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Psychological manipulation and human resource management

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January 2005

Neuro-pharmacology as a Long-Range Strategic War Policy: "...Khrushchev ordered a joint civilian-military study involving Soviets and Czechoslovakian officials to carefully analyze the effects of narcotic trafficking on Western society. He was particularly interested in the effects on labor productivity, education, the military, and the Soviet bloc's intelligence operations. ... By 1960, the Soviets had infiltrated over fifty organized crime syndicates, which were to be their distribution channels to the West. ... 

     "At a secret meeting held in Moscow in 1962, attended by Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev, it was explained that American schools were to be high priority targets.... Also targeted was the American notion of the work ethic, as well as pride and loyalty to the United States. By drowning the country in illegal drugs, the Soviets would reduce the influence of religion, the foundation of Western stability and morality. The result would be social chaos. ...

     "During the sixties and seventies, over 300 Russian criminal gangs operated internationally, 26 of them in the United States. It was during this period that the KGB trained the Colombian drug cartel in drug production, money laundering, drug smuggling, and distribution....

    "The first wave of 'crack babies' are now attending school, most unable to cope socially and intellectually. The cost of caring for one of these children in New York is over $17,000 a year....

     "Lenin knew that communism (collectivism) demanded the control of the human mind, in essence, the creation of the new 'Soviet man.' In this paper, Pavlov dealt with the common human reaction to shocking information, in which people respond, 'I don't believe it.' He called this reaction 'conditioned inhibition.'
      "Edward Hunter, in his book Brainwashing: From Pavlov to Powers, states the longer this process of 'conditioned inhibition' goes undetected, the more difficult it will be to recognize and counteract. A neuropsychiatrist has referred to this as a national neurosis, primarily characterized as a loss of indignation over shocking national events. Those few alert to the problem speak of national apathy....
      "Illegal immigrants pour across our borders, many of whom are drug dealers and crime bosses. Not surprisingly, after spending billions on a war on drugs, officials are admitting defeat. We have, for the first time in our nation's history, been defeated by a foreign enemy on our own soil."
Deut 8:10-20


Federal Mental Health in Schools Program: "Developed in 1995, the Federal Mental Health in Schools Program focuses on enhancing the role schools play in mental health for children and adolescents. Specifically, the emphasis is on increasing the capacity of policy makers, administrators, school personnel, primary care health providers, mental health specialists, agency staff, consumers, and other stakeholders so that they can enhance how schools and their communities address psychosocial and mental health concerns. Particular attention is given to prevention...." See Legalizing Mind Control 


Justifying Mind Control"President Bush's 'Freedom Commission on Mental Health' would involve continual assessments and monitoring of human resources. Children classified as loners, independent thinkers, poor or uncooperative team members (unwilling to conform to the group) would be 'at risk' of mandatory remediation. Ultimately, all people and institutions would be held accountable to the intrusive national and international standards for positive mental health." This would apply wherever UNESCO's education system is being established -- in countries around the world as well as in the USA. See The International Agenda and Steps toward Global Mind Control


South Africa: School violence (Scroll down left column to titled): "There is no discipline in our schools.... Clinical psychologist Pandy Neser said there was a clear link between the violent and aggressive behaviour of children and the amount of time they spent watching reality television shows and playing video games. '...many kids spent hours immersing themselves in TV shows during the break and it does affect them." Toying with Death


Semantic infiltration and how to combat it: "Semantic infiltration (SI) is a phenomenon of language that occurs when certain people deliberately replace one word or phrase deemed offensive with another term that better frames and strengthens their point of view. With the help of the Courts, Media, Academia and even the Church they successfully circulate, popularize and legitimize SI jargon to establish their frequently anti-Christian agenda.... Some examples of SI are quite obvious, such as replacing 'Christmas lights' with 'holiday lights', or 'Merry Christmas' with 'Happy Holidays'. Other examples are harder to spot, such as the substitution of 'unborn baby' with 'fetus', or 'sexual behaviour' with 'sexual orientation.'" Deception


The weeding out of society's misfits:  "This example of regular Americans willing and able to work but not meeting a mysterious set of guidelines is becoming the norm at an alarming rate in our society today. Just what are they looking for if it's not honesty and integrity? ...

     "According to Adorno, authoritarian personalities are expressed by: Excessive conformity, Submissiveness to authority, Intolerance, Insecurity, Superstition, and Rigid, stereotyped thought patterns. Many of these traits can be linked to all Christians who believe in God as well as to Conservatives and true patriotic, freedom-loving Americans. Using this test and those modified from it, it was determined that those who attended church more regularly and those who were conservative in political view were significantly more authoritarian....

     "Are you fit for this new society?" See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Christians are being brainwashed into secular thinking: "Christians are losing in many arenas because we have allowed the secularists to define the terms. As we allowed our institutions, including academia, to be taken over by those who abhor Christianity, we have even lost control of the English language. Whoever 'defines the term' is using either a Christian or a secular worldview in creating that definition." See Creating Community through a New Way of Thinking


Mental Health, Education and Social Control - Part 5: "... there are about 27 sites around the country piloting various aspects of the President's New Freedom Initiative, which provides for mental health screening for everyone.... Perhaps the most powerful force behind this initiative is the pharmaceutical industry, including Eli Lilly & Co.... Is it merely a coincidence that President George H. W. Bush has been on the board of directors of Lilly, that Lilly made over $1 million in contributions to George W. Bush and the Republican Party in the campaign of 2000, and that Lilly's CEO Sidney Taurel was appointed by the current President Bush to the Homeland Security Council?...

    "' August 2003, the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation announced the results of their $1.2 million taxpayer-funded study. It stated, essentially, that traditionalists are mentally disturbed. Scholars from the University of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford had determined that social conservatives, in particular, suffer from 'mental rigidity,' 'dogmatism,' and 'uncertainty avoidance,' together with associated indicators of mental illness.'" See Steps toward Global Mind Control

PC Busybodies Fear Christians, not Terrorists [Registration required]: "George Orwell, when he was asked where he got his inspiration for '1984,' replied that his model was the left-wing British Labor Party Intellectuals he worked with at the BBC during World War II. The society depicted in the book, Orwell said, would be the kind of society these individuals would create if they ever got power. Their mentality lives on it today's busybodies who claim to be threatened by a little spirituality... and who have, to give another example, conditioned us not to utter 'Merry Christmas.' The generic 'Happy Holiday' is still OK, I think."

      "They are the same people who are now predicting a new Orwellian/Christian America while simultaneously dismissing the murder of a Dutch film maker by Islamic radicals as the failure of the ever tolerant Dutch to accommodate themselves to the new multiculturalism. We should fear Christianity, but be tolerant of Islam, certainly he least tolerant religion there is." [WSJ, 11-30-04] See Paradigm Shift

Leadership and Ethics Training at the U.S. Naval Academy (1999): "Suppose you became aware that our public school system over the past 30 years had become subject to methods and techniques which weakened the moral fiber of children and adolescents. Further, suppose you found out that this program had a name -- 'values clarification.' ...

     "Behavioral scientists, over the past 120 years, have perfected techniques involving psychological manipulation using small-group encounter methods that can modify a person's psyche to the point that he or she 'can hate a life once cherished and espouse ideals that once would not have been tolerated.'

  "The story of this 'sensitivity training' is fascinating, as well as cause for great concern. Its present form evolved from World War II research in Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States as a means of carrying out psychological warfare on an unsuspecting enemy. ... In fact, it has roots in philosophy that leads directly to Karl Marx -- the father of the Communist Manifesto." [Gerald L. Atkinson, 20 June 1999] See Steps toward Global Mind Control


PC Busybodies Fear Christians, not Terrorists [registration required]: "George Orwell, when he was asked where he got his inspiration for 1984 replied that his model was the left-wing British Labor Party Intellectuals he worked with at the BBC during World War II. The society depicted in the book, Orwell said, would be the kind of society these individuals would create if they ever got power. Their mentality lives on it today's busybodies who... conditioned us not to utter 'Merry Christmas.' The generic 'Happy Holiday' is still OK, I think.

      "They are the same people who are now predicting a new Orwellian/Christian America while simultaneously dismissing the murder of a Dutch film maker by Islamic radicals as the failure of the ever tolerant Dutch to accommodate themselves to the new multiculturalism. We should fear Christianity, but be tolerant of Islam, certainly the least tolerant religion there is." [WSJ, 11-30-04] See Establishing a Global Spirituality & Creating Community through a New Way of Thinking


Attempt to stop mandatory mental screening fails: "An attempt by Rep. Ron Paul... to add language to the omnibus spending bill in Congress to require parental consent for any mental-health screening done to children with federal money has failed. The language was proposed to blunt the effect of a program proposed by the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, which President Bush established in 2002. The New Freedom Initiative recommends screening not only for children but but eventually for every American." See Justifying Mind Control 


McConnell's anti-bigotry lessons for 3-year-olds: "... lessons will begin in five pilot areas next week, during which pupils will be taught to turn their backs on religious hatred and respect the differences between faiths. ... Education Minister Peter Peacock - who will unveil the plans in full next week - told Scotland on Sunday: 'Sectarianism, as with any form of discrimination, is unacceptable and challenging it in children’s formative years is essential if we are to tackle this scourge of Scottish society.' ...

