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Some of the comments posted after June  2000.

Most of these represent the views of visitors who have read the following articles or notes:

Pokemon, Pokecomics, Digimon,  Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z

Anonymous: Even though I am an American I totally agree with Naoko Igarashi. My sister and I are both dovoted fans of God and omagosh wow were gonna go to HELL for this...ANIME!!!

I didn't say anything about that. God will judge people on whether they trust and follow Him, not on whether they watched Anime at some time in their lives. But the message of all the Anime features I have watched points to a belief system that clashes with God's truth and would confuse a Christian's understanding of God. It seems your understanding of His Word has already been molded to accomodate the things that God hates. See Isaiah 5:20

I am 16 and my sister is 13. I am really dissapointed with this site. It seems to me that you are putting down the imagination. Whileyour saying Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Pokemon and Digimon are evil why not
include the unicorn. And if Teletubbies are bad for kids then why not ban Winnie the Pooh as well. He might encourage children to play well with others and stand by their friends.  Every single anime I have seen or read about has an underlying message. And all of them are good.

 In Gundam Wing it is that people's hearts can be changed. Instead of destroying the Earth like
originally planned,Zechs helped Heero in stopping the Libra from falling on it. It's the same with DBZ, instead of fighting against Goku Vegeta joined the Z fighters. In Sailor Moon the R movie, Sailor Moon sacrifices her heart crystal to save the world and her friends. Which if I'm not mistaken is exactly what Jesus did when he died on the crosss for our sins.  And as for homosexuality thought there are some anime's with distinct gayness in them Gundam Wing is not one of them. It is just part of some bored fan's imagination.  I know I'm skipping around alot here but it just makes me so mad that you people judge things before you even truly understand them. God Bless!!! Adios!!!

I agree that Gundam Wing teaches that hearts can be changed. But they are changed by a blend of eastern spirituality and pop psychology -- not by God's truths.

No, Sailor Moon's readiness to sacrifice her magical "heart crystal" for her friends is not "exactly what Jesus did when He died on the cross for our sins." I appreciate the illustration though. You show the kind of deception that Anime spreads around the world. It prompts you to blend Biblical truth with feel-good stories. In the end, you don't know truth at all. Instead you are left with a contagious spiritual deception that has infected much of today's youth culture -- especially in churches. 

From Himura Kenshin:  first of all I would like to say that I am a anime fan, even call me a near anime expert. You should listen to anime fans like me because we have absolute 100% certainty of what we are talking about. Do not listen to parents who are quoting their 7 year old children.

I would like to comment on some of the letters posted on the website as well as some of the images. First of all, about Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, I don't know how much research you do on the topics but it seems you do near none. First, about the image you put up about the car with 666. "Mr. Satan" and the numbers "666" have no relation to each other, and if they do it is meant as a joke something close to that. When I say a joke I mean like the stickers people put on their cars of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs peeing and things like that. The character in the show "Mr. Satan" has absolutely nothing to do with the devil. He is just a character in this show. He is not a villain nor hero. His name is pronounced sah-tahn, not Saytan. This is a Japanese show remember, "A"s are pronounced AH.

Himura, you have entirely missed my point. Don't you see that when you make a joke out of something that represents evil in our Bible, you make that particular evil more acceptable or tolerable. God tells us not to tolerate evil. But when when children seek entertainment that prompts them to laugh at evil, their values begin to change. Evil -- and its symbols which bring reminders and suggestions -- become thrilling rather than offensive. 

Also, the American Version shown on Cartoon Network is an edited version of the original. Any parent who allows there 7 year old child to watch the uncut Japanese version is well...not bright. When I say uncut I don't mean porn, I mean action. There is blood, fighting and cursing. Keep in mind this show was originally meant for an older audience. As a conclusion, Dragon Ball is in no way evil. I think that you should either shut down the "Dragon Ball Z" section of your page or correct your mistake.

What is your standard for good and evil, Himura? My standard is the Bible, and its guidelines show repeatedly that the action, attitudes and spiritual power promoted by Dragon Ball Z clashes with His call to kindness, gentleness, purity and spiritual faithfulness.

From Yumita: I will state now, my english is not perfect, for Im not American. Im Japanese. First of all what may come to ones mind is, shes not american she wouldn't know about Christanity, or what you all think. Not true, My second half of my family is very realgious, and has dug it to the point of the ground below. Which is the reason why Im not a Christian.

Ive seen many supporters who have praised Anime, and then mothers who have burned it. Same way Walt Disney and their animations being burned by your relgion as well. I am not here to speak that I hate it, but  if your relegion is spose to be the way that it is, half the things you all do is queit sensless. I know many others view what Im saying.

Why burn tapes, bann things, keep your children out of social life, try to keep your children away from every evil in the line of life. It will only cause them to rebell, and  my cousins have already started to reflect that. My aunt is trying to keep them out of school life, homeschooling, not allowing them to do alot of things, thinking the'll be alright.

Both of them now 16, and 13 years old. And both are pulling away from their mother. Ive seen this with alot of others. Sure one would think that its a better enviroment, but not. They won't live under the same roof with their parents when they are older, and how will they do once they HAVE to go to college , and their parents can no longer teach them when I have noticed that my aunt hardly can teach Sophmare Level of school. They can't keep them indoors for ever.

Far as im concerned, living in american for 2 years with my aunt (not because Iw ish to, because I attended College in Kirksvill Missouri, iat Truman Universrty), I saw alot of stuff that I thought was out most silly.

True our culture is oblivous to over half the things that is "offensive" to the christan religion, but half of the incentations, or spells are either from deep rooted Japanese History, of our old Religions, or in a manner of wiccen Life.  Wiccan ,  in which I am is not bad. We are more forest, and nateral centered. Like it or not,  Children will grow up and see it through movies anyways, you say Anime is bad...check out your American made movies...they are worse. MORE realistic, Anime and Manga reflect upon mostly a older group  15- and up, who are done with the childish stupity of cartoons. Not saying Bugs is bad, but its for children.

Yumita, I really appreciate the effort you have made to communicate in English. Wish I could speak Japanese half as well as you write my language.

I totally agree that American movies these days are immoral, violent and a terrible testimony to American values. Most of them are far more offensive than Pokemon. That's why no one asks me to write about them. They are so obviously bad.

