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From "a self-confessed pagan":  "The beliefs, morals and values that role playing games teach us were questioned in your article. When I look at my eight year old brother playing Pokemon with his friends I see that it teaches today's youth to interact more with one another and less with television and video games. Social groups that may have once been divided are now able to relate with one another because they've found a common interest.

I agree. This speeds the homogenization of America and the rest of the world. It tears down the barriers between religions and helps establish the envisioned global community. In the atmosphere of this new consensus, there will be little tolerance for those who avoid the games and refuse to conform their beliefs and values to culturally correct thinking.

I feel that it also teaches them to set goals for themselves, try achieving new things, master your own life and don't leave it up to another "higher being" which will not put clothes on your back or food in your mouth.

I agree. Even those who call themselves Christian will learn to think outside God's Word. God will become like all the other gods to them.

My own experience teaches me that these games promote family involvement. I've never had a very close knit family. However through the card game The Lord of The Rings (based on J.R.R. Tolkein's novel) my brother and I now have something we can do together. Through the card game my entire family became interested in the story line and we went to see the newly released movie together The Fellowship of the Ring ( Part 1 of L.O.T.R.) which is something that we never do.

I realize that you didn't mention the Lord of the Ringscard game in your editorial however it's made by the same company that creates Magic and Pokemon and Tolkein himself states that he is a devoted Roman Catholic and added many underlying religious aspects to the story that support his beliefs. So yes the same company that has created Magic also promotes a religious story that fits more with your beliefs.

I feel it's important for children to exercise their imaginations and expand on their ideas and beliefs for them to best understand their fellow humans and in turn get some sense of themselves and where they fit into this world ( without pressure from their parents or being forced into a specific religion). Kids shouting out " I have psychic powers" in their school yard is completely natural regardless of any role playing games and I would be interested in knowing exactly how that may damage them. No where in Magic does the game suggest you can have spirits enter you with the wave of a stick. That child thought of that on their own.

To conclude this long response yes today's role playing games may influence people (specifically children) and their thoughts, feelings and actions. Yes they become engulfed in the games however I would prefer that a game do it rather than a religion who has a history of being murderers, rapists and thieves (take a look at the witch burnings, Spanish inquisition, Vatican's role in ww2, etc) and who obviously supports prejudices and stereo types through the idea that their pure children shouldn't have to see "gross and ugly characters".

If you are referring to Christianity, please read my response in Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

The idea behind the r.p.g's is to survive not kill which is unfortunately necessary in our "real world" and to believe a 7 year old child when he says the devil made me do it is shear ignorance and "bad" parenting. To that mother all I have to say is wake up, when your child is 15 and steals something then says the devil made me do it are you going to let him off then? and when he's 20 and kills someone and says the devil made me do it will you believe him then as well? Do you not think that perhaps he knew a religious person such as yourself would be gullable enough to believe that excuse and get himself off the hook?

Unless you know the Bible, you can't understand spiritual warfare and the nature of our adversary. I have tried to explain a little of this battle in The Nature and Tactics of Satan

There is nothing wrong with r.p.g's the symbols on Magic cards have no connection with satanism or anything of the type they merely show the five elements, the five elements represented by the pentagram, the pentagram which shows a five pointed star like the shape the seeds in an apple make when you slice it open. Sounds pretty natural to me.

The five elements play a large part in the symbolic beliefs of the world's pagan religions. You help me to show the world view behind these games -- and why committed Christians would be wise to avoid them. I appreciate your sharing your views.

From "Annymous Student who has just spent some good hours laughing her lungs silly untill she crashed at the computer and awoke the next morning relizing that there was still a book report to be done":  And I thought sloths had nothing better to do. I was doing a book report on Harry Potter when I came across your website. Curious, I looked into it and skimmed and read over why Harry Potter is evil. Amused, I wanted to respond to all this, when I discovered that you folks wasted your time looking into OTEHR things.

Your views of Shrek, Digimon, Pokemon and Harry Potter didn't suprise me, concerning that I know there are LOTS of people with no talent who can't draw and sell books because they tell temselvs they can't, but it was when I looked into your views of the Teletubbies was when I had to find some tissue to wipe my eyes which were filling with tears from laughing so hard. I really think you should be comedians, then you could get laughed at and be paid for it!

