesses and stuff. It's a cool song. You should hear it.

As for that thing about having cheat codes on the internet, well, you can find so-called cheat codes for just about any game, from Super Mario to the newest race car game. This is hardly limited to Pokemon.

One thing you put about a couple of kids feeling an evil presence or something when they had the pokemon cards seemed odd to me. I guess the devil tries to attack us each in different area. Maybe it's just a good thing I bought a stuffed Togepi instead of a beginner deck of cards at Target today.

Oh, and so as to end my message on a peculiuer note, Misty is cute! :)

From Frances Pike: Thank you for this web-page. It is so refreshing to see THE TRUTH. Thank you for your non- compromising view points. I pray that this reaches many. I especially was blessed by the articles on Pokemon. As a Christian (Born-again) I don't understand how "Christians" don't hear from God for themselves. It baffles me. 

From Moon Doggy: I am a pokemon colector, and I have caught them all.  I own almost all the pokemon cards and caught all 151 pokemon in the game boy game. I don't like your article about pokemon. I don't think you realy understand pokemon.

You said, "What if children try to follow this advice? What if they carry their favorite monsters like magical charms or fetishes in their pockets, trusting them to bring power in times of need?"

It's not real. Everyone knows that. It's just fun to imagine. 

"So Ash sets out again in search for more of the reclusive, power-filled, little Pokemon. His first step is to find the "psychic Pokemon" called Kadabra and snatch it from its telepathic, pink-eyed trainer, Sabrina." Thats not true. Ash tries to catch a haunter to defeat Sabrina's Abra.

I know. I explain that in the article. But those who only see the television show a few times get the wrong impression. When the ads and Pokemon gadgets keep repeating, "Gotta catch them all," most short-time viewers assume that the goal is to win them all. With regard to the cards and games,that apparently was your goal as well.  

"You can catch a Mew by cheating with a Gameshark." This isn't on any OFFICAIL website. Nintendo urges kids NOT to use Gameshark. I got a Mew for free without a Gameshark.

My goal was to explain the values taught through the Pokemon games. If children use Gameshark -- and many obviously do -- it doesn't matter to them whether Nintendo approves or not. 

"The Moon Stone evolves certain Pokemon, such as Clefairy." Clefairy is my favorate pokemon. Just wanted to let you know :).

Why do you keep on saying things like "Magic: The Gathering" is occult. It is a simple game. It doesn't make anyone not Cristain.... Why do you keep on calling it a cult? I play "Magic: The Gathering" and I am Cristain. You are really overeacting.

"Did you know that in the Bible, serpents and dragons usually represent Satan and evil?"

Yes. Oh no! We are going to hell for looking at something that resembles a dragon(witch by the way is not real, in case you didn't know).

"Who would want to play with that evil monster? I don't even like to look at him. Let's find something that makes us feel happy inside."

Pokemon make me happy.

"Another nine-year-boy had stolen money from his mother's purse ($7.00) to buy more cards. When questioned, he confessed and said he had heard the devil urging him to do it. The family quickly gathered in prayer, then saw God's answer. Both the boy and his little sister burned their cards, warned their friends, and discovered the joy and freedom that only comes from following their Shepherd."

Um... yeah. I thought we were susposed to be following Jesus.

My final words: I am Methodist. I don't know about you but anyway, the Pope even gave Pokemon a blessing! Go here: http://www.nypostonline.com/news/2630.htm to see it. Pokemon is imaginary. I'm starting to think that Jesus and God might be too. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying this because of pokemon, I really think this is true. Bet you $10 you won't post this on your site.

The Bible is our standard, not people. The Pope is responsible before God for his choices.  

Perhaps your God did come from your imagination, Moon Doggy. I hope not. The Biblical God is very real. But countless "Christians" have imagined a different God and, in their minds, turned Him into a deity they fits their liking -- one that makes them feels good and doesn't hold them accountable. It has happened before and is happening again. God said,

"You thought that I was altogether like you; but I will rebuke you...." (Psalm 50:21)

"...the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."  (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

From a concerned mother:  I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for finding the information on pokemon. I am a Christian mom of three children and my son who is 10 has an obsession to the things. My husband and I have tried to be lenient... but I have seen what they do to a child. People say that they are "innocent trading cards". Well, I will be the first one to tell you that they are not. I have been praying that God will show people around the world about them. I just wanted to say thank you for putting the articles on you web site.

From Darent Sapphire (Otaru): Hello again, after that last letter i'm sure your already tired with my sarcasum. I really have no other way to get my point accross. But this time ill dumb it down, im in a good mood. 
On the issue of Pokemon:  Why are people constantly bashing pokemon? If you ask me it teaches great things. It shows how good a friend can be and should be. It shows that you dont have to change yourself to defeat something to reach your goal. 

Take episode 47 when "ash" takes on "Lt. Surge" for a "Thunder Badge". Pikachu is beaten badly, they think that the only way they will win is if pikachu evolves. But he refuses saying that he can beat him without having to change himself and refuses to evolve. Then Ash's friend comes through for them all and they all have pikachu use the talents he has to outwhit the "Raichu" and defeat it.  

The show in itself shows a very Shinto type theme to it. Shintoisum is very close to your own religion. It shows that through hard work and perservearence you can reach your ultimate goal overcomming all with the help of your friends. But it also shows that this doesnt happen all the time. The first time "ash" went to compete to become a "pokemon master" he failed because he neglected the pokemon he needed the most and paid for it. This show is anything but trying to teach kids bad things. Stick to horror movies and leave things you obvously dont understand and dont look deep enough into to have something intelegent to say about it.

Christianity is totally different from Shintoism. We worship one God, while Shintoism  involves many deities (polytheism). Christians win spiritual battles and overcome obstacles primarily by faith in God and what He will accomplish in and through His followers, not by "hard work and perserverence."  Yet those two -- hard work and perseverance -- may well be part of the His assignment for us at any time. Our focus is on Him and His power to triumph, not on ourselves and our finite strength.