     "It also suggests ways for teachers to deal with any ingrained attitudes amongst pupils, through role plays and discussion groups. These are designed to focus on the wider issue of the root causes of inequality and discrimination. Youth groups as well as schools are expected to use the material to hold discussions. ... 'It gives lesson plans and assembly plans for every school setting right from nursery schools and primary schools. The idea is for role plays and discussions to be developed.' ....

     "The fact that children as young as three are being targeted is controversial, but backers of the plan said it was important to begin early in order to prevent sectarian attitudes gaining hold." See A New Way of Thinking and Legalizing Mind Control


Bush's Brave New World: "President Bush's little-publicized New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has proposed comprehensive mental-illness screening for all Americans. If this proposal is carried out, as Mr. Bush's intends, no adult or child will be safe from intrusive probing by 'experts,' backed by drug companies, who believe mental illness is woefully underdiagnosed and many millions of people should be taking powerful and expensive psychiatric drugs. Schools and doctors' offices will become quasi-psychiatric monitoring stations."

     This is not a partisan issue. Bush merely continues what Bill Clinton endorsed -- the U.S. arm of the UN "mental health" agenda.


Mental Health Screening for Kids- Part II (Ron Paul): "Last week I wrote about a presidential initiative called the “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health,” which issued a report calling for the mandatory mental health screening of American schoolchildren. This new proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not. At issue is the fundamental right of parents to decide what medical treatment is appropriate for their children." See Legalizing Mind Control

Mental health, education and social control - Part 3: "This idea of doing things to children without parental consent is not new. The 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth resolved that 'Society has the ultimate responsibility for the well-being and optimum development of all children.... The time has come to re-examine such fundamental issues as the extent to which a child is entitled to seek medical and psychiatric assistance... without parental consent or over parental opposition.'...

      " Why would the public schools not want parents to know what was happening with their children at school? In general, the attitude was summed up by Nebraska State Senator (and future Congressman) Peter Hoagland who, on April 12, 1982 in Omaha on Channel 6 television, declared: 'What we are most interested in, of course, are the children themselves. I don't think any of us in the legislature have any quarrel with the right of the Reverend (Everett Sileven) or the members of his flock to practice their religion, but we don't think that they should be entitled to impose decisions or religious philosophies on their children, which could seriously undermine those children's ability to deal in this complicated world when they grow up.'"

      This helps explain why there is such hostility toward the homeschooling movement. Children educated at home usually don't trade their love for God, family and country for the new ideology of global citizenship.


Forcing Kids Into a Mental Health Ghetto: "A presidential initiative called The 'New Freedom Commission on Mental Health' has issued a report recommending forced mental health screening for every child in America, including preschool children. The goal is to promote the patently false idea that we have a nation of children with undiagnosed mental disorders crying out for treatment."


Mental health, education and social control: "At the end of the Second World War, the Rockefeller Foundation's medical director, Alan Gregg, began to fund the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) to undertake the kind of social psychiatry that had been developed by the army during wartime and see if it could be relevant for civilian society. Dr. John Rawlings Rees developed the 'Tavistock Method,' which induces and controls stress via what Rees called 'psychologically controlled environments' in order to make people give up family-held beliefs under 'peer pressure.'"

      "Dr. John Rawlings Rees indicated they had made 'a useful attack upon the Church.' One way... was via introducing 'collectivism.' And in that regard, Edgar C. Bundy's Collectivism in the Church is instructive, as he explained:

      "'Because 'mental health' has become available as a lever to be used for promoting political and ideological designs, a word on the subject is in order....People who are normal in every sense of the word but who hold unpopular political ideas, such as opposition to world government and to the United Nations, Federal aid to education, and socialism, are now being branded by their opponents as 'lunatics,' 'nuts' and 'idiots.' Some of the mental health legislation which has been recently introduced on the state and Federal levels gives such wide latitude of interpretations to psychiatrists and politicians...that it is conceivable that anyone who takes a stand for the sovereignty of the United States, in favor of Congressional investigations...and in favor of states' rights could be committed to an asylum in order to silence opposition."

      We have an article based in part on the above book: Conforming the Church to the New Millennium. See also Steps toward Global Mind Control


SB 1234 brings ‘THOUGHT CRIMES’ to California: "...hate crimes legislation criminalizes thoughts and results in unequal protection of the law by elevating certain groups of people above others. AB 1234 pays specific attention to homosexuals and muslims, the two groups most likely to accuse Christians of hating them. Such laws open the floodgates to litigation against anyone who 'offends' or 'incites violence' against them. Talk show hosts, politicians, religious leaders and common citizens will be vulnerable to prosecution. This could never happen in America?" See  Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Hollyork Nation: "People will watch a screen. They will watch anything in preference to nothing, watch programs they don’t really like, comedies so unfunny that only the laugh track tells them when to respond. The bright know that the fare is witless, that it is directed at fools. The ads irritate them. Yet they too watch....

     "No dictator has every enjoyed such a tool for social control, for near absolute power over what people see, over the news, over a culture. Like the bite of a leech, television is painless. Two decades later, the country is unrecognizable. ... If you want to change the behavior of an audience or a country, if you want to replace their deeply held values with your own, you don’t tell them what to do or what to believe. They might resist. We do not like getting orders. No, you show the things being done – over and over and over. ...

     "What does Hollyork promote? Toleration of foul language and a concomitant coarsening of society; hostility between men and women; truculent illiteracy.... destructive feminism.... It is not accidental. ...In the living rooms of the whole world, Hollywood has a little window open to the minds of the people. Nobody can escape." Yes, they can. (While we don't agree with all the points of the author, we appreciate this warning.) See Toying with Death & Who can Resist the Pull of the Crowd?


Mental health and world citizenship (Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy): "By the late 1940s, Dewey's progressive education was becoming dominant in American public schools. And in 1948 an International Congress on Mental Health was held in London with publication of a document 'Mental Health and World Citizenship,' declaring that 'world citizenship can be widely extended among all peoples through the application of the principles of mental health.'

      "The Congress promoted the U.N. as the vehicle for promoting this objective, and UNESCO's director-general Sir Julian Huxley the same year wrote in UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy that 'political unification in some sort of world government will be required.'...

      "When Hillary Clinton became First Lady of the U.S. in 1993, she was in charge of a health care task force, about half the members of whom were connected with the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Foundation. On the NBC 'Today Show' (January 23, 1990), Dr. Michael Lewis of the New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson Medical School had claimed: 'Lying is an important part of social life, and children who are unable to do it are children who may have developmental problems .'...

     "Under the American socialism planned for our future, government will increasingly control our lives via mental health screening and education, among other means. Only if the American people resist these efforts as soon as possible will we be successful in thwarting the plans of the power elite."

Protocol for Responding to Students with Social, Emotional, or Mental Health Problems 1: "Psycho-Educational Groups Students may also participate in a variety of psycho-educational groups. These groups are typically led by school counselors, social workers, or psychologists but are not structured as therapeutic services." See Legalizing Mind Control


Incorporating Student Social and Emotional Development in the District’s Educational Program: " staff shall promote the social, emotional, and academic learning of all students through evidence-based instruction and educational opportunities that are developmentally and culturally appropriate and that build sequentially from pre-K through high school. Such practices shall include but not be limited to:

• Classroom instruction and coordinated opportunities that foster every students’ ability to apply core social and emotional skills that promote optimal mental health.... [group thinking, consensus process, unbiblical tolerance...?]

• Opportunities for students’ families to increase their understanding of children’s social and emotional development and mental health, and be meaningfully involved... [parents must learn the new ways also -- see A New Way of Thinking]

• Monitoring and assessing student progress on social and emotional development...." Re-inventing the World


Mental health plan forums end, parents concerned about findings: "...the members of the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership ended early in Chicago today following testimony from an overwhelming number of program supporters who agree that mental health screening is needed for Illinois children ages zero through 18....

      "'This program will not be voluntary,' Paul Schneider of Champaign told the task force. 'No one will be exempt. If a family doesn't want to accept the school's evaluation of their child's mental health, what recourse will they have?'...

      "'I am one of the appointed task force members, but I'm not familiar with all this contains,' Bellock said. 'There should be a lot of discussion and that's good to get us to the place where we can find consensus,' she said. Tragedies like the Columbine shooting are connected to young people who are depressed and with low self-esteem....