But movies or anime that makes occultism seem good are even more tempting and seductive to most children. Our God -- the God of the Bible tells us over and over to have "no other gods." The Shinto gods and Buddhist pantheism which are part of Japanese History clash with our beliefs and will distort  young people's understanding of God -- though they know well the difference between reality and fantasy. Please read Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion.

All artist create these shows out of their world of imagenation, their "beauty", and their "images of their own world." THIS is what  they shine in, so do writers in this area..and it hurts us to see our religion,  our life and culture hissed upon by Christan Relgion..we never not once have bashed upon your relgion. We have many Christans here in Japan that do believe, but they do not ground it as I have seen many people in America. America , yes true I have read many posts of people, and your responces....but fact is many have said America is soft hearted. You think Anime is equal to your Cartoons for children..therfore it must be lowered to that level. Honestly america has its true fans, and which are ready who watch orignial versions, experance things, clubs, conventions. Which  makes us feel like we have accomplished something.

YET we realize that that many Christian Familys call Japanimation Evil, it is not. No further on that. Another remark about Salior moon, concerning from a mother who had e-mailed. Sailor moon is not porn.  There was NEVER a nude moment in Sailor Moon. Yes sure outlines of transforming bodys into their scout forms, but no 'bad'  animation.

Sailor Moon In Japan, Hello Kitty, and Puyo Puyo are admired by Children and Adults alike. Since we mainly don't have alot of big "Stars", or "leaders" to look up to, Children and Girls that are introduced to shows, of Magical Girl Sense, Cute, or Teen  oriented School life storys enjoy it. Because its something they can relate to. Since it is their-cultured-experance..the way our school life is, and ect. That is why most americans cannot connect, and assume to much.  Many Generes are Presented , for diffrent age groups, and ment for diffrent age groups alone.

(Adult animation) is diffrent from Anime, not even presented for children at all, should not, and will never be. And yet an area that should have never been made. But once again its the adult area, and its power to them, with all the smut that comes out around the world that is something I don't prove of.

Video games are also of the imagenation, what a group of people present their level of skill..their world of introducing those to things. Anime is our "Walt disney" over here, as much as there is over in America..and we love it, and it desterbs us to see things be acused. Yes "Its not that simple" as you have stated before as a answer to Angie-Chan.

I do agree that it is up to the parents, on what they allow their children on seeing. But it dosn;'t require picking shows down to death like instence Pokemon and saying "oh but look a woman whos been dead, appears...lovely ect..ect.." is evil...youd have to take it the same way with your Horror & Scary Movies you show in theatres. "What can my child actually see..would it scare them ..ect.." Even so, fact is parents can choose to ban things from their children, keep them away from things, but sooner or later when they are older they will find it out and do it the way they wish to. Nothings ever perfect. Same goes for any Relgion, its a goal to understand each relgion, but also at the same time to bring up issues ..most from those who are outsiders and what they see.

Its not that we cannot see, we do. Just not in the big group that gatheres around each other, we are looking in from standing away from the group watching. It is the same with America Judging the Musliam Religion..and not understanding it.."Yes we must kill Americans to go to heaven.." ect..not totally true.

Yes you will tell me I won't understand things, but yes to a degree I don't, as to a large degree you all don't understand us. It will always be like that, but I, as one of many who have sent you letters, American or not we will have words when something is spoken to an issue...

J. R.:  I find your information, well very informative. I just found the site today. Keep on putting up the stuff on the site. I'm 15 and want to know what I get involved into. I realized Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon, and other Japanese were occultic. I made a vow I would stop watching TV and so far it has worked out good. Keep on putting the stuff up no matter what anybody else says.  Sincerely,

Thanks for the encouragement, J.R.  I appreciate it!

From Ensign Shiro Amada, A Rabid Otaku: I am a 14 year old otaku. I love anime, it rules! I don't see why you insist on using the bible in the name of anti-anime! Some animes have nudity, blood, violence, adult themes, etc. but they are still entertainment, and not all are like that. I have read many posts, and I have observed, that anyone that writes to you, that isn't an otaku, is a pathetic and destute soccer mom. These people are pathetic. 

No offense, but I consider you two, the World Cups of soccer moms. In my humble opinion, soccer moms, or fanatics, grow up learning from the bible, and hearing about how things are bad, from mistaken, and biased elders. Of course, the effect is, you become mistaken and biased, and spread this down generations, to others, scarring them.

Many animes, expand the mind, and are well thought out. Shows such as Gundam and Evangelion are excellent examples. They even plan out the technology. Mobile Suits could easily be in our future, heck there is even an equation for Minovsky Particles. You are the people that hold this back. 

Of course we all know these particular probably won't happen, but I am sure close minded, religious, ethicists like your selves, are deeply against stem cells and cloning.

Please respond, and tell me, what animes you have ACTUALLY seen, and why they are so bad, because I bet (oh no, I am gambling, now God will strike me down!) you have not seen alot of good ones! Believe me, there is alot on your list, you haven't seen.

P.S. How is Harry Potter so bad? All it is doing, is expanding childrens' imaginations and taking them to rich fantasy worlds with magic and fun, that they could never visit with "evil" soccer moms!

P.P.S. You two seem to hate everything! What do you do, that doesn't involve the bible, eating, and sleeping. Or are you starving insomniacs too?

I have watched and taped many episodes of Pokemon, Digimon, DragonBall Z and Sailor Moon. I have watched many others as well but I don't remember the titles at the moment. 

Many anime seem far worse and more violent than the ones I listed, but I am most concerned about those that are most popular. When children become fascinated with certain shows, they begin to internalize the myths, spirituality and values they see. The occult suggestions and images become part of their thinking and communication -- and is reinforced by the peer group 

Your comment about Mobile Suits illustrates my point. And I suppose you might say the same about my comment when I tell you that I would far rather have seen my children play soccer than sit and watch anime all afternoon.

From L. E.: I have read the comments on your your article about anime with great interest. What I see here is a christian site that has posted a number of articles warning parents about the perceived negative effects of exposing their children to anime. The anime and RPG community see these articles as lies and misinformation, and has (in some cases, loudly) struck back. 

I can understand this. As a minority, these people deeply resent it when somebody spreads what they consider to be misinformation and lies about their favourite hobbies. Some of the comments agreeing with the facts (although whether they are facts or not is debatable) in the articles are indeed the product ignorance and, in a few cases, stupidity. Anime is absolutely not pornography (I have watched quite a lot). 