From Andrew Lim:  Hello friends! I am writing to you regarding your website, especially on the sections written up for Pokemon cards and the like and how they are damaging our society today. Your site is enlightening and interesting, and I have always taken pleasure in reading the views of different people on certain issues. Not surprisingly, I am a Pokemon fan, and also a Christian, though I admit, I am not as strong as I used to be. (I'm sorry) However, I am not writing to bicker over any views since I respect them all the same...but I do have a very different view about Pokemon. I recently wrote up a very long essay (6000 words) analyzing the craze and how it became successful, and also tried to review the most recent 2 movies they produced. 

Obviously you would wonder what kind of nonsense an 18 year old would write about Pokemon, but I was quite unhappy with all the rude responses that Pokemon received from critics (none of them were on your site). And I mean really RUDE...So I decided to give my views...I have attached the essay with this mail. If you do not have the time for this, then its fine with me, but if you do read the essay and write back to me, I would be glad to read your response. If the essay is worth the read, you can post it on your website. Thanx!

Thank you, Andrew. We may not be able to read it and decide until after next weekend after I return from my next conference. 

From Wendy: I am a Christian mother of two boys, Daniel and Jason. Daniel is 11 and Jason is 14. I have been a christian for 14 years. I heard about this Pokémon problem that was worrying so many parents at the town's christian school, where my kids go.

Anyway, my kids were on holidays and both love Pokémon. They have taped all the Pokémon episodes and I was sick with laryingitis (I think that is spelt correctly). I decided to watch these episodes of Pokémon and I watched the whole 3 series over 4 days. I was amazed in the story and the will to go on and never give up, which is one of the messages the show promotes.

I am very displeased that you, as christians, have overlooked the good points of the show, game and messages that this phenomonon promotes. Pokémon is an awe inspiring show, to me, and I enjoy it. The characters are lovable and the things that you learn from the show, like Jason said the other day that Snorlax, the heaviest Pokémon, is 256 pounds heavier than Charizard. 

I checked it out in a Pokémon hand book that he had bought, worked out the sum, and realised that he was practising math and he ws correct. He was watching the show and they mentioned the weight, he almost instantly said that. Personally I was amazed at the fact that he was working out maths and maths is his worst subject. I applied the Pokémon weights, numbers, and other statistics to his homework and now maths is his best subject.

The things that you mentioned about their life energy force is called health points. This is showing all children that you should be always healthy. The pshicic powers, well, yeah they are evil but in the episode where Ash fought the Pshicic trainer Sabrina, he made her realise that life wasnt about fighting but about loving others and having fun. Is that so bad?

As meowth said on the first Pokémon movie, "Maybe we should stop looking at what is different and start looking at what is the same." Stop looking at the imperfections and look at the messages and lessons that are learnt. Your sister in christ,

No, it's not "so bad" to to learn about "loving others and having fun." But when having fun becomes more inportant than learning to know and follow God, it becomes an obstacle to alll the blessings -- protection, strength, peace, etc. -- He wants to give us.  And our limited notion of "loving one another" is no excuse for endorsing supernatural forces that you admit "are evil" ["The pshicic powers, well, yeah they are evil but...."]   

From Olandus:  I WAS a huge pokemon fanatic until I read your article. I am a member of God's House of Praise and Worship. I believe intensely in God. I used to have a pokemon role playing game on the internet.

I do not have it any more now. I have always known that dungeons and dragons were evil but I didn't know pokemon were. I thank the lord for showing me to your article. And I also Thank God for people like you.

Thank you so much. Olandus (age 14)

Thank you, Olandus. You blessed me today.

Second letter from Andrew Lim:  If you have read my essay, you would have realized that our  views do not match. I have read through your reviews and found them thought-provoking and they made me go into deep thinking. (not really...I got a test on Monday) 

As I have read from some of the rude replies you received, I can see that some people believe you are crazed, but don't get me wrong. Being a Christian myself, I see a lot of sense in your views and I have chosen to believe them as much as I believe my own. You may have noticed that I kept religion almost entirely out of the essay, mainly because I believe religion is one of the most controversial topics existing today. 

Firstly, many people sadly do not know which religion is the "real" religion. Secondly, I know of friends who do not believe in any religion at all. As such, there will always be extreme emails in your mailbox. 

I have chosen to believe that Pokemon can be a positive influence, but bearing in mind your own opinions, I must say that this topic is far more complex than I imagined. Writing the essay could kill since I found very few balanced reviews on the net. But I emphasize again, I do not disrespect your views in any way. They are important to me in the way that they will help me make decisions in the future based on a Christian's point of view as well as a non-believer (only in essay writing) 

I urge you to post your reviews on the website where I have posted my essay. I believe that the forum still lacks the Christian's point of view. Keep it up and don't be discouraged by the bad remarks. An opinion should be shared and not condemned.

Thank you, Andrew, for your thoughtful response. I hope to find time to read your report next week and perhaps link it to this page. 

From Dean B [alias "Death"]:  I would like to point out some things that have not been considered. At the outset I would like to say that I was once once a Christian but turned away from the religion after having read the book of revelations - you may take this action as you please.

In the article regarding pokemon it seems clear that pokemon has been depicted as a drug and is drawing followers away from god - a breech of the 1st commandment. God admits in Exodus (20:5) that he is a jealous god and hence will shun any other idol or god. I contend that god is power hungry and although he may be the one true god, he is prepared to go to great extents to maintain this position - I ask you why should we have this god rather than another?   And loyalty to him is not a valid answer as we do not know for certain that god is our creators. 

God doesn't need to go to "great extents to maintain this position." He is Lord, the sovereign King of the universe, the Creator of heaven and earth! All power, all goodness, all true wisdom, and all life come from Him. He is the Potter and we are like clay in His hands. He does whatever He chooses. Nothing can hinder His ultimate plan for us. No one can challenge His reign over the earth, and you are foolish to even try. 

