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From Connie: [referring to the comment below:] Um, no. The phrase used was "Sieg heil," hail the victor. And it's spelled "sigil." Also, to the best of my knowledge, the "lightning bolts" are stylized S's.

From Teresa Boxleiter:  It appears that you are misinformed about the "lightning bolts" that the Nazis and now the Neo-Nazis use. They are not lightning bolts after all, but are a runic symbol, "Sigel", repeated twice. (Hence the Nazi exclamation: Sig Heil!) It represents good fortune and wisdom.

Yes, that's true, but don't forget: the shapes we identify as symbols have many meanings in the world's diverse cultures. I grew up in Norway and am well aquainted with both runes and the Norse mythology that Hitler used in his occult system. The fact that the rune looks like a lightening bolt doesn't rule out the fact that Thor, the "god" of thunder, did carry a lightening bolt.

From Raina:  I found your comments on the "symbols" very interesting and even fairly objective, although a little misguided in some aspects.  But what really struck me is that if one were to try to avoid having any connection to any of the symbols there, you'd have to avoid having money, you'd have to use paper plates cut in strange shapes (can't have those evil circles!) and a lot of other commonly used items would have to be avoided because of their similarity to the "evil occult symbols".

Raina, I am not trying to eliminate the presence of symbols. People have always given symbolic meaning to familiar objects. My goal is to identify the meanings of old and new symbols that are popular or prevalent today. When teenagers wear jewelry or clothes adorned with popular symbols,  they ought to know what message they are sending.

I have traveled far and wide, I've seen the Pentagrams in cathedral windows in Europe and am reminded of the night sky with all the myriad of stars.  I've seen the architecture of ancient buildings incorporating nearly every one of your "evil symbols" and am awestruck by their beauty.  If all these shapes you condemned were eliminated from existence, the world we live in would be a very different, and probably not a very good, place.

I am a witch.  Every day I light a candle and work for the end of war, hunger, and disease.  I also work for those in need of healing.  I do not feel I am doing anything against what your Bible says, which is to be cognizant and concerned about our fellow man.  "For as you do to the least, you also do unto Me."

I appreciate your sincere and noble sentiments. They put many a self-centered so-called "Christian" to shame. But Christianity isn't based on good works and social benevolence. It is based on personal faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for our redemption and salvation. When Christians -- by faith -- repent from their old ways and receive the very life of Jesus, they will want to follow Him in all His loving ways. But when the concept of "good works" is shifted from the Biblical context to the new global context, it is no longer an expression of Christianity -- nor does it honor the God who revealed Himself through the Bible.

My religious beliefs include working for peace, charity, health, and tolerance.  I will never resort to working towards someone's downfall or invoking pain or pestilence upon another creature.  If someone has wronged me, I don't curse them, I work for them to stop doing it!  For we believe that what we send out returns to us three times.  I don't want to have 3 times the bad things come back, I really prefer to have good things happen!

I try to live "low-impact" upon this earth, and have the utmost respect for others in every thing I do while I am here on this planet.  I also respect the beliefs of others, as I know that while all paths are different, each "true path" leads to the same place, one filled with love, beauty, peace and understanding.  This is where we all must strive to go.  For the true embodiment of all religious beliefs is LOVE.  Love thy neighbor as thyself, love the earth that provides for us, love the spirit within ourselves and each other and do no harm so that when our final tally is counted, we may then go on and experience the total Spiritual love that is our final reward for a good life.

And while I respect your spirituality and your devotion, I would like to ask that you search deep inside yourself for tolerance and understanding.  Those of us who are of the Craft also decry Satanists, because they do worship chaos and evil.  But those like us who are "gentle souls" who just happen to believe a bit differently than you wish you would think a bit about acceptance and realize that just because we wear a piece of jewelry that is listed on your page, it doesn't mean that we are inherently evil. 

While I have smiled and tolerated having many Christians come up and berate me for my beliefs (many of whom don't even KNOW me!), I have never walked up to someone wearing a cross and told them how "wrong" they are!  Nor do I ever try to convince someone who approaches me with hate in their hearts for me and what I stand for that they could possibly be mistaken in their attack.  For hate, intolerance and anger are themselves born from Evil and those who are in the grip of that are not able to be reasoned with.  They have their minds made up and don't want to be bothered with the facts.

I believe that many will be in for surprises in the afterlife, myself included.  I think there will be a great gathering of all faiths, creeds, and races.  For after we have shuffled off this "mortal coil", we are all just spiritual beings.  Those who love will be surrounded in love.  Those who practice intolerance and hate will feel that also.

Many post-modern thinkers like to link a Christian's uncompromising faith in God's Word to hate and intolerance. But I have talked with countless men and women who call themselves witches, pagans or Wiccans through the years. I have had many friendly discussions with a Wiccan high priest. Though all of them recognized our spiritual differences, they trusted me with their thoughts and feelings because they knew that I didn't hate or despise them as people. In other words, Christians -- by God's indwelling Spirit -- must recognize and resist whatever God calls sin or deception, yet demonstrate His love everywhere.       

Remember, ignorance breeds fear.  Don't just listen to one side's view.  Try to listen objectively to all sides before making a decision. May many blessings be upon you, and I will be working for unity and understanding for you.

Raina, you and I base our thinking and objectivity on two different worldviews which determine our values. Your earth-centered perspective fits the new global spirituality and its socialist vision of planetary oneness and solidarity. My God-centered perspective is based on the absolute truths and teachings of the Bible. Both of us have chosen to be "open" to those ideas that don't conflict with our worldview, yet closed to the persuasions that do conflict. 

