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From Dion:  i read you articles on how pokemon and magic the gathering affects kids. i am a 15 year old who does nt give a ___ what you think. You are extrimists and for the bible it states god had to gamble with abrhams life
if he didnt he could have died. Magic is not evil i hope some of the dragons from the devil come take tyour soul back to who you really belong to and thats satan.

God doesn't gamble with anyone's life, Dion. He knows what is in our hearts and how we will react to the circumstances He allows in our lives. He also know our future -- what will happen in each of our lives. He didn't need to test Abraham's obedience in order to see the heart of his faithful servant. He knew that Abraham would obey, therefore He had provided a ram as the needed sacrifice.
Through Abraham's test, we learned the significance of obedience to God's Word. It also shows that, when we trust and follow Him, He leads us and keeps us from doing anything that deviates from His purpose for our lives.

Anonymous:  If you take time not worshiping the lord by spending it oppsessing on some thing, is that not a cult in away? Is it better that children, young adults and adults go out and do ilegal and inmoral things or play cards? Should people steal cars and do drugs or sit at there freiands houses and look at some books and use there minds to have fun?

The answer is "no" to all your questions. I suppose the people caught up in a cult might be obsessed about a particular aspect about their beliefs, but that alone doesn't define a cult.

Of course children shouldn't do illegal or immoral things. Christians don't justify one action by saying it's better than something else. That's relativism. If you truly want to follow God, you don't do anything -- big or small -- that conflicts with His values. 

This site and the people who think of some cards and books as evil are starting a cult, you infact are a cult. You spend time away form worshiping the lord to try to keep people away form paper, would the lord rather people looking at paper or out killing and stealing.

From TJH: This is MY response to all of those who just haven't got the guts to confess that they are brainwashed by all of these psycho-spiritual cartoons and RPG's. First off, I have read all of the letters to the Kjos', and more than 3/4's of the writers don't even know how to spell correctly or use the English language in it's proper context. If that isn't the first warning of the stupidity of these ridiculous faddish cartoons & games, then maybe we should move on to the other warning signs that you have been ensnared by this garbage.

One warning sign is a bratty child whining that he or she just HAS TO HAVE the latest Pokemon Booster pack, or toy. It may not be the child's fault. More often than not, it is the fault of the parent for teaching that little brat to think they need material things to make life good.

Another warning sign, especially of interest to CHRISTIAN parents: If it doesn't find any support in God's Word, it is NOT of GOD! Does Ash teach children about the great SACRIFICE Jesus made for us, to Pikachu? Does Misty behave like a respectable Godly young girl when things don't go her way? Most importantly, does the Pokemon series preach the word of GOD? Of course not, and neither does Sailor Moon, DragonBall Z, Magic: The Gathering, or any of that trash.

What you so-called christians (in name only) ignore is the plain and simple fact: These programs have no place in a REAL Christians life! Those of you who write in DEFENDING these stupid, insipid games & cartoons, need to get your heads examined by the Lord Jesus Christ.

To me, the worst thing is this: Shame on those of you who call yourselves Christians, and ALLOW yourselves to get indignant towards Mr. & Mrs. Kjos, and other genuine christians, for simply telling you the TRUTH. My message to those of you who insist on allowing this garbage into your lives is this: GROW UP!!

Thanks for standing with us, TJH. 

From Jerry:  I know lots of kids that are my neighbors that are pokemon card collectors and they haven't or don't want to use Magic the Gathering Cards. Contrary to the article on this site about Pokemon not all Pokemon Card collectors start using Magic the Gathering Cards.

I also feel that there is nothing against the Bible or God or Occult in Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z.

It doesn't matter how we "feel" about it, Jerry. What counts is knowing and believing what the Bible tells us, then acting on it.

The Scriptures and explanations in these two articles apply to anime as well as to Harry Potter:  Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies and Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

I agree Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z weren't made for children. And yes the Dubbed in english versions are much tamer than the Japanese.  Just my opinion, God Bless

Thank you, Jerry, for taking time to share your thoughts and read my response. May God bless you with His wisdom and encouragement.

From Mrs. Michele: I was just reading this pages on pokemon, witchcraft etc.  I'm not sure who I am writing to, but I was linked to your page for info to help me get out of witchcraft.

I just wanted to say you or whoever wrote it got it right. This is how I started: First it was the pokemon cards, supporting the kids, helping them learn to play with them, learning to enjoy them myself. Then I began to collect magic cards, then Harry potter books.  I didn't think any of it would affect me. After all,  I am an adult. I know what is right and wrong. I can handle it.

Well guess what. Our church lost its preacher whom we loved dearly. I was a new Christian, angry and confused to loose our preacher. I became depressed, even suicidal. So I turned to witchcraft.

Now we have a new preacher, and here I am trying to reclaim what I lost.  I'm trying to rid myself of witchcraft and wicca, but it is not a easy road.

So burn those cards and Harry potter books!

Second note from Mrs. Michele:  Yes, go ahead and post it. If it would save one person from witchcraft it is worth it. I just returned from church, yet I hold in my hand 2 witchcraft books that I took back. It's really hard to resist this power and break its hold on me.

I just finished reading some of the comments on pokemon not being harmless. It made me very sad to see all the people defending it. What happens to the kid who grows out of the childish pokemon and moves on to the next phase: magic cards. From then on it gets worse.

It just breaks my heart to listen to a pagan person's comments. These people don't know what they are missing by rejecting the grace of God. I can give a handful of bible verses against it. And now I will put those witchcraft books away.

Thank you, Michele. I so appreciate your kind heart and commitment to follow God. I thank Him for leading you back to Himself and opening your eyes to His love and power -- which can't even be compared to satan's false promises. May He continue to give you strength, peace, perseverance and a wonderful victory -- moment by moment -- as you set your heart and mind on the King of the universe.

"You.... have overcome them, because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world." 1 John 4:4

Those who appreciate your warning may also want to see Armor of God, The Nature and Tactics of Satan and Unequal Contenders in the Spiritual War.

     "...in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 

      "For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."  Romans 8:37-9

From Carlos:  Hi, this is a reply for your Pokemon Article ( http://www.crossroad.to/text/articles/pokemon5-99.html ) took work to make eh? But as you know (or may not know) Pokemon es Anime and this anime is for children.

I'm chistian, and none Pokemon, Akira or any anime made me kill/atack/destroy any person.

That's good. But I don't expect anime fans to attack anyone. Please read the letter from Amy (posted tonight 4-22) on the Harry Potter page. It shows a far more common consequence of filling your mind and memories with occult images and suggestions.

Try looking at my favorite anime Akira.  Tell me if you write an article on Akira

Or you may want to write on my "Evil Anime Page." It has over 50+ animes so you can find the evil in every one eh? bye! replay if you make an article!

I will try to see it, Carlos. And if my Lord prompts me to write that article, I will.

From Austin: I'm 18 years old. i am a big fan of the pokemon franchise as well as other role playing games and was reading one of your articles on it and was completely shocked by the amount of ___. in the article. the show itself is good for children. it teaches kids about the joys of friendship, sticking to goals, as well as following your dreams.

if you say that pokemon is a cause of evil, you should wonder what type of morals you have had placed on yourself from your religion. i hope you are aware of the popes blessing of pokemon and how he says it's not evil. if you have not read anything about it, here's something about it.

Please read Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies and Pokemon Movie and Conflict Resolution. They summarize and illustrate why Pokemon and other occult-based messages will affect a person's beliefs and values.

From "a self-confessed pagan": I wanted to respond to your article on role playing games, after reading I found that I was nearly nauseous at the thought of people actually having believes such as yourself. I found your article to be extremely offensive being a sixteen year old pagan who is also fond of Magic cards. Thebest way to respond is to tackle each issue you raised individually beginning with the "financial conglomerate" remark. the church you support is unto itself a business. Innocent and rather ignorant individuals are coaxed into providing time, MONEY, and effort to a company for nothing in return.