       "[Karen] Hayes, frustrated that the state legislation became law with little or no fanfare or notice, even from conservative, pro-family lawmakers, suggested at the end of today's testimony, 'In summary, it is neither beneficial to children, nor to taxpayers, to ask government bureaucracies to set competency standards for mental health.'" Justifying Mind Control and Using Teen Violence to Justify Government Control


Bush to screen population for mental illness: "The initiative began with Bush's launch in April 2002 of the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, which conducted a 'comprehensive study of the United States mental health service delivery system.' The panel found that 'despite their prevalence, mental disorders often go undiagnosed' and recommended comprehensive mental health screening for 'consumers of all ages,' including preschool children.... Schools, the panel concluded, are in a 'key position" to screen the 52 million students and 6 million adults who work at the schools. The commission recommended that the screening be linked with 'treatment and supports....'" See Legalizing Mind Control

They're playing games with us: "Game theory is part of the effort of mathematicians and social 'scientists' to make human behavior predictable in conflict situations. It has military applications, but its use has become much broader including business, politics, international relations, sex, law, education, etc. Game theory fits well with what has been called management by objectives....

     "The first requirement for social 'science' game playing is a collective goal or objective. The more naive game players are given emotion arousing goals, which are not necessarily main goals, but which helps lead to the thing desired. This is called telesis. Emphasis on success can keep the minor players dedicated to the task they are assigned....

     "Game theory applies not only to business, but to every aspect of life because social "scientists" claim all human action as their domain....

     "One of the major needs of the game playing leadership is to eradicate Christianity. Why? Because it creates problems for game players.... Who will accept bluffing and lying when this [truth] is what he has been taught." (Proverbs 23:23; 29:5)


Crimes of Opinion: "...something called 'universal behavioral screening' and 'outpatient commitment' are creeping into the American legal system and lexicon. Let's look at both: Universal in the context above means mandatory. 'Behavioral screening' means someone you don't know checks whatever perceived behaviors or reactions you may demonstrate against a list of controversial (and decidedly negative) categories like 'inflexible,' 'dogmatic,' 'intolerant,' 'individualist,' and 'loner.'... This means that 'recess' is no longer about playtime....

     "So a teacher might check off a red-flag term like 'loner' to describe a child who is merely more 'reserved.' The ensuing psychological snooping may reveal that the parents are rather 'private people,' not given to showy, public displays of emotion. But psychologists interpret such modesty as 'coldness,' even 'inhibition,' so the counselor (usually, a school psychologist) teaches the child so-called adaptive behaviors that result in bizarre ideas about openness and tolerance....

    "The so-called psychiatric prison is one of the easiest ways to get rid of opponents, by declaring such individuals a danger to society. Psychiatric prisons in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and, more recently, South Africa are now legendary. And if we think it can't happen here, better think again. Mr. Hinkle was ordered to counseling merely for putting up a coming-events flier - sponsored by Republicans (i.e., conservatives) in a predominantly liberal-left environment. But he is not the first to be caught up in this kind of situation." Justifying Mind Control


Army private 'ordered to pose': "The U.S. Army private facing a court-martial for being photographed with naked Iraqi prisoners says she was following orders to create psychological pressure on them. Pfc. Lynndie England told KCNC-TV in Denver on Tuesday that her superiors gave her specific instructions on how to pose for the photos. Asked who gave the orders, she would say only, 'Persons in my chain of command.'... 'I was instructed by persons in higher rank to 'stand there, hold this leash, look at the camera,' and they took pictures for PsyOps (psychological operations),' she told the station....She said her superiors praised the photos and 'just told us, 'Hey, you're doing great, keep it up."'

       Anglo-American military experimentation with mind control dates back to the 1940's or earlier. See Justifying Mind Control and the next link:

Mind Control. US Army Psychological Operations: The mission of Psychological Operations (Psyop) is to cause dissension among the enemy's ranks, while at the same time convincing the local population to support friendly forces. In addition psyop units provide continuous analysis of attitudes and the behavior of enemy forces to field commanders, so that they can develop, produce and employ propaganda in a successful manner." See Steps toward Global Mind Control


What is SustainUS?  "SustainUS is a US national network of young people organizing around the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in their schools and communities. We are committed to increasing youth participation in sustainable development issues, demanding government accountability to its citizens and adherence to international agreements, and working with all stakeholders to establish sustainable development practices." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community


Going to hell' gets 7-year-old suspended: "It's questionable whether hell is even a profanity and it certainly isn't in the way that she used it (from a Christian perspective).... It's absurd to say that this little girl did something wrong and it's even more preposterous to suspend her from school for doing it." Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

January 2004

Oh Harvard! What have you done? "Harvard, you were a wilderness seminary in 1638 when the Reverend John Harvard willed half his estate and his library to you. You took his name. Your 1650 college charter declared your object to be the education of the English and Indian youth of this country in 'knowledge and godlynes.'

     "You were more than 140 years old when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and eight from Harvard were among the signers....

     "In the 1870s your law school dean, Christopher Langell, applied positivism and evolution to the law. He claimed that since man was evolving, judges should assume that the law and the Constitution must also evolve....

     "The Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Danforth and other foundations cooperated in your experiments and your rush to enshrine social science as the savior of mankind. The federal government was generous with grants....

    "To make the changes you visualized, the emotions of those affected would need to be changed. You had a terms for this process which you called, 'emotional reeducation' or 'human relations training.'... FORTUNE magazine of February 1949 tells us that by 1949 more than one thousand top executives had taken thirteen weeks out of their business lives to study Harvard management practices. They emerged from the courses... with attitudes so different they seemed to be 'changed' men....

     "The young also needed to be educated to your beliefs and goals.... [James Bryant Conant, your president from 1933 to 1953] had a plan.... [W]ith grants from the Carnegie Corporation and the Danforth Foundation, plus a push from the National Governors' Conference the project was on its way. ... After the formation of the Education Commission of the States it was easy to control education policy and shut out local parents, teachers and school boards....

     "B. F. Skinner was another Harvard professor.... To his mind men did not need a conscience because they could be controlled by their environment....

     "In your drive for power you have had little to fear from the mass media. That was taken care of years ago by the Nieman scholarships for journalists...." See Brainwashing in America


Confronting the campus radicals: "...there are literally tens of thousands of 'hard-line Marxists' in academic sinecures. They have made universities 'a subsidiary of the political left and the Democratic Party.'... These radical leftists have redefined the mission of universities. Instead of the pursuit of knowledge and truth, universities today see themselves as agencies for social change....

     "The amount of money universities have to carry out their left-wing mission is mind-boggling.... For years, the universities have sanctimoniously proclaimed the value of diversity, but they define diversity to mean only giving space to radical left-wingers and feminists." See the last part of The International Agenda


Why they whine: How corporations prey on our children: "Idell’s job is to make your life miserable. She even rates brands according to their 'nag factor'–that is, their capacity to make your children badger you.... Thousands of the brightest minds in the country devote their great talent, and use sophisticated psychological techniques, to influence your children to purchase products–or rather, to want products–regardless of whether or not they are good for your kids....

      "Name something that you do not want your kids to have, and the chances are people like Cheryl Idell and George Broussard are trying to entice your kids into wanting it. They’re selling Doom, Quake, Basketball Diaries, Marilyn Manson, Mortal Kombat, The Matrix, Jerry Springer, Small Soldiers, gangsta rap, World Wrestling Federation toys, South Park, and so forth. The big question is: How can we teach our children and ourselves to resist this commercial onslaught?...

      "Children aren’t hard to take advantage of. They tend to trust adults even when they shouldn’t–sometimes especially when they shouldn’t. Marketers know this....Companies are saying, ‘Hey, I want to own the kid younger and younger.’ Wayne Chilicki, a General Mills executive, agrees: 'When it comes to targeting kid consumers, we at General Mills follow the Proctor & Gamble model of ‘cradle to grave,’ he says. 'We believe in getting them early and having them for life.'" 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Christmas in good books at some public schools : "... the second-largest public system in Greater Toronto and one of the most diverse — has told its principals that Yuletide festivities are in order once again.... That doesn't mean schools should only recognize Christmas but that the Christian holiday should take the same prominence as other celebrations, such as Hanukkah, Ramadan and Kwanza....

     "People shied away from using terms that are known to children," he said in a recent interview. "What I was hoping to do was breathe a breath of fresh air and celebrate all of our faiths and say it's okay to talk about faith. In fact, it's important to talk about faith."

     That's true -- especially for those who use the dialectic (consensus) process to show that all religions lead to the same destination. The more you dialogue on these topics, the more "normal" and nice pluralism and paganism will seem to the participants. In this new context, Christian traditions may be acceptable, but Biblical truth will seem out-of-place. This mind-changing process illustrates the UN pathway to global solidarity. See Establishing a Global Spirituality and Bush, Shultz and Gorbachev


The difference between 'socialism,' 'sharing': "When a teacher gathers up all the children's privately purchased school supplies, pools them and announces they are now available for communal use -- as parents tell me is now routine -- coercion is in play.... [Y]ou can bet any child who 'respectfully declined to participate' in this 'sharing' would be disciplined, ridiculed or 'written up' for failure to cooperate, follow instructions and play well with others." Rom 12:2-9


Remembering heroes: "This week it was announced that of the 4.7 million American veterans of World War I, only 44 are still alive. For many of us, there is deep poignancy in that statistical realization that we are losing direct human contact with that great event and those fine men. The cycle is reaching its completion; history is replacing memory."