We can agree on some things, such as caring for God's creation -- though I can't endorse the UN-managed system which uses pseudo-science and its view of the environmental crisis to control people around the world.  But you can't understand my beliefs and I  can't endorse yours. But with our differences, we can still be kind to each other and live together in peace. That's what religious freedom is all about. 

From Felicia: I have just recently (as in a few minutes ago) read your page on Symbols and the subsequent comments from readers.  I am from Zimbabwe, Africa and I support ALL your beliefs and I do encourage you to keep up the good work.

My comment is this: Are you aware of the BIG PICTURE (read demonology) involved or do you wish to deliberately keep that out? Yes, you did give us your testimony of how you were knocked over after performing a ritual unawares. [I really do believe your testimony]. Cutting to the chase.......

Are you aware of how demons use these symbols? In brief, satanists draw symbols on those whom they wish to monitor or curse. If I want to influence you demonically, I could draw up occultic rituals all over your property in order to place the demonic components. IT IS NO COINCIDENCE THAT TATTOOS AND SYMBOLS ON CLOTHING ETC ARE SO POPULAR. Note that in Deuteronomy God EXPLICITLY told the Israelites not to have tattoo marks on the bodies.

(Felicia listed several examples of how to use symbols to place curses people and properties, but I prefer not to post these details. Students across the country are teaching each other to use these demonic powers -- they often learn them through popular books and manuals on witchcraft found in their own school libraries -- but we don't want to provide additional clues for our non-Christian visitors who love occult thrills and power.) 

God warned the Israelites against the harbouring of "accursed things" from those peoples steeped in demon worship (story of Achan ring a bell?) which obviously are demonically contaminated objects. In short my warning is this.......DO NOT PLAY WITH SATAN'S THINGS AND EXPECT GOD TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE DEMONIC OPPRESSION WHICH WILL FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felicia's previous letter (This will be moved to a separate page later, but I thought you would like to see more of her background):  I live in Africa.....both sets of grandparents were involved in witchcraft. My father used to consult witch-doctors(he is late) and my mother grew up with her aunt who was steeped in these practices. 

Unfortunately, there are few Africans who really are true Christians. The problem stems from the fact that there is just too much of this "cultural" [read demon worship] approach to almost All aspects of life even amongst said Christians. For example:

These obviously only are the tip of the iceberg!

Professing Christians are at church on Sunday and off to mediums for guidance during the week. NEARLY EVERY FAMILY I KNOW HAS FAMILIAR OBJECTS IN THEIR HOMES. These as you know are little figurines of the demon-gods for protection or simply in the ignorance as curios (ornamental objects).....all my family members have these no matter what I have explicitly said. (Recall the story of Achan who bought spoils from the battle when God forbade this and Paul and John do warn to keep away from idols since demons obtain legal ground from God to wreak havoc on the persons involved).

I hope I have been of assistance to you.

Oh.....I do understand that God does expect us to test the spirits [1 John 4:12] and recall how Paul really recommended the Bereans. So do wait on the Holy Spirit's confirmation as to the validity of all most certainly will not offend me. The world is evil and I do encourage you on this point. In the Master's service,

From Kat, "a disgruntled ex Christian" I saw your page (occult symbols) and i was very disappointed to see how biased and just plain warped Christian views are today.  About half of those symbols come from ancient cultures dating back before Christ.  How can they represent Satan, when the Christian idea of Satan hadnt even been developed?  A good number of those religions didnt even HAVE a 'Satan' figure.  

Satan is the same personality in the Old as in the New Testament. He has many names, but this particular name (Satan) is used 14 times in the Old Testament. He was at work before man existed.

Only a few symbols were identified with the actual practice of satanism. My goal was to explain what the both popular symbols have meant through the ages to the people in the culture they represent.

Greek and Roman mythology viewed death as a natural occurance, and 'hell' as a place where justice was done, the good rewarded and the bad punished.  Eastern religions go along the same path, as does Egyptian mythology.  Egypt is the only one that has a 'satan' figure (Set), and the ankh, scarab, and the eye are not associated with him!!  In fact they are the symbols of life, the opposite of Set.

Kat, I didn't link any of those to satanism. If you do a search on the page with over 50 symbols, you will see that only four of them -- pentagram, dragon, etc. - are linked to satan or satanism.

Its also disappointing to see that a religion based on such a good idea (basically love your neighbor as yourself and TOLERANCE) has become so hateful and so intolerant.  You are basically telling people that anyone who is different from you is bad.  If we dont believe Christ rose from the dead, you are saying we are evil and are people who come to corrupt your children.  Guess what, we really dont want your children (I dont know who would...)  We would rather have people come to us of their own free will because they feel the same way we do about religion.

Jesus loved the people of the world enough to give His life for them. Should Christians who follow Him do less? By His grace -- and by His life in us -- we are called to demonstrate the same love and faithfulness among unbelievers. 

That means no compromise. I must stand firm in my faith while showing His kindness to everyone. If you see where I have failed to be kind -- while sharing the His standard for good and evil -- please correct me. I pray that He will enable me to do better. See Biblical versus Cultural Christianity.

I think you should include on your symbols page that the majority of these sysmbols didnt represent 'Satan' when they were designed, and only represent a different religion.  Personally, i dont see why you need to believe in a Satan.  Humans create all the evil on this planet.  Or maybe that is why you need a devil....

I don't need to believe in a Satan, but I would be a fool to deny his existence. I believe in God with all my heart and He is the focus of my mind and commitment. But as I look to Him, I don't want to ignore the fact that we are engaged in spiritual warfare every day. That's why God tells us, 

      " strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

       "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore...."  