Now, really. What's wrong with loving the earth? I'm a christian.. but you don't see me chopping down trees, killing animals just for fun and detesting people just because of the soul fact that they're different and think differently.

Have I suggested there is something wrong with being good stewards of the earth?  Growing up in Norway, I learned early to guard God's creation on all our hikes, camping trips and cross country treks on skis. I had an animal hospital in our garage, where we cared for injured birds and animals of all kinds. Yet, it seems that you are reading into my messages a philosophy that is foreign to us. See Is Earth Our Mother?

God tells us to care for His creation and love His people, and I pray that He enable me to do just that. He also tells us to be discerning -- to "abhor what is evil and cling to what is good." The latter means checking all ideas and philosophies to see if they match His standard for "good".  Keep in mind, books and entertainment are not people. Or has today's delight in talking objects and personified creatures confused blurred the line between humanity and everything else in our world?

That's not why I'm laughing at you, though. I find the fact that you would waste so many hours watching Teletubbies to find the Devil amusing! I also find the fact that you people can't bare the very thought that J,K Rowling can get children world wide to read over a thousand pages and love it. That's something not alot of people could do, and you know it. I know you fundamentalists can't stand the fact that Rowling increaced millions of children's reading levels and you can't. You could if you tried, but only if you tried. Think about it.

-A.I.T: Animator In Training

Please consider what you write and say, AIT. Don't you realize that your conclusions are rather outrageous and ridiculous. The ability to read is vital -- and long before Harry Potter and the "dumbing down" of education, both America and Norway enjoyed over 90% literacy rate. They didn't need Rowling.  This summary shows how the love for reading -- even back in the 1800s -- inspired the most downtrodden people in our land:

Do facts matter? Part II  (Thomas Sowell shows the subversive social engineering of leaders who despised the America we loved): "The history of the education of blacks in America has become politicized to the point where it is barely recognizable as history, rather than as an arsenal of horror stories to be used in the political wars of today. ... there is an almost complete disregard of other important aspects of the history of black education that are also true. ...
      "During the era of slavery, it was illegal to teach slaves to read and write, throughout the Western Hemisphere.... Yet the census of 1850 showed that more than half of the 500,000 free blacks were able to read and write.
      "How did that happen? It happened because they set up their own schools, even in places where such schools were illegal and had to operate underground. ...
      "One of the most inspiring and heroic episodes in the history of black education in America came after the Civil War, when numerous white school teachers from the North went South to teach the children of the freed slaves....
       "As far back as 1899, the one black academic high school in Washington scored higher on standardized tests than two of the three white high schools in the nation's capital. In the decades that followed, its graduates went on to college at a higher rate than that of white Americans.... Yet this story too is seldom mentioned today, because it too was done in ways that are not considered politically correct today."
See The International Agenda

From Goku: Get a life guy. Its fanatics like yourself and your group who scare weak minded people with your outlandish dribble that turn society away from God and the church. "Harry Potter" is just a book. "Dungeons & Dragons" is just a game. Now if kids start flying around on brooms or casting real spells I'll be back to say "hey you were right" but until then why don't you take some time out and evaluate your fanaticism.

We actually spend quite a bit of time evaluating what we write, Goku. We are well aware of the fact that "society" is uncomfortable with Biblical Christianity. In fact, many may will reject the God we love when they consider the social costs of following Him. That's why Jesus told people to "count the cost" before choosing to become His disciples. See The Cost of Discipleship

You cannot walk with Him and follow the world at the same time. Today as much as ever, they contradict each other.

Those who don't know Him can never understand why His friends would want to take unpopular positions and face the rage of the world. But fellowship with Him is well worth the rejection and exclusion we face because we refuse to compromise.

I am sorry that you are only willing to believe what you see with your eyes. That leaves an awful lot of history, science and natural wonders outside your grasp.


Anonymous: What the heck is up you? You offending Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. They're are cool stuff and they do not teach violence and having nothing to do with religion.

How do you define religion? 

If Pokemon, Harry and Tolkien's heroes are simply fantasy characters who don't exist in reality, how can I offend them? Or are you trying to tell me that they are real?  If so, might you be confusing reality with fantasy?