Yet, this all-powerful God has chosen to love and care for us. He has given us free will, and all who choose to believe and follow Him become part of His family. As His people, we then share in His strength, His wisdom, His very life. Nothing this world offers us -- wealth, pokemon or other thrills and entertainment -- can be compared to the peace, joy, and riches of an eternal relationship with Him!

Perhaps this makes no sense to you. It certainly won't if your question was merely a way to mock Him. But if you are sincerely wondering who He is, I suggest you get on your knees and confess your ignorance and contempt for Him. Then ask Him to forgive your sins, change your heart, and show you things about Himself you can only understand if He fills you with His Spirit. He has promised that if you seek Him "with all your heart," you will surely find Him. (Jeremiah 29:13) 

I don't know if you are familiar with the concept of  science - perhaps you should consider that your car starts because of it rather than it being gods will. Let us assume though for a moment that it is gods will, and god did create us and we should be loyal to him...the bible dictates that everything that happens happens cause god wills it so.  This would suggest that god was also the creator of pokemon - after all - if he didn't want it to happen - why did it?  Was hell looking kinda empty and god needed some people to condemn to it so he decided to invent something that would enable this? 

The book of revelations tells that a vast majority of the world's population will be sent to hell - but doesn't god love us ALL? some god!!!

Finally - are you familiar with the concept of slavery? Fundametally slavery is where freedom of choicew is removed. I suggest that you are enslaving yourself if you choose to follow a god who dictates your way of life - and then when you die, pormises a heaven in return for your sacrifices. What if you die and the bible ended up to be a fictisious book - you'd have wasted your life - but you as a christian would content that this isn't that case cause you can feel it in your heart. Well if thats what you feel - good for you - don't enforce these feelings on others just because YOU happen to think  it's in their best interests - if somone else feels the same as you, then they will follow god also - but you should not remove others freedom of choice as well as removing your own. The article on your homepage is about pokemon, but if you are speaking god's words in writing this page - then god is a hypocryte. 

Thank you for your time if you even got this far

Dean, where did you get your definition for "slavery?"  I'm truly curious. I know a lot of important words are given new meanings today through classroom dialogue (using the "consensus process"), but I would love to hear your answer.

Where have I "removed other's freedom of choice?" Where do I dictate what you should do?  The  fact is, I'm merely sharing information and warnings. I have neither power nor authority to stop anyone.  I give information freely, and you freely came to our website. I assume no one forced you. You could leave any time you chose, and you didn't have to read a word. 

God does the same with us. You can live your life doing your own thing, following your feelings, and acting out your impulses. He won't stop you. Is that slavery?  

He will let you rely on your own resources. You are free to try any of the enticing forms of supernatural empowerment that surround you. He won't hold you back. In fact, He will  leave you as you are, caught up in your own anger and obsessions. That's another form of bondage, and only Jesus Christ can set you free. 

As for your comments about science, let me simply quote God's words in response to Job's challenging questions. Remember, when Job confessed, God healed and blessed him in wonderful ways. You can make your own choice. But notice the science lesson God gave Job more than four thousand years ago: Our God set boundaries for the oceans and limits for day and night. He created clouds to water the earth and revealed the unseen depths of the seas. He planned the wind currents that bring rain to the deserts and tropical air to farm lands up north. He established the seasonal patterns that cover the land with snow in winter and causes glaciers to shrink in the summer. He suspended our planet in space, and rebutted the myth about a flat earth close to 2100 BC (before Christ). That's our God -- the Maker of heaven and earth!   Ponder His words:

"Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?

Now prepare yourself like a man;

I will question you, and you shall answer Me.

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?

Tell Me, if you have understanding.

Who determined its measurements? Surely you know! 

...To what were its foundations fastened?

Or who shut in the sea with doors, when it burst forth...

When I made the clouds its garment, and thick darkness its swaddling band;

When I fixed My limit for it, and set bars and doors; When I said,

‘This far you may come, but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!’

"Have you commanded the morning since your days began,

And caused the dawn to know its place?

Have you entered the springs of the sea or...  walked in search of the depths?

... Have you comprehended the breadth of the earth?

Tell Me, if you know all this. 

...Have you entered the treasury of snow or ... seen the treasury of hail,

Which I have reserved for the time of trouble....


By what way is light diffused, or the east wind scattered over the earth?

Who has divided a channel for the overflowing water,

Or a path for the thunderbolt, to cause it to rain on a land....  

and cause to spring forth the growth of tender grass?


...Do you know the ordinances of the heavens?

Can you set their dominion over the earth?

Can you lift up your voice to the clouds,

That an abundance of water may cover you? (Job 38:2-34)


... the Lord answered Job, and said:

"Shall the one who contends with the Almighty correct Him?

He who rebukes God, let him answer it."

Then Job answered the Lord and said:

"Behold, I am vile; What shall I answer You?

I lay my hand over my mouth.(Job 40:1-4)

From Diana: I came by your site via a Dutch Christian site (I am Dutch), on which your article is quoted and provided with a link to the original article. The strange thing  is, that I stumbled upon these two sites by accident, since I am agnostic (again, for  people who are not familiar with the term: agnostic means that you believe there is  more between heaven and earth than people can see, but you don't believe in (a)  specific god(s)).  

And I'm not going to ask if you will post my response, because from  what I read, you post everything varying from hatemail (which I despise) to, well,  uhm, do you call it lovemail? Okay, now that that's clear, on with my response. First of all, I'm a 21  year old woman (or girl, just as you want to look at it), and I have never believed  in any such thing as God, or other supernatural deities. The reason for that is, that I  simply cannot accept that there is a god that can look down upon the Earth and keep to himself. If there is a god, than it is not the biblical God, because from  what I read in the bible, God does not have a sense of humor. Or so it seems.  

