Obama's "Universal" Service Plan - Part 2

Mind Change and Collective Service

By Berit Kjos - October 2008


Background information: Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

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Training an army of world servers

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"Obama.... plans to double the Peace Corps' budget by 2011 and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. ...he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps."[1] Obama's Civilian National Security Force

"Jesus was a community organizer." (A visitor's response to "Training an army of world servers")

"[A community] organizer... does not have a fixed truth -- truth to him is relative and changing. ... To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations...."[2]  Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, the Marxist "organizer" whose disciples mentored Obama

 “Jesus said... 'If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'” John 8:31-32

"I was shocked," wrote one of our visitors, "when I read your article on Obama's service programs. "Why is this getting a free ride in the press?"

The simple answer is that Obama's values match those of the mainstream media and the power brokers behind it.[3] Contrary voices are ignored or ridiculed. Perceptions are swayed by suggestions and exciting images, while facts become increasingly irrelevant. And as discernment drowns in this postmodern muddle, illusion reigns -- and few even care!

Without facts we'll lose our freedom! A sobering 1970 prediction by Professor Raymond Houghton, a spokesman for "progressive education," may soon be reality:

"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened."[4] 


At the dawn of Stalin's deadly reign in the 1930s -- when Communist leader Antonio Gramsci was writing his cunning formula for transforming the West[5] -- numerous European Marxist were searching for effective strategies for mass control. As Hitler rose to power, some fled to America where they fine-tuned their tactics at "progressive" institutions like Columbia University. Welcomed by liberal educators, they found plenty of opportunity to test and teach their theories. Others merely exported their research to fellow revolutionaries in America. Their names  -- Adorno, Marcuse, Lukács and Lewin -- don't ring many bells today, but no one can escape their impact on our nation.[6]

Their radical schemes fit right into the dialectic process. Like Saul Alinsky, their followers would "unfreeze" minds from uncompromising Truth, fill them with a passion for collectivism, "refreeze" them with the new ideology, and establish socialism in America.

Before long, the mind-changing process that transformed the Soviet masses became the centerpiece of "service learning" in schools and communities. Students everywhere would be immersed in practical collectivism -- what the Soviets called Praxis.  

Remember, the primary goal behind such group service is "service learning," NOT compassion for the poor. The latter is mainly a feel-good incentive for group participation in a communal purpose, vision, activity and transformation. (See Purpose-driven groups)

This scheme matches the old Nazi model. Young Germans from age 10 to 19 had to serve in the Hitler Youth program. And, as Hitler affirmed back in 1933, 'the whole of National Socialism [Nazism] is based on Marxism."[7] His brainwashed servants, who became anything but compassionate, just copied the Communist strategies:

"The purpose of labor service was partly practical -- to... provide a source of cheap labor -- but mainly ideological. It was part of the cult of community current in the youth movement now manipulated by the Nazis for their own end."[8]

In her article, "Mandatory National Service Is a Tool to Indoctrinate Youth into Socialism," Maxine Shideler shows that parental resistance meant nothing to Hitler. In a 1933 speech, the Nazi leader told the spellbound crowd,

"When an opponent says, 'I will not come over to your side,' I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time, they will know nothing else but this new community."[9]


"Belongingness" is the "ultimate need of the individual," wrote William Whyte, co-author of The Organization Man. His benchmark book -- a bestseller back in the sixties -- describes group thinkers who would gladly trade their home-taught convictions for the warm fuzzies of "belongingess."

According to Whyte, "man exists as a unit of society," and "only as he collaborates with others does he become worth while."[10]That sad assumption provided a useful "crisis" that spurred vast numbers of transformational "leadership training" conferences everywhere. As Whyte said,

"What is needed is an administrative elite, people trained to recognize that what man really wants most is group solidarity even if he does not realize it himself. ... They won't push him around; they won't even argue with him... They will adjust him. Through the scientific application of human relations, these... technicians will guide him into satisfying solidarity with the group so skillfully and unobtrusively that he will scarcely realize how the benefaction has been accomplished."[10]

Two decades earlier, Aldous Huxley had shared his concern about such "belongingness." Knowing the manipulative tactics behind collectivism, he wrote in Brave New World,

"The most important Manhattan Projects of the future will be vast government-sponsored enquiries into what the politicians and the participating scientists will call 'the problem of happiness' — in other words, the problem of making people love their servitude....