From ATDEMON: WHY! that is all i have to say to you why do you do this in my eyes there are two types of Christians one is the the type that lives happy lifes and prey to god till the day the die and one are the type that would persucute people and try to force them into cristianity or away from there religen   i think your the second type

i dont understnad you people your urge to harass your hate mail and your insults if people do something thats not evil but is in your books you hate them if they own somthing as simple as a pokemon fan sight you send them hate mail....

Please tell me where or when we supposedly sent "hate mail" or forced anyone away from their religion. And if you can't find such evidence, you shouldn't make such accusations. Remember, no one forced you to come to our website and read our articles. Right?

 and if there a differnt religen you say the allmighty most used sentance you cristains the one sentance you use every time things dont go your way "you will burn in hell yes we all know that sentance

We have never used that sentence on this website.

what is up with your god he wants to kill and crush all that doesent follow him theres even a part of your sight were someone makes a frendly comment about DBZ and how it is only a cartoon and not to take it as a offence and what did your sight reply (i dont know if you know this but if god does exist you will burn for you intollence)


Our goal is to share information and encouragement with those who know and love our God. We don't expect everyone to agree with us, but all who choose -- by their own free will to come -- have an opportunity to know the God we follow.

He is not at all like the god you describe. He made us, loves us, gave His life for us, wants to bless us in this life with all the resources at His sovereign disposal, and has welcomed us into His family to be with Him forever.  If you want to clear up some of those misunderstandings, please read What it means to be a Christian. Remember, He cares about you, too. And if you turn to Him, he will help you. 


From "THE LIBERAL":  There is no greeting; people usually do not greet animals. I put my whole heart into this letter.

I hope you go to Hell for eternity....  Your minds are so closed that you give nothing that is "ungodly" any thought and automatically deem it as "evil." You are the evil one. You act like the Nazis and are no better. You are a species of sub-humans that are so conservative, that you are past the point of any salvation. I notice your "not-so-subtle" attacks on any religion except Christianity (perhaps Islam). Can subspecies of humans think? I'm not so sure. Or are your minds so closed that thinking would make them explode? You are the Taliban or Nazis in a deceptive label. You have a nice, good outside covering, but when you get down into the center, your hearts are as black as Satan....


You are devil spawn, both of you. Your parents should have killed you once you got like this. Once a religion gets like this, it is no longer a religion. Its followers are a group of trash sacks waiting for the trash truck to come (that would be death). You are not religious, you are a group of fanatics that cannot think about any thing that might "hurt" them. YOU ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE THIS WORLD SO FULL OF VIOLENCE AND HATE. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THE NAZIS OR TALIBAN!

P.S. I hope you die a very painful death today, and I'll be laughing. You should be euthanized; you are a group of conservative sub-humans.

What do you really know about the Nazis -- or about the Taliban? In what ways are we the same? (Remember, Andy and I are not trying to censor books, ban movies or tell you what to do. We try to help, not kill people. By God's grace, we hope to show kindness, not cruelty. We believe that all Americans have the Constitutional right to choose their religion and express their view in a civil way.)


In your response, please be factual, not just reactionary. And let me help you. To learn about the Nazis, I suggest you read Preparing for Persecution and The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education. For information about the Taliban, please read The Pashtun - The brutal warriors of the Taliban

Anonymous: I find it surprisingly shocking that we still have people unwilling to come live in the 'present' day. Your ideals are out-dated. Goodwill toward man is vastly more important than a 'fantastical' belief in god. You see evil in everything, when the sad fact is Christianity has done more harm and more evil than any other religion. I hope one day you will see this sad course you are on and change. Hopefully before your 'crusade' harms someone. The man has been dead for 2000 years, it's time to get over it.

You are wrong. His resurrection 2000 years ago brought non-ending life to all who put their trust in Him.  With all the world's uncertainties, He never changes.  "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8

Anonymous: You know, you guys need to get a lifeÖ Looks to me like pretty nearly everything scares the bejesus out of you (so to speak). Frankly, I have a feeling that God isnít too upset about Harry Potter. Why donít you direct your energy against the real problems of bigotry, intolerance, greed and sanctimonious self righteousness instead of promoting these things. Sounds to me like youíre more akin to the Grinch than Jesus ChristÖ

Your "feeling that God isn't too upset" is a rather weak argument in the face of what He shows us about Himself in His Word. Please read Deut 18:9-12 - or better yet - Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies

Kristtina Javierre: I'm 12 years old and will attend the 8th grade starting Sept. 4. I am e-mailing you regarding magic and your pages on Harry Potter, Shrek, Pokemon, etc. Before you delete this e-mail please know, that I'm not a witch, I do not want to be a witch, my mom's a Christian, my dad is a Catholic, and I (as well as my whole family) firmly believe in God.

