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Before you read the quotes below, please remember that the new "civil society" or "participatory democracy" (Communitarianism) envisioned by our President and many other leaders calls for the management of information and knowledge. Each citizen must acquire a knowledge base that supports globalism and affirms its propaganda. Therefore, only the "right" information would be promoted through the massive new information technology networks. Every person, young and old, must "have access to" the politically correct information system that would guide their decisions and monitor their values. Few would seek the facts needed to resist the planned consensus.

"Knowledge and information will define human experience," said Michail Gorbachev at his 1996 State of the World Forum in San Francisco, "and man's spiritual, moral and aesthetic needs will define man's behavior." The former chief of the Soviet Union knows well that global solidarity and compliance -- an important part of the human experience -- must be built on information defined and controlled by the state."

"To put it bluntly, we have access to too much data," wrote Patricia Reilly in a paper distributed at Gorbachev's 1996 State of the World Forum titled, "Translating Knowledge into Action: A Collaborative Approach for Leveraging Technology to Build Systems that Support the Knowledge Workforce of the 21st Century". She gave the following solution to this information "crisis":

"What we really need is access to just the right information at the right time. In the next wave of organizational development, we must harness this data for our employees using diverse technologies combined in arrays that are being called knowledge systems. These systems help transform this voluminous data into knowledge, and make that knowledge available, understandable, and the basis for action. To this end, leading edge companies today are creating executive positions for knowledge management called chief learning officer."

(Does "chief learning officer" sound familiar? You may want to read about the role of the CIO or Chief Information Officer in our report on "The President's Council on Y2K Conversion.")


President's Council on Sustainable Development, Clinton administration, 1996:

"Information and education have a tremendous potential for increasing citizen awareness. The country's formal education system must be reformed to better address sustainability." (page 57)

"The federal government-working with state and local governments, private businesses, and the public-should thoroughly review and revamp how it collects, organizes, and disseminates data on economic, environmental, and social conditions and on demographic and health trends." (60)

"encourage the development of the National Information Infrastructure." (64)

"Regular reports should be made on national indicators of performance and progress toward the goals." (65)

"Information is useful only if citizens can put it into a framework of knowledge and use it to solve problems, form values, and make choices. Education for sustainability will help them make individual and collective decisions that both benefit themselves and promote the development of sustainable communities. [It] must involve everyone." (70)


Task Force Report, The President's Council on Sustainable Development, 1997:

"In its final report, the President's Council on Sustainable Development called for the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) by the private sector to increase access to public information and improve access for all. NII, or "Information Superhighway," will be a seamless web of communications networks, computers, databases and consumer electronics. " (82)

Note: You may want to read two of our articles: "The State of the World according to Gorbachev" and A NATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM, Executive Order #13011. They offer a broader view of the global information system designed to mold values, monitor behavior, and manage human and natural resources around the world.

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