 Webmasters of h___ (animated porn) sites who use the word anime are just ignorants whose main interest lies in making money. The fact that the occult often plays a prominent role in anime doesn't mean that it encourages people to practice such things. As for the Bible's opinion regarding the occult, remember that the concept of devil vorship might have been terible two to three thousand years ago. However, the chances that somebody will actully practice such things merely because they are aware of its existence is very slim. 

However, I digress. My point is that the anime and RPG community doesn't need to fire their verbal ordnance at you. That will only become necessary should you actually attempt to outlaw anime and RPGs. The only replies they need to make are the ones pointing out the glaring misunderstandings that can be found here, especially among the first few comments. I hope I have managed to convey my point. I would be very happy if you could publish this email, but please leave out my name and email address. Thank you.

Thank you for your thoughtful observations. Much of the conflict between us and so many of our visitors come from our diverse world views or perspectives -- and from today's emphasis on "getting in touch with your feelings" and expressing your emotions. It was a lot easier to debate these issues back when people were less reactionary (driven by emotions), more willing to look at issues rationally, and more accepting of contrary opinions. 

In order to allow freedom to follow our conscience and to speak unpopular opinions, America's founders added the First Amendment to the Constitution. Nations have always tried to silence those whose voices -- like ours -- differ from popular opinion. And today's culture is effectively intimidating many Christians into unbiblical conformity or silence.  But as long as America remains a free country, I must say what I believe. 

Since anime enters homes through television around the world, parents are wise to seek counsel about the influence of such entertainment. I simply try to answer their questions based on Biblical values and standards. (See Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft) Most people judge anime according to how they feel about it -- not according to a clear moral or spiritual standard. 

As for pornography in anime, you may not have seen it. But if you read the other letters sent us, you will hear from many others who have seen it and warn against it. 

Jeff Recco:  I'm an anime fan.  All I can say is that your comments and anime all seem childish, i'm very sorry to have to put it that way, but I'm just being blunt.  Just so you'll know, I have know "true" religion.  Personally, I believe organized religion just makes things complicated.  Take the Crusades, the Holocaust, all because of religion.  

Please read this page, Jeff: Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

I'm not saying that I believe other religions are bad, i don't.  I believe everyone has the right "To Be" as I put it.  I believe in God, that's how "I Be".  You do what you're doing, that's how "You Be".  I love anime, especially Neon Genesis Evangelion, I believe it has taught me things I never could have learned in church, or anything else for that matter.  I was taught from the mind of it's creator, Hideaki Anno, maybe God gave him those ideas, I don't know.  

I love anime, does that make me evil?  Didn't God create evil?   Didn't God believe that in the end everything would serve it's purpose? I'm sorry, I just believe that inside everyone is something greater then God, something which God can't take away, no matter what.  "I Be", and if I'm evil for that, then so be it.  Thank you very much for reading this.

Jeff, I appreciate the questions you ask. I'm not sure just how to answer, since you and I see both God and reality from different perspectives. Therefore even our words take on different meanings. For example, "to be" a Christian -- someone who loves and follows Jesus -- I simply had to trust in the freedom and salvation He won for me by dying on the cross and bearing the judgment for my sins. I am not sure what your "to Be" means. Could you explain it?

God did say, "I have created all things, even the wicked for a day of trouble." It's interesting to look back through history and see that it is those very "days of trouble" that cause us to see our own need, turn our hearts to God and trust Him with our lives -- so that He can bless us with His loving presence. Prosperity has a way of deceiving us into thinking we can make it on our own without the God who made us. See Deut 8:10-20

To know and understand my wonderful God, please read  What it means to be a Christian.

From Stephanie:  i am an anime viewer i know this may seem odd but i am not at all religious i have no religon but i do have views on your page and in some odd respect i ask you to please read my letter and reply if you would do so (oh by the way punctuation takes time so i usualy dont use it) so you know sailor moon does have a form of nudity when they "transform" or henshi yo  but it is not perverted or sexual also there are lesbians and also gays in the show but no pornography

Thank you for saying that, Stephanie. That helps explain my concerns. We probably both agree that God designed our bodies. But I don't believe any form of teenage or adult nudity is good in films or other forms of entertainment. God calls girls to modesty -- both for their own physical and spiritual protection and for the emotional and spiritual protection of boys. Does that make sense to you?

also i discussed this with a friend of mines youth groop pastor he was really nice i said isnt god the savior of the people on the earth and he said yes and i also asked is it only for this planet he also said yes 

Please read this page, Stephanie:  What it means to be a Christian.  God's Word shows us that Jesus Christ did die for everyone. But we do not share in His eternal life unless we  repent (acknowledge and turn away from their sins) beleive in what He did for us on the cross and receive His Spirit.   

now dragon ball z has many chracters from alternate planets wich the logical or selfish mind might say that is not possible but in the mind of akira toriyama it is so saiya-jins and namekians are not governed by god but possibly influenced on earth by it 

another point i have brought up im not saying you people are for or against homosexuality but in my mothers church the way they practice it is condoned not condemed and in many other churches too  ive also like to point out that the bible has many forms and has been changed over the course of time and no one currently on this earth has any proof that what the bible says now is what it originaly said also if god was to speak to a person now and the person said they heard the word of god and he said to make alterations to the bible unless he started a cult he would be called insane most likely 

I will respond to this tomorrow, Stephanie.

im not trying to be rude im just trying to point out these facts  its all well and good to have faith and morals  but i do believe anime will not decrease the love for another being weather it be a savior in heaven or the homeless person in the street  though some times pointless the violence in anime can also be beautifull in its tradgedy and meaningfull if you would please rent armitage the third & grave of the fireflies and if possible any sailor moon but the original japanese so you understand what i meen and please dont judge untill reaserching japanese life and the cultures around it if you do rent these movies  and have any questions f eel free to e-mail me.  


From Cryptolynx:  I enjoy your site, as well as your insightful views. I do agree with you to some extent with anime and totally with pokemon. Cryptolynx@netscape.netAlthough I do not know enough about Christianity to call myself a christian, I see the good in such faith. 

I also am intrigued by "earth-based" cultures and some positive shamanic ideas (as pertains to my native-american anscestry). I don't necessary believe in them, but respect them. I don't see how good natured things could be called evil. When thinking about religion, I am reminded of the phrase my mother taught me, "There are many paths to the top of the mountain." I do agree that there are also many paths that tend to go down the mountain. The choice is upon the individual. I would like to hear what you have to say on my ideas about anime, just to hear another person's logical view on the subject is nice.