Anyway, I  respect other people's beliefs, may it be Christian, Hindu, Islamitic or whatever  New Age stuff thingies people want to believe, but on one condition: don't bother me with them! And with bothering I mean: try to convince me that there is a God. I do not play Pokémon, nor do I watch the cartoonshow (anymore, that is). I only collect them. And I have to say, that it's quite satisfying to see that you've almost completed a collection. I'd like to confront you with a specific quote from your article: 

"He told her that during recess on the playground the children would  "summon" the forces on the cards they collect by raising sticks into the air and saying,  "'Spirits enter me.' They call it 'being possessed.'" 

This was in reaction on a short piece of text about a teacher that  'promoted' Magic. Let me clear this up: never, in all the time that I have heard from Magic to the point where I started collecting cards (with which I stopped), have I ever heard from anyone playing this game that they did something like this! People, most of the time adult and sometimes adolescent, play the game, and do not, I repeat, do not engage in some sort of fake witchcraft-like summoning of any kind. That being said, I will go on.    

You may not have experienced it, Diana, but it did happen. I have talked with two witnesses. The Magic cards bring a variety of occult suggestions -- including sacrificing human beings -- and the idea of demonic possession fits right into the worldview the game teaches. It only takes one imaginative child with leadership ability to act out such a suggestion and inspire his peers. That's one of the many dangers in occult games and films. 

As I have written in response to another Pokémon article on the Dutch site  (which, by the way, was not posted, and I think that is not very kind of the people that run the website, and that is why I like your site much better. Anyone, be it Christian, pagan, or atheist, can write something and be posted. I greatly respect you for doing this, and this sets you apart from most other Christian people I have met), the offensive Pokémon called "Kadabra" does not use his fingers to make the sign of the devil.  

Why? Because the poor thing has only three fingers, and if he raises his hand in the air and spreads them, well, he doesn't sprout two extra fingers all of a sudden, so it can appear that he is making a sign of some sort. But hey, if I had three  fingers and I would wave, it would look the same!  

As I said, I collect the cards. But I have never felt anything emanating  from the cards (like a psychic force or something), nor can I in any way concur that my  view of reality has been altered in a bad way. For the rest, well, I cannot say anything more about Pokémon that has not already been said, and sometimes even better than I could ever say it (like how the show does not make propaganda for certain actions like trusting only in yourself, or relying on symbols to protect you or  etc.). But what I would like to do, is ask you some questions after I've said this: Something else is, that most of the time you respond to a reaction from a reader, you do not answer the questions that are asked (for which you mostly point to another page on your site, but okay), but also ignore some of the - very reasonable  - comments that are made and instead quote something from the Bible (which I  have read entirely, by the way, just a note on the side). This is sometimes very annoying, especially when someone, like Richard Whittaker, writes a very thoughtful  and good comment. 

My questions: please, please, try to explain to someone who does not actually know the Bible by heart why God would oppose things such as seeing in the future, telekinesis or telepathy, if the beings of Satan (as I understand) can do these things. Would it not be more easy if some faithful people possessed these talents so they could oppose such forces? And what if someone was born with such a talent (like in the X-Men)? A talent, that was in his or her genes, and even if that person  would be a Christian like you, would he or she than still be a spawn of Satan?  

And why would dragons, or faeries be evil? Even if they would fight against the forces of evil? Why is it evil for a child to imagine such things, like  Pokémon or D&D, or Harry Potter (don't get me started on me Harry Potter!)? When they  grow up, they'll eventually learn that those things aren't real and never will be  either. Every child has the right to make mistakes, because their parents won't  always be there for them. I know about children that started doing drugs, even when  they were raised in decent Christian families. But when they grew up, some of them  came to their senses and got off drugs, and others... well, suffice it to say that  you wouldn't want to wish that kind of life on your worst enemy. 

P.S. I think I'll read up on your view on Harry Potter. 

It's hard to answer your questions, Diana, because it may not  make sense to you. I know -- first from the Bible but also from my own experience -- that an individual can neither see from God's perspective nor understand His Word unless they have received His Spirit. And we only receive His Holy Spirit when we choose to come to Him in humility (recognizing our need for Him), in faith (knowing what He accomplished for us at the cross), and longing to walk with Him and share in His life -- a life that makes all His love, strength and wisdom available to us. 

One more piece of background information:  I had tried to read the Bible year after year during my high-school and college years, but it made no sense to me. When I finally surrendered myself to Him and received His Spirit, everything changed. He opened my eyes to see His truth and my heart to love Him. I finally understood!  It was as if He had put a new book between the covers of the Bible. I could hardly stop reading it. Ever since then, He has been speaking to me through its Word, showing me His love, keeping me close to Himself, and guiding me according to His plan. Not that I always obeyed, but He never stopped being my Shepherd, my Strength and my Friend. And when I make selfish choices or go my own way, He draws my mind and heart back to Himself.

In other words, I know how wonderful it is to walk with God each day. And because He leads me to many pagan and globalist groups, where occult powers are very real and present, I'm well aware of the spiritual battles that rage for the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Now, for the answer: Since God wants to keep His people safe, He tells us what dangers to avoid. The ultimate threat to our spiritual and emotional safety are the powers and deceptions of Satan and his spiritual armies. Satan is not a "Christian invention" as some have claimed. The Old Testament first mentions his name in 1 Chronicles 21 where he incites David to disobey a command that applied, not specifically to us, but to the rulers of Israel. And back in Genesis 3, he comes in the form of a serpent to tempt God first human creations. 

It's interesting that that God, in the beginning, invited Adam and Eve to enjoy everything He had created -- but with one exception:

"Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." Genesis 2:16-17 

The death mentioned here and elsewhere in the Bible refers to spiritual death (separation from God and the loss of His purity) and gradual corruption of the body. (See Romans 8) God wants us to understand enough about evil to avoid it. He wants us to learn about evil from Him, not from personal experiences -- especially not through the kinds of experience (whether real or imagined) that familiarizes and desensitizes us to the power of evil.

God's kind of understanding means learning to see evil from His perspective (it's dangerous to our peace, freedom and safety), not from the world's misleading views (it's fun and empowering). Many of His warnings apply specifically to the domain ruled by Satan -- a created being to whom God granted limited power for a limited time. 