I know that magic can be bad in the Bible and I'm not making up excuses, but the things that make up Harry Potter, Shrek, Pokemon, etc. aren't bad. They give children like me somthing to believe in. They help us understand that some things just cannot be defined or put into scientific terms. They help us ease into life, love, hope, the unpredicatable, and faith. As a child we know that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy do things with love. They do things with "magic". Are you going to tell me that more than 2/3 of the world are wrong in believing that a jolly, happy man loves children so much, he'd give them gifts for good behavior? Or that a beautiful fairy, gives us money, for losing a baby tooth?

God is a type of "magic".

No, He is not, Kristtina. In fact, your statement illustrates one of my main concerns about pagan influences. The suggested powers behind occult mysteries tend to distort a child's understanding of God. Words traditionally used to refer to occult practices become so familiar that we apply the same terms to God and His promised strength.

The next step is simply to synthesize or blend Biblical truth with the actual pagan beliefs -- such as those taught through Harry Potter, Pokemon and other popular entertainment. In the end, you destroy any real Christian faith -- because our God cannot be molded to match pagan gods.

God is love, hope, humanity, understanding, belief, and kindness. God does something that no one can explain, isn't that magic?

I was raised looking at every point of view, and I see yours. You believe that not putting God in books concerning uncommon things leads to Satanism.

I know you and others are "raised looking at every point of view" but you do not understand mine at all, Kristtina. You and others have also been raised with an emphasis on self-esteem -- including the notion that your opinions are almost always right and valid. But they are wrong. I don't believe that the absence of God in a book leads to satanism. I do believe that a story told in an occult context will lead to occult thinking. And the more children soak up popular stories steeped in pagan ideals, the further they will drift from any true relationship with the Biblical God.

But believing in God isn't enough, loving him is. Just like believing in Satan isn't enough to justify our feeling toward him. Belief and Love are 2 seperate things. You believe that Satan is there, but do love him? Children understand that, without thinking. Thatís why these books are great, because we already know it. Please write back to me, I would like to hear what you have in response to my letter.

I am glad you appreciate the value of loving God. But what does that mean? Good feelings toward God? That's not what He tells us in His Word. He tells us that loving Him means knowing His Word (including His warnings that we avoid all pagan practices -- even in our imagination) and that we follow His way. Please read these passages from the Bible: Mark 12:30, Genesis 8:21 and Rom 12:2-9.

 "He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.... If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words...." John 14:21-21

Anomymous: I find it surprisingly shocking that we still have people unwilling to come live in the 'present' day. Your ideals are out-dated. Goodwill toward man is vastly more important than a 'fantastical' belief in god. You see evil in everything, when the sad fact is Christianity has done more harm and more evil than any other religion. I hope one day you will see this sad course you are on and change. Hopefully before your 'crusade' harms someone. The man has been dead for 2000 years, it's time to get over it.

No, Jesus isn't dead. His resurrection brought never ending life to all who would trust and follow Him.

Nor can I conform to modern values and global ideology. For "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Therefore, as the next verse tells me, "Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines...." Nothing is more exciting than know and being led by Jesus, my Lord. See What it means to be a Christian

As for the crusades, see Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

From Viet Ngo: I've bookmarked [your site], and I intend to be back soon and often. Keep up the good work, and don't ever let the hate mail get to you!

That's not to say, though, that I completely agree with you -- I think you're reading too much into stuff. To a certain degree, you're always going to find what you're looking for; it's all in the interpretation. It boils down to not over-analyzing be honest, it kind of undermines your overall credibility. I probably would have dismissed your site if I'd started with the Star Wars article -- fortunately, I read the Harry Potter one first, and I agree with that one. 

I apologize if I'm sounding all high and mighty; I'm certainly no theological expert, and I'm not that far past being a kid myself. But I kinda felt that it would be wrong for me to just browse on by without telling you about my reservations.

Thanks, Viet. You sound kind and thoughtful, not "high and mighty." I appreciate your encouragement. Are you from Vietnam? 

Both my parents are from Vietnam, but I was born in California and have lived there all my life.

