The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 10

GOD's Forgiving Love

Genesis 41:53 - 50:26


 Genesis 50:20




"And after you have suffered for a while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you." I Peter  5:10

Thank You, Precious Lord, for Your wisdom and love demonstrated through the life of Joseph.  Remind me to always abide in You, so that nothing will hinder Your beautiful life from shining through my words and actions moment by moment. Thank you for making us "more than conquerors" in Christ. 

I.    Read Genesis 41:53-42:28.     

A.     1.    What is happening "in all the lands" at this time?  


2. Remembering the events of the first part of chapter 41, how do we see and know that God is in control?

B.     1. Where do you see a partial fulfillment of Joseph's dream?



2. How did Joseph receive his brothers?


3. What did he ask them to do?


4. What was taking place in the hearts of his brothers as a result of the harsh treatment? (See vs. 21-22 and 28)


5. Why do you think Joseph treated them as he did?


6. Read Heb. 12:5-11.  What does this show you about God's love for you and for Joseph's brothers?


7. Read Psalm 51:1-4 and 17.  What is true repentance?


2.    Read Genesis 42:29-38


A.     (Challenge) How strong was Jacob's confidence in God's wise and perfect plan at this time? (Consider his response to his sons' request, and consider also how you manifest faith and confidence in God by your response to various circumstances,)



B.     Think back over Joseph's life as well as over the struggles of your own life; then explain why it is possible to face difficulties with hope and confidence.



3.    Read Genesis 43:1-45:5


A. List the verses where you see expressions of Joseph's love for his brothers.  Describe the love. (Remember I Cor. 13.)



B. Where do you see expressions of repentance produced by God?



4.    Read Genesis 45:5-46:7 and ask God to show you the living reality of His forgiving and redeeming love through Joseph, as well as the wonder of His perfect plan for each of us.


A.     How do you see God and His ways in the beautiful verses which follow?


1. vs. 5-7  


2. vs. 8-9


As we learn to see relationships and circumstances from God's perspective and in His wisdom, we "shall not be moved." (Psalm 16:8) Offenses can't touch us personally, because we know God is in control. (Rom. 8:28-29)


B.     (Personal) Examine yourself by His light and see how you respond to hurtful situations. Do you see yourself as an unfortunate victim, or do you trust in God's over­all loving plan for you and know that in Him there is ultimate triumph?




C.     Which of God's promises gives you strength and confidence in Him through difficult circumstances? (Suggested verses in case you have not yet made such promises your own: 11 Cor. 12:9, Psalms 16, 18, 91, 121, Isaiah 43:1-4a)




D.     How did God provide Jacob with all the encouragement and assurance he needed?



5.    Read Genesis 50:12-26


A.     Why did the brothers experience fear after the death of their father, and what did their fear motivate them to do?



B.  What is Joseph really saying in v. 19? (See also Rom. 12:18-19)



C.     Paraphrase Joseph's beautiful response in v. 20.



D.     (Personal) Ask God to show you if there is any bitterness in your heart -any person whom you could forgive with these same words, so that you might be truly free in Him.



E.     What do you learn from Joseph's example in v. 21?


SUGGESTED HYMN:   Moment by Moment

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