I agree with your statement that these role playing games create a fantasy world. However, I'd been interested in hearing what your definition for that is because to me a fantasy world would be one that opens people's imaginations and suggests the idea that there is more than the physical world whose presence we are bombarded with every waking moment. And if your definition is even similar to mine than you will agree that heaven and hell are merely fantasy worlds as well.

I agree with your first point, but not the second. A fantasy world does indeed stimulate and guide the imagination, suggesting all kinds of possible ways to stretch one's understanding of reality. In other words, it fills the mind and memories with imagined scenarios that may seem to fit reality but force the person to stretch and redefine what reality is to them. [See Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion ]

But I cannot agree with your conclusion that "heaven and hell are merely fantasy worlds." While I cannot prove scientifically that heaven and hell are part of the spiritual reality God has shown us, I know that the God who told us about their existence has proven His credibility over and over. Hundreds of His Old Testament prophecies concerning wars, famine, the coming of Christ and the establishment of empires have come true and are validated through history, archeology, climatology, etc.  Unlike the broad and ambiguous divination by Nostradamus and other self-made "prophets" and mystics, God's prophesies are clear and identifiable. Nothing He has told us has been proven false. So when He speaks to us about heaven and hell, I believe Him.

The rest of your letter has been posted in Multiple Topics

From Dylan: I share your religion but totally disagree with you. Pokemon is totally harmless. It doesn't make my child like you say about other children. You wrote about one of the shows and you got it all wrong. Talking about stealing Sabrina's Kadabra is way off what was really happening. I have never seen such a rediculous thing in my life. You people misunderstand the word of GOD! I am very upset about the way you look at Pokemon. I do agree with you about Magic The Gathering but Pokemon, come on.

You are right. That particular battle had little to do with actual stealing. But since the theme of Pokemon's marketing is "catch them all," the perception for many young or infrequent viewers is that you need to catch, win or buy more Pokemon. That's why Wizards of the Coast, which publishes the Pokemon game, spends a fortune to instill this vision in the minds of Pokemon fans around the world.

In addition to the spiritual (or supernatural) messages, each movie or television episode has two sides: the politically correct and nice-sounding message about loyalty and oneness - and the less obvious but more seductive message call to use and accumulate supernatural power as well as pokemon characters.  

From Pat White: Hi, I was searching under the topic of Pokemon today and happened to come across your interesting little article about Pokemon and why they are evil. After reading it, I went to see how people responded. I have to say that they are getting upset over nothing. I mean, they were warned that they did not have to read it. I mean, it's just a person's opinion.

I personally do not agree with your stance on Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. I played Pokemon for two years and Magic for only one. I have fallen out of the fad, although I still do watch the Pokemon television show.

You did bring up some interesting points which were true. I was glad when the schools here in Hawaii banned Pokemon cards from the elementary down the road because of the teenagers which would come down from the highschool and cheat kids out of their cards.

What kind of people do we have in this society?! Doesn't the bible preach, "Thou shall not steal."? Those kids may have not been Christians, but it still seems like a rotten thing to do. I myself am not Christian. I choose to believe in a sort of "mixture of religions".

Keep up the good work and keep giving us comprehensive and interesting articles. This one really made me think...

Thanks for your understanding and encouragement, Pat.

From Mixmaster: Magic and Pokemon the CCG are very friendly games. They build character and stimulate the mind.

I agree that they stimulate the mind. But since they fill the mind with a new view of spiritual forces, they stimulate children in Christian homes to interpret God's reality in a way that conforms to the contrary spiritual messages in Pokemon and Magic cards.   I tried to explain that in Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

From Himura Kenshin:  I would like to remind you that most of the quotes etc you put on your website are from the American Version, which is extremely different from the Japanese version. "Gotta Catchum All"? You have to be joking. That's an American made phrase to go with the game, show etc.

When I share my concerns, I am speaking primarily to American parents and others who share our values.

The above slogan is an effective marketing strategy, and children who love Pokemon hear or see it continually. Such repetition effectively plants suggestions in the minds of children regardless of the source or of the motives of those who communicate it.

I find nothing wrong with the phrase "Pokemon Master". It simply means beating the video game and catching all 251 Pokemon. Simple as that. If children are spending to much time playing the games, restrict them. Take away their game boy for a little bit, tell them they can only play for so long everyday and things like that. If they don't like it and cry, well that's too bad. If you let them have their way then they wont learn.

I assume you haven't had a lot of experience with parenting willful children, Himura. Training your children to follow God in a culture that teaches the opposite values isn't as easy as you think.

Same with the cards. Who is buying these cards? That's right. The parents. Just say no. If they have saved up their money to buy their own cards then let them, but of course who is the person who's driving them to these stores? That's right, the parents. What's this about "supernatural powers"? I know many many many Pokemon fans and not one thinks that by getting Pokemon you gain the ultimate powers or things like that.

Of course not. I didn't say that. And the statement below refers specifically to Magic cards -- not to Pokemon. You may want to review  How Pokemon and Magic Cards Affect the Minds and Values of Children

About the kids on the playground summoning things, those kids are just plain messed up in the head, either that or are playing around. Pokemon features no summoning, possessing or anything of the sort. If they were playing a game like Magic, then I would understand since that features such things. They aren't being controlled by Pokemon. Now about the kid who stole money to buy cards. I'm not trying to insult anybody since I am a strong believer in God. But what I think is that this kid should lay off the "Holy stuff" (sorry I couldn't think of any other words) If this child didn't go to church every sunday I can bet you that he would be saying other things.

Which deity do you believe in, Himura?  It's clearly not the God I know, but you are certainly free to choose and follow whichever spiritual path you choose. This right has been one of our most treasured freedoms in America.

Max:  hello, I was recently shifting through the web and fell upon your website, and surely enough I found your article on Magic The Gathering, I am a true fan of this game and was the same about Pokémon, (it was a fad so i eventualy got out of it) but i have been interested in Magic for at least 5 years and, seem perfectly normal. I play D&D, and many roleplaying games such as, Final Fantacy, Dark Cloud, and I own every Legend Of Zelda game ever available.

But thats not what i came to talk about, it is the fact that the people (kids) that you mention in your articles of whom where "raising sticks in the air and saying 'deamons enter me'" or something to that extent, where Christains, am I wrong?

They were not Christians. The Christians kids who were on the playground saw it. They knew enough about spiritual warfare and satan's tricks to be concerned.  So they reported it to their parents and to a grandparent -- who, in turn, told me about it.

Because these kids are christains, as small children they where told that is is possable to resurect someone from the dead (god Of Whom Did This.) So they probobly took it that it is possable for the same events to happen once more.

Also the people who play Magic And D&D are too smart to belive in "god" and the bible. We also however are to smart to belive in Magic the gathering as being real. for an example, i was doing bad in school untill i started playing Magic and D&D. My grades went up, that effecteed me in the exact oppasite way you described. Please may I have a responce, I would appretiate it very much.

Max, would you please read my article called Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion. I think it would help you understand why fantasy can be even more powerful in changing your beliefs and values than the real world. Then read these Bible verses: Proverbs 12:15

From J. T.:  This has given me quite the laugh today . To think that you can possibly say that D&D, Magic the Gathering, and even Teletubbies lead to the occult ! There is so much worse in the world and it is quite sad that this is what u can come up with to make a fuss about. I used to be a strong Christian but after sermon after sermon of talking about money i lost faith. I know what u are thinging, that the aforesaid was because of Magic. People need to loosen up. Magic, Pokemon, Hairy Potter, and the Teletubbies are either television shows and or card games. Loosen up and have fun. Life's too short. Thanks for listening.