From Chris: "I have looked over your website, and I've noticed that there is a considerable amount of content regarding the alleged malign influence of such things Magic and Pokemon cards, Harry Potter, and Dungeons and Dragons. However, I have a question for you. I saw quite a bit about the negative influence of contemporary pop culture, however I did not see anything trying to promote generosity and kindness towards the less fortunate people of the world. Is it more important to you to portray pop culture as evil than it is to help those in need to get back on their feet? Is it more important  than feeding people who would otherwise starve? Is it more important than giving coats or firewood to those would would otherwise freeze?

Please realize that I do not wish to insult you, or say that you are wrong.  All I want is to understand why you choose to put what you do on your web page. Thank you.

Thank you for asking this question, Chris. Our goals are to serve God, to serve His people, to encourage Christian parents [Proverbs 22:6], and to provide news, Scriptures and prayer requests that will help all of us know God and meet needs in the world around us.

We hope to encourage people to delight in His Word (the Bible) so that we might better understand God's love, allow Him to fill us with His life, then follow Him wherever He leads us. We pray that we might lead people to Him, so that He will lead them to the place He wants to use them. What it means to be a Christian

We have several links to the organization, Voice of the Martyrs, which provides food, clothing and encouragement to persecuted Christians around the world. Our section, "Preparing for Persecution," includes encouraging stories that show the importance of taking a stand on God's truth, even if it means facing the world's hatred, ridicule and exclusion. So do the sections on  Preparing for Victory and The Armor of God. Please visit those pages and check for yourself. Perhaps they would help you understand our mission.

From Talon: My apologies and condolances to your parents for creating such stupidity and letting it live. Hope you die. Have a nice day

You remind of this Bible verse: "All those who hate me love death." (Proverbs 8:36) You may also be interested in a quote I just posted on our homepage:  

From The New Thought Police by feminist Tammy Bruce, former NOW leader who saw the liberal assault on American freedom from the inside:  "As the organized Left gained cultural power, it turned into a monster that found perpetual victimhood, combined with thought and speech control, the most convenient and efficient way to hold onto that power Suddenly, it was the Left, the protector of liberty, that was setting rules about what could and could not be said, or even thought. And because we do not give up our freedom willingly, the strategy of the left-wing establishment has become one of intimidation, backed up by legal force." (p. xii)  We will post more quotes from this book.

Anonymous:  I took the time to look over this site and its content one lovely tuesday morning, hoping to find some impartiality and understanding beyond barbaric interpertations of the bible.

Im dropping the act of being nice and laughing at you. You make me sick.

I pray to god that you never raise any children, and if you do,they are some very disobediant
brats who don't listen to the claptrap you follow and preach.

Actually, God has already blessed us with wonderful children who love God and have never shown a sign of being "disobedient brats."  Believe it or not, His ways really work!  We thank God, and remember one of His many promises to those who follow Him in a hostile world that demands a contrary consensus: "...a curse without cause shall not alight." (Proverbs 26:2)

From Sutoraberii:  I have found a few things that I would like to mention about your website.

1. Children don't see these 'messages' in Harry Potter and Pokemon and especially Teletubbies. It's just happy, fun stuff to them.

2. Wiccan and Pagan beleifs are not 'Witchcraft.'

3. Jesus was a jew.

Your first and last points are correct. Children don't see the pagan values and suggestions I see in popular entertainment. The fact that it is "just happy, fun stuff to them" makes them it all the more deceptive and dangerous to Biblical faith. Entertainment has a way of lulling the critical mind to sleep while sending all kinds of powerful images and ideas into the memory. That's why we write our warnings.

Your second point is wrong. While many Wiccans may abstain from the black magic that characterize traditional witchcraft, they still build their beliefs on the same spiritual foundation and practice many of the same rituals.   On page 9 of her book, "Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Age," Vivianne  Crowley, begins her explanation of "the way of the witch:"

"Wicca is the religion at the forefront of the neo-Pagan revival. It is called the Old Religion because it is based on the religious practices of our Pagan ancestors -- the worship of the divine personified in the form of a Goddess and a God, both of whom have many names and forms."

The old "way of the witch" offers power from a capricious spirit who loves no one. Because it leads to oppression rather than peace, God warned His people thousands of years ago to follow His way rather than the timeless pagan ways. Please see Deut 18:9-12. and African Witchcraft.