For our view of the "many paths," see What it means to be a Christian

I attend highschool (art-highschool), and am familiar with anime and the 'pokemon phenomenon'. I am not by nature a religious person, but I do respect Christian values and beliefs for my family is Christian.

Art has been my favorite expression, specifically art concerning the natural world: animals, people and the environment. Specifically I love trying to capture the emotion of people and animals on paper or canvas, and try to portray them as realistically as possible. Recently I have become interested in cartooning (I have developed my own realistic style), and have seen anime for a long time. I've always thought that the plots are rather twisted and just plain weird, but that is my opinion. From many sources I have learned that anime reflects many concepts based on Japanese culture besides the strange ideas put forth by writers and artists. 

The anime characters themselves often represent a Japanese (artistic) human ideal, but what I often see is this: disproportioned exaggerated (often anorexic) bodies, gigantic odd-shaped eyes, ridiculous hair, strange actions and paper-thin noses. These alien-like people always have some wacky supernatural power and take matters into their own hands. ( I have seen some beautiful anime character designs though.) But anime is indeed a cartooning style, having millions of loyal and often obsessed fans. 

Why do people become so obsessed with it (more and more otakus)? People in my school talk nonstop about it, the different series and how they wish they could be anime characters. All they draw is anime! I haven't ever come across such a thing that gets people so unhealthily involved. There are many negative and 'corrupt' anime (and western cartoon) shows out there, but Pokemon is definitely the worst cartoon I have ever seen, both in animation quality and in purpose.

First of all, I love animals, and pokemon is the antithesis any good creature should be. The pokemon 'things' are poorly designed and downright ugly. They are an insult to the natural animal kingdom, and to artists as well. The way that the so called 'artists' named these horrible things after real animals is offensive. The animation also is atrocious. Recycled frames and slow choppy animation techniques prove this. 

Besides being aesthetically bereft, pokemon carries an insidious perverted message. Pokemon are made to be subdued and controlled. The goal of 'pokemon trainers' is to scower the land finding creatures to suppress and dominate for their own selfishness. These trainers trap these 'poke-things' (no matter how ugly they are) in little ball prisons, only to let them out to fight for a twisted cause. 

Why is this power-hungry total control-freak idea part of pokemon's inherent message? I don't find this a very good value for a cartoon to teach anyone! There have been studies on pokemon through reverse speech. I am undecided in the reality of this reverse-speech phenomenon (It is a rather strange idea), and decided to test it to see if it was valid. For a school project, my team took an episode of the pokemon show and reversed the dialogue in our school's recording studio. When the dialogue was played in this way, the characters said many profane and dysfunctional words in plain English. I was freaked out. That was a very eerie experience. 

The even worse part was that in this episode, the main character (Ash (I don't care for this character at all!)) was traveling to an elite school to put a stop to something or other: in the end, he eventually ruined what was going on in the school. Minutes before he went there, a reversed message of his said "I'll ___ __ school!" among other things. (I am sorry for the allusion to profanity, but that is what he said.) But that is exactly what he did! This couldn't be just coincidence, for many other things said in this reverse form hinted to an action that eventually did occur. Eerie isn't it?

All of this propaganda leads to obsessed children (and sadly enough older adolescents) to buy pokemon and other anime paraphernalia in mass quantities, fueling the industry even more. Nintendo's creating a bunch of shoddy creatures then slapping the catch phrase, "Gotta catch 'em all" to them isn't a noble cause at all. Pokemon makes big bucks off of the poor suckers who like it. I feel sorry for those people. Only if they knew the truth about it. It manipulates people's minds in some strange way, especially children, and ingrains its ludicrous ideas in their 'susceptible' subconscious. Nintendo and other creators of this show have definitely capitalized on this.

Although I am not too religious when writing, I can see how this pokemon mess opposes the beliefs of Christianity. It should be stopped, if not at leased opposed. This show promotes a fighting attitude among other horrid principles. Most anime is attractive because of the fantasy and supernatural powers of various characters, but pokemon is not. Its objectives are not good. I do admire the creativity of some of the more artistically inclined series (none mentioned in your posts), and would like to know how they go against the teachings of God. Maybe their actions, but what about their art? I simply am not informed in the matter. 

If I was to create a fantasy or other interesting animation/comic idea, how would you advise me on going about it, without disregard to Christian beliefs. Is such a thing possible? I would like to make something entertaining, yet creative that could be accepted. I myself am attracted to the 'supernatural powers' of some fantasy books and anime alike (Not perverse or evil ones mind you). But I do realize that it is in fact fantasy, nothing more.

I appreciate your interesting observations and thoughtful question. I'm not sure how to answer, but I will try. 

What concerns many Christian parents is the difference in world views. We all have a particular way of seeing reality, and those who create a form of fantasy usually build their world view into their particular art or entertainment.  That would be true whether the maker is an animist, humanist, Communist, Wiccan or of any other persuasion.  Anime may seem a far cry from Buddhism, yet -- as many visitors have confirmed -- it does reflect Buddhist-Shinto religious blend.  Most forms of popular fantasy today teach a message that clashes with Biblical Christianity. Parents who take their faith seriously would be wise to stay away from entertainment that would confuse their children's understanding of the Christian world view.  This is especially true in today's post-Christian culture which bombards their minds with contrary suggestions. 

Keep in mind, I'm only speaking for those who believe as we do. I am not trying to hold the rest of the world accountable to our standards. 

Many of the people that have responded earlier to your anime post are mostly immature or close-minded to others' ideas and beliefs. It is appalling that people will defend something so blindly. If pokemon and anime is just a show or game, why do these people have such personal attachments to it. It is as if it has become their way of life or cult. They condemn those that do not have the same interest or beliefs in anime as them. These people also make decisions without all of the needed information, sad indeed. Their pathetic ad hominem attacks to your character just shows how obsessed these people truly are. They can not refute your arguments because they have no proof whatsoever. Their drive and obsession over anime/pokemon clouds their eyes from seeing any farther than their own twisted ideas. There is ample proof against pokemon and the slew of series modeled after it to prove its moral and artistic corruption, and those that choose to ignore it are indeed pitiable.

From Alex-chan and Every child who believes in the Digital World:  You are so totally paranoid! No one is that dedicated to God! I can't believe you people, you are the one's not into reality. Watching a cartoon doesn't mean that it is the work of the devil or that the children are going to hell. 