To see how to put on His armor, click on  The Armor of God

From Laura Vaivada: I just had a thought .. have you considered the woman riding the scarlet beast symbol from Revelation 17:3? Apparently the European Currency Unit (I've only seen a photo of it, not the real thing) has a woman riding a bull on it. And so did apparently the European Parliament stamp (2nd Electin) ... the symbol of Europa and Zeus ... All indicative of prophecies foretelling the rise of the Roman Empire/world government and under whose power that will be.

I also appreciate your charts on comparisons of this and that .. I love big picture stuff .. I've been studying as much as I can get my hands on and I try to distill it down to charts like yours....  

Thank you for your suggestion and insights, Laura. I would like to add those symbols to the Chart. as soon as I can find the time. I seem to be so far behind at the moment.  

From Mari:  I came upon your website by chance, and while I do not share your beliefs, I do respect your right to hold them and to educate other members of that faith.  In briefly overlooking your section on symbols, I found this definition:

"MASK: Used by pagans around the world to represent animal powers, nature spirits, or ancestral spirits. In pagan rituals, the wearer may chant, dance and enter a trance in order to contact the spirit world and be possessed by the spirit represented by the mask. The mask pictured represents the mythical Hindu elephant god, Ganesha, supposedly the father of Buddha."

I feel, as a buddhist, that I must inform you that Ganesha is certainly not the father of Shakyamuni Buddha.  The Buddha's father was a king of the Shakyas named Suddhodhana (meaning, pure rice).  That the Buddha was entirely a human being is a very important aspect of Buddhist philosophy.  He was very clear in many of his sutras (teachings) that he was not a god and was in no way other than a human being.  If the Buddha were not completely human, then achieving enlightenment would not be a viable goal for average human beings and there could be no Buddha Dharma.
The Buddha's mother Maya, did have a dream about an elephant on the night he was conceived.  However, this dream was not a divine visitation.  The elephant was merely a symbol that the person that was to be born was very important. 
There are very many older books written on Buddhism which contain very biased and incorrect information.  Many were written by English scholars living in India before the time of liberation and reflect imperialist, as well as racist, views about England's "primative and superstitious" subjects.  I am sure that this error was accidental, and that the fault belongs to a writer whom you are quoting.  Since the nature of this webpage is educational in tone, I felt it important that you were made aware of this misinformation.  Thank you for your time.  

Thank you for the correction, Mari. I do want to post accurate information.  I really appreciate your help. Later today I will correct the symbols page.

From Jeff Wallace:  On the subject of symbols, did you notice that the United Nations seal and emblem incorporates at least six of the occultic symbols you have illustrated?

They are:  circle, circle quartered, elements (as one symbol I am counting), the peace sign, sun sign, and the medicine wheel. Kind of interesting, and beyond coincidence wouldn't you think?  Thanks and God Bless.


Anonymous: you know what [profanity].....I think that your "symbols to Satanism" is a [profanity] I'm sorry..but that is just [profanity] need to get your story straight... first of all...i was looking for some satanic symbols to decorate my desktop...and...i found this [profanity]. now as a satanist I know   the symbols... and this is totaly not acurate...

now you christians can do what yall want...but you do not need to be distorting the facts...and lying to get your way like you have been doing for thousands of years.....  

Thank you for the correction. But there seems to be several symbols claimed by satanists to represent their beliefs. I will leave the one that I see more often in the chart, then add yours when I find time to scan it into my computer.

(The picture he sent was of two triangles facing opposite directions, forming a hexagram, inside a circle picturing the head of a goat on one side and the head of a vulture on the other side. The head of an Egyptian deity was mounted on the top of the ring. Each point of the hexagram carried a number between 1-6 and in the center was 21.)

From Silver Crow: The upside down pentacle you refer to in you symbol section is referred to as a Baphomet, and I used by Satanist, also the pentacle is also a symbol of protection . the upside down cross is also used by Catholics that or followers of St. peter.

Anonymous: You people are narrow-minded, moronic, self-righteous, and paranoid. I can think of many more but you are not worth the time. I'ts people like you that cause athiesm today. Your site is offensive and cannot be called "Christian." I'm giving you my opinion, and that's all it is. Peace out.

From Ghost Rider: I wanted to compliment you on the wonderfully revealing page about Symbols and their meaning. God Bless your efforts as you strive to please Him.

From Skip Stevens:   I have been frequenting your website for quite some time now. I want to thank you for your excellent, well researched and documented articles. God bless you, thank you and keep up the good work.

My main reason for this E-mail is concerning your new page about the occult symbols. You provided a link to the Great Seal of the United States website. I went there and downloaded all of the information for off-line viewing, as I have done with most of your pages. The Great Seal site covers some interesting history, but the best reference I have ever seen on the subjects - occult symbolism in Great Seal and the like was in an out of print book I have, entitled "The Cosmic Conspiracy", written by Stan Deyo of Australia. 

Mr. Deyo is a Christian, as you will learn from reading his book. I don't normally recommend books to anyone, other than the KJV Bible, but considering the information on your website, your research thoroughness and your new occult symbols page, I think you would find the information in his book to be very useful. Please excuse my forwardness, but I did a quick used book search for the book and have provided a link to the results below. The copy I have is a third edition, fourth printing, published by the Western Australia Texas Trading Company,  ISBN.  0 908477 00 7. I really think you will find his theories informative and useful. God speed,


From Beth Krippel: In an exploration of censorship I was brought to your site. I disagree with many of your viewpoints, but that is your right. However, I would encourage you not to base so much of your research on such things as Encyclopedia Britannica. The online version is not only condensed, but has been proven several times inaccurate. 