      While we don't agree with all the points in this article, we appreciate this reminder. History can all too easily be revised to fit political agendas. See The International Agenda


Psychological vandalism: "Learning the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule allows individuals to assess their own behavior. It gives them independence from the ever-changing, frequently destructive 'values' of invasive psychology....

     "Joseph S. Roucek explained this in his 1947 book, Social Control: 'If the behavior to be controlled lies in the field of institutional morality, the objective must be to remove it to the field of unthinking habit, or to the doubtful field. As long as the person to be controlled knows that what he is doing is right, there is little chance that he will change.'...

     "Human relations training involves emotional stimulation intended to by-pass the will and intellect of the persons trained. The intent is to suspend the critical screening so suggestions can be made directly to the emotions....

     "Most people assume human relations training is meant to help people get along with each other. Wrong. Human relations training is used to teach people to get along with the system." See 1 Peter 4:3-4


The Origins of Good and Evil: "Idealism and relativism are often pitched against one another as though they were the only possible options, but there are other moral philosophies. In my view, one of the most appealing is neither absolute nor relativistic, but somewhere in between. It is called natural ethics. Natural ethics is described in the work of Jeremy Bentham... and in the work of some behavior scientists, notably B. F. Skinner. ...

      "The morality of abortion may be settled only when it is clear whether society is better off with abortion than it is without it. The same may be said of capital punishment, homosexuality, and other moral controversies. Social scientists may aid society in resolving such moral issues, not by imposing their own ideas about morality, but by documenting the effects of behavior on society." So who decide what is right or wrong? Social scientists! See Legalizing Mind Control and Isaiah 5:20


Sex, Lies & Video Games: "Some of the biggest blockbusters this summer aren't movies - they're video games, and they're not just for kids anymore....

     "Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, is in the video game business with his game system called Xbox. 'It's bigger than the movie industry,' says Gates.... 'Video games are getting more realistic. But the key is that you have to bring that level of realism to a point where people forget they are playing a game,' he adds. 'And the chips got good enough that we said we could come in and take gaming to a new level.'...

     "...there was one game they didn't play, called "BMX XXX." The name says it all. And it's part of the fastest-growing segment of the video game business: mature titles aimed at people over 17."

      But younger teens will surely find a way to get it -- just as they do other kinds of porn and violence. See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism and Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?


Cult Mind Control: (Scroll down to English version) "...Phase 3: Because emotional learning is more lasting than intellectual learning, they will strive to make emotional ties even stronger. Their main aim during this period is to prevent the person from focusing on intellectual matters too much. He must just enjoy the experience of being there and of being a part of the group. In other words, they will focus on emotional learning and not intellectual learning.... [Sounds like UNESCO's global education. See A New Way of Thinking]

      "Because the group goes along without questioning anything, he will probably also not act rudely by questioning things he doesn’t want to do or does not agree with.... The cult will, wherever possible, try to drive in a wedge between the person and his own life world....

      "PHASE 5: Redefining himself within the reality of the cult, brings him to a point where he discards anything that may have been left of his true identity. ...the person also transfers his right to decisionmaking and his autonomy as a person to the group." See Brainwashing in America


Language Police Bar 'Old,' 'Blind' in Textbooks: "The texts also can't say someone has a boyish figure, or is a busboy, or is blind, or suffers a birth defect, or is a biddy, or the best man for the job, a babe, a bookworm, or even a barbarian. All these words are banned from U.S. textbooks on the grounds that they either elitist (polo, yacht) sexist (babe, boyish figure), offensive (blind, bookworm) ageist (biddy) or just too strong.... God is also a banned word in the textbooks because he or she is too religious...." See Reinventing the World and 1 Peter 4:3-4


Inflicted victimization: "...the first chapter of their [the Democratic Party] manual on how to keep black votes on the plantation is, 'Tell them they're victims of slavery, oppression, white Republican bigotry and make them think they cannot succeed without our blessings vis a vis handouts,' with the introduction being: 'This really works.'" See how radical feminists also use this kind of manipulation in Mine is the Power


CU segregation? This time for whites: "Racial segregation - a painful scar on America's past - may be making its way back to the University of Colorado. That is, if so-called civil rights activists have their way. On April 12 and 13, members of Stop Hate on Campus, a fee-funded student group on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus held racially segregated workshops."  While God calls us to love one another and ignore such "outward appearances," today's reversed racism is feeding bitterness and seeding rage in many universities. Similar claims to victimhood applies to other social groups as well. See Women as victims

Thought Reform 101 - The Orwellian implications of today's college orientation: "At Wake Forest University last fall, one of the few events designated as 'mandatory' for freshman orientation was attendance at Blue Eyed, a filmed racism awareness workshop in which whites are abused, ridiculed, made to fail, and taught helpless passivity so that they can identify with 'a person of color for a day.'...  Indeed, at almost all of our campuses, some form of moral and political re-education has been built into freshman orientation and residential programming....

     "A central goal of these programs is to uproot 'internalized oppression,' a crucial concept in the diversity education planning documents of most universities. Like the Leninists' notion of 'false consciousness,' from which it ultimately is derived, it identifies as a major barrier to progressive change the fact that the victims of oppression have internalized the very values and ways of thinking by which society oppresses them....

    "Thought reform is making its way inexorably to an office near you. If we let it occur at our universities and accept it passively in our own domains, then a people who defeated totalitarians abroad will surrender their dignity, privacy, and conscience to the totalitarians within."


Britons face extradition for 'thought crime' on net: "The proposed EU directive would extend the offences of racism and xenophobia to include discrimination on the grounds of religious conviction - something that was dropped by the Government more than a year ago following fierce opposition.....However, Britain has been forced to concede a review after two years at which point the directive could be extended to opinions that are simply considered offensive."

      Offensive to whom? See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Textbooks to resculpt minds of children: "The United States is looking for a contractor to rewrite Iraq textbooks that, under Saddam Hussein, have been filled with military imagery and exhortations to defeat Zionists, Americans and Saddam’s other great enemy, the people of Iran.

     "In his drive to enforce the domination of Baathist thinking in Iraq at the expense of the Shia majority, the Iraqi President targeted the young. Now the United States is hoping to reverse that trend by shaping the children’s minds in a more democratic direction." The International Agenda


Elizabeth Smart's long road home: "The term being used to describe what Smart went through, and to explain her apparent compliance, is Stockholm Syndrome, so-called for the bizarre attachment hostages being held in a Stockholm bank vault in the early '70s developed for their captors."

     This sounds like one of the brainwashing strategies used to bond political prisoners to their Communist mentors (part of the "softening up" needed for "re-learning") in former soviet prison camps. See  Brainwashing and "Education Reform"


Changing our organizations to change the world: “'How do we get a critical mass of people doing things differently? Through the sharing of generative ideas, ideas that can change how people think and act. An idea has started to creep into the public consciousness that we are much more interdependent than we ever used to be. What we as a planet need in order to transform how our large systems work is a network of people spreading ideas of interdependency and sustainability.' —Peter Senge."  See Peter Senge's part in transforming churches in Re-Inventing the Church - Part 2


Desensitization: "How the military increases the killing rate of soldiers in combat is instructive, because our culture today is doing the same thing to our children. The training methods militaries use are brutalization, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and role modeling. I will explain these in the military context...

      "This brutalization is designed to break down your existing mores and norms.... In the end, you are desensitized to violence and accept it as a normal and essential survival skill in your brutal new world.... 

       "When young children see somebody shot, stabbed, raped, brutalized, degraded, or murdered on TV, to them it is as though it were actually happening." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism


The Psychology of Becoming: "Before he died, Dr Abraham H. Maslow stated that his theories -- what became known as Third Force Psychology -- failed because they were built upon the false premise that man is inherently good, that they failed to recognize or take into account the sin nature of man. The theories of Maslow and those of Dr Carl Rogers, furthering the theories and philosophy of Hegel and Marx, are the basis of the non-directive, feelings-based education system now in schools under the moniker of education reform." Chronology of the NEA


False memories can be planted under interrogation: "Scientists have planted false memories into people's minds in a study that demonstrates just how easy it is to for police to convince people they have witnessed something that did not actually happen.

     "More than a third of people are susceptible to false memories, according to studies by Elizabeth Loftus, professor of psychology... Her experiments could explain why so many people in Washington DC said they saw a white van near to the scene of last year's sniper shootings....