Are you sure? Perhaps life is too short and fragile to waste time filling our minds with images and suggestions that mock God and His truths. Whether you choose to believe His Word or not, God actually does exist. You can't imagine Him away any more than you can imagine away the recent tragedies. The sovereign God of the universe will hold each of us accountable for the choices we make during our brief lives within His vast eternity. Please read Deliver us from evil

First letter from Austin: I am 17 years old. I am curious what your upbringing was that would lead your life into a place filled with so much hate, fear, and outright bigotry. You are ill-informed of Magic: The Gathering card game, which is a fantasy game involving creatures, spells, and which objective is to kill the opponent. You fear change. You beleive in a cultish, hating relgion that condemns all who are not like themselves.

You are both ugly. The condemning, preaching and puritan like behavior you display on your website revolts me. I just thought you should know. Thank you for your time :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Austin. Would you like me to post your letter? Many would agree with you....

Second letter: Sure, that'd be cool. Turn the other cheek mentality. So nice, yet so aggravating. But i guess that's what its meant to do. Thanks for responding, i take back the ugly comment. How can a person maintain proper hate, when the other responds with kindness? :)  Magic the gathering rules. Its bad in that it drains money, but don't bash it or dungeons and dragons (which i have been too lazy to fully learn) until you know exactly how they are played. Thanks!

From "Inferno": Magic: the Gathering, sir is a staple of "losers" "geeks" and "nerds" around this country. MtG is a game where people can play, it requires almost no physical involvment, but it takes a toll on the brain. Magic has some cards that look scary. Soul Feast? Oh, because of one card I'm going to abandon sound logic, years of scientific proof to become a Satanist...sure. 

You know well that there are lots of magic cards that are just as "evil" and many that are worse.

While I have the advanatge of playing the game, I also must represent it in a positive way. It should be noted that for every "evil" card, there is a angel, or a "christian" card. Not all of magic is black and white, there is red, green, and blue. If you choose to focus on two colors so be it, but not all of Magic is black and white.

You just pointed to a key deception, Inferno. The angelic or New Age cards (showing the bright side of evil) cannot be Christian. Everything in this game clashes with Christianity, including the pleasing images of counterfeit good. God warns us not to blend His good with any kind of evil.  2 Cor 6:12-18  By identifying New Age images with Christianity, you illustrate the power of this game to deceive children and confuse their understanding of God's truth. Col 2:8

In a different article you asked why such fervor, why such hatred? The answers because, you took what was a great PASTIME for us, and turned it into something it never was. We don't worship Harry Potter, or magic, or Pokemon. We play the games, for fun, we read the books for fun, and we are sound people. So some go overboard? Is that our fault? No. However, you would punish all for the sins of a few. 

I don't punish anyone. No one has to read what we post on this website.

In Pokemon, there is a couple things you neglected to point out. Number one: Nothing dies. 

Please read Pokecomics.

Number two: I've yet to see someone go raving mad because of a Pokemon addiction. But, on to D&D is it evil? No, it isn't evil because it doesn't force you to hate God, worship another God, or force you to brutally murder, rape, steal, or break any commandments. I have a Pokemon game, and I've yet to kill my parents, go on a shooting spree or spend five hours in my rooms praying to pieces of wood. To beat a dead horse, the hatred is because, what was once a good game to us, and our parents, is now under heavy fire by someone who had never played the game, or has never read the book with his mind open to the possiblity that Harry Potter is in the FICTION section for a reason.

A quote from the page: "Sorcery as practiced by a witch or witches." On page 62 in her book, The Spiral Dance, a practical manual on witchcraft, Wiccan leader Starhawk explains...and you actually believe this? There is less to
you than I thought. It should be noted that "we" aren't worshipping these cards. We use them to play a GAME. If you want something that is pure, and holy, here on earth, you're gonna be sorely dissapointed. Magic as a game is a joy to play, when you don't take it seriously. If you take it seriously, the danger my friend, isn't in the cards, but in your head.

From a "READER OF HARRY POTTER PLAYER OF MAGIC AND A VERY CRISTLY CRISTIAN:  Pokemon? I am a cristian and go to church every sunday. I used to love pokemon though I am to old for it now. It is in no way linked with satan. It is a bunch of cute caracters runing around tackleing each other and they dont even die. I think u say that cuse ur kids use up all ur money on cards and games. 

I used to play all the time there is not any gore or violence it is a littel kids game . If u wana use ur time to talk about satan talk about games like mortal kombat and other stuff with gore and blood and death. Could u please write me back on what is so wrong with magic cards i play them and to me seems as harmless as a game of monopoly.

Did you read  The Dangers of Role-Playing Games? If not, please do. There you find a paragraph showing one important reason why this game desensitizes children to occult images, magic and other forms of occultism. If they seem spiritually harmless to you, you have already been desensitized. After a while, frequent exposure to occult images destroys Biblical discernment so that you know longer recognize evil.  

I also read harry potter. A lot of what u said is wrong. Have u ever read the books it is not all about learning spells. It is 5% about learning spells and the readers dont learn them the caracters do. It is a F-A-N-T-A-S-Y. it is in no way real a story as real as humpty dumpty sat on a wall. u probobly think that is affeliated with satan too dont you. u should talk about more importint problems like porn online and violence on tv insted of little harmless childrens games books and stuff.

Why would big companies spend billions of dollars to advertise their products on television using fictional scenes and fantasy images they didn't cause people to desire their product?  Remember, the thoughts in your mind and the images you see help form your beliefs and values. See also Answers to Pokemon mail.

From Miranda: "I just don't understand what you're saying.  I collect pokemon cards.  I assure you they are harmless.  Kids don't think they are real.  Sailor Moon just happens to be my favorite show. But I've never tried to magically tranform into a sailor scout and save the world.  And yes, I've read Harry Potter.  There's a difference between fantasy and witchcraft.  By the way, have you read it?  My guess is no. Pardon me if I'm incorrect. 

Why do companies pour billions of dollars into advertisements, Miranda? Because they know that people will absorb the suggestions -- and hopefully act on them -- even though the message is communicated through fictional images or entertaining fantasy. What you read and love influences your thinking and values.

From Angel: I happen to like these little creatures you people call monsters.

We didn't originate the name "pocket monsters."  That name was used by Wizards of the Coast long before we wrote about Pokemon.

if you ask me you people are the monsters, always coming to my door or calling on the phone asking they same stupid qeustion! "IF YOU WOULD DIE TOMORROW WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD GO?" I am so sick of that, nobody knows where they go after they die, but i can tell you one thing it isn`t heaven or hell, Because the end of the world has to come before anyone is jugded. 

Perhaps those who asked you that question did it because they cared about you. Why else would they take the time to share their faith?  Since I know Jesus Christ and what a wonderful Shepherd and Friend He is, I can understand why they would want to tell you about Him. 

I recently lost my daughter and my mom and i do not think that they are in heaven and i know they are not in hell,but i know they are somewhere waiting. you people waste soooooooooo much time putting kids tv programs down. i used to know someone who was not allowed to watch or have anything to do w/super heros,monsters whatever and that person grew up and murdered. SO LEAVE POKE`MON ALONE, I WOLD RATHER FOR MY KIDS TO WATCH POKE`MON THAN TO WATCH AND FOLLOW PREACHERS WHO SLEEP AROUND AND RIP PEOPLE OFF!!   H___ I LET MY CHILDREN WATCH HOWARD STERN (THE MOVIE) And they love movies by Steven King and so do I.