I think you are the ones who are going to be written about as bad things to read and watch. You are articles are stupid and have no real structure other then to show that kids shouldn't watch the show. I ask you this, why can't a child believe in god and get up to watch pokemon. We are all gods  children, and pokemon came from one of god's children's imagination.

Alex, you can believe in any god you choose. I'm not telling you what to believe. I am simply warning those who do want to follow the God who has told us about Himself in the Bible. If you choose to believe that you are one of many gods, it may make you feel good about yourself at the moment, but in the end you will be sadly disappointed. Those who define god by what humans think and do, discover that neither they nor their god has the power to bring peace in the middle of turmoil or victory in life's struggles. But my Lord, Jesus Christ, has or will fulfill everything He has promised. Check out what he shows us here: What it means to be a Christian

To say that Pokemon, and Digimon Adventure is evil is to call that person evil, and they are the child of god. I don't believe in what you say, and if that is also what God thinks then I do not believe in what he says either. People need to make their own choices! You can't live your whole life on what's written in a book! Because then you are no better then the children, like me, who devote themselves to Digimon Adventure. Please E-mail me back! 

No, Alex, your logic doesn't work. It isn't based on facts, truth -- or even what I wrote. Everything you say has been adapted or compromised to fit your way of seeing things. Find some basis (quotes, some kind of authoritative statements, etc.) other than your own opinion. 

By the way, I can live my life by what God has shown us in His Word. It's wonderful!  He leads and provides the strength and joy to follow.  

Not your biggest fan,  Alex-chan and Every child who believes in the Digital World

From Anisa Chaudry: Hello. I couldn't help but come across your page when my friend called me ranting about how "totally b*tchy" you were. At that time, we were obsessed with anime, and it made us, as 11 year olds, greatly angry. At this point in my life, age 13, I have found new and different anime types, and as my mind
has been more open, I have considered your points of view. 

First, I do not wish to be hostile, I merely wish to explain my side. Being a young muslim girl, I am required to be much more conservative and polite than any of the christian people I consort with. Not to say that all Christians are bad, not to say any of them are infact, and also not to say I'm better than anyone. Keep this in mind. 

As I was saying; I am forced to be much more conservative than any non-muslims I know, and yet in the Qur'aan, it nowhere implies that an animated television series or movie is "evil" or "dangerous to young society". Anime has been a hobby of mine for years, and this year, remembering different views and accepting opinions has become more important to me as I grow. 

Why then would you be so offended at my views? Are schools and popular entertainment training students to be tolerant toward certain views but despise people whose views conflict with theirs?  

By the way, I truly appreciate your willingness to "consider [my] points of view."

Your opinions are most likely commended by many of the "fanatical christians" you most likely socialize with. "Birds of a feather flock together". But to young people, and young religious muslim, jewish, and christian people Who have come to be my best friends believe anime is great. I must agree with them. I urge you to rephrase your comments on anime (including PokEmon, small, cute, puffy, happy creatures) if I am misenterpreting you. It seems as though you believe PokEmon that was not created for any evil reason but to entertain, and many other animes do not meet the standards of such a holy person as yourself. Please reconsider your views before posting them and insulting many young, and adult, people. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Anisa, you and your friends don't have to come to our site and be offended. 

I may be wrong, but it sounds to me as if you would like to censor views such as mine from the Internet. That would mean the end of the freedom we have treasured in America, and we may be coming closer to such a sad day. Remember, if I can no longer speak my convictions, neither can you unless you conform to government standards. Is that what you would want?  

Anonymous:  Like most people said, there's different groups for anime. there's the kiddie anime, like Voltron and Pokemon; the teenager anime, like Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragon Ball Z; and the adult anime, like La Blue Girl, Wicked City and other, unspeakable ____. Personally, i could give a bucket of flying *censored*s what my kids watch (when i have them, seeing as i'm only 16 now), but that's just my opinion.

I've noticed that most American "anime fans" watch the highly edited dubbed versions of anime on Cartoon Network. I've also noticed that most of the complaints by people on your site have been because of these edited versions. my question is this: Why do most parents complain about what their children watch when 1) the parents usually aren't home for one reason or another, and 2) they don't actually sit down with their children and watch the show, asking questions about it? it is this lack of parenting that i feel is causing most of this distress.

My comments are written primarily for Christian parents. They ask me questions and I try to answer. Many of these parents are homeschooling their children because they want to keep their minds free from a lot of depressing and corrupting images and suggestions. They are parents who really care and who would be home with their children, ready to discuss issues and guide television choices. 

I've seen my fair share of anime, both subtitled and dubbed, and, with one exception (a scene in early Dragon Ball Z, where a character transformed into an Oozaru, then reverted, but any nudity was only suggested, not seen.) i have not seen ANY nudity whatsoever in anime that your site claimed was full of nudity (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z).

Whether nudity is suggested or visible, the effect may be similar. Both bring nudity to mind, and subtly encourage children to set aside the modesty that guard them against unhealthy and immoral sexual practices. 

Also, about the supposed "Occult Powers" in most anime. I may not be a big anime creator, but i'm inferring that the designers of anime like Sailor Moon, DBZ, CardCaptors, etc. had planned on including those so-called "occult powers". Don't quote me on this, but I highly doubt that those "occult powers" have driven children into "evil".

After all the hours i've spent watching anime, i don't believe that i can use magic, that i can fly, that i can travel through time, that i can capture monsters that do my bidding. my little brothers (11 and 3 years old) have watched a few hours of anime themselves, and while they pretend to fight as Gokuu and Wing Gundam, they don't go out destroying buildings or jumping off of my shed trying to fly; they're just having fun. I fail to see where that can be harmful to a child; in fact, my mother (who is a practicing Jehovah's Witness, and also watches anime) and i personally believe that a good imagination will lead to success.

Keep in mind, my messages were written for Christian families. I am not trying to change anyone's beliefs -- only showing what clashes with Biblical truth. 

You seem to complain about finding XXX anime sites on the internet. I don't blame you; i find them as well, when i'm searching for mundane things, like Delaware information (yes, this is true. i watched my 11-year-old brother find a few pr0n sites when he was doing a report on Delaware). Notice, however, that all of those sites are in English, appealing to American males; not a one of them that i have seen was geared towards Asians, let alone even written in an Asian language (thus showing the deterioration of America). If you want to bash something for showing a little too much T&A, try bashing Professional Wrestling or "Xena: Warrior Princess".