      "Where did that white van come from? It came from the fact that someone talked to the media and suddenly the whole country is looking for a white van that perhaps did not exist." The Power of Suggestion and    Jeremiah 17:5-10

Britons face extradition for 'thought crime' on net: "Legislation now before Parliament will make "xenophobia and racism" one of 32 crimes for which the European arrest warrant can be issued without the existing safeguard of dual criminality....The proposed EU directive would extend the offences of racism and xenophobia to include discrimination on the grounds of religious conviction." War on Hate Bans Christian Values

New Meanings for "Inherited" Customs? "The Nazis set about establishing their own rituals and holidays immediately after taking power. This interesting article from the party journal for such matters discusses what do do with existing holidays and rituals, most of which had a Christian basis. It suggests that holidays such as Christmas can be given new content, turning them into Nazi holidays rather than religious ones...." See this longer excerpt with its emphasis on socialist "community" and social manipulation: Old celebrations given new socialist meaning

Crafting “Gay” Children  ("An Inquiry Into the Abuse of Vulnerable Youth via Government Schooling & Mainstream Media" by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.)  "This paper will focus upon three related issues. First, a brief comment on the role of mainstream media in shaping public opinion by suppressing truth in the service of special sexual interests. Second, an overview of Alfred Kinsey’s role in promoting the current cultural advances in pedophilia and homosexuality. Lastly, the schoolroom initiation of children into heterosexual and bi/homosexual sex, as feeding child prostitution, chiefly 'tightly run organizations' that traffic in roughly half-a million boy prostitutes." Romans 1:22-32


National Park Service Now Reviewing Controversial Lincoln Video --"a video that implies Abraham Lincoln would have supported liberal causes like homosexual and abortion 'rights.' ...The video features an actor impersonating Lincoln's voice over visuals of protest marches. Some of the visuals include signs and banners reading...'Gay & Lesbian Sexual Rights,' 'Council of Churches Lesbian Rights,' 'National Organization for Women'... 'Keep Abortion Legal'..." See Brainwashing in America

University Conference Focuses On 'Gay Language': "A panel of university professors will gather in the nation's capital on Valentine's Day to instruct fellow scholars, students and homosexuals on the proper usage of 'lavender' language and linguistics -- the words homosexuals use to express their sexual orientation.... Leap said lavender terminology is essentially a homosexual 'code,' with double meanings...." Today's change agents -- be they in schools, government or churches, have learned the power of verbal codes, hidden meanings and new definitions for old terms. See Three Sets of Meanings


Anatomy of a Smear: How 'Gay' Activists, the Media and the White House Shredded Jerry Thacker: "A Christian man with an AIDS ministry was nominated to the presidential AIDS panel. Within one day, he had been severely mischaracterized, forced to withdraw his name, and was even assailed by White House spokesman Ari Fleischer." Isaiah 5:20


Violently funny ads target young consumers: "A young man slouches on a sofa in a seedy apartment. On the table before him, a ferret chatters ominously. Man and beast glare at each other for a few moments. Suddenly, the ferret torpedoes through the air and sinks its teeth into the man's tongue. Screaming, he grabs a cell phone....

      "A scene from the latest Farrelly brothers movie? No, it's a 30-second TV commercial for Verizon Wireless. ....But what makes the ad memorable besides its absurd premise -- a ferret and a slacker who hate each other? -- is its unvarnished use of cartoonish violence for laughs."

       Why would corporations spend millions on such bizarre ads? Because a startling and entertaining message is more likely to sway behavior than the facts about a product. Watch out, Harry Potter and Tolkien fans. You may never notice, but the violent "fantasies" that stir your imagination and stay in your memory will also bend your beliefs and behavior. See The Power of Suggestion and Col 2:8 and a Visitor's Response


Schools empowered, parents to be made more accountable: (Bermuda, British Commonwealth) A NEW law will make parents more accountable for their children’s bad behaviour at school, Government announced today. The proposed law is one of several child-based initiatives —updating the Adoption Act among them — laid out in the Throne Speech, which sets out Government’s legislative framework for the upcoming year...." [That's rather unfair since Bermuda's ratification of UNESCO's Convention on the Rights of the Child forbids both spanking and parental restriction on unhealthy outside associations and influences.]

      "For parents who choose not to send their children to school, the Government says it is going to introduce legislation to ensure home school providers 'adhere to articulated regulations'." See the next two links:


Grunts, TV and PCs replace chat with the children: A succession of grunts and gestures is replacing conversation between children and parents in more and more homes, an educationalist said yesterday. Children are increasingly immersed in television programmes or spend their time staring at computer screens. Family meals are becoming a thing of the past, leaving few opportunities for proper conversation. ... .Every school should offer classes for parents to teach them how to converse and play with their children, he suggested."

      UNESCO's cradle-to-grave "lifelong learning" program includes parental training in sensitivity groups as well as early childhood programs. Notice how the "crisis" justifies the government solution. See Silencing the Opposition  and next item:    

The New "Participatory" Community. Parenting classes to cut youth crime: "The Government's youth crime adviser, Lord Warner, has recommended that 300 parenting programmes be set up across England and Wales. The plan involves an expansion of an existing network of 50 schemes that give lessons to an estimated 4,000 parents a year. ...Although it is hoped that many of the parents will attend classes voluntarily, Lord Warner's plan would inevitably lead to a sharp increase in the number of Parenting Orders issued by the courts. The orders, given in respect of children aged between 10 and 15, carry a one-year custodial sentence for non-compliance." Charts: Total transformation and Rom 12:2-9

Europeans Outlaw Net Hate Speech: "The Council of Europe has adopted a measure that would criminalize Internet hate speech, including hyperlinks to pages that contain offensive content. ....the amendment bans 'any written material, any image or any other representation of ideas or theories, which advocates, promotes or incites hatred, discrimination or violence, against any individual or group of individuals, based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as religion if used as pretext for any of these factors." The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


If you believe that people are basically good: "...if you believe people are basically good, you, of course, believe that you are good -- and therefore those who disagree with you must be bad, not merely wrong. You also believe that the more power that you and those you agree with have, the better the society will be. That is why such people are so committed to powerful government and to powerful judges.

     "On the other hand, those of us who believe that people are not basically good do not want power concentrated in any one group, and are therefore profoundly suspicious of big government, big labor, big corporations, and even big religious institutions. As Lord Acton said long ago, 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' Lord Acton did not believe people are basically good."  John 2:24-25


New equality law to drop the word 'homosexual': "After complaints from groups that found the word offensive and outdated, Barbara Roche, the Equalities minister, has decided it should be replaced in forthcoming anti-discrimination legislation. Draft regulations... instead use the phrase 'orientation towards people of the same sex' to define gays and lesbians. The new law will for the first time make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee or prospective employee on the ground of sexuality." The UN Plan for Your Mental Health 


Rice's future: People's Republic of South Main?  "Welcome to the world of collegiate political correctness....  Those at Rice who don't adhere to the leftist party line, so dominant in American higher education, are targeted for abusive public pillory. In the China of Mao Zedong the target was intellectuals, former landowners and merchants and their descendants. On Rice's campus those singled out for public opprobrium, it seems, are conservatives, and Christian conservatives in particular, at least those with the courage to speak their minds in the public square. This tawdry attack on Hatfield raises yet again the question of what has happened to the freewheeling exchange of ideas that not all that many years ago echoed through the halls of American higher education?" Preparing for Persecution


Harvard Mulls Offensive Speech Ban: "Some are wondering whether a campus renowned for its bare-knuckled, confrontational style of teaching is getting a little touchy-feely....  The Committee on Healthy Diversity.... will make its recommendations in the spring." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


'Pro-Gay Bill' to Spark Church Suits: "A Christian pro-family Pennsylvania group says pro-gay legislation expected to be approved next week will pave the way for pastors and churches to be sued for speaking out against homosexuality." See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values


Unmentionable Vice Goes Mainstream: "Homosexual change agents in the corporate world insist that the battle against workplace 'discrimination' must include indoctrinating straight employees regarding the evils of 'homophobia.' In government-run schools across the nation, even more aggressive efforts to indoctrinate schoolchildren are carried out in the name of preventing classroom 'harassment' and combating youth suicide....

      "In their revolutionary blueprint, Kirk and Madsen outline a carefully calibrated campaign to 'convert' society in a fashion congenial to homosexuality. 'By conversion … we mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind and will, through a planned psychological attack,' they write. 'We mean ‘subverting’ the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends — using the very process that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard — whether they like it or not.'

      "...once the public has been properly 'desensitized,' 'conditioned,' and 'converted,' attention must be turned on individuals and institutions that simply won’t conform to the program. At this point... 'it will be time to get tough. To be blunt, [traditionalists] must be vilified....

     "The homosexual revolution seeks to destroy, through lethal redefinition, the central institution of a free society — the divinely ordained family." Brainwashing in America and Preparing for Persecution


The transformational movement: "Wherever you look you can see the 'Transformational Movement' --the paradigm shift from individualism, self-interest and separateness to unity, wholeness and interconnection--occurring. ... There is tremendous power in grassroots groups and individual people involved in the Transformational Movement coming together as agents for national change." See Charts: Paradigm Shift


The Real Makers of Lethal Weapons Are in Our Schools: "The coercive utopians have always seen Judeo-Christian religion as the main obstacle to their plans, so they have been using Darwin's theory of evolution as a handy tool in their battle against religion.... Apart from any religious consideration, it is evident that believing in the sacredness of human life has a strong redeeming social value. But kids who came to public schools holding that value are systematically ridiculed and psychologically harassed....