However, let me focus on the one item I felt I could not let slide. Among the symbols listed is the mandala. Please note that mandalas have been used in Christian churches for centuries. Of high note is Notre Dame in Paris and the mandala in the window on the western nave. At least, I believe it is the western nave. Let me put it this way, it is to a person's left if they are standing before the pieta. St. Paul's in London also has a large mandala window. Travel through the cathedrals and churches of Europe and you'll see the mandala representing very Christian themes. 

A mandala, while it does derive from the mythological representations historically found in southern Asia (i.e. India), it is not anti-Christian, but universal.

I further suggest that research come from multiple sources of many sides, not just picking and choosing those you know will back you up or serve your purpose. I personally found it funny that certain sections of Starhawk's book were left out that would further explain meanings.

Still, you have your path to the Divine and others have theirs. Do what you must, but don't deprive me of my right to walk my path by presenting people with misinformation.

Beth, how can you even suggest that I would "deprive" you of your "right" to follow your own path? I don't tell you what to do, nor do I force anyone else to visit our site or to heed our opinions. 

I would love to know what you consider credible sources. I used the Encyclopedia Britannica in our Halloween article, because I thought it would be more credible than the various websites and books that carried basically the same information. I also backed it up with documentation from National Geographics and a Time-Life book. These three sources promote a far more liberal perspective than mine. That's why I thought they would be more acceptable to our critics than most of our other books and reports which are far less familiar to our readers.  

Your comment about the universal aspect of the mandala only affirms my concern about this symbol.   

Second letter from Beth Krippel: You are more than welcome to present my opinions. I personally used Starhawk's book for research, but I don't have a copy with me. I believe Chapter 2 "The World View of Witchcraft" and Chapter 13 "Creating Religion: Toward the Future" would be most practical for presenting the distinctive viewpoints of the author and her contemporaries. This is from The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess published by Harper and Row, 1979. Those were the chapters that presented best the basic issues and that I used in research annotation. Also it would be beneficial to note that Starhawk's terminology assumes the reader has done previous research on goddess based religions and is not the "end all, be all."

From Jim ["Still laughing"]: The testimony about the Pagan symbols lecture was good for a laugh. Did you plant the "pagan" in the audience, to instill in the rest of the attendees that Satan's works are everywhere, or did you just single out somebody in the front row who looked kind of "New Age?" At any rate, your little "ritual" was well-planned, though I'll bet it was poorly acted. 

Let me let you in on something: You can't perform a ritual without faith. If you pray to God, but you don't believe in Him, then you're just talking to the sky. If you "perform a pagan ritual," but not in a way that's reverent to the spirit or spirits in question ... in fact, not previously having anything to do with that particular faith ... then you're just making marks on a sheet of transparency. 

The power of prayer, or any other ritual, comes from the faith of the person leading the ritual and any other people directly involved. You can't "accidentally" cast a ritual, any more than you can "accidentally" pray to God.

And by the way, if you're really serious about having felt this weight on your chest, you might want to see a doctor. Could be a heart problem.

Thanks Jim, for your observations, but you obviously don't know my God. He reigns over all of His creation and isn't limited by pagan rules for occult practice. Even Satan must submit to Him and order his occult "miracles" according to the boundaries set by God. (Job 1 and 2)

While the "success" of most pagan rituals do require faith in the spirits or forces of the occult, God has always been ready to use those forces for His own purposes. For example, He used the unequal battle between His power (operating through Moses) and the forces of Pharaoh's magicians to proves His superior greatness. And the prophet Elisha demonstrated God's triumph over the puny powers of the priests of the Canaanite god, Baal. 

I'm not sure why He allowed an occult force to interrupt my drawing of the complex occult (theosophical) symbol -- or why He permitted an occultist with faith in magic to attend the meeting. But I received the incident as a lesson and a warning from Him. I will certainly exercise more caution in the years ahead when teaching about the occult or showing its symbols. 

Many of us have become far too complacent about occult dangers today. That's why few heed His warnings while many mock His boundaries. We forget that He allowed Satan to attack Job even though Job was a "righteous man." In the book of Proverbs, He reminds us that our sovereign "God created all things, even the wicked for a day of trouble." 

From Hematite: I was viewing your section on symbols, and just as I expected you don't know
what you are talking about.

ANARCHY: Popular among school aged children today, this symbol for anarchy fits the message that pervades the most popular video games, role-playing games, movies and television.

Um.. NO. It is obvious to me, and I'm sure many readers that you haven't played many of the popular video games, role-playing games, and from the looks of it you don't watch movies or the television. Go ahead and name a few video games, and RPGs that promot anarchy. For the most part, video games, and RPGs relay the message of togetherness, and coming together to combat against evil. So my suggestion is to remove the staples from your eye lids, and view the world how it actually is.

The main difference in our definitions are based on our different world views. Perhaps from your mental perspective, togetherness rules out anarchy. It doesn't from mine. Webster's dictionary defines Anarchy as "the absence of law and order."  It fits today's spirit of lawlessness. This rebellion against all traditional authorities is best directed through the dialectic (consensus) process where trained facilitator-leaders manipulate groups by training the each member to value the group more than parents and other authorities. Entertainment that promotes the same kind of rebellious or attitudes in the name of togetherness serves their agenda well. 