From Benjamin Huffman: "What you are posting on your webpage is pure and simple narrowmindedness.  It is that same hatred and inability to feel compassion that brought around some of the recent tragedies the United States of America has had to suffer.  How could you possibly claim to worship Jesus and God and not believe in tolerance and goodwill towards EVERY man, not just the men who think the exact same way you do.  What you are posting on your webpage will spread hypocrisy.  It is just a continuation of the grand tradition of name calling and finger pointing.  It is disgusts me.  I hope my children grow up and love "Shrek", D&D, and Harry Potter and realize that people like you only make the world worse.  Only scar humanity deeper.  Get help.

I do believe in being kind and showing God's love to every person. But I also treasure our freedom in America to warn each other within our Christian family that some beliefs and practices are incompatible with God's teaching.

I know well that my position is unpopular in our times. In fact, various UN policies and declaration makes my beliefs illegal [see The UN Plan for Your Mental Health - no matter how much I care for those who hold contrary beliefs. 

Notice that you attack me personally for my beliefs. I don't attack you or other people. I only critique the influences that touch and change people.  

From "Celestial:" This has given me quite the laugh today . To think that you can possibly say  that D&D, Magic the Gathering, and even Teletubbies lead to the occult ! There is so much worse in the world and it is quite sad that this is what u can come up with to make a fuss about.

I used to be a strong Christian but  after sermon after sermon of talking about money i lost faith. I know what u  are thinging, that the aforesaid was because of Magic. People need to loosen  up. Magic, Pokemon, Hairy Potter, and the Teletubbies are either television shows and or card games. Loosen up and have fun. Lifes too short. Thanks for listening.

Actually, we have lots of fun. We travel, climb mountains, read books, play old fashioned games, have an adventurous family!  God wants us to be "open" to all the wonderful things He has given us in His creation -- and to everything that is true, noble, pure, lovely and worthy of praise -- but closed to those things that corrupt His message and blind us to the wonders of friendship with Him.

From Raz: Get this right now.  Im christian, i may not be the ultimate christian, but I am all the less. I play D&D on a regular basis.  I listen to Metallica all the time, along with many other HEAVY METAL bands.  You cant characterize every christian as worshiping this stuff, or say that it is evil.  God didn't make everyone perfect.

Right. He didn't make anyone perfect. That's why we all need the cross. All are born with a nature than tends to rebel against God and His ways. As Romans 3:23 tells us, "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

But when we are "crucified with Christ" -- when we are born again by believing that Jesus took our sins to the cross and therefore forgives and cleanses us -- He fills us with His life. From now on, He enables us to understand and do what pleases Him. In fact, that becomes our greates joy -- better than any of the thrills the world offers through D&D and similar entertainment. To understand what I mean, read What it means to be a Christian.

Im guessing Medieval lands are evil, because D&D is based on that?  Get a clue, many people do these things.  Harry Potter, is a KIDS BOOK.  KIDS ENJOY IT.  God wants people to be happy, live the happy life...let them have some fun for cripe sake..I feel sorry that none of you will open your minds to things such as D&D, see OUR point of view, instead of being one minded.

God wants to give us the joy of His constant presence and fellowship. That's very different from the world's kind of happinessSee My High Tower

From Ender: Hi! I am 16 years old and I am a Christian; however, the Christianity I believe in is the one that Paul speaks about: "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me" (Galatians 2:20). Your website is challenging and probes into the deceptions the world has to offer. I have been challenged many times in my faith to be closer to Christ and to discern and to tell good from evil based on His judgment, just through this website. All I have to say is to keep up the good work and that God will use you to point the lost to the truth! God's Blessings,

Thank you for your very encouraging letter, Ender. I  so appreciate your spiritual discerment and your faithfulness to God. 

Galatians 2:20 is my favorite Scripture. It is the one I usually say to myself any time I face a battle or a task that seems impossible. His grace is always sufficient!

From Alex: Not every child in this world is as impressionable as wet clay. I'm a 15 year old high school student, and I can't believe how you feel about people under the age of ten. Honestly, I do agree with you in that the perverse humor in Shrek was a bit out of place, but I loved that movie anyway. Especially the perverse humor. :) Besides, all of that humor would just go over a little kid's head, and they'd enjoy the slapstick and fantasy of the whole thing. 