"The love of servitude cannot be established except as the result of a deep, personal revolution in human minds and bodies. To bring about that revolution we require... First, a greatly improved technique of suggestion.... Second, a fully developed science of human differences.... (Round pegs in square holes tend to have dangerous thoughts about the social system and to infect others with their discontents.)"[11]

Today's leadership training and continual assessments help our managers assess and track "human resources" everywhere -- even in churches. Those assessments of "human differences" help facilitators create the conflicts and stir tension needed for change. As Saul Alinsky wrote,   

"...the organizer is constantly creating new out of the old. He knows that all new ideas arise from conflict [tension]; that every time man has had a new idea it has been a challenge to the sacred ideas of the past and the present and inevitably a conflict has raged."[12]

Alinsky taught his "organizers" (or facilitators) to lead "with a free and open mind, void of certainty, hating dogma."[12]

Do those words sound familiar? They would if you've read our excerpts from UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy by Julian Huxley (Aldous' brother). As head of this powerful UN agency, he wrote,

"The task before UNESCO... is to help the emergence of a single world culture.... [At] the moment, two opposing philosophies of life confront each other.... individualism versus collectivism... capitalism versus communism... Christianity versus Marxism.  Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? ... If we are to achieve progress, we must learn to uncrystallize our dogmas."[13]

That's the aim of the dialectic process: to "uncrystalize our dogmas." Its success is evident in today's post-modern generation that rejects the very notion of truth and certainty.

Though he claims to be Christian, Obama fits this picture. During a 2004 interview with Chicago Sun-Times religion editor Cathleen Falsani for her book, The God Factor, Obama said,

"I’m rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.'"[14]

This is the new pluralism! Unity over Truth. Any path is okay -- unless it clashes with the ground rules for the dialectic process -- the foundation for Obama's expansive service plan. His website gives us a glimpse of that plan:

  • Obama will expand AmeriCorps from 75,000 slots today to 250,000.... He will establish a Classroom Corps to help teachers and students.... and a Homeland Security Corps to help communities plan, prepare for and respond to emergencies. ...

  • Obama will double the Peace Corps to 16,000 by 2011. He will work with the leaders of other countries to build an international network of overseas volunteers so that Americans work side-by-side with volunteers from other countries. ...

  • Obama will set a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year. He will develop national guidelines for service- learning and will give schools better tools both to develop programs and to document student experience." [15]


Donald J. Eberly is the president of The International Associations of National Youth Service -- an umbrella group that includes the Peace Corps, National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, National Service Learning Partnership, and others. At the 1998 "Fourth Global Conferences on National Youth Service," he traced the history of this global project. Ponder this progression:

"...the roots of NYS as a global idea go back... to 1912, when Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy of Germany called for a Planetary Service.... They go back to about 1919, when Pierre Ceresole of Switzerland created Service Civil International. They go back to 1933, when President Roosevelt of the United States established the Civilian Conservation Corps.

"They go back to 1949 when Mao Zedong of China issued his twin mottoes of "serve the people" and "learn through practice" [praxis]. These mottoes have formed the basis for huge amounts of youth service in the decades since 1949...."[16]

UNESCO was a major participant in that Youth Service conference, which worked with over "140 member organizations."[17] The United States was represented by key leaders in social and corporate development -- including the Rite of Passage Project and the Ford Foundation which has been funding "progressive" world programs for decades.[18]

Few have been more zealous for interfaith education and global service than former UN Under-Secretary Robert Muller. In 1989 UNESCO honored him with its Peace Education Prize, and his acceptance speech touted cosmic world education. That's not surprising, since his beliefs are largely based on books penned by Theosophist Alice Bailey, who received them from her "spirit guide."

Her message is now everywhere -- not because people read her books, but because her occult cosmology is promoted by Oprah Winfrey and communicated through a variety of popular New Age and "New Spirituality" books. They include A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and A Course in Miracles received from a "spirit guide" called "Jesus."[19]

In Education for a New Age, Bailey's spirit guide summarized the basic principle behind "service learning:"

"...self-consciousness must be unfolded until man recognizes that his consciousness is a corporate part of a greater whole.... Love of self (self-consciousness), love of those around us (group consciousness), become eventually love to the whole (God consciousness)."[20]

The notion that "self-love" leads to a universal "God consciousness" is a demonic lie! So it's not surprising that Alice Bailey's books were published by Lucis [initially Lucifer] Publishing Company.

Saul Alinsky drew inspiration from the same occult source. Like Alice Bailey, he called for rebellion against the God we love:

“Lest we forget... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — LUCIFER! [2]


The actual answer to the initial question is found in the Bible. It tells us that "the whole world is under the sway of the evil one" (1 John 1:19), and he uses every possible agency to win his battle against Truth. In fact, his servants are driving the transformation in every arena.[21]

This is spiritual war! Unthinkable lies are now accepted by blinded masses who have forgotten the foundations of our freedom! Dialectic groups (led by trained facilitators) -- no matter how nice or "Christian" they sound -- are prompting people to shift their trust from God to the group. In that context, even the Bible is conformed to the group's changing visions.

In contrast, our sovereign God calls each of us to take a stand, resist compromise, and follow His unchanging Truth. Those who choose His way will walk together with Him. They will gladly and willingly serve the needy and each other as He leads. And He will strengthen and enable us to stand firm on the solid rock of His Word -- no matter how fierce the battle.

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.... Stand therefore...praying always..." Ephesians 6:10-17

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