Please don't be offended by those who want to encourage you after the painful loss you have suffered.  If you would listen to them, you might discover that you can know for sure whether or not you are going to heaven. When we really seek His love and peace, He changes our lives and give us the wonderful assurance that we will spend eternity with Him. Though I risk offending you even more, I would like to invite you to read this page:  What it means to be a Christian

Second note from "angel": Of course I would and thank you so very much, its like when that preacher was putting down Tinky Winky down saying that he is gay or something.   I also love the teletubbies, Tinky being one of my favorite,  I am not a bad person, I love all the creatures of this world. All the kids shows but also i agree there are somethings that i don`t want my children to see but they are going to anyway and i would rather for it to be in front of me than somewhere else.

And i do beleive that Jesus died and shed his blood for all man/and woman. For they`re sins to be forgivin but i just don`t beleive you go to heaven or hell when you die. Because All man and woman shall be judged on judgement day. It says so in the bible it also states somewhere in rev. that the dead cry out to god asking when oh lord when is judgement day or the end coming. Or something like that.i don`t know where you go after you die but it has to be a mush better place than this world.    Sincerly, Angel

From Devin:  i was reading another artical and i came across something you said and this is a direct quote from you   "Thanks for illustrating my point, Mewtwo. Since your namesake dies and is resurrected, he illustrates supernatural power."

now as i read this it occered to me that people are ressurected every day by doctors and paramedics

does this mean that they are bad or are the doctors bad
are we supposed to let people die just because God is the only one that is supposed to ressurect people
Could you be confusing resurrection with resuscitation, Devin? Paramedics provide emergency care for those who are having a near-death crisis such as a serious stroke, heart attack or drowning. While paramedics and doctors might revive or resuscitate someone whose heart or pulse disappear for several minutes, they can't bring back to life someone who has actually been dead for a long period of time. Jesus had been dead from Friday to Sunday morning. His miraculous resurrection has never been duplicated.

Anonymous:  Magic is not an evil game. In fact, there are some White cards that have names like Preacher, and Prayer, and Blessings, so are these ones evil? Not once have I heard someone say "I summon the spirits to possess me." Or anything to that affect. 

That's not much of an argument, is it?  Do you always have to experience something yourself in order to believe it? 

I play daily, I go to High school. My GPA is 3.8, and several of my friends that play have 4.0. Are we evil? I am not Christian, but my parents are Mormon, and they obviously don't think the cards are evil. And NOT ALL CARDS REQUIRE YOU TO SACRIFICE A CREATURE. I would like to make the point that I think you have some evil in you. You told the story of kids BURNING their cards. A huge bonfire in sacrifice to the gods? To satisfy the urges placed in them by their parents? Sounds Paegan to me.

Again, I'm not sure I understand your logic. Knowing that you have as much right as I do to choose your own beliefs, may I suggest you try to base your conclusions more on facts and than on your feelings?

From Toshiya: Okay, I'm assuming I'm sending this to the right people.  You are the ones that wrote the Pokemon thing and talked about roleplaying being evil correct?  If I am wrong please forgive me.  All right, to begin with, I would say that you are very wrong.  I have played video games, card games, and things of the such.  I am perfectly normal, now if these things were evil wouldn't I be evil...to say the least I'm not.  I roleplay, sometimes once a week, I don't feel superior to anyone, I don't think I have 'magical powers' everything you listed I have never saw people do before.  I have saw kids play imaginary games were they pretend that they have Pokemon and such, but that is all it is...imagination.

  What I am saying is your statements about Roleplaying and Pokemon are all false.  I think you mentioned kids that roleplayed or played video games with occult references thought they had 'powers' or some such after playing the game.  Those kids think that normally because of bad parenting, yes that's right, bad parenting.
  If everything you said about those games are true and what people think that play them, I would be a maniac by now.  In fact I would probably be a blood thirsty maniac that thought he had the power to hurl fireballs and destroy cities at the point of a finger.  I am not like that though...I am in fact, a well educated young man, and am in no way affected by these games and there so called 'evil'.
  I would like a reply if you have time.  As to explain why these 'evil' things haven't effected me in any way at all...yet they seem to effect all of these kids you talk about.

Forgive me if I have angered or insulted you in any way, I was just wanting to discuss how your calling these things 'evil' is in fact, wrong.

Thank you for taking time to write us, Toshiya.  I tried to explain the answer to your question in a message we titled Answers to Pokemon mail to Pokemon letters. We are not saying that a person will suddenly become "a bloodthirsty maniac." In fact, most wouldn't change at all. Our main concern is Christian children whose understanding of Biblical truth would be blended with a world view that clashes with Christian values and love for God.  Does that make sense?

Please tell me whether or not you are a Christian -- then I will answer accordingly.
  I think I understand what you are saying, and I am not a Christian.    

Toshiya, that may be be why my comments don't make sense. If you don't know my God, you would have no strong reason to follow His ways. But Christian parents want their children to delight in God's protection, provision and all the wonderful things that He offers those who love Him. They knnow the inner peace and joy that comes through faith in Him, and they want their children to share the same blessing -- for all eternity. They have reason to be concerned that today's most popular fantasies will change their thinking about reality and truth so much that they no value His peace and presence.  I explain this more thoroughly in  From the Littleton CRISIS to Government CONTROL.   

The continuation of a letter from Stratos (I'm sorry I didn't get back to it earlier)

Never has evil appeared good, and good dismissed as boring. 

Do you really know what you are talking about? Just take multiplication drills which are vital to the ability to solve practical everyday math problems. They have been eliminated for being boring -- for being classified as "drill and kill." Other good activities now considered boring" are: reading the Bible, seeing movies that show the nice side of reality rather than evil fantasies, traditional good literature, going for a hike in the woods.  

I'm not going to repeat what I already wrote about popular evils that looks good to kids today. Just read my articles on Pokemon, Digimon and Harry Potter.

In Pokimon, Team Rocket represents evil, as they are villains and attempt to  steal other's property, and as evil usually is, they are thwarted in every attempt they make. For Magic, there are 5 colors, White -Honor, Justice, Truth; Green - Nature; Blue - Neutrality and interference; Red - Chaoticness, irregularity; and Black - Dishonor, Lies, Distrust.. They've included the "evil" aspect into their game due to the fact that evil is omnipresent. 

Wherever you go, evil is there with you, as is God and all that is good. You can not have one without the other, for what is honor without it's opposite, dishonor? Or justice and truth without injustice and lies? Without the opposite their is nothing to distinguigsh one from the other.

Evil may surround us on all sides, but you have believed a lie. Opposites don't have to complement each other. Can't you see a beautiful rose without garbage in the background? Can't you appreciate a magnificent sunset over the ocean without also seeing something ugly? How about kindness and genuine love? 

What a sad world it would be if everything good must be tempered with all kinds of destructive influences. Yes, in our world both good and evil are present. But the evil doesn't make good better. It is more likely to distort and compromise the good. That's why your other point falls short of reality. From God's perspective, even the good that has merged with evil is no longer good. The two cannot be synthesized or joined together. Please click on 2 Cor 6:12-18.

Your quotes from Pokimon players seem quite... selective... to me. You've specifically chosen those few phrases that, when combined with an utter lack of knowledge for the game itself, induce a general mistrust and misunderstanding of the game.

The child that said, "I'll just use my psychic powers." was obviously hearing with selective ears. Not once have I heard anyone claim to have psychic powers as a result of playing the game, you simply heard a comment like "I'll simply use my Psychic Pokimon," or "I'll just use PsyBeam (A name of an attack present in the game)". And simply by hearing this child's comment, with or without selective hearing, you can not just assume that Pokimon has corrupted his world.

So Magic has developed a cult following? Of course, cult simply means an enthusiastic devotion to something. Occult and cult have been warped and twisted by others to become "anti-Christian" terms, while in actuality they're perfectly fine and can be used without harm. 

Which dictionaries are you using? I have several unabridged dictionaries with different dates. Together they show the changing trends and twists in language and meanings.   But they all support my statements, not yours.