I read in one of your responses to a (letter/e-mail) that you will be writing an article on the powers of imagination. I am puzzled; what is so wrong about imagination? is not imagination what gave us the curiosity to find out what electricity was? is not imagination what gave us the idea for modern media, transportation, and ways to store
food? i fail to see where a young child play-acting like a cartoon character can be bad for him/her. now i'm not a gambling man, but i am willing to be that both of you used to pretend that you were someone at some time or another, did you not?

Like sex, which can be used for good or evil -- so the imagination can be used to invent great things (and to mentally retrace steps to find missing car keys) as well as to drive people toward harmful and deadly behaviors. It all depends on how it is used. This will be explained in the article I hope to write next month. 

if i yammered on for too long, oh well. i'm tired, and i'm just trying to get my point across before i fall asleep at my keyboard. i just hope that people will eventually understand that animation (and anime) isn't just for kids, and that there's other cultures out there with a different set of "morals" that you.

I know that well, that's why I continue to reiterate my goal: to warn Christian families who want to raise children in their faith -- not to change yours. 

From Lauryn: I'm from Australia. I came to your website researching for an assignment for university. I was very intersested in the peace sign when I came but what I found elsewhere on your site was what really caught my attention.

For several years now I have suffered from a severe form of addiction to Japanese television shows, eg sailor moon, pokemon, digimon etc. I come from a Christian family and know some information of the occult but not much.

Reading this you may ask how one can become addicted to telvsion shows. I suffered serious depression as a result of a bad childhood (cliche yes, I know but true nether the less) and found these shows provided a very wonderful sense of escapism. When my life began to revolve around these shows and finding all about them on the net I began to retreat from the real world and become extremely depressed and emotionally ill.

I believe that the occultish symbolism and background behind these shows contributed to this addiction and have tried everyday to cease watching them. Just like a narcotic I found I had withdrawals and suffered severely. Today I still find myself drawn to these shows and the occult behind them.

I want to thank you for your work and the information on symbols you have posted on your site. Now I know what is behind these shows. God Bless for your help.

p.s Just thought you'd like to know. The crystal sailor moon uses to get her power is actually a powerful occult weapon (not exactly the right word but I'm lost for another way to describe it) that high priests in witchcraft use.

Please feel free to post my letter on your site. Hopefully people will see it and realise that behind the innocent cartoons there is a potential for real harm. Also to those who might read it, I'm not out to destroy your own beliefs and tell you to never watch anime. I know for Japanese people it is a large part of their culture. I am just sharing an experience of my own and warning that occultish symbolism and practices can be very dangerous to children's minds. Look what happened to me and I'm nineteen years old!

Thanks again.

Thank you, Lauryn, for your thoughtful letter. I am so glad the information God has given us could help you. What a struggle you  have been facing! I  pray that God continue to give you the strength and endurance needed to walk  in His victory.

Did you see our section on Preparing for Victory and wearing the Armor of God? Perhaps it, too, could encourage you.

From Michael Adkins: Hello. I will tell you some info about myself, so you can get a good idea of who would send you e-mail (with out being angry). I am male, half caucasian and half asian. IN FACT, half Japanese. Tokyo is the city where I was born. I have visited Japan, but live in the US, and watched TV there. Like Crayon Shin-Chan (My fav. when I was little), which I doubt will ever be shown in the US, because if you seen it, you would know.

Now, if you want to why you are getting the anime fans mad, it's because you're telling them not to watch what they want to watch. (Big surprise there!) I actually don't blame them for getting angry, but I don't like how they react to your statements. You're just telling what you believe. If they don't like it, then they don't have to read. You have a right to what you say. Just like if you think that heavily censored and edited Japanese cartoons with plot changes are bad, then don't watch it. We have a right to watch what we want.

In my opinion, some parents in America are trying to use Christianity to screen out, or block foreign influences from their children. It may not be you, because if you have Japanese friends ( I remember reading that you have Japanese friends) then you can't be using religion as an excuse to keep anything foreign from your children. Now, don't just let parents just think that Japanese cartoons are bad. You need to be a little more understanding of Japanese cartoons.

Thank you for remembering that, Michael. In fact, I just posted a letter from a precious Japanese friend a few days ago on this page: Praise to God 

They change the sexualities and gender (ex. a man is changed from the Japanese version into a woman in American version) of the Sailor Moon characters and take scenes where the girls are naked out of the American cartoons.They don't find a little nudity bad in Japan. They basically change the plot a little bit. 

Now keep in mind that it's fiction. The Supernatural on TV is make believe. You don't have to worry about your children getting super-human powers (think of it realistically). If you want to attack Japanese cartoons with out appearing prejudice (which you do seem to be to some people), then attack American cartoons as well. 

That's a good point, Michael. I actually criticized American cartoons in a book I wrote ten years ago (Your Child and the New Age), but lately I have only been responding to the specific features that Christian parents have asked me to address. They seem especially concerned about the popular shows they don't quite understand -- such as Japanese animation. 

Tell parents that not just anime needs to blocked, but American cartoons as well. 

I am glad you are saying it for me. I hope many are listening.

Now, I am not referring to South Park in particular, but cartoons aimed at children as well. Power Puff girls, and Scooby-Doo appear to have their own sexual innuendos. Now, to me parents shouldn't worry about this, because if the children don't know yet, they won't realize what the joke means. An example of sexual innuendos in American cartoons is in Power Puff girls, they slipped something "wrapped" in plastic or something in the professor's pocket, when he went out for a date.

 In a new scooby-doo episode where they had Johnny Bravo, they were going to get split up, and the tall blonde guy (don't really watch Scooby-Doo much, so don't know names except for shaggy and scooby, but my little brother does) wanted the red-haired guy to split up with him. When she was little them up, she was going to go with the nerdy girl, but the blonde-haired guy interrupted her, and made this face expression that would give her a hint that they needed to be alone together. 

By the way, a comedian said on TV that Scooby-doo and Shaggy acted like weed smokers. Always going around a van with flowers on it on Saturday morning looking for a haunted house. Always hungry, looking for a sandwich in haunted house. 

Now, if you think that these are stupid points that I brought up, then just keep in mind that that's what you are doing to these Japanese cartoons.

I don't think your points are stupid at all, Michael. I appreciate your insights and warnings.