SERPENT OR SNAKE: Most earth-centered or pagan cultures worshipped the serpent. It represents rebirth (because of its molting), protection against evil, either male of female sexuality, rain and fertility, a mediator between the physical and spiritual world.... The list is endless, but in the Bible it usually represents sin, temptation, destruction, and Satan. (See dragon) The circular image of the serpent eating its tail links the mythical significance of the serpent to that of the sacred circle. A more streamlined version was pictured on all the official literature at the 1996 United Nations Conference
on Human Settlements (Habitat II).

If you didn't notice the snake tail is going into his mouth, this symbol does not represent Satan, and destruction, and temptation, it represents infinity.

I did notice. That's why I mentioned "the circular image of the serpent eating its tail." I will, however, change it to "biting its tail." Thank you for the correction. I also did, as you showed in your quote, type the word "circle" in bold letters. That's a reminder that Circle is defined in the same list. By scrolling up to "circle" you see that I include infinity in its definition. To make it more clear, I will put an active link between the two words.  Thanks again. 

From LadyLynx: oh boy, i don't even know why i'm bothering writing you. anyway, the pentagram is used for protection. to banish energy, or to bring it to you, depending on how it's drawn.

i highly doubt that any person lacking in knowledge of the occult would lose or gain anything from using occult symbols. the symbols lack meaning if there is no meaning put into it. a candle is just a candle until it's cleansed and concecrated. just as water is just water until your priest turns it into holy water.

by the way, there was a time that the pentagram was used by christians as well, just with different meaning. the pentagram is one of the oldest symbols. it was originally a symbol of the goddess Core, for if you cut an apple across the core, there will be a pentagram in the apple. why not warn people about apples now???

merry yule,

P.S., What Starhawk meant was that the symbols are used to focus on what you are asking for. It's a focusing point.

Thank you, Lady Lynx, for taking time to write us and share your concern. I am sorry I offended you, but I thank you for the correction. Would you like me to post your letter on the symbols page of the Comments section? I would also like to add your description to the list of symbols.

Second letter from LadyLynx: well, it's nice to see you are a civil person. your site was brought to my attention in one of my clubs. the person who wrote us was really offended, but some say that at least you had some things accurate. 

id you know that the pentagram is used on the cartoon captain planet? i never noticed till it was brought to my attention. feel free to use what i wrote. i know you're just trying to look out for the children.

i wear less known symbols, but i also wear the pentagram when i need protection.

From Eri: If an all seeing eye is used by pagans to ward off evil, don't ya think that means that they are as innocent as any Christian? Don't the Christians wear a cross to do the same thing? (In certain circumstances, yes they do.) So...

No, a true Christian would not blend Biblical truth with the notion that symbolic objects or signs have power to protect a person. It's true that some who might call themselves Christian put their faith in charms and magical objects (including a crucifix), but that practice is not Biblical.

Why is it bad for a pagan to want to ward off evil, but not a Christian? That makes no sense.

And, as for the peace symbol, now heavy metal listeners are using it to mock Christ? You are a bit paranoid it would seem. Ok, you have got to be kidding me, power ranger thunderbolts are bad now too? It represents Nazi power? To a 6 year old???? HAHAHAHAA!!!  It is zealots like you who perpetuate fear and hatred among our fellow man.

Live and let live, and please, don't be such a hypocrite. Every religion has symbols, and they are just as entitled to them, as any Christian is. 

I am not trying to stop others from wearing, worshipping or trusting in their symbols. I am merely trying to help Christians understand the meaning behind their symbols. 

Are you really so arrogant as to think God would discriminate against someone due to their religion? That's as asinine as saying he would discriminate due to race, or age. Wake up, and evolve with the rest of us. Anyone who worships at all, is ultimately worshipping the same God, just by another name. 

What is the basis for your assertion? How well do you know God? Have your read His Word? We're not worshipping the same God, Eri. I don't know yours, but my God tells me to have nothing to do with your gods. If you don't believe me, please read Deuteronomy 8, 18 and 28 for a starter. 

Stop the fear, stop the hatred. Isn't that more important?

You don't stop fear and hatred by trusting myths, symbols and fantasies. Instead, you spread love -- the kind of practical self-giving love that ended slavery and established hospitals among the poor in distant lands -- by coming to Jesus Christ in humility and surrender, trusting what He did for us on the cross, then allowing Him to live His life of peace and love through you. 

Second note from Eri: What I found upsetting was the attitude of all religions , except Christianity, are bad/evil, so "beware" tone of the symbols page. Drawing correlations between a kids show(power rangers lightning bolt) and a nazi symbol, saying the peace symbol now represents evil to heavy metal listeners... The part where the guy "inadvertently" does a ritual using a power symbol , and gets attacked by Satan in front of an auditorium full of people? This is not a true representation of magic, in my experience.

Eri, part of the confusion stems from the fact that so many pagans base their understanding of reality as well as their philosophy or religion on "experience." Experience is very subjective. When different people have different experiences, they draw different conclusions. I tried to explain this dilemma in chapters 2 and 3 in a Twist of Faith. You can read those chapters online here.

As for your subjective conclusion that the experience I described didn't happen, you are simply wrong.

You don't just "draw a symbol" and call forth evil beings on accident. Seems like scare tactics being used to keep people in the fold of Christianity. 

There are many religions out there worthy of respect, and tolerance. All are Gods children, no matter their religion. All have symbols, just as valid, and noble (in most cases) as the cross symbol. That is my 2 cents, please excuse the soapbox, and Blessings to you, Eri~

 Actually, symbols are far more important to pagans than to Christians. We worship what we don't see, and we don't need symbols to transmit or channel spiritual power. The meaning of the phrase, "God's children," depends on who is speaking. If you believe in a pantheistic or pluralistic deity that infuses all things, your definition would fit your philosophy. Since I believe the Bible, I know that my God's children are those who have chosen to believe in Him -- those who live by the kind of faith that makes them one with Him, His Spirit and His purpose.   