The card which said "Sacrifice a white creature" does not inspire demonic rituals where Magic players acutally sacrifice animals to gain power as some people who share your belief would accuse. In magic, sacrifice simply means to lose, to sacrifice a white creature just means for you to move it from in play to a discard pile, not allowing you to use it. And the mentioon of the "summoning" on the playground was quite hilarious as well, I doubt this has ever occured, but if it did that does not mean all followers of this game share this dimwittedness and stupidity. Those are an isolated few whose idiocy will not spread through those possessing a sound mind. And your comment about violence erupting from teens, that violence is so minute in comparison with the teens who do not commit violence that it's less than 1% of the teenage population. And that less than 1% of the population are most likely those isolated idiots who "summon" damonic spirits by playing with sticks.

While yes, occult roleplaying games probably do teach the lessons you refer to, name an occult roleplaying game. I'll bet you'll be hardpressed to find one that inspires occult beliefs. And not all role-playing games are demonic and evil, just because of an isolated one or two, you have no right to judge the rest simply from those poor examples.

I could start with Magic the Gathering, but we obviously view it differently. I had considered posting some of the horrible Magic pictures of demonic creatures and occult rituals, but I am afraid I would violate the copyright. Let me instead quote a familiar Bible verse:

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,

And clever in their own sight!"

Isaiah 5:2-21


From Jeff: Are you serious?  Kid's are kids.  Stop envoking fear in parents.   Everything in life isn't so black and white.  It's simply cartoon's and books.  However...I know from experience, if you control children at a young age regarding entertainment and passing fads they will definately develop a contempt for religion.  Rethink what your saying.  It's insane.  Really.

Do you base your "definite" conclusion on one experience? Or do you have some research to support your certainty?  I happen to know a lot of families that set limits and provide alternatives, and their children love God and want to follow Him. They are also polite, gracious, mature, fun to be with, and delightful to be around. Choosing to say "no" to entertainment that violate their values makes them more, not less, determined to guard their minds and to please Him.   

It's not as hard as you might think. God not only helps His friends make the right choices, He also fills them with a special joy that only comes from fellowship with Him.


From Jake: When i first read your article about how pokemon was evil i was outraged. and i imediately was ready to deliver a hate-filled letter. However, i took a deep breath and sent you a well-thought-out objection. i later visited your webscite in wich your response to hate-filled letters was: if pokemon is just a game, why do you respond so violently when i discriminate it.

The truth is, with all my faith and love in the lord, who has guided me through so much, the greatest non-living gift he ever gave me was pokemon. (living would have to be my familly) meeting wonderfull people in trading parties, competing with trully talented friends in tournaments, and watching pokemon, mere pictures on a gameboy screen, grow and become better and more powerfull, it all truly touched me. 

Everytime one of my pokemon would evolve, it reminded me of one person i touched. one person who's life was changed for the better because of what i did. my pokemon showed me how i helped other people to evolve. and my strive to be the best pokemon trainer eventually became my strive to be a better person. i was touched in a way no other game has touched me before. truly a gift from god. and it pains me deeply to see people like you, who have tried so hard to understand the word of the lord, so easily blinded and turned violent against something you merely did not understand. 

Mankind has always feared the unkown, but your blindness scares me, and i pray to god that christian parents will disregard the ignorant comments you have posted. i don't know about other pokemon fans, but i believe they have been touched more or less in the same way, and because they are afraid to reveal anything so personal via the E-mail, they simply respond in violence. which is probably no better that what you have done. One day, my great-grandfather told me, (2 days before he died) "it's all how you look at the world jake, if you go trick-or-treating on holloween night, in rejoice of satans work, than hollowing truly is the celebration of lucifer. But if you dress up, in beutifull, creative outfits of imagination, and celebrate a holiday with friends, the sharing of candy, then holloween is merely another holiday. Obviosly not holier than christmas or easter, but still a holiday. and every one knows you can't say holiday without saying 'holy!'"  

i hope i have provided you with some insight, and i shall pray that you will be able to enjoy a gift that has touched me so much.

I am sorry that our website and my faith has brought you such grief and outrage. But Jake, what do your reactions tell you about your emotional attachment to this game and to anime? You say you love God, but your letter suggests that your love for Pokemon guides your thoughts and relationships far more than God's Word does. Think about it.  

God said, "Do not love the world or the things in the world. If you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. These are the ways of the world: wanting to please our sinful selves, wanting the sinful things we see, and being too proud of what we have. None of these come from the Father, but all of them come from the world.  The world and everything that people want in it are passing away, but the person who does what God wants lives forever." 1 John 2:15-17

From Brett: Hello. I'm 13 years old and I play both pokemon, and Magic the Gathering. But guess what. I also play dungeons and dragons, vampire the masquerade, and many other roleplaying games. By now i bet you are thinking "oh what a sinful boy." well who are you to judge me?

I didn't think that at all, Brett. Nor do I  judge you.

You might not believe me but I am a christian. If  you think that telling the parents to stop pokemon and the other games is going to help, it isnt.  And if my opinion isnt valid to you because im a kid, then maybe you should  stop  your approach to pokemon and the likes. Kids are the ones playing not the parents. If  a parent who hasnt played it before says something bad or good about it why should they be listened to?

Believe it or not, a lot of Christian kids actually respect their parent’s wisdom and obey their guidelines.  They love God and want to follow His Word. He tells them, 

 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: ‘that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.’” Ephesians 6:1-3

Us kids the ones who are playing know what the games are all about, in pokemon instead of the mon's getting killed they are knocked out. It has even been advised that only older kids play magic the gathering and other games like it.

If you are going to keep telling parents to not buy pokemon cards then what will happen? Kids may sneak out and steal there parents money just because they want to play a card game. playing pokemon is a social activity where your kids can make good friends even if they don't belong to a church.

Like I have said I am a Christian and i play these games. Does that make me a bad Christian?? Should it? What about you? I am sure you have done many wrong things and have done or read
something that could be considered "witchcraft". Before you go bad naming something that you may not have done before, remember, practice what you preach.

You made some good points, Bret. But you are forgetting something. We all sin from time to time. Our sins are often unintentional or out of ignorance.  That doesn’t excuse them. One of the most wonderful things about God is that He always forgives us when we come to Him in humility and repentance, confessing our sins and trusting Him to clean us inside and help us (by His Spirit in the believer) to follow His ways and plan for our lives.

But if we whitewash sin – if we ignore God’s guidelines and standards – we won’t even recognize our sin. We will rationalize away the wrong things we do, compare ourselves with others and say, “I’m not as bad as that other person.”  We won’t repent, nor will we confess and be set free from sin. Does that make sense?

The only way we can live and walk with Jesus is by knowing and following His Word. When we do, He makes us aware of our condition, prompts us to deal with our sin, gives us the desire to please Him -- no matter it costs us in popularity – and provides the strength needed to walk in His victory. Best of all, He draws us closer and closer to Himself.  Nothing is better than that!

 Thank you for keeping my opinion valid. Many people I have e-mailed about this subject have just blown me off because of my age. I guess I misjudged you and I am sorry. I think it's cool that you are willing to post the opinion of someone against you,
      With love in Christ,  

From Mewtwo: I want to make this clear beforehand: I am not, nor have I ever been a Christian. I was baptized a Lutheren, but that is beside the point. BUT even so, hear me out, for you seem to "promote" free speech on various places in your site.

Just as you speak from a non-Christian perspective, Mewtwo, I must answer  from a Christian perspective. You knew that, didn't you? 

This is concerning your biased views on Pokimon as a game. It is just a game. That's all. It is a role-playing game that takes the player on a journey through a FANTASY world, to train fantasy creatures. The Pokimon world is a world APART FROM OURS! Pokimon World is set apart from our world. It exists on an entirely different plane from our world. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT OUR WORLD, to which you seem to have confused.