When we seek occult experiences, we turn from the personal safety of a God who truly cares for us to the capricious spirits that serve Satan -- and they love no one. Those forbidden experiences include "seeing in the future [divination], telekinesis or telepathy." 

Trough the centuries, the devil has used various strategies to keep unbelievers from seeking God and believers from truly following God, but one of His main strategies is deception. He offers enticing counterfeits of all the wonderful blessing that God promises those who trust Him: love, peace, strength, wisdom, hope, joy....  Naturally, the counterfeits sound great to those who don't know the real thing.

Those who trust popular occult lies may find all kinds of free thrills, powers and rewards -- at first.  Satan is happy to link seekers to his demons and feed their human demands -- for a while. But when his victims have been caught, he claims his right to them. 

Those who have tasted his wares face painful consequences when they try to escape his control. In A Twist of Faith, I wrote about several women -- victims of the occult -- who were trapped in bondage to increasing fear, demanding voices, confusion and disassociation, perpetual sleeplessness and oppression.  They, better than anyone, can testify to the terrors faced by countless seekers who are lured into the occult. What begins with fun, thrills, and power often ends with emotion addiction and spiritual torment -- unless God sets them free. 

Meanwhile, this Scripture summarizes the tragedy of turning from the loving God who made us for a deceiver who hates us:   

"My people have committed two evils:

They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters,

And hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water." Jeremiah 2:13

You ask, "Would it not be more easy if some faithful people possessed these talents so they could oppose such forces? And what if someone was born with such a talent (as in the X-Men)?"


It might seem easier, but it isn't God's way.  He created us with different talents and gave us a variety of spiritual gifts when we chose to trust and follow Him. But neither the talents nor the spiritual gifts include the ability to manipulate occult forces. Real (in contrast to a phony) divination (or fortune telling), telekinesis and mental telepathy draw power and "wisdom" from the same occult sources as do magic, spell casting and all the other timeless forbidden practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:9-12. 


All those practices involve summoning -- even yielding one's mind to -- an occult (supernatural) force from the outside. That's why so many of these pagan rituals and practices start with simple formulas for altering one's consciousness. One such formula is used and documented by Wiccan leader Starhawk. It combines concentration, relaxation, visualization and (mental) projection into a concerted effort to enter that trance (mental) state of the mind often needed for occult connection. 


Your reference to the X-men illustrates how that particular fantasy has taken root in the public consciousness. The occult powers given to each important character might seem to parallel talents and spiritual gifts, but they twist the truth just enough to be deceptive while yet plausible (or believable).   


The word's path to spiritual power is mainly through self-will, self-esteem and faith in pagan formulas. The practitioner usually takes the credit for any supernatural feat. 


God's path to supernatural strength is the opposite. He helps us see our own weakness so that we will choose to rely on Him rather than ourselves. In other words, we all -- no matter how great or inadequate our personal strength and talents -- start on a level base. To receive from His infinite riches we just trust Him and agree that we can be good nor do what is right and loving on our own. He doesn't give us power to manipulate or direct spiritual forces, He simply fills us with His strength and love as we need it. "As your days, so shall your strength be." (Deut. 33:25) 


From Tony F., Karachi, Pakistan: Thank you for your web site.  I came across your site as I was looking for Christian material.  As I was going through the contents I spotted something about Pokemon.  On reading it through I was greatly blessed to know about what this game can do to children.

My nephew's son (11years old) was presented this Pokemon game by his uncle when he was accompanying him from LA, United States to Karachi, Pakistan.  It was given to him so that he could pass his time on the plane as the flight was of many hours and he would be bored.  This game became a problem at home.  He became addicted to it soon.  To us it was another one of those games children play with.  Not knowing what an effect it would have on this child later. 

I had saved your page and later on requested his grandmother (my sister) to read what you had to say about this game and it's effects.  At first it seemed they would not read it or maybe they were not interested. After PRAYER and constant reminders they read your this page with Emmanuel (that's his name). I was not at home.  When I came back I was told that they read the article and GOT RID OF THE CARDS.  I just asked my sister what they did with them.  They were smashed to bits. 

I thank God our Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for this wonderful deliverance.  I thank you once again for this site and the insight we received.  If I had not come across this site ( by the Holy Spirit's prompting ) we would be still in the dark.  May God bless you and give you more knowledge and wisdom to shine the light of Jesus to the world and Christians who are still in the dark.  May this website bless many, many, people throughout the entire earth.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 

I am a Bible believing born again Christian and so is my sister's family.  We are living in Karachi, Pakistan and are serving the Lord the best way we can.

Please pray that God may set free the many children and elders who are hooked on to the worldly things.


From Mitch Boyles: Hey, I read that thing on pokemon and magic cards and that is a bunch of ____. They don't lead to satan worship or whatever you think it does. I played Magic a lot when i was 11 and 12, and so did many of my friends. I'm not religious or anything, but I believed in God, and I certainly didn't start to worship the devil. 

The thing that mad me mad was the last paragraph about the boy stealing money from his mom to buy more pokemon cards. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The boy was just trying to get out of trouble, and the parents were dumb enough to believe him. Have you ever taken to time to try and learn Magic The Gathering, it doesn't promote anything evil, but does have dark side, but also has good side. If you haven't, I'd recommend trying it...  (PS. I'm not really jewish, so don't think anything about my address.)

I didn't say it led to Satan worship, Mitch. But it does desensitize children to killing, human sacrifice, occult images and all kinds of evil suggestions. It's the opposite of everything God wants us to think about. I have about five packs of Magic cards and their images, suggestions and magic powers show incredibly evil.

From Christy: I teach a Sunday school class at my church and needed some information on
pokemon.  I am a mother of 3 and my oldest boy which is 9 collected pokemon for 1 year and I made him quit because it took over his life.  That is all he did: play and collect cards.  I finally told him that as Christians  we are to put God first in our life.  He is a jealous God and did say
"Thy shalt have no other gods before me." 