... umm... What exactly is wrong with creatures fighting? It's just fantasy people! Pokemon taught me how to strategize, and Magic taught me how to get my butt whupped. It's as simple as that. Also, in saying that Pokemon isn't Christian... WELL, DUH! Most of Japan isn't Christian, so why would they follow Christian guidelines when making a video game?

 They wouldnít. And they couldnít. But you are missing my points. Iím not saying Japan canít invent popular games. I am simply suggesting that Christian parents help their children understand the occult images and suggestions in these games so they can choose not to play.

 When playing games or reading a book or watching TV or ANYTHING, I say you should always keep an open mind. That way you can understand whats so good about it.

A nice politically correct sentiment Ė but not very wise. God tells us to be open to Him and His truth, but closed to the things that are harmful to our minds and bodies.

The best way this was ever said in media was actually on South Park, spoken by the legendary Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. "You people focus so hard on the things wrong with Christmas that you've forgotten what's so right about it." Now of course, the use of Christmas is out of context here, but to strive for politically correct material, why do we have to hate everything that doesn't exactly agree with our values, and try to persuade others of it?

We donít have to hate anything. Instead we choose what we will believe. Our beliefs determine what kinds of filters we will use to evaluate what is good and bad. I have chosen to believe the Bible. Through it, God shows me what He loves and hates. I simply want to share what He shows me with those who want to hear. No one has to listen.

I always say, and always will say to go at new things or things that disagree with you with an open mind, so you can learn from the experience and enjoy it, rather than ignore everything good with it and wish you hadn't wasted your time. Thanks for your time.

From GothicTwist: Yet again While researching on the web for usefull info on occult symbolisim i stumble across yet another site of #@$% Bible bashing yanks When Are you going to realise that religion is merely a tool of authority used to controll those who lack the inteligence to decide on their own set of morals and their own path through life.

I'm so grateful to my Lord that He has a far better path and purpose for our lives than you or I could conceive.

From Kristtina A.G. Javierre:  I'm 12 years old and will attend the 8th grade starting Sept. 4. I am e-mailing you regarding magic and your pages on Harry Potter, Shrek, Pokemon, etc. Before you delete this e-mail please know, that I'm not a witch, I do not want to be a witch, my mom's a Christian, my dad is a Catholic, and I (as well as my whole family) firmly believe in God.

I know that magic can be bad in the Bible and I'm not making up excuses, but the things that make up Harry Potter, Shrek, Pokemon, etc aren't bad. They give children like me something to believe in. They help us understand thet somethings just cannot be defined or put into scientific terms. They help us ease into life, love, hope, the unpredicatable, and faith. 

Kristina, God asks us to love what He loves and hate what He considers harmful. He warns us throughout the Bible that magic, spellcasting and other pagan practices are evil. And when tese practices are promoted through occult entertainment, they turn His values upside down. That's why He warns us, 

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.... Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." Isaiah 5:20-21

The fact that the Harry Potter books and movies based on a pagan beliefs "give children like [you] something to believe in" makes it all the more dangerous to your faith. God gives you something far better to believe in. But if you blend His wonderful truth and promises with pagan beliefs and values, you distort the truth and you cannot be God's friend and follower. You have to choose. Remember what Joshua said,

"...choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served... or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." So the people answered and said: "Far be it from us that we should forsake the Lord to serve other gods...."  Joshua 24:15-16

As a child we know that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy do things with love. They do things with "magic". Are you going to tell me that more than 2/3 of the world are wrong in believing that a jolly, happy man loves children so much, he'd give them gifts for good behavior? Or that a beautiful fairy, gives us money, for losing a baby tooth?

God tells us to have "no other gods," Kristina. If you put your faith in Santa Claus or any other being with supernatural power, you open the door of your mind to relativism and spiritual deceptions and you will not be close to God or enjoy His spiritual protection. See the Armor of God.

God is a type of "magic". God is love, hope, humanity, understanding, belief, and kindness. God does something that no one can explain, isn't that magic?

No, it's not. Your question tells me that you have already mixed your faith in God with an appreciation for occult forces. But even if I tried, I couln't explain this to you. As long as you want to keep one foot in His Kingdom and the the other in the world of the occult, you will not be able to understand. God shows us why in 1 Corinthians 10:1-13. You cannot know God and His ways unless He reveals Himself to you by His Spirit. And He will not do that unless you seek Him with your whole heart. Rev 2:4Get out your Bible and go to Him in prayer, not to me, to understand who He is and what He will do for those who truly love Him.