From Windy Sky: As a Pagan with deep Native Canadian beliefs, I am totally disgusted at your views on the symbols we hold dear. What right do you have to say the Wiccan belief system is wrong? What right do you have to say that Native American beliefs are wrong and to disregard sacred symbols? NONE!!!! Oh, and Harry Potter books leads kids to witchcraft? PUH--LEASE!!!!!!

I am sorry I offended you. Yet, both you and I have the constitutional right to express our own faith and show how it differs from other religions. I wanted to do so with love, and I can see why my comments would make you uncomfortable. But I cannot compromise God's Word. 

From David: I am writing to point out an error in your symbol meanings.  The Peace sign, also what you referred to as the broken cross, was not in fact invented by Nero, and is no way related to religion at all.  It was in fact invented in the fifties by Bertrand Russell, and is a combination of two British Navy semaphore letters N and D. It, in fact, means Nuclear disarmament, also the reason it was so aptly adopted in the sixties, though I will admit it's meaning was lost.  I would just like to set things straight.

Thank you, David. I appreciate your information. But we must remember that most symbols have multiple meanings. They mean different things to different groups. Bertrand Russels' use of this symbol doesn't nullify the fact that it also helped popularize the peace movement almost half a century ago.

From Chris Thorncroft, Australia:   Firstly I would like to congratulate you on a fine and concise web site. You have covered a wide range of subjects in a quite open and understanding manner. You have also done exceptionally well in replies to mail you have received - more often than not, make the fool out of many aggressive emailers.

Now I would like to voice an opinion, in regards to the Occult Symbols listing. I agree that children are impressionable, their minds are like sponges and soak up anything and everything. But I don't believe need for such worry or need for attention to be payed towards occult symbols or beliefs. People do have a right to their own opinions and that's fine, and I'm glad to see you have concern for the youth today....but so much of the occult is so false, their meanings even escape my perception and often bring me to laughter. I'd just like to say that the topic was well covered but a bit over the top. Better safe then sorry I guess.  

I have one question to finish with. How are we (as a world) to be expected to believe in a god if he cannot provide real evidence to show that he exists? I've heard a lot of responses to this question such as, "His work is all around you, the earth, the animals and inside you etc..." and " You cannot see the air yet you know that it exists"  But that last one is just plain stupid and I can find better answers from science to show for what our world is today and why it is so. I only ask for your opinion because you seem to have a good knowledge of what you preach. I am just curious and would love to hear your opinion.  Thanks.    

You ask a great question, Chris. I will give two quick answers now and a longer one later.

1. People in the world  are not "expected to believe...."  They cannot really understand the Scriptures unless they truly seek to know Him -- and unless the Holy Spirit begins to reveal God's character to their hearts and minds. Most people in the world will refuse to believe the Bible  no matter how great the evidence for its validity.  As God tells us in 2 Cor. 4:3-4, 

"But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them."

2. God wants us to respond to the promptings of His Spirit without absolute proof. For example, when the disciple Thomas doubted that his fellow disciples had actually seen the resurrected Christ, Jesus appeared in person to show His wounds as evidence:

"Then He said to Thomas, "Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing." And Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my God!" Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."   John 20:27-29

3. God has demonstrated repeatedly demonstrated supernatural foreknowledge and power. History and archeology have documented, but cannot explain, many of these prophecies and miracles. I have posted your question in our Q&A section and will gradually build a list of the kinds of evidence that could persuade those who don't believe the Bible. 

Later: I am sorry I haven't had time to work on that list. I will try to do so after I finish two other  assignments. 

From Jared: In regards to your description of the inverted cross as a symbol of Satanists, you should be aware that the origin of this symbol lies with St. Peter. The inverted cross is a symbol of St. Peter's humility in his martyrdom - he insisted that he be crucified upside-down, because he felt that he was unworthy to die in the same position as Christ.

Thank you, Jared, for that reminder.  I will add it to the chart on symbols and include a warning about how Satan twist God's truths and works  into lies for his purposes.

From Dave:  Keep up the good work of GOD, and Jesus Christ. I know my faults and sins and know they are wrong, that is why we have such a loving God and Savior in Jesus Christ, he loves us and forgives us when we bring them to him. Pagans and other religions can't say that about their gods and idols of worship. 

From Scott Mendenhall: I will begin by telling you that I am a Pagan and I am proud of my beliefs and who I am. Breath easy, this is not hate mail.

Many of the descriptions you give for your symbols page are not accurate. 

Please be specific. I would be glad to correct any error. But remember that most images used as symbols can mean different things to different cultures. 

In addition to at least a dozen books on symbols from different parts of the world, Andy and I have gather meanings from our trips to different continents. For example, soon after we were married many years ago, we spent 9 months traveling around the world on trains, busses, jitneys and boats  through Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, across India, Burma, Thailand, etc.. I wasn't a Christian then. We slept in a Buddhist temple in Cambodia, on fourth class trains in India, on the mail boat going up the Nile through the Sudan, a refugee camp in Jordan... Along the way, we met met friendly people -- both rich and poor -- who welcomed us into their homes and shared their lives and thoughts with us.  Everywhere, we learned about cultural symbols and beliefs. Our short descriptions only skims the surface of what people have taught us.

Also much of the information you convey about Pagans is also false. Perhaps you should consider that many Pagans will visit your site doing a search and coming across it by accident as I did. While you may not be able to convert them, you will save yourself alot of negative response by getting your facts from reliable sources instead of supposed occult members and the like. 