When I told him that, he understood and put them down.  But now I have read all the information that you have presented and it just upsets me that I didn't pay more attention to what my kids are playing with.  Since I read this to my child, he is gathering up all of his pokemon JUNK and getting rid of them.  Thank you from a Christian family.

From Cubone, the Lonely Pokemon:   I think your main criticism of Pokemon, as it is with any of these shows you mentioned, is not anything to do with violence. It's to do with the fact that the characters in these shows don't get their power from God or Jesus.

Well, of course they don't! Pokemon was made in Japan where the main religion is Shintoism. Christianity is not common in Japan, so why would Japanese people make a show based on Western religion? That doesn't make it evil, it just means that some people have different cultures and traditions than us.

I think it's very healthy to let kids watch shows based on other cultures, as it helps them gain an understanding of how others live and feel. If we try and isolate kids from the cultures of other countries, that's when racism starts. I'm not saying stop being Christian, just accept that what other people believe isn't necessarily evil. Remember, they may see *your* religion as evil, but to you, it's right!

I agree that children should learn about other cultures and religions. When I was little, my grandfather read history to me -- factual history made alive with colorful characters from around the world. I loved hearing about far-away lands and the battles fought on distant shores -- usually because of the grandiose dreams of a power-hungry leader.  The point is: Pokemon and other anime features clash with Christianity, not because of the truths they might teach about another culture, but because of the veiled promotion of a different set of beliefs and values.

I watched Pokemon this morning as it happens, and I don't want to go out and make a bomb, nor do I want to suddenly indulge in mass slaughter or anything like it. Again, like the seizure thing, if Nintendo were found out to be doing things like this deliberately then their reputation would be crushed - they simply can't afford it.

I don't expect you to really listen to or believe any of this.... I know I can't change your opinions any more than you can change mine, and I wouldn't want to, I'm just trying to put my own viewpoint across since everybody else has. Well, sayonara!

From  Schalk Barnard, South Africa:  I'm sick and tired of people point at TV shows as satanistic, but I truly believe that there is something behind the pokemon's.   I haven't read the whole article yet,  but I've also got a few interesting facts that I would like to bring to your attention.

99% of the comments that I have read, the people sounded obsessive about pokemon's. I don't think that it is normal for people their age. Why are they obsessive? Pokemons are for the kids.

 That's a good question, Schalk. Psychologists have explained that when people yield to their feelings and desires for certain activities or thrills again and again, they can become psychologically addicted to that activity. In the entertainment area, that means becoming victim to almost irresistible cravings for more and greater thrills. Whether the concern is Pokemon, unhealthy food, sexual sensations, or imagined violence, the person has a hard time stopping that activity unless he or she simply turns to a similar or more intense version of the same.

This is true for adults as well as children. Every person who has learned to follow their feelings and senses, rather than facts and wisdom, can be easily tempted to do or eat what contradicts their own knowledge. When they persist in yielding to those feelings, they often become psychologically addicted to the activities or thrills that fits the wants or weaknesses of their personality. Some are more vulnerable to promiscuity or drugs. Others are more vulnerable to sarcasm and violence. 

The Bible summarizes it well: "But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death."  (James 1:14-15) 

Other Scriptures may not make sense to those who don't believe in what Jesus did for us on the cross:

"reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts. And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.... Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness? But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered. And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness." Romans 6:11-18

So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.   For in my inner being I delight in God’s law;  but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members.   What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?   Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!  So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of sin."  Romans 7:21-25

Devin Carey: I was reading through the pokemon article that you have on your site and, among other thing these 2 little facts popped in my head.

You stated that Parents a required to teach the way of god to their children. Isn't this in essence creating slaves of him who have no option to think for themselves?

Secondly you stated that parents should Compare The bible to Pokemon comics and episodes and talk about which 2 have the better message in them. In a way you are stating that the Bible is just a fantasy book (as i soo strongly believe) This is the same thing as if you were to tell someone to hold up the redwall series and the hobbit and see which one of those 2 have the most moral values. I know you are going to respond (and i hope that you do respong to this) with the same script i always see "god is real and god told us blah and god wants us to blah and we must follow god blah).

You misread what I wrote, Devin.

I am personally an atheist as you can see, and i would like to hear your insight to my views. I am also a long time fan of all things anime and am fighting against you to bring anime in to america wheras you are fighting to keep it out. (my overall goal is obviously to thwart religion everywhere so we can finally become people with open minds.)

Please show me where I have stated that anime should be censored or kept out. I am only warning Christians families or those who want to follow God. I don't ask or expect the rest of the word to change its ways or pay attention to my observations.

I would also like to ask you this. Why would god make a planet and inhabit it with People just to worship him? Does this not seem at all eccentric? it should be obvious that (if put her by god) what we really should be doing is living our lives, we were not put here just to worship a god, if that is the truth then I am glad that i do not worship someone who has to make people in order to have followers, (pathetic).

Please please please respond to this. I am strong in my beliefs and i feel that if you are so adament in your believes then you should not cower from inquires such as these but instead let me know your opinion no matter how much in opposition it is to mine. thank you.

You have raised some important questions, Devin. God wanted a deep and eternal relationship with the people He created. But He doesn't want us to be robots that simply do what they are programmed to do. He wants fellowship with us, sincere communication, a readiness to love Him and share His concerns for people and their condition. 

So when He made us in His likeness, He gave us minds and emotions that enabled us think logically and conceptually, to understand spiritual realities, and to enjoy fellowship with those who share His heart and life. By His Spirit, He enables us to know Him, make wise decisions, and delight in His presence.  

He doesn't need our worship, but worship helps us remember His love and sufficiency. In other words, we, not He, need times of worship. If we don't focus our minds and hearts on His sufficiency, love, faithfulness, and comforting presence, several things will probably happen: We...