      "The reality is that all of these supposedly educational techniques are just tricks created to be used as a smoke screen for covering their actual indoctrination and brainwashing activities....The national media, Hollywood, computer game designers, death metal bands, television and, particularly, 'progressive' teachers working hard at brainwashing our children at the public schools, are the true makers of lethal weapons....Far from disappearing, school violence in America will keep rising, and this is just the beginning." See Re-Educating Elian at Aspen Institute


Kodak fires man [who] objected to pro-homosexual memo: "Rolf Szabo... was terminated for refusing to recant remarks officials say did not adhere to the company's 'Winning & Inclusive Culture' designed to promote diversity among employees. The events that led to the action began when Szabo was forwarded an e-mail from his supervisor regarding the Human Rights Campaign's annual 'Coming Out Day.' The memo reads:

      "...If one of your employees elects to 'come out' at work, there are several things you can do to help that person feel comfortable... [The list is worth reading. It ends with:] 'Act quickly and responsibly if any anti-gay humor or negative comments are made in the workplace.... Keep in mind that such behaviors violate Kodak's Values.'

      "'In the name of tolerance they foment a spirit of intolerance,' says Rochester radio talk-show host Bob Lonsberry....

      "'I work in the same division as Rolf,' said one message poster. 'We are told by management that all beliefs are welcome. Well, as Rolf found out, if your opinions and fundamental beliefs go against the Kodak party line, you will be gone.'" Rom 12:2 and Romans 1:22-32  


Historically slanted textbooks are aplenty in American schools: "A sampling of what passes for history in some of the main college texts will offer a glimpse of the hurdles that confront even unbiased, well-meaning secondary school instructors who rely on these 'mainstream' texts.....Before adopting a text for a course, any educator interested in teaching facts needs to ask an important question: Does the book have any connection to the truth?" See The International Agenda and Brainwashing in America


The Dialectic & Praxis by Dean Gotcher: "There is a major move to change the way Americans think. Some call it 'the reculturing of America,' others call it 'reinventing government,' and still others refer to it as 'being competitive in a global economy.' This scheme that socio-psychologists have designed for American education, business, and politics consists of the three phases: 1) 'social-class' consciousness; 2) sustainable 'social mobility,' and 3) perpetual 'equality of opportunity.' The reason behind the quest of these socio-psychologists is simply the resentment of having anyone in authority tell them what they must do. It is rebellion against authority. It is rebellion against God—Intellectualized." See New Beliefs for a Global Village


Defining whole language (by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld): "In a book entitled 'Whole Language, What's the Difference?'...we read on page 32: 'Whole language represents a major shift in thinking about the reading process. Rather than viewing reading as 'getting the words,' whole language educators view reading as essentially a process of creating meanings...."

[Actually, its a manipulative way of teaching children the new politically correct view of the world through suggested meanings. This new "understanding" is then confirmed through group dialogue.]

       "Here's a view of phonics given in another book on whole language, 'Evaluation: Whole Language, Whole Child.' We read on page 19: '[If the child] reads the word feather for father, a phonics-oriented teacher might be pleased because she's come close to sounding the word out. However, if you believe reading is a meaning-seeking process, you may be concerned that she's overly dependent on phonics at the expense of meaning. You'd be happier with a miscue such as daddy, even though it doesn't look or sound anything like the word in the text.' 

      Dr. Blumenfeld's conclusion: "My response to that kind of imbecilic pedagogy is that any child who looks at the word 'father' and says 'daddy' can't read. It's as simple as that. But tell that to a whole-language teacher. Meanwhile, we the taxpayers are paying for all of it."  See Brainwashing in America


 Doctors Consider Diagnosis for 'Ill' Relationships: "Unlike every psychiatric diagnosis so far, this new type of disorder would identify sickness in groups of individuals and in the relationships between them. This is a profound conceptual shift from the medical model of psychiatry, in which illnesses are diagnosed solely in individuals.

      "In the proposed class of illness, an individual might be diagnosed as healthy except when it comes to certain relationships." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Socialazzi and the Three E's: "Westerners erroneously adhere to the belief that socialism is leftist and fascism is rightist, dialectical opposites measured along a straight political plane of extremes. In reality both lead away from freedom towards dictatorships, which are remarkably similar." Romans 8:37


Genocide with a Harvard patina: "...a university education today is a guilt trip for whites. The purpose is to prevent whites from appreciating and absorbing their own culture, and to make it difficult for whites to resist the unreasonable demands (quotas, reparations, etc.) from 'people of color.' To the questions, 'Who am I? What am I?' the white university graduate answers, 'a racist, sexist, homophobic oppressor.'

     "Neither parents, trustees, alumni nor the public are aware of the anti-white propaganda that masquerades as education....

     "According to [Harvard student] Ignatiev, 'The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. ... Make no mistake about it,' he says, 'we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed -- not 'deconstructed,' but destroyed.'"

       Does that sound like hate and intolerance? Not to the liberal establishment that shares his racial hatred. They write their own rules, set social standards and define the changing boundaries of good and evil. See The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


 Study Revives Sex Ed Debate: "A new study published by the British Medical Journal finds that sex ed classes, even those that teach abstinence, are having almost no impact. The classes are not stopping kids from having sex and they're not convincing them to use birth control." See  Sex Ed and Global Values  and The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society

Hate crime: Don't criminalize thoughts: "Kennedy was mightily miffed because the Senate tabled his bill to expand federal hate crimes law to include gender, disability and sexual orientation, so-called....

      "In reality, hate crimes laws are an attempt at thought control. The offenses covered -- murder, assault, intimidation -- are already crimes. The legislation seeks to increase penalties when they are motivated by bias. The extra punishment isn't for what the perpetrator did, but what he was thinking while he was doing it. It criminalizes beliefs. Hate crimes also make a mockery of equality under the law by creating a dual standard of justice." The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


The Art and Science of Irrational Education: "In order to create the 'new man' for the new state, one must first capture the language. Then they must capture the institutions such as the universities. The totalitarians have done that in the United States in the last half-century far better than if we had been invaded by Russians in the '60s. Instead we were invaded by the products of the Frankfurt School of Sociology and its generals such as Herbert Marcuse and Saul Alinsky....

     "But to reconstruct humanity, the new totalitarians first have to break down the old man. Science, math, rational thought are antithetical to what the new totalitarians perceive as recreating mankind in their image. They have even found ways to subvert objective disciplines, along with the facts and truths of math and science in public schools. The 'new' math, the 'new' science – all of it is about creating the re-socialized child for what they see as a world state where everyone will be on same level, get along, have the same 'stuff.'... Eventually, excellence and achievement will only be acceptable or allowed for those who have scrambled to the top of the collectivist heap." Brainwashing in America

Using the unemployed to introduce the UNESCO mental 'health' agenda: "Psychological assessments are planned for young and old, which will identify who might be ‘at risk’ of not meeting the required mental health standards. Says UNESCO, “Mental health policies should enable all individuals whose mental health is disturbed, or whose psychological balance may be compromised, to obtain services adapted to their needs, and to promote the optimal development of the mental health of the population.” In other words, this is mass social conditioning under the guise of ‘optimising the mental health of populations’. Implementing these grossly totalitarian measures was never going to be easy. UNESCO started out by promoting voluntary programmes with friendly names like Healthy Start, Healthy People, Healthy Communities and Healthy Cities." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


A crisis of literacy for kids: "More than 142,000 South Florida public school students share a sad secret. They can barely read. They make up more than 28 percent of third- through 10th-graders in Broward and nearly 43 percent in Miami-Dade County. These nonreaders are wealthy and middle class and poor. They are white and Hispanic and black. If they are 10th-graders, they can't understand this newspaper article." No wonder - with the shift from phonics to "whole language" with its emphasis on global and "multicultural literacy" rather than reading skills.  New "Literacy" for a New World


Tutorial in tolerance: "...18-year-old student Andrew Smith... has been paying a price for daring to be politically incorrect in print since October, when in the wake of Sept. 11, he submitted a commentary piece criticizing illegal immigration. 'In order for a person to become a citizen they have to comply with a few very reasonable requirements,' he wrote. 'The first and most obvious is that you have to speak, write and understand simple English.' ....The day after the piece ran, as many as 150 teens and adults showed up on campus and called on students to leave class and protest Smith's message. Instead of defending a student's exercise of free speech, school officials responded by turning on him. They confiscated the remaining issues of the paper, sent a letter to parents denouncing the article and organized public meetings at which Smith was demeaned and derided."  Today's world, which hates contrary views, seems to love politically correct fantasies. See Brainwashing in America and next two items: 


Lessons in shaping 'intellectual' character: "Ritchhart has identified six dispositions as central to intelligence. A person must be curious, open-minded, reflective, strategic, skeptical, and must search for truth and understanding. By looking at cognitive ability as a set of behaviors rather than an innate talent, intelligence becomes something that educators can teach."