What do you consider reliable sources, Scott? I have read dozens of books on this topic and have talked with countless witches (male and female), ecofeminists, members of the Covenant of the Goddess, one very friendly and well-educated Wiccan highpriest.... They are all proud to identify themselves as Pagans -- and to create their own personal blend of pagan or earth-centered beliefs and traditionss. Some believe in a personified Goddess, while others apply the same name to an impersonal pantheistic force that infuses all things. Some add Native American traditions, contemporary New Age views, or the chakras of Kundalini Yoga to their chosen version of European witchcraft or Wicca. I have quoted from some of these friendly discussions in A Twist of Faith.

What sources would you recommend to me? 

I have a simple question for you. I know that Jesus condemned the Pharasies because of pretensiousness, but when and where did he seek to enlighten others by insulting their beliefs and practices?  

He didn't, Scott. But in speaking the truth, He offended lots of people. That's why they wanted Him crucified. 

Nor do I intend to insult anyone. But as a Christian, I must share my warnings with other Christians -- not because I hate those who follow other gods, but because God asks us to help each other follow Him. 

Please help me by showing me a sentence or quote where I actually insult someone.  If I am wrong, I would like to correct my error.

Also, how do you justify linking Pokemon to Pagans? Paganism is older than Christianity. I'm sure you don't believe that, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that the truth is the truth and you cannot convey it using false data. 

Where is my false data, Scott? I don't disagree that paganism preceded Christianity (the Church age). Witchcraft is mentioned repeatedly in both the Old and New Testament. But Jesus Christ preceded paganism, for He has neither a beginning or an end. Long before He entered into our world as a man to become our Savior, He reigned in eternity. 

As for Pokemon, I'm not sure which passages were on your mind. Here are two that I found, and both still express my Biblical perspective. I can see why you might be angry at my use of the words occult and pagan, and I am sorry. But I can't compromise my faith and message.  

Pokemon Comics: "In the story, as in pagan cultures, one occult force fights another. The next two battle tactics -- Night Shade ("a type of spiritual attack.") and Mirror Wave -- would determine the winner and loser." 


How Pokemon Affects the Minds and Values of Children: "Children everywhere are learning the pagan formulas for invoking "angelic" or demonic spirits through multicultural education, popular books, movies, and television." (For an example, see Starhawks formula for magic which I quote and illustrate Star Wars.

You may or may not know also that Pagans (Witches, Wiccans,etc.) do not believe in SATAN. 

I do know that contemporary Witches or Wiccan do not believe in satan, who is mentioned many times in the Old Testament (preceding the Church age) as well as in the New Testament.

Nor do we worship it, or acknowledge it in any way other than that he is a Christian symbol of evil. We have no conspiracy against you as you seem to think. Nor do we hate you. Your argument is akin to the African Americans who believe that the white race is still stopping them from succeeding and therefore they live anti social lives and show racism themselves. Your comments are another form of prejudice. Where does it stop? I have myself studied your Bible. I do not see where Christ condemned others and made up falsehoods and supposed conspiracies or spread hate while under the guise of love as you seem to feel justified in doing. In closing, it is not my normal practice to contact Christians, but your site is offensive. Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Iv'e seen the shows and read the books. Pokemon? Come on guys... these are fantasy things that pass away with age and maturity. 

.. Or maybe not since you seem to find evil in them. If you seek evil, you will find it. If you seek love.. you will find it. That is a teaching of Christ. Now you tell me.. which are you dwelling on?

I don't seek evil, Scott. I try to respond to questions raised by Christian parents who want to train their children to follow God. I wouldn't be doing this writing if I didn't believe that it is more loving to help people stay on His course than to be silent and just follow the drift of the world.

Philippians 4:8 " Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report: if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK ON THESE THINGS." 

Thanks for quoting one of my favorite Bible verses.  It tells me that you have checked the Bible and tried to understand what we Christians believe. I truly appreciate that. And please know that I don't hate you or any other pagan. I pray that American will continue to be a place where different people can live together in peace and kindness, not pressured to "dialogue to consensus" but accepting the fact that we hold different beliefs and values as we share in the riches of this nation.   

From Joshua: Hello, you don't know me, but somehow or another I stumbled onto you page through a search engine. I read your page on different symbols and how they are used today. I scrolled down and froze in terror, I saw a symbol I had used in the past to represent my family's homeland Prussia, It was the Iron Cross. I then realized how it was being used today.

I had seen people at school wearing it and how they used its meaning. I had it on some of my belongings with a saying under it, mostly Christian sayings or sayings in old Prussian. Realizing even if I am a Christian and I am using the symbol to represent God, or my heritage they would not. I proceeded to destroy everything I took to school that I had drawn the Iron cross on. The only problem is I see no symbols that haven't been twisted evil that we as Christians can wear without fear.

Thank you, Joshua, for sharing your desire to follow God -- even when it costs. 

I love wearing a cross. So do a lot of non-Christians, but I wear mine anyway. This is one symbol I don't want to give up to those who infuse it with other meanings.

I also like sheep. They remind me that the Lord is my Shepherd -- and I am His sheep. So I often wear sheep or lamb pins on my jackets. 

Finally, I have some pins and pendants with vines and clusters of grape. They remind me He is the Vine and I am a branch -- and that I must abide in Him always.

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing." John 15:5

I suppose the real answers is just to pray and listen. When something warms your heart with reminders of your Lord -- and if there is no practical and compelling reason to avoid it -- be free to enjoy in it. But it is sad how so many of God's wonderful symbols have been corrupted by those who hate Him.