Children are acting out what they have played in the game? Keep in mind, these are CHILDREN! Children PLAY! That is ALL THEY WERE DOING!!! Children role-play because it is fun to take on a fantasy identity, and that is all they are after: FUN. Is it so wrong to deny a child fun?

Children becoming "Pokimon Masters" and defying God? A Pokimon Master is the top champion of all Pokimon League Tournaments, and is respected by other trainers. Much like a gold-medal finalist in the Olympics. They are not, I repeat, ARE NOT masters of all things living. Just their profession.

Qualms against psychic powers? Empathy is a psychic power. Empathy is to read another's emotions. And, I have noticed this: Jesus heals the blind, the sick and others. He has healing powers. Healing powers is a PSYCHIC POWER!!! *Gasp!*

For example, from a Japanese radio drama that is the prelude to "Mewtwo Strikes Back" and explains Mewtwo's birth further: When attampting to escape the laboratory, Mewtwo trips the security system, which activates a gun that shoots and kills him. His creator gasps in horror, but soon realizes one of Mewtwo's powers, which is also illustrated in the bible: Mewtwo REGAINS LIFE, RISES FROM DEATH! RESSURRECTS! Seem familiar? Jesus did that.

Thanks for illustrating my point, Mewtwo. Since your namesake dies and is resurrected, he illustrates supernatural power -- the basis of any religion. His human creators made him like God. But since he is an imitation or counterfeit god, he fits into the category the Bible calls "other gods." Let me share one of God's warnings concerning other gods -- including the imaginary Mewtwo, whom you honor by bearing his name:

"You shall have no other gods before Me." Exodus 20:3

"...if you by any means forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods, and serve them and worship them, I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish. As the nations which the Lord destroys before you, so you shall perish, because you would not be obedient to the voice of the Lord your God." Deuteronomy 8:17

In the comics as well as the radio drama, it was mentioned that in ancient times, people worshipped Pokimon as gods. Keep in mind there are OTHER RELIGIONS BESIDES CHRISTIANITY! Those scenarios were depicting some quasi-Aztec and certain Native American religions. And it was only CERTAIN Pokimon that were worshipped, such as the Legendary Birds and Beasts and Mew. And that echos those cultures mentioned above. And in my opinion, a good Christian would respect the fact that there are other religions, instead of being blind to it, further pushing the inflated concept that their religion is the dominant one, when there are other religions with more followers.

In your article concerning "Mewtwo Strikes Back", I found a small error, besides a misspelling of Mewtwo's name. You stated that Mewtwo turned to evil from psychological wounds. For one, he was not "evil" per si. He was disillusioned with mankind because of the way he was treated early on. For example, if a child was abused and mistreated early in life, and was not shown the good of the Human race, they will adopt the belief that adults are evil.

Where did you get that idea, Mewtwo? From suggestions in various anime myths? The bigger problem is failing to realize that human nature is not naturally good. I could cite some studies but I would have to find the documentation. 

And the "controlling the world" bit? That was NOT anywhere in the origonal Japanese script. In the origonal script, Mewtwo only vowed revenge on the ones who treated him bad, which, to him, was the entire Human race.

It was in the Pokemon movie. Our discussion deals primarily with what English speaking children see and perceive, not with original Japanese scripts.

This, I noticed something about. In one scene in the movie, Giovanni says to Mewtwo: "You can never be our equal." That seems a bit bigoted. Like Humans, Mewtwo is sentient, able to speak a Human language, can build, invent, and manipulate fine tools because he was granted with opposable thumbs. And he is bipedal, walking on two legs as a Human. But, the reason he cannot be equal to them is because he is a cloned Pokimon, and LOOKS DIFFERENT. The Human race is afraid of difference, because they do not understand it.

Back to the topic. You constantly compared Pokimon TCG with Magic: The Gathering. For one, those are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GAMES!!! They have NO RELATION WHATSOEVER aside from maker, card stock and such obvious likes.

Magic is geared to the older gaming majourity, while Pokimon was made for a younger group. And Pokimon has a good point: You have to know math to be able to play the game! The game teaches further math as well. Quick calculations of HP and Damage counters require math skills.

Did you notice that my short illustration of Magic the Gathering showed its use as a tool for teaching math in elementary school? 

And... do NOT compare Magic, Pokimon, or any other card game to Dungeons and Dragons, because... D&D is a ROLE-PLAYING game... NOT a card game. D&D requires dice roles, a dungeon master(who oversees and controls all enemies in the gaming session) and... CHARACTERS YOU MAKE UP!!! Hence ROLE-PLAYING. Magic and Pokimon are not RPGs, they are TCG (Trading Card Games). Notice a difference?? That portion of your article did not make sense because the two are in no way related. (I have played Magic, D&D, and Pokimon, both the TCG and the GameBoy RPG.)

Wizards of the Coast introduced a Pokemon Role Playing Game over a year ago. One of my articles has a link to the marketing report that introduced it as a RPG, not TCG. 

In conclusion, your articles have angered me mainly because of the holes I saw throughout it. Mind you, I am not bashing your views because everyone is entitled to free speech. So I am expressing my views to you. Domo arigatou gozaimasu. (Thank you very much).

Mazu wa oshirase made. Keigu.


From David K.: My dad  is a PASTOR.  I say POKEMON is good. Ash sacroficed himself to save everyone. The POKEMON were sad.  They gave thier power to save Ash. it shows love not hate freidship not distrust you sould try to notice the plot.

From Stratos:  This reply has been sent in reply to the mistakes you've committed in your article. It seems (Only seems, this is an assumption, and if I'm wrong please correct me.) that you've utilized selective memorization and selective hearing concerning the Pokimon TV show and nearly all other references in your article. I apologize in advance for any future grammatical/spelling errors made while writing this email, as I am composing it quite late at night and without a full night of sleep behind me.

Let me begin by stating that I am a devout Christian and actively participate in both Pokimon and Magic. I supervise a weekly gathering of Pokimon players at my local Books-A-Million, and will soon be a judge for Magic. I have played both for numerous years, and am positive that all references made in this email are correct.

Before I begin my dissection of your article, I would like to clarify a few points mentioned repeatedly throughout the aforementioned article. -Occult - Of or relating to supernatural effects, or knowledge of them.

- By that definition, is not Christianity occult? Every religion, not excluding our own is occult. This statement was not made in order to claim Magic as a religion, but simply to show that the term "occult" is not "evil", or "satanic", as many would have you believe. It's simply a belief in the supernatural.

No, unless we change the meaning of the word, Christianity is not occult. Traditionally the word has referred to supernatural power that comes from a source other than the Biblical God. Therefore it fits into the same category as witchcraft, sorcery, divination, spellcasting and other practices based on manipulating or directing spiritual forces using timeless formulas for magic. 

-References to Magic as an occult game - Magic is -not- occult. It has no supernatural references whatsoever and inspires no belief of them in it's players.

You and I must look at Magic cards with different eyes, Stratos. The images on the cards show me all kinds of ghost and spirits, violent death and magical forces, human sacrifices, and fascination with dark magic.  I don't understand how you can separate them from the realm of dark supernatural forces.

I shall begin at the only logical place, the beginning, and will work my way through your article, paragraph by paragraph. Beginning with the paragraph on occult links, I have never seen a Poki-site with links to any "occult" games. Links to magic, yes. D&D, yea. But neither are occult, contrary to poular belief.

Next, your section on explaining Pokimon, you quote Professor Oak as if he really exists, you should at least note that he is simply a fictional character that interacts with the characters in the game and television shows, and not a real person.

Isn't that understood, Stratos?  But I appreciate the significance of your question. It highlights my concern that so many young fans speak about the various pokemon as if they are real to them -- deserving of genuine human respect and love. 