It doesn't sound ridiculous to some people when you bring things like that up in something from another country, but in a cartoon from their country that they might have watched when they were young, and just happen to still be making episodes, then it sounds stupid. Most American parents would probably feel like the anime fans. They just happen to like these cartoons. They might think, "What could be wrong with it?"

Second part of Michael's letter:

Now, I can imagine that it might have been a little irritating to you that people would say things that are unnecessary about your belief and your message. 

Actually, it is not, Michael. I don't expect a lot of people to agree with me. I know my views are not popular. But I have to follow my conscience and do what I believe is right and true. Jesus, my Lord and Shepherd, warned that His followers would face hostility and persecution for refusing to conform to popular opinion. So I am not surprise. I only pray that I can show His love to others even though I have offended them.

Using profanity only shows that they are angry and some of the other things they might say only show their ignorance. Yet, this isn't just anime fans who do this. Keep in mind, that most parents curse in front of their children and get mad at them when they do it. 

While I don't know any statistics on swearing, I know a lot of parents who take God and their faith seriously and want to follow His way. The familiar curse words would not even come to their minds. They don't want to be exposed to them -- nor do they want their children exposed to profanities. That's why they want to protect their children's minds from being corrupted with words best not spoken.

Their disciplining of children for the same acts that parents commit only teaches it's okay to curse when you get older, or when I am not around. I don't know if what I just said was surprising to you or not, but most people (who might believe in Jesus) are hypocrites. You do realize that most people go to church, because the feel obligated to. It feels like a chore to them.

You are not talking to my friends -- and all the others who love my heavenly Father, delight in His truths and treasure the times of fellowship with His people.

What you should do is teach people that it's more important than worrying about what people watch. If you don't want your children what to watch, then don't let them. Don't tell us not to watch it. Censoring art is wrong. You don't have to understand. You don't have to enjoy. Whether or not you think it's morally corrupt, doesn't give you the right to try tell those who like it not to watch it.

Remember, I don't tell you or anyone else not to watch a show I don't like. I only evaluate the entertainment from a Biblical perspective and try to show what is right and wrong from His perspective. He doesn't tell you what to do either. He just lets us know what is helpful and what is destructive. We choose what to do. I am merely helping parents and children make choices that would keep them close to Jesus and safe in His loving care.

What you probably tell parents is, not worry about their children watch, but about what they teach their children. Teach them morals by setting good examples. Don't you realize that TV never was, never will be, the cause of the problems of this country? Sure, it might have some change on children's minds, just like spanking children might do the same. Hey! You might as well worry about breathing. You get a chance of getting cancer every time you take in that life supporting gas, known as oxygen, into your lungs. 

By the way, most people in Japan are not christians. Buddhism, Shintoism is popular in Japan. And guess what, children don't seem to be committing as much crimes as do Americans. Not because of religion, but because of social structure. I hope you put up on your site somewhere about how parents should change themselves. Not all, but some.

In my article on Digimon, I tried to explain the spiritual foundations of Japanese martial arts as a blend of Buddhism and Shintoism. I have heard from many missionaries that Japan, as a nation, tends to be resistant to the message of the Bible. But many Japanese have chosen to believe God's message -- not because it is popular but because they know in their hearts that it is true. 

Naturally, people are less likely to commit crimes in a more homogenous population than the USA. The fact that our nation is open to immigrants from around the world means less social stability and a lot more social turmoil and frustration.  But that is only part of the answer. I may write about that in the future.

Well, that is really all I have to say. I think that I have brought up some good points. I was wondering if you could post this on your site and notify me of when you post it up, so I can see what your response was. Remember, at least I didn't curse at you. :)

Thanks for that, Michael.

From Greg: Hi, it's me again, your friend Greg. My friend pointed out some interesting things when he skimmed through your site. Not that I want to be hostile or anything (perish the thought), but you do have some funny stuff in your responses.

Numero Uno: "From Berit: Actually "thinking" is neutral. What counts is what you think about." You must have to think alot about anime to make this site. Think about that (or maybe you shouldn't!).

I agree. That was a bad answer. Thanks for the correction. I don't have a lot of time to write my comments, so sometimes I don't take time to check them as carefully as I should.  The Scripture on my mind when I wrote that was Philippians 4:8,

"... whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate [or think] on these things."

In other words, what we think about is important to our personal peace and purity. But in our times, it is important to consider how we think as well as what we think. We can base our thinking on truth and fact, or we can base our thinking on feelings and imagination. We can think individually or collectively -- that is, swayed by peer pressure and the influence of the group. 

God wants us not only to think about the things that are good and worthy -- while being aware of the nature of opposing forces and influences. He also wants us to base our understanding on His truth, and avoid being pressed into conformity with the world's popular ideas and ideals. Rom 12:2

Numero dos (and my personal favorite): "Something cannot be made out of nothing. It doesn't make sense unless we consider God." Even you have to have noticed the irony. You make the basis for believing in god that something cannot be made out of nothing. Aren't like the first two lines of the bible: First there was nothing, then there was god. I mean, come on, GOD WAS MADE OUT OF NOTHING. That makes your original statement just plain wrong (although I get the feeling that your going to quote the bible about people being to small to understand why that indeed makes sense after all).

No, you are wrong this time, Greg. God was not "made." He is eternal. He has always existed. No beginning; no end!  Remember, eternity lasts forever. It stretches both back into the infinite past and forward beyond history. Our God doesn't need "something" in order to create something greater. He creates whatever He pleases because He has infinite power.

In contrast, science shows that the natural world does not have infinite power. The earth and universe have been established within the boundaries of natural laws such as gravity and entropy. In the physical world, something cannot be created out of nothing. But God, the Creator, has no such limitation. Whether there is something or "nothing," He can create whatever He pleases.

And an number three: In your pokemon artical you stated that pokemon does the following things to children;  "It gives them:"

  1. a seductive vision: to become Pokemon masters 
  2. a tempting promise: supernatural power 
  3. a new objective: keep collecting Pokemon 
  4. an urgent command: "gotta catch them all" 

Now please click on the link the armor of god. *Ahem*, you apperently get a sword and armor by believing in god. This surly isn't a seductive vision or a tempting promise. Neither is basking in a city of gold forever (can you be more materialistic), and an invisible magic flying person that guards you where ever you go. Of course, pokemon doesn't down right threaten people by saying that bad players will burn in hell forever, but hey, maybe pokemon just doesn't have an infinitly loving leader. Wait a minute... that doesn't make any sense. Oh, thats right, it's Christianity.