From Gabriel St. Germaine: I'm writing this after reading some (I profess, not all) of your gathered materials available upon your website. My main purpose of this is to further enhance some of the meanings behind your symbols, but please forgive me if I stray off the beaten track every now and then, as I tend to type as the thoughts present themselves.

1)The "Peace" Symbol: an inverted cross, arms angled down, enclosed in a circle. One of the first things I noticed upon observing this symbol for the first time was it's striking resemblance to a runic symbol of the Futhark, that symbol being Algiz, or the Rune of Protection. Albeit, it was an inverted version of the rune, it was that which I first saw in the "peace-sign".

2)The "Snake" Symbol: a snake, circular in form, coming around to bite or swallow it's own tail, is also the gnostic symbol for existence, the ouroboros, a great cosmic serpent which lies coiled around the universe in all-embracing circle, eternally devouring its own tail. The ouroboros represents the passage of time and the cycles of nature, forever and ever, without beginning or end. In ancient times depictions of the ouroboros were accompanied by an inscription in the center which translated as "the All is One".

Just thought I would bring these two thoughts and observations to your attention, to better round out some of the meanings you have given to the symbols you have posted.

Thank you, Gabriel. I really appreciate your insights. All the literature I brought home from the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul (Habitat 2) bore the symbol of the ouroboros -- the great cosmic serpent. It seemed very appropriate -- and very occult. I will add this information to our chart. 

From ASP: I noticed that in your article, Halloween 2000, you mentioned some of traditional and popular symbols of Halloween. Under this section, you had a picture of "Luna" the black cat from Sailor Moon... You mentioned (or at least I was under the impression) that Japan has linked the Western icon and beliefs of the black within this series. Also mentioned was the fact that the cat has a crescent moon on her forehead, the "symbol of goddess and spirituality."

I would like very much to point out that there is another talking cat in the series. This cat, Artemis, is a white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead. This cat was created before Luna was, and he was featured in the series "Codename Wa Sailor V" (Codename: Sailor V).

From Idriel n'ha: I read your interesting page abour Symbols, but I fear there are some mistakes in it...

Alchemy, for instance. There are no "spell-castings" nor "magick" in classical European, Chinese or Arabian Alchemy. The ancient european authors are openly Christian :-) (cf "Les 12 clefs de la Philosophie", Brother Basile Valentin, of the Order of Saint Benoit (Benedictans) 

Another example : the swastika. The symbol You placed here is the hitlerian sowastika, rotating counterclockwise, not the ancient swastika, rotating clockwise....

May I help you, as an Historian of the Religions, to complete your page. ? I must tell I'm not Christian, however...

P.S.: I apologize for my poor English :-(

Thank you for sharing your views and clarifying the difference between the two historical swastikas.  As for alchemy, my research has led me to a different conclusion. I hope to find time later to explain some of the beliefs, symbols and occult practices of alchemy through the ages.

From Jeff:   On your page you have the anarchy symbol as follows:  

"ANARCHY: Popular among school aged children today, this symbol for anarchy fits the message that pervades the most popular video games, role-playing games, movies and television. The lines of the "A" often extend outside the circle."

Originally this symbol was used during the Spanish Civil war during 1936.  The republic government was under attack by a fascist military coup.  The largest labor union in Spain at the time was the CNT, which considered themselves to be an anarchist union.  The term is a little loosed today by most, but at the time it was another word for freedom.  'A' in Greek meant 'no or without', 'archy', as in monarchy, means 'ruler'.  Simply it meant 'without rulers or master'.  The CNT was the only force that was able to stand up to Franco at the time, until the Soviet Union got involved and help the Republic government get back on it's feet, which they too started attacking the CNT.  It was a crazy time in history.
Anyway, the CNT was the first to use the symbol for their militias.  It gets used today by young kid who don't know what it means, but probably got introduced by the 'Punks'.  Many of which do know what it means from my experience.  George Orwell wrote a book called 'Homage to Catalonia' where he details his involvement with the Spanish Civil War and the anarchist.
  Just thought you guys would want to know.  

Thank you, Jeff. We really appreciate your information.

Willem Natass: You people have made an impact with symbolism. If it wasnt for people like you, the Magic company would still be making (as I read off my pamphlet) Demonic Consultation, Demonic Attourny, Demonic Hordes, Mold Demon, Hell Swarm, Hells Gatekeeper, Hells Minions, and Lord of the Pit. 

The reason I know so much about Magic is that I used to play Magic untill I found your site on a Magic message board flameing it. I realized what was wrong with Magic then and got rid of all my cards. Some more cards that they got rid of the art on but not the cards was the inverted pentagram on Unholy Strength (They got rid of that card all together but that was later), and the art on Ice Age Dark Ritual. 

I suspect that the only reason they haven't gotten rid of Dark Ritual is the fact that if you are playing Magic it is a very good card (pay 1 black mana to add 3 black mana to your mana pool), and they dont need to get rid of Infernal  Spawn of Evil because it is from Unglued so it is just a joke card and won't be reprinted anyway and the art of the card(one of my friends has it) is a mouse in a scarf roasting marsh mellows. Also on a card from Urzas Saga(I forgot the name, I think it is Dark Ritual) has a pentagram chalked on the ground on it and in the center of the pentagram there is a doll with blood splattered on it. The doll also is on some other cards. 

Please put more info on your website about Magic so you can warn othe people about it. May the Lord be with you.

Thank you, Willem, for your encouraging note. I am so glad our symbols page made a difference. We appreciate you. May God continue to show you the way.

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