These are just a few of the Scriptures that apply to these topics. If you need more, please let me know.  You may also want to compare this list with the two charts (especially the second one) on this page: America's Spiritual Slide

From T.J.: I disagree with your artical on pokemon.  I mean, what kind of kid is stuped enough to believe that pokemon is real? I love pokemon. 

one thing you said is that pokemon kill each other?  they dont, when they fight, the loser will faint and wake up a few minutes after the fight. 

The reference to imagined killing in the Pokemon article referred to role-playing-games in general, not Pokemon. 

And you said that a ghost pokemon attack dream eater takes the other pokemon souls? 

I was quoting from the comic book (manga). It didn't come from me. Take this dilemma up with the Pokemon authors and  publishers. Strange isn't it, that while they thrill children with murderous action and occult ideas, other Pokemon promoters assure children that such violence has nothing to do with killing or leaving a  person without a soul.

it only eats their dreams when they are asleep and the attack causes the pokemon to have a nightmare!! it does not take their sole. I am a firm believer in christ. IN the pokemon world, god is the real god, just like the real world. and the pokemon cards are just like baceball cards, they are harmless. would you rather want your kid watching bloody wreseling or boxing rather them liking little cuit fuzzy pokemon? i will never stop liking pokemon for any reason anless god walked up to me and said " you are being brain washed into a lifless vegatable, stop liking pokemon."  T.J.

From Pokedave: I play Magic the Gathering all the time, and I'm in no way affected by it. I still go to church once a week, sometimes even on Wednesday! I serve at loaves and fishes (a soup kitchen), I give my old clothes to goodwill at christmas and give canned goods at thanksgiving. I don't drink, or worship satan, I don't do drugs....

I think God will forgive me for playing some stupid game that doesn't even have any real values. And Poke'mon ? Okay I'll admit, Pikachu is a little too cute, but come on ! Your so bored that Christians have no visible enemy that you are ready to pounce on the first thing that even is a little different from your views.

You know what you and your wife need? A life! A REAL life. As you saw above I already have a life, and so do my friends who play Magic. Sure, we aren't the best humans in the world, but we are good enough to get into heaven, and we don't judge on a word of the mouth and first look basis.

Rather than "research" (Which from what I read, you buy "occult" items and look at them, and then form some crackpot conclusion.) you should actually play a few games. Not observe, but play, you might find out there is really nothing occult about these things at all. When me and my friends play Magic for instance, none of us imagine a dragon coming out of the cards and attacking our opponent(although that would be funny). We just use the rules and play for fun.

As I said before....Get a life.  Oh, one more thing, post a warning at the front of your page stating the saying below:


This page contains no actual facts whatsoever so don't take anything on this page seriously, and don't even bother to try to preach anything on this site in public, you will just sound like an idiot, and if you still decide to testify about the things on this site, you should pause in between your sayings so that you can hear God laughing at you.

How do you know that Magic doesn't affect you? Could your role-playing friends have something to do with your scornful attitude? You are mocking God as well as us. It doesn't bother us (we are used to it), but please consider the possibility that God might not view you as highly as you view yourself. You may not see it, but to me it seems obvious that His standard for goodness is not your standard.

This warning in Psalm 1 reminds us that those who walk "in the counsel of the ungodly" will stand "in the path of sinners" and eventually join those who mock [have a scornful attitude] God's people who choose to follow their Shepherd rather than conform to the world around them: 

"Blessed is the man, 

  • who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

  • Nor stands in the path of sinners,

  • Nor sits in the seat of the scornful [or mockers];

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.

From Patricia:  I can't tell you how glad I am to have found your web site. I don't allow my 4 year old son to watch, Pokemon, Dragon ball Z, Sailor Moon and quite a few Disney Movies. My husband and I constantly check what my son watches on T.V. and I was shocked when a kids movie on the Disney Channel aired a show where a young girl stole a witchcraft book and cast a spell using a pentagram to turn her Barbie into a real person. All of the other animated ones that I mentioned above have occult under-tones. 

One day my husband and I were having a conversation while my son was watching a cartoon, one of the characters said, " Death is simply a choice given to us at birth." Does this sound as if they were condoning suicide and the like?

I'll admit that at first it was difficult to keep my son from things that he is drawn to because of media and other children's influence. For me there's a natural reaction to want to give my son everything he wants out of love for him. There was a little guilt involved in keeping my son from certain things, but know he informs my husband and me when there is an inappropriate program on T.V. 

And for those of you that enjoy all of the programs that the creator of this site is trying to warn us against, take it easy on him. The creator of this site is doing a noble thing. He or she is not only concerned about the welfare of their own children but want to keep others children from negative influences too. God Himself was the one that gave us a free will and what we allow into our lives is our own choice. There are still groups of people today that chose to live a life without the compromise of evil influences.

    Thanks, Patricia!

From Elena: i just finished reading your article about pokemon. you guys should calm down- if you think THAT is bad. i was a pokemon fan from when i was 11 until i was 13, and i don't believe i, or any of my friends who enjoyed it, have jeopardized their souls to satan. 

i have taken part in role play (even though i now regret all the time wasted on it) but still never experienced the kind of mystical power. role playing is like writing a story, and you, as your character, part of it. yes, it is stupid, but there are so many problems much more terrible than that in society these days other than pokemon. its a simple child's cartoon- no child puts as much thought into it as to consider it a life style or a cult. 

When you evaluate from a Biblical perspective, relativism doesn't apply. The fact that a program is less bad than another doesn't make it good. 

as for digimon- well i always thought that show was bad anyways. pokemon should just be considered more proof of the decaying intelligence of society (really, it makes no sense. i can't believe that people over 12 can enjoy it). it is just distracting kids from making friends or doing homework or going outside which isn't good...

Thanks for including that last point.

- but i don't think it would lead ANYONE to devil worshiping. most kids just like it because of the 'cool looking' creatures. i know i can't change your opinion, and you wont even reply to this e-mail, but i'm just sayin'...  

I did reply, didn't I?