Directly following the above mentioned paragraph, you claim that children carry their cards and figurines around as... "magical fetishes"? When I first read this, I paused to consider the hilarity of that statement, and when I continued down and saw the statement you made ("Many do.") I had to laugh. I, as both a Gym Leader and Coach, come into contact with hundreds of Pokimon players every weekend, and I've yet to see a single one "carry their favorite monsters like magical charms or fetishes in their pockets".

More over, I doubt even you have. You assume that because they carry their cards around with them, that that is their reason, but it reality it's probably just in an effort to be prepared in case they meet another player whom they may wish to battle or trade with. 

Perhaps the serious game players who follow the commercial plans of the  producers (including Wizards of the Coast) view the pokemon characters in more practical ways than the younger children. I wrote what had been reported to me, and I tend to believe that children with vivid imagination are well able to write their own script based on the mythical powers they watch on their favorite television show.  

Look at the popularity of the magical 8-ball among adults who take its answers seriously. If they can use a plastic toy for divination, why wouldn't children imagine that their little pocket monsters have magic power?  

From Stratos again: The convenient order you placed those comments in, beginning with "snatch it from it's trainer" and then explaining that that's just an assumption is quite harsh, wouldn't you agree? It sets your readers into the wrong thoughts of Pokimon before explaining to them the frivolousness of your above statement. 

It wasn't frivolous, S. The ubiquitous Pokemon  marketing theme, "Gotta Catch them All" is put on every Pokemon game and product for a reason. When a child sees or hears the message (including the television theme song) they remember it and they do something about it. Wizard of the Coast and the toy makers wouldn't spend millions on that particular marketing scheme if it didn't stir desire to "catch them all" and thus change values and behavior. 

After which, you try to make it seem that Pokimon are fierce creatures, meant only for battle and destruction and that all trainers are constantly reminded to steal, or as you put it, snatch, other's Pokimon, and those are all just the assumptions of a critic who has no experience with either the television series or the games themselves.

Pokimon never fight to kill or destroy, just to train, as casual spars and the such. And only those villains Team Rocket try to steal Pokimon, and they are thwarted in every attempt. Soon after those incorrect assumptions come a blatant error, "Ash didn't understand the supernatural powers he had confronted. Neither do most young Pokimon fans today." Where did you fabricate this absurd idea of Pokimon being supernatural and occult? 

Look up the word "occult" in your dictionary and see if it doesn't fit. Remember, the powers of the Pokemon are not "natural." No human or animal can do such feats. They win by supernatural power, and the trainers essentially control that power by their will. 

In response to the references of Pokimon as a financial conglomerate, I will be forced to agree with most of your statements. But everything produced today, from the simplest child's toy to the most complex car are produced with the thoughts of producing profit. You can not degrade Pokimon on that basis, as all other things you buy from a day to day basis are guilty of the same action. 

"It also inspires the obsessive new games that disrupt schools and families by giving the children -- a seductive vision: to become Pokemon masters - a tempting promise: supernatural power - a new objective: keep collecting Pokemon - an urgent command: 'gotta catch them all' "  Pokimon does -not- disrupt families. I have never heard of a single incidence where Pokimon has induced anything more than a childish tantrum.

I have, S. Children won't come to dinner because they are in a middle of a game. Nor will they go to bed until they finish. They isolate themselves with their games on family vacations....   I have heard lots of stories describing how Pokemon gets in the way of family fun and activities. 

Furthermore, as I have stated in the past, numerous times, Pokimon does not promise "supernatural power" in any way shape or form. From this point here on throughout the email, I will refrain from mentioning the obvious error of claiming Pokimon as occult or supernatural. I have only mentioned it the number of times that I have in an effort to show the frequency of the mistake, that it appears in nearly every paragraph in your article.

I see supernatural power and action in almost every scene in the television episodes. This is my greatest concern. God makes it very clear throughout the Bible that His people cannot follow Him if they also seek other gods. Those pagan gods existed mainly in the imagination of the pagan cultures that surrounded ancient Israel, but these gods or forces were represented by figurines or symbols believed to be inhabited by the spirit or power of the gods.

My point is that any symbol or mythical expression of supernatural powers not from God would fit into the realm of the occult. The Bible calls the source of those powers evil. If we delight in what He calls evil, we cannot be His friend. All I am doing is describing the choice we all have. Will we seek God or "other gods"?   I love what God's friend Joshua said,

"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served... or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell.  But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15

From Raven: About magic the gathering, I am not saying your veiw is wrong, or anything (HEH!), but I wish to make a point: Most of the 'Devilish' and 'Evil' cards are the Black cards. You hardly ever mention anything from the White, Green, or Blue cards.

This response was added after I received Raven's second letter (below). I didn't have time to answer all the questions or challenges earlier: If I only found one occult card in a pack of Magic cards, I would say the whole deck is corrupted. The entire context changes when overtly occult images are used to provide thrilling entertainment.  

I have bought several packs of cards myself. Each pack contains a number of overtly evil or black cards. In a context that accomodates black occult evil, the white cards are little more than the "beautiful side of evil," which usually are far more deceptive than those that are obviously evil.  

One of the quotes for a white card, in fact, is  "The soul's courage is the heart's gaurdian", or something like that. That doesn't seem very 'demonic' too me.

What does it mean to you? I trust that the guardian of a Christian heart is the Holy Spirit (God), not the "soul's courage." In fact, courage alone, apart from wisdom, can lead a person into all kinds of trouble.

Someone else pointed out that there is no link between CCGs and RPGs. There are some, in a sense, links between the two, but not very many. Unless one happens to be a writer, like me, one does not usualy play a role in CCGs, as opposed to RPGs.

Wizards of the Coast announced the introduction of Pokemon RPG cards probably a year ago. Somewhere on this site you can find the link to that corporate announcement and its description of the game.

One last point. Please, please, PLEASE! Remeber that there is a differance between fantasy and reality. If a child starts beliveing he is a mage in magic arts, becuase he plays Magic The Gathering, it is becuase he has a too-active imagination, and his or her parents have done nothing to connect to the child the difference between fantasy and reality.

Please read Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons, which explains the power of the imagination to change  values.

Okay, so it was multiple points, it is later than normal for me to be on the computer thinking. Usualy I am playing a game right now, or watching television (My next e-mail and so will deal with the television shows I watch), or sleeping.
While it may bug you for me to bring this up, your bringing up your veiws bug me. Que Lastima, Till we meet again.

You don't bug me, Henry. But since I bug you, let me remind you that you chose to visit our Christian website. My message was not aimed at you, but your message was aimed at me. That's okay. I don't mind reading and posting contrary views -- as long as I have an opportunity to provide some answers.

Second letter from Raven: Hmm. Let me take your 'so-called' points (As a friend  said they were) one by one.  

1)Power of imagination to change values: Escuse me, but a person is ever changing. Everything about the human race is about change. Even things that are human are changing. Ones something stops changing, it ceases to exist. If values change, and the imagination is claimed to be at fault, perhaps it is not the imagination itself to be blamed, but a person misusing one of the few things I consider holy.

Does the nature of an oak tree change? Does the basic genetic code of a human change without human interference? While water is continually moving, does its quantity change? 

2) I chose to visit your Christian website, the same way you choose to put up what you do on that same site. I am defending what I feel to be right. And in this case, I dont have just an old, moldy book to back up my words. (No offence to Christians in general!) 
3) Your messages are aimed at those who watch animes, who play the videogames you dont like, those who play Magic the Gathering, and RPGs. I fall into all of those catagories. Therefore, your message IS aimed at me.