       Apparently, the word "intelligence" has been re-defined to fit the needs of educational "change agents" determined to establish the new global beliefs and values around the world. The new meaning fits the standard for the kind "critical thinking" that is "open-minded" to the planned change. It encourages curiosity and search into all kinds of "truths" and values that match its vision but "closed" the old absolutes of the Bible. See New Beliefs for a Global Village


Anti-Social Studies: [The revolutionary aims of the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS)]. "The leaders of this 26,000-member organization of teachers of history, sociology, geography, political science, psychology, and economics ... were sure the [9-11] attacks would provide the excuse Americans wanted to indulge their reflexive racism and 'revenge-oriented ideology'.... At the organization's national conference in November, keynote speaker James Loewen... warned against patriotic displays like the singing of 'God Bless America.' 'The Swedes,' he noted, 'the Kenyans don't think God blesses America over all other countries.' ....

       "Responding to a teacher who said her students had been wanting to know more about American history since the attacks, he said, 'We need to de-exceptionalize the United States....  These are the folks responsible for passing on 'the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy.'... [See Reinventing the World]

      "Until recent years, however, the education establishment did encourage the nation's kids to think of themselves as niche Americans -- Asian Americans, African Americans, and so on. Now, this familiar multiculturalism has begun to give way to something known as 'global studies,' a sprawling discipline that encompasses world history, current events, world religions, geography, ecology, and world economics....

     "So if the NCSS has its way, young Americans will graduate from high school with a few hazy ideas about equality and freedom of speech, but almost no knowledge of their country's past. They'll be more likely to get teary-eyed at 'We Are the World' than 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'" See The International Agenda. Even more tragic, the global church movement seems to be heading in the same direction:


Warm embrace for kids, or merely 'psycho cry fest'? "Sitting in small circles, their knees touching, students shared their own hurt and the pain they had inflicted on others. The tears flowed. In some groups, half the Washington Middle School students were crying at once....

     "Critics have accused Resource Realizations' seminars, like the better-known est and Lifespring trainings of the 1970s, of 'brainwashing' participants. Gilcrease was a Lifespring facilitator for five years before starting his own company in 1986. ...Schools, eager to find antidotes to the damaging effects of cliques, bullying, and drug and alcohol abuse, have embraced Challenge Day in growing numbers...

     "After the final exercise — hugging as many people as possible in two minutes, to the theme from "Rocky" — eighth-grader Sydney Simon said of Challenge Day, 'It changed me. I feel more compassionate and loving toward everybody. Differences don't matter so much anymore.'" See Brainwashing in America and Brainwashing


Student Funded Bigotry and Hate: "It is without doubt that Marxian class-conflict theory is the dominant theory and political orthodoxy in the classroom, in the curriculum and on the campus of U.C. Berkeley. Our university – the “marketplace of ideas” – has in fact become a monopoly, run by a pedantic autocracy armed with an iron fist that crushes academic freedom.

      "... those who consider themselves 'historically underrepresented' are destined to carry the imprint of victimhood largely because of indoctrination into this mentality that takes place in our classrooms..... History and blood therefore become the basis for this Marxian class-conflict and the ensuing virus of self-victimization that both teachers and students propagate. ... Those who are unfortunate enough to be of a particular race or ethnicity and who do not adopt these principles of self-discrimination and hate are instantly labeled by their “peers” as “vendido” (sell-out) or 'Uncle Tom.'”

     This article may sound a bit severe, but it's true. This radical promotion of hate, victimization, social chaos and class struggle serves the socialist purpose in America well today - just as it did under Communist revolutionaries in Cuba, Nicaragua, Zaire and elsewhere. That may be hard to believe, but conservative columnist Thomas Sowell said, "Marxism as an ideal continues to flourish on American college campuses, as perhaps nowhere else in the world." Read the rest of his important statement in The International Agenda


MTV’s Agenda of Hate: "MTV’s choice of programming gives the impression that those hate crimes are perpetrated mainly by Angry White Males roving the otherwise quaint countryside of places like Wyoming and Texas, hunting gays and blacks as they would deer and quail. That was the conclusion of Liz Swasey of the Media Research Center. She argued that "Anatomy of a Hate Crime" and the lengthy scroll of names were little more than left-wing agitprop. ... She argued that MTV’s interminable scroll of victims was designed to exaggerate the frequency of hate crimes. "They tried to make the problem seem massive," Swasey said. ...

     "Media spectacles like MTV’s are largely responsible for the "phenomenon" of hate crimes, which has received attention far out of proportion to its grounding in real life. In 1999 (the most recent year for which statistics are available) the total number of hate crime offenses for all bias motivations (9,301) was less than one-thousandth of one percent of the total number of criminal offenses (11,635,149) in America. Do these figures really justify the creation of a hate crime caste system? Hardly. ... MTV has long been solidly in the left-wing camp, and has spent years promoting leftist candidates and issues."

      The tactics behind revolution hasn't changed. As in Cuba, Algeria and other totalitarian countries, trained revolutionaries create a crisis (real or imagined), excaggerate the conflict, redefine words, point to a common enemy (white male capitalist), cause cultural confusion (cognitive dissonance), use persuasive language and memorable slogans to instill a new consciousness in people's minds, then propose a solution: their own. See The Enemy of the People and Mine is the Power?


Operant Conditioning... "occurs when 'The animal operates on it's environment to produce a food reward." It is a technique applied to increase the probability of emitted responses through application of reinforcing consequences. ....Conditioned Reinforcers begin as neutral stimuli. They are initially paired with a primary reinforcer so that the conditioned reinforcer becomes a reinforcer in and of itself. The sound of the magazine dispensing food pellets can become a conditioned reinforcer. Skinner describes the use of a conditioned reinforcer as 'The best way to reinforce the behavior with the necessary speed is to use a 'conditioned' reinforcer. This is a signal which the animal is conditioned to associate with the food. The animal is always given food immediately after the signal, and the signal itself becomes the reinforcer. (Skinner, 1951)" See Romans 8:37 and Brave New World  

Management of social Transformations Programme: A clearing house for all kinds of UNESCO strategies for transforming minds and communities around the world. 2 Cor 2:14

Captology - Computers as Persuasive Technologies: "Welcome to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab. In our lab we research and design interactive technologies that motivate and influence users. Like human persuaders, persuasive computing technologies can bring about positive changes in many domains, including health, safety, and education. With such ends in mind, we are creating a body of expertise in the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies. We call this area 'captology.' Because captology expertise can enhance interactive technologies outside the world of academia, our research often involves collaborations with industrial partners, clients, and affiliates. We also focus on developing the best methods for designing and prototyping new persuasive technologies." See Brainwashing in America

National School Conference Institute & Learning 24/7: "The staff of NSCI and Learning 24/7 is comprised of educators who share a profound belief that to change what people do you have to change what people know. We are committed to providing the highest quality of results-oriented training and corresponding, comprehensive support for education professionals in the nation." See The International Agenda.


Turner is a window on liberal soul: "...the AOL Time-Warner vice president said the suicide bombers were "brave men" (if "a little nuts"), President George Bush is... 'another Julius Caesar,' and 'The reason that the World Trade Center got hit is because there are a lot of people living in abject poverty out there who don't have any hope for a better life.' ...Turner has called Christianity 'a religion for losers,' said abortion is the only alternative to environmental disaster, praised Fidel Castro.... In a way, Turner's candor is refreshing. Prominent liberals usually refrain from voicing such views, for fear of destroying their credibility....

      "Turner's take on the cause of 9-1, is classic liberal economic determinism. Poverty breeds crime. ...  In reality, the 20th century's greatest political thugs, who terrorized entire nations, came mostly from the middle class. Hitler was the pampered son of a minor civil servant. Lenin and Stalin did not rise from the peasantry or proletariat. Islamic fundamentalism tends to have its greatest mass appeal among college graduates. ...The left has a neo-Marxist fixation on root causes. Because liberals are determinists who deny free will and the existence of evil, everything is reduced to economics." So does the UN. See Media Bias Fits UN Tolerance and Two UN Summits, One Millennium Goal

January 2002

The Grief Police: "...Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik... announced mandatory mental-health counseling for every member of the New York City Police Department (NYPD)....   Tana Dineen, a licensed psychologist and author of Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry Is Doing to People, tells Insight, 'I don't know why the NYPD is doing this. ... 'These [NYPD] guys are going into a promotional session, which will lure them into the idea that they're victims, turn them into patients and create profits for the psychiatric industry....I say don't trust the experts.' ... We live in a therapeutic society, and we're told that everything can be fixed or cured. One of the costs to our society is that people have lost the breath of human experience — we've been convinced that we're not supposed to feel bad things. All of these feelings these people have are natural and necessary, not mental illness.' ....