First of all, the gold in heaven represents, not materialism, but something that is eternal and  imperishable -- never corrodes or tarnishes. To see the more personal and exciting aspects of heaven, please go to this page where we have posted many of God's promises showing us the wonders of an eternity with Jesus and others who love Him:    Just click on any of the references and delight in the wonderful hope He has given us.  

I know well that these promises may not mean much to those who don't know Jesus and are not filled with His Spirit. This Scripture shows the need to trust God and receive His Spirit before we can really understand His heart and will:

" it is written: 'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.' But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.  

"For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God.  Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God."  1 Corinthians 2:9-12

Finally (sarcastic statements aside), I want to ask you a question. If God knows everything and is infinitly loving and merciful, why did he in knowing concience create the devil? Why did he create the snake if he was almighty and all knowing? When did the Hebrew slaves reach the wonderful promised land? Was it a promised land at all? Or was it a lie? And finally, finally, finally... if god created us, why does he inflict upon us infinate times the amount of pain than we can EVER do in a finite life time. God is the most evil thing in the universe if but one shred of the bible is true. Greg

No, Greg, He is not. He is loving and wonderful beyond anything we can comprehend. Remember, He didn't create us to be robots in a perfect land where no one would ever need His strength, love, comfort and salvation. He gave us a choice to be His friends and to walk with Him as His precious people. It is in the midst of the hard places that we can best discover the amazing joy and peace of following Him and resting in His love. 

We have upgraded the page we call our beliefs. Please read it, but first ask Him to open your eyes to understand all the wonders of His love, wisdom, grace and eternal life.   

Later we will add another page which will explain why evil exists and how God uses our pain and struggles to draws us closer to Him and to demonstrate His strength and peace in ways we wouldn't I will add another page which will explain why evil exists and how God uses our pain and struggles to draws us closer to Him and show us wonders we couldn't otherwise see. otherwise see. 

From Will:  Hmm... After reading the response you gave to my letter, I would like to clarify some things. In response to one of my points, you state: Look at your first example. "If 'good' nations destroy their weapons, the more deceptive nations will become stronger. Even if every nation agreed to destroy their weapons, human nature wouldn't change. Soon the more aggressive leaders would build new ones." 

I find it interesting that this is the ENTIRE plot line of the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz movie. The honest nations and colonies destroyed their weapons and mobile suits, but a renegade colony kept a squadron of suits. Funny how that coincides with what you said. Could it be that *GASP* animé is not evil? How could that be possible?

For those who follow God and use His Word as a filter for what is good and evil, Anime fits the category of influences that involve "other gods" or forces -- a seductive realm that corrupts both truth and people. He refers to this influence and those who spread it as an "abomination" in Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

Like the Harry Potter books, producers of anime know well that their myths will more effectively captivate fans if the stories simulate reality. If viewers can't identify with the plot or people, it would make little impact. Naturally, many plots and ideas will fit what human nature loves and confirms. So your illustration proves the shrewdness of popular anime artists, not any inconsistency in the Biblical standard. 

Second, animé has not "blinded me to God's truth." Neither has it made me "un-Christian." Animé comes in far behind many things in my life, especially God and Jesus. I would abandon animé in a heartbeat if I felt God disapproved. Yet I am still a devoted Christian. (Yes, I have tried kneeling, and just praying to God in general, and my thoughts have not swayed in the least.)

I have spoken with my pastor, Father Eric Dudley of St. John's Episcopal Church, Tallahassee, FL, and he backs me up in saying that you are not promoting God's word with your website, and that you twists innocent things into the darkest demons of hell.

Anonymous: I would like to ask you about your interpretation of a proverb you posted in response to an earlier comment about spiritual exploration:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes;

Fear the Lord and depart from evil."

Reading this has given me something to think about. On one hand, I clearly see how you derived your reply from this. On the other hand, I believe very strongly that God has a personal relationship with each individual, not just mankind as a race. We explore that personal relationship with God by reading the Bible, by prayer, by discussion (such as this) and simply by thinking. 

I so appreciate your seeking heart and your questions.  And I agree that the Bible is our primary source of wisdom. Through its timeless message -- and with the light of the Holy Spirit -- we can learn to know God and understand His purpose and love for us. It tells us about that personal relationship He has with those who choose to know Him and follow His ways. 

I do not believe that life is a random series of events; I believe that what happens happens for a reason. Whenever something has a great impact on me, I try to think to myself, "what is God trying to tell me? Why have I experienced this?" 

Of course, I'm not claiming to be able to interpret God's actions, but I think that those who are open to it are capable of learning what He is trying to tell them. I am reminded of the book of Job. Job was put through his trials because he was too content in his faith; he lived by God's law, but he did not try to better know Him. Through the trials, Job gained wisdom. Was he "wise in [his] own eyes?" I don't think so... I think that his exploration of his relationship with God strengthened his spirituality. I would really be interested to know what you think about this.

I'm not sure Job was "too content" in his faith. certainly challenged by his unkind friends to answer some hard questions. Before God gave Satan permission to "touch" him, Job had apparently determined with all his heart to obey whatever God had revealed to Him -- including faithful prayer and intercession for his children. 

Therefore God called him a "righteous man" and trusted him to win the horrendous spiritual battle against Satan. In his suffering, Job never denied God or wavered in his faith.  But he did question God, for his sovereign Lord had placed him in an excruciating circumstance that stretched far beyond Job's finite human understanding of divine mercy or spiritual warfare.  

His profound statement, "I know that my Redeemer lives," puts many of us to shame. For we -- to whom God has revealed so much about Himself -- are often all too quick to doubt His wonderful guidance, His sovereign protection and His eternal covenant relationship with the people He loves.

From Matthew Raifsnider:  I'm a large fan of anime, and I have a pretty large perspective of what it is and what you people think it is. Anime is entertainment. If you believe stories of godesses and different stories of gods are true than you are idiots. You can't expect to sermon everyone who likes anime. Your just driving more people away by doing that. It's my belief that in being a form of entertainment anime shoulding be confused with blasfamy. 

Another thing I can't stand about your message board is it's completly one sided. You only put the idiots who know nothing about anime's letters on.

Oh, and by the way. Originally in Japan most anime was meant for larger age groups, such as dragon ball z. But since American tv wasn't quite ready, they had to clean it up.

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