The intention of my articles, the page on spiritual warfare and the armor of God, and virtually everything else on this site except the "Comments" are written to equip Christians to live in peace with God in a world that doesn't accept Biblical truth.  I answer you, because you wrote to me. I answer other anime fans because they personally write to me. But that was not my initial intention, since I didn't expect any of you to come here.. 

4) Provide answers. Question: Did you really answer any of my points? No, not a bit. If I did what you did on any homework assignment in school, and turn it in like that, I'd get a zero- for not answering the question.

I have now answered them. Sorry about the delay.

You never answered my main points. The only point you DID answer was something about the lack OF THE PARENT with a child with an overactive imagination. All the others you mysterisly left alone. How odd.
I've been reading some more of the e-mails you've posted, and I swear, something here has $%#  more than the rest of the site combined. I'm paraphrasing YOU when I say "Using the imagination can be against God, and send you to hell."

Please quote me instead of paraphrasing. I would be glad to explain what I have said. I cannot explain what you say that I said when I didn't say it.

Hmm. I seem to have run out of time. I must either send this later, when I have lost the reason for sending it in the first place, or send it now, and send some more later.

From Mewtwo: I read the answers to my e-mail and can still find holes throughout. For one, you took stabs at my screenname. 

No intentionally, Mewtwo. I don't even know what you are referring to. Nor did I consciously  suggest that you worshipped your name. (next paragraph). Please forgive the misunderstanding.

To clear that up, my screenname is used for roleplaying purposes, and to give myself distinction. And I am very well aware of the "There shall be no other gods before me" line. For one, I do NOT worship my screenname. That would be ridiculous and risk me a night in the house of padded walls.

Two: The Human creators didn't try to create a god. They created Mewtwo as more of a tool than anything. And since in both the English and Japanese script, it is mentioned that the project was funded by Giovanni (Sakaki), then the reason Mewtwo was created was for a living weapon of sorts to be the front line of defense in any of Giovanni's battles with other trainers.

The Mewtwo character was given life, consciousness, emotions, senses, personality, desire for love, awareness of values, supernatural power -- all the characteristics most pagan gods demonstrate. Those are not the characteristics one usually associates with a "weapon" or "tool." 

And the fact that Mewtwo realizes that he is not a creature of God, but a creature spurned from Man, is what angers him, leaving him with the looming notion that he exists for no reason. Which is why he sets out to find his purpose in life, only to take the wrong road from bad expiriences and plots genocide.

And that one example I gave in the previous letter was not taken from other anime. Mind you, anime does not run every aspect of my life. That example was just an exaggerated version of what happened in my life. I was shunned, ostracized by my peers, cast out, destined to be an outsider. I had no friends, for the ones I was able to make eventually betrayed me, leaving me with nothing. I was not shown the good of the people around me, which left me bitter and downcast. It takes alot to gain my trust, for I am afraid I would be betrayed again. From years of psychological abuse from people who just either were total jerks or just didn't understand, I gradually formed an idea in my head that if I am treated like some inHuman, then obviously, I am not one of them. A stranger in a strange land.

And that is one of the reasons I became a Pokemon fan. I read somewheres that why children like Pokemon is because they saw themselves in certain Pokemon. I saw myself in Mewtwo, and became a big fan of the ferocious, misguided kitty clone. But unlike him, I did not plot the destruction of the Human race because I could find no good in them. I just distanced myself from the ones who treated me badly, soon finding solace in others who lead a life just like I. And I found them by adopting screennames in roleplaying forums on the Internet. The one screenname that brought others out of the woodwork more than my others is the one I am currently using now.

I only use this name, not in honouring a creature brought forth from the creative mind of Satoshi Tajiri, but because I feel more in uniform with this name than most of my others. Mind you, I happen to detest RPing one of my villianious sadistic characters, but when the RP calls for it, I am always ready to suit up and take on a personality different from my own.

Thank you for the explanation. I can understand why you chose the name, and I am sorry that life has been so painful. Please don't be offended if I remind you that Jesus, my Lord, loved those who felt like outcasts. (See "He did this for you." Just read the story. Ignore the rest) Those who don't fit into the crowd, will best appreciate the relationship God offers His those who will seek Him.      He said,

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."  Matthew 11:28-29 

From Pooface: I dont see how you guys can say all this stuff about d&d, pokemon, etc. I play d&d follow pokemon with my little brothers and sisters and I am just as christian as the next. 

Could you please tell me what you mean by "as Christian as the next," Pooface?  That's an interesting comparison.  How does a person become a Christian?   

This is whats gives churchs a bad name when you make accusations. I know the most relegious family in the world kids going to college, church every sunday, and even boy scouts. They all play D&d they tought me how to play it, their parents are fine with it. Kids whole lives are fanatasy as it is. They find a pretty rock on the ground and they'll carry it around thinking its good luck. 

Doesn't sound like they trust or follow God, does it? They probably please the world -- but not God. Do you remember what Jesus tells us about the world's attitude toward those who follow Him?  He said,  

"If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you....  If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you... because they do not know Him who sent Me. John 15:18-21

God tells His people not to compromise -- or to be conformed to the world's values. It may give us "a bad name" but that doesn't matter as long as Jesus is our friend and we can walk with Him each day.  

Havent you ever found a penny on the groud and thought "hey, good luck" It doesn't make you crazy or immoral. It makes you a regular person. As long as you believe in god and accept him in your heart you dont have to worry about seperating fantasy from reality.

From Dallas: I read your aritcle about pokemon cards and I laughed to death. You were all worried about pokemon coming before god. Oh please! It's a child's game. If the kids like it, then so be it.

 Of course kids will become obessed with something as addicting as this, but it's ok--and remember it wont last forever.

No, of course it won't. After a while, the old games seem boring and more exciting thrills beckon. And, with today's loss of moral boundaries, the tempting choices of occult and sensual thrills are virtually unlimited.   

It's almost like you put god before everything, even fun! 

I do! When we relegate God to second place -- or less -- we are no longer close to Him and enjoying His presence. Nothing is more exciting than walking with Him. I'd rather have Jesus than anything!  

If kids like pokemon then let them like it and don't worry if it comes before god a little, sometimes stuff like that happens. Get over it, seriously.

It happens all the time. Does that make it good? 

From Kathy: Our family has gotten rid of Pokemon, because I just heard that they are coming out with Pokemon tarot cards.  Many parents can fool themselves and say that people are just overreacting (as I did), but with these new cards, there can not be any doubt.  

My kids decided to get rid of their stuff once I explained about the cards.  I was very proud of them.  We had many tears, and now I am praying that the Lord will give me better discernment when it comes to these things.  I just hope that more parents that didn't see any harm in it, will finally understand what Satan is trying to do to our children once they see these new cards. Love in Christ,

Anonymous: I noticed while I was looking at a page, HOW POKEMON AND MAGIC CARDS AFFECT THE MINDS AND VALUES OF CHILDREN, I noticed the artical called What parents can do  On instruction #2, you said that dragons represent dragons, but you are wrong. I read in a bible passage ( I don't remember were it was or the exact words) that Jesus blessed and protected the dragons.

The source of your information cannot be correct, for the Bible never gives a positive view of dragons. Most Bible versions only use this word (dragon) in "Revelation," the last book in the Bible. All those passages give the same impression as these: 

"And war broke out in heaven....So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, Rev. 12:7-9

"And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Rev. 12:17

"And all the world marveled and followed the beast.  So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast;..." Rev. 13:3-4

"He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished." Revelation 20:2-3

The King James Version of the Bible also mention "dragon" in a reference to "the dragon well" --  the name of a well, not a dragon -- and in Psalm 91:  

"Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet." Psalm 91:13

Hope that helps. Try reading a little more in the Bible. But pray first that God help you understand all the wonderful and encouraging passages. You may want to start looking at Jesus in the gospel (good news) of Mark. 

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