( i know you'll jump all over my e-mail address because of the word hate.  well the word i want to use is VERY EXTREMELY STRONGLY DISLIKE but that's too many letters)

From a Fellow Christian: I just recently read the article on Pokemon-Danger. I find that the article was not supported enough to change my mind on Pokemon. I occasionally watch the show when I get the chance and find that, though there is the existence of mythical creature, Ash and his Pokemon team give good advice to younger viewers. Such as "If you believe in yourself you can do anything." Isn't this what we try to tell younger children? To believe in yourself. 

Not if you truly want to know God, learn to rely on in His strength, and walk with Him. Ponder these Scriptures:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes;

Fear the Lord and depart from evil." 

Proberbs 3:5-7

You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You." 

Isaiah 26:3

"Thus says the Lord:

'Cursed is the man who trusts in man

And makes flesh his strength.....

For he shall be like a shrub in the desert....

'Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,

And whose hope is the Lord.

For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,

Which spreads out its roots by the river,

And will not fear when heat comes;

But its leaf will be green,

And will not be anxious in the year of drought,

Nor will cease from yielding fruit.


The heart is deceitful above all things,

And desperately wicked;Who can know it?

I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind,

Even to give every man according to his ways,

Jeremiah 17:5-10


I saw no justification in the article that Pokemon is bad. Instead the article gives examples on how parents say no to their children on not purchasing the Pokemon items or not allowing them to watch the program. I think you should watch a few programs of Pokemon and really listen to them. The values taught are to believe in one self and to follow your heart. If a child takes the show beyond reality a parent should reassure the child that Pokemon is a cartoon and is not real. I may not be a mother but I am a fellow Christian, of nineteen years and a prelaw student at the local university. 

I hope you will take my advice and watch the show and maybe ask a few kids what THEY think of the show. A majority will say its cool and its just a cartoon. 

That's true. Most young people today have learned -- through the consensus process in schools, through self esteem curricula and through popular entertainment that mocks adult authority -- to believe they know best.  What feels good has to be right -- whether they know the facts or not. Does that mean that we should place their counsel above God's? 

Parents should believe in their child and if as a parent you know your child knows right from wrong and reality from a false world of false promises then your child will be okay watching Pokemon.

God tells parents to "raise up your child in the way he should go." That means teaching them God's truth, not inviting them to teach parents the new values. He does not tell us to "believe in the child" but to trust and follow Him.

Today's educational "change agents" are re-educating children in the new global values. They send them home to convert their parents from traditional values to the new pantheistic or universalist perspective which denies Biblical Christianity. Those who make the shift from Biblical truth to this politically correct blend would find it hard to understand my concern. 

From Charles "RocketBoy" Reilly [Subject:Pokemon/Digimon]: Just before I start, let me state that I am a fan of both animes and I have read your arguments against them. I am also not religious but have no problem with others being religious.

I can tell you this now: the theme of Digimon is NOT the occult but the overall theme of working together. The 8 DigiDestined have arguments and fall out, but they always persevere and because of this, they win. Their Crests symbolise important human attributes like Courage, Love, Friendship and Hope. And it DOES NOT make violence seem good. Good Digimon die, to show kids what REALLY happens in fights and the kids don't want to battle; they are forced to by legions of Virus-type Digimon. 

Your other argument is that the Digiworld is being seen as more preferable to the real world. My answer to this is simple; this is true since our world is pretty screwed up. The real world has kids bullying each other, countries in the Middle East killing each other for reasons I don't think anyone remembers anymore and in the real world there were riots and mobs roaming UK estates after the death of Sarah Payne. The Digiworld and Pokeworld are places that seem a lot better than our world. The thing is, us fans KNOW those worlds aren't real; we just find the story of 8 kids and their Digimon a lot more interesting than more reports of human beings killing each other. That's what the entertainment industry is FOR; so people can take a break from the real world and just relax.

I still don't understand how you can argue against the 'Mon craze on the basis that it's Japanese. I'm sorry but that's what it looks like. I also don't get how you've linked porn sites to 'Mons. 

I didn't make that connection, Charles. Lots of anime fans have done that.

Yes, there are fanfictions/websites with PokePorn but it's meant for very strange older fans. Most of us Mon-fans stay away from it. There are even rings of sites that say they will not accept ANYTHING related to anime porn. It's not as if Nintendo wants Pokemon to be assosiated with porn; they just wanted to sell a game and the creator, Satoshi, just wanted to make a game based on his childhood hobby of bug collecting. There are some sex-stuff on these cartoons but, contrary to you saying Misty is naked in a Japanese Pokemon ep, they are NEVER shown. 

I never said that, Charles. I didn't see nudity in the shows I watched.

It's just amplied and usually for laughs e.g. Digimon star Mimi gets carried off by some Digimon,a nd heroes Tai and Izzy chase after her. They go into a room to svae her but it turns out she's having a bath... You never saw her naked and it was quite funny. You see, Japan is more lax about sex then us Westerners are.

My final point is that at the beginning of your Digimon article you mentioned a boy having no-one to play with because his freinds all liked Digimon and he doesn't. This, while sad, has NOTHING to do with the cartoon. I have found it to be very fun and exciting; if younger fans choose to exclude non Mon-fans from their social groups... Well, to me that says more about the actual kids than about the cartoon. And I was rather offended by the quote " ...kids that have said no to Pokemon... ". This makes it sound like a drug! It also seems to give the impression tht us fans are druggies and can't go without a daily fix of Pokemon. In fact, Pokeon/Digimon have lead to new writers in fanfiction, the internet hobbby of writing unofficial stories about your favourite game/cartoon/book.

That isn't an addiction but more of an expression. Please E-mail me a reply as a I want to know if all these letters from Mon'fans is having an impact. If not then we might as well not bother replying. Blasting Off Again!

Remember, Charles, I started writing these articles not to hinder or discourage those who believed in the world's diverse religions, but simply to help Christians see the conflict between the essentially Buddhist and the Biblical world view. Its not a critique against Japan. We have visited Japan and love the people we met.

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