     "Ira Warheit, a Manhattan periodontist, can attest to the abuses that can occur when overzealous psychiatrists want to 'help.' Warheit spent three days volunteering at ground zero.... While taking a rest break at one of the staging centers around ground zero, he was confronted by a psychiatrist, Antonio Abad. They began talking, but within minutes the psychiatrist excused himself. He returned with a NYPD officer to have Warheit removed to Bellevue Hospital. 'I tried to explain,' Warheit says, 'that I was a doctor volunteering, but the cop physically restrained me and I was transported to the psychiatric hospital.' ... The respected doctor now is suing the state for wrongfully seizing and incarcerating him at Bellevue. ...

      "Ayal Lindeman... witnessed the seizure of another volunteer at ground zero... '...this psychiatrist gets the cops and they handcuff the poor guy and off he goes to Bellevue. This is a doctor who has been volunteering at ground zero — and this psychiatrist, Abad, is having him committed and pumped full of Haldol. It was just insanity what was happening.'" See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Satanic killers tell of blood drinking rites (This may sound unreal, but The Telegraph, a British newspaper read around the world, is credible. It shows the oppressive power of the occult forces children are learning to love): "A woman who says she and her husband killed a German friend with 66 knife wounds on orders from the devil has claimed that she became a satanist in Britain.... She said she got a taste for vampirism and the occult while in London and Scotland. She appeared at the regional court in Bochum in full gothic garb, her head partly shaved to reveal an upside down crucifix and a target tattooed on her skull.
      "The couple were arrested in their flat, the walls of which were covered in satanic slogans and hung with an array of knives, axes and machetes. Mr Haagen's mutilated and partially-decomposed body was found next to the coffin in the living room. Dieter Justinsky, the public prosecutor, said: 'I have never, ever seen such a picture of cruelty and depravity before. They simply had a lust for murder. Both believed in Satan, they worshipped him. A death list found in the flat contained the names of future victims. They drank his blood, slept in coffins and believed they would achieve immortality as vampires." To understand and resist the addictive power of evil,
read Chapter  8 in A Twist of Faith


The "autism" dragnet (Thomas Sowell ): "The U.S. Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health have launched a campaign to get a government program created to "identify" children with autism at age two and then subject them to "intensive" early intervention for 25 hours a week or more. It sounds good, but so have so many other government programs that created more problems than they solved. Just who is to "identify" these children and by what criteria?

       "...the "criteria established by the Nebraska Department of Education in order for a child to be verified as having autism" involve "varying degrees of atypical behavior" in a number of areas. These criteria reflect a lockstep view of how every child is supposed to develop....  In other words, if other kids can ride a tricycle before they can read and a particular kid can read before he can ride a tricycle, then he is in trouble.

       "Another sign of autism: 'Speech and/or language are either absent, delayed, or disordered.' This dragnet would bring in the great pianist Arthur Rubinstein, India's mathematical genius Ramanujan, Nobel Prizewinning economist Gary Becker, and physicists Richard Feynman, Edward Teller and Albert Einstein -- among many others.

       "Meanwhile, back in Washington, people are pushing for a federal dragnet to find 'autistic' children and subject them to "treatment" that none of us would want to undergo...." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health & Armor of God

Don't get psyched out: "Try this true or false quiz: I have horrible dreams all the time. I believe in the second coming of Christ. I would like to be a florist. I have lots of extra money. If you answered "false" to that last one, listen up. Companies that ask job candidates questions like the first three have ended up paying millions of dollars to settle lawsuits claiming violation of privacy. ...
       "Psychological Resources, which has provided psychological tests for security personnel for almost 30 years, says interest in its product has increased dramatically over the past month.... Computer Psychologist, has experienced a similar surge in interest since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 'This event has raised awareness in people's minds of the importance and relevance of doing this kind of screening,' said David McCord, executive vice president of Computer Psychologist." Psychological profiling and intrusive assessments are key to the new "quality" management systems.
See Reinventing the World and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

New Research Indicts Ritalin: "... the “medication” being prescribed for ADHD is not merely similar to cocaine but is in fact more potent. ... Twenty percent — one of every five children in school ["46 million children in kindergarten through grade 12"] — have been doped with the mind-altering drug.... 'We know the drugs cause harm to the brain but have yet to find any real evidence that they are helpful. Sure, the drugs may shut them up, and I suppose that’s good for the parents and teachers, but is it good for the children? I strongly believe that the federal government should remove the financial incentives from school districts as a kind of reward for the number of children put on these drugs.'  Brave New World of 2001


School's Backing of Behavior Drugs Comes Under Fire: "The legislative push is a reaction to what its advocates call overprescription of the drugs. They say an excessive reliance on Ritalin and several competing drugs is driving parents away from traditional forms of discipline and has created a growing illegal traffic in what are potent and dangerous stimulants." (We don't like to use Yahoo, but an alternate link to this article was broken.) See Brave New World of 2001

Previous months

Early-learning plan launched. It's happening around the world! Look at South Africa:  "The government's policy on early childhood development, including pre-school education and the development of children, was launched by Education Minister Kader Asmal in Pretoria on Monday.... 'Our government... speaks and exhorts us all to join hands, beginning at conception of each child, through birth and beyond, to nurture our children, help them become productive citizens and through them develop our human resources throughout life....   

      "Through it we also bring hope to the many mothers who will, when it is fully implemented, be freed to play a more active role in family, community, national and economic development." [emphasis added] This was the kind of "freedom" envisioned by the Soviet Union and other enemies to American freedom. See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Death by Therapy - The New Age counselors who killed a little girl—and the 'child welfare' regime that enabled them. "...her therapists-cum-captors, throughout the Denver trial that ended in their conviction on April 20, showed every outward sign of unrepentant evil. They even videotaped the entire hour over which Candace was gruesomely killed. Yet the New York Times gave the case only a brief story...." See The Mainstream Media

America's Re-Education Camps: "One of the main components of many of these orientations is diversity, or sensitivity training.... Students will watch films and participate in exercises designed to shake the values they acquired from their culture and families." See Brainwashing in America.

Group to challenge N.Y. 'anti-bias' law: " Staten Island rejects Bible verse as 'offensive' to homosexuals. See also The UN Plan for Your Mental Health.

Elliot's Story. "I wore my "straight pride" shirt to school and got called into the Assistant Principal's office. She said that a girl had come into her office complaining on behalf of other "gay" and "lesbian" students who were "offended" by my shirt." Rom 1:22-32

Dodge ball tossed in favor of tamer gym games: "Forget about dodge ball, the game that involves becoming a human target -- it's too violent. And no more picking sides for basketball -- it might hurt a child's self-esteem."

The Myth Of Mental Illness. "The disease approach denies the spiritual dimensions of the whole thing. People in the church may be afraid to take a different stand...." While organic dysfunction can effect the mind and behavior (as in the various forms of schizophrenia), it is now also used to justify sin and condemn Christian values which produce genuine guilt. See also The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Don't admire a soldier - Big Brother is watching

Kids Charged for Wielding Paper Gun: "Two second-graders playing cops and robbers with a paper gun were charged with making terrorist threats." See Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance - Ten Steps Toward Lifelong Behavior Modification  

School rejected girl's religious valentines: "A school that allowed students to exchange valentines featuring Britney Spears and boy band 'N Sync violated a second-grader's constitutional rights by rejecting her homemade cards celebrating Jesus."

Canada’s UN delegation pushes to kill non-PC free speech: "Last week, during a world conference on HIV/AIDS, the United Nations came close to advocating a significant world-wide shift in traditional sexual morality.... an intense debate was taking place in basement conference rooms about the very nature of human sexuality, and whether or not the UN should promote a complete transformation of sexual norms....  

        The guidelines also mandate explicit sexual and homosexual education for children—so explicit, in fact, (that it says) materials used in classrooms "should not be wrongfully subject to censorship or obscenity laws.' ...The guidelines call for these "norms" to be integrated into the activities of all partner agencies of UNAIDS, including UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, and the World Bank." Rom 1:22-32 and Sex Ed and Global Values


Losing our liberties at Aylmer and at the UN: "The most recent event was the apprehension-the virtual arrest-of seven children in Aylmer, Ontario by police acting on instructions from the Family and Children's Services agency. No news report, nor any statement from FACS, has ever indicated any evidence of abuse. The reported reason for the seizure was that the parents had refused to promise not to spank their children....

       "The Criminal Code of Canada forbids child abuse, with severe penalties; but it allows spanking that is 'reasonable' discipline. However, many social workers-by-passing the clear wording of the Code-consider all spanking to be "abuse."  ...departmental officials, who are often graduates of the same schools of social work, have... been taught that their task as 'change agents in society' can even supersede legislative authority.

        "Traditional morality is actually in danger of being made illegal—without any oversight by democratic legislatures--while immorality is publicly endorsed, and even taught to captive audiences of children, with or without their parents’ consent." See Chart: Total transformation and Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values 3-98

For more recent (2005- 2006)  links & summaries on this topic, go to Mind Control-1

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