I was raised looking at evry point of view, and I see yours. You believe that not putting God in books concerning uncommon things leads to Satanism. But believing in God isn't enough, loving him is. Just like believing in Satan isn't enough to justify our feeling toward him. Belief and Love are 2 seperate things. You believe that Satan is there, but do love him? Children understand that, without thinking. Thatís why these books are great, because we already know it. Please write back to me, I would like to hear what you have in response to my letter. Love and God Bless,

What do you mean by "loving Him?"  He tells us His meaning in John 14:21-21. It shows that you have to do His will and obey His Word -- and you cannot obey His Word if you don't know or understand it. But if you seek His will, follow His guidelines and are willing to put aside the things He hates, He will open your heart to understand His ways and delight in His presence:

"He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.... If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words...."

Are you wiser than Him? Do you think you have better answers than He has given us in His Word? Then please re-read the last verse in this passage: Isaiah 5:20. Then read What it means to be a Christian. I am praying that He will turn your heart to Himself...

"....that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love...." (Colossians 1:9-13)

From Ben:  I just got through glancing through your website, and i must say, i am absolutely speechless. I am a christian, i go to church every sunday, and i make my best efforts to follow jesus christ. 

Ben, your words make me wonder what you mean by a Christian. My Bible tells us that we come into God's family by faith in what He accomplished on the cross on our behalf -- redemption, freedom from the bondage to sin and its power, etc. -- not by our own effort.  Then, having been "crucified with Christ," we are filled with His "righteous" life. His Spirit in us causes our hearts to love what He loves and shun what He hates -- and gives us the strength to follow Him and His ways. 

In other words, we don't live the Christian life by our own "best efforts." His life in us, not our human adequacy [Gal 2:20] enables us to live the Christian life. Please see Rom 12:2-9  and What it means to be a Christian.

While i may not be the best christian, i can cartianly say that watching dragon Ball Z and playing role playing games doesnt make me any less of a christian. And how dare you spread that kind of message to people. Its people like you who turn non christians AWAY from christianity, by representing the christian religeon and making readiculous accuastions about video games, and anime, and other poular things. 

What do you mean -- "how dare you...?"  Don't we still live in a country where we both have the freedom to share our faith and follow our conscience? What kind of controlling culture would you prefer? One where people could speak and maintain websites only if they agree with you?  Remember, I force no one to come to our site or read our words.

I despise people like you who have nothing better to do than inforce your own beliefs on other people. Arent us christians supposed to be better than that? Arent we supposed to show people a positive change in our lives from jesus christ, and let others see this change in hopes that they will also follow our path? Caertianly not to scare them away by making some of the most pathetic and rediculous accusations i (and most people who would read your site) have ever heard.

From "A chirstian who isn't a nitwit":  I'm going to let you in on a little secret...magic DOESN'T exist. Another
little "secret": Harry Potter is in the FICTION section of your local library. Yet another little tidbit of knowledge: Pokemon is a VIDEO GAME. Pokemon do not exist in this world, and never will. Perhaps that's something you should bring up during your next bible discussion. 

I'm going to let you in on another little secret: Harry Potter isn't the hell-spwan, fire and brimstone demon you make him out to be. He's a FICTIONAL character. So some people go overboard, its a good book regardless. Also, in your article you talk about this one case about how witchcraft was underexposed and Christianity was over exposed. You go on and on about how God's word isn't getting out. 

Perhaps you should go to Texas college where Bhuddists are being hazed by Chirstian groups "spreading the word". Also, I have a magic deck, I've read all four Harry Potter books, loved every one, and I have a Pokemon game. Does that make me evil? In your eyes, yes. Before you judge me, I had my Confirmation 2 months ago.

Have you read any of our articles? If so, you have missed all our points and ignored all our documentation. You would sound much wiser if you would tone down your sarcasm and take time to consider our research -- then rebut us with facts that refute our actual statements.

Here are some words of wisdom you would do well to ponder:  Proverbs 12:15

From "sad": Love the website you STUPID  #@#%&! The fear of anything outside your limited thinking is very sad.

All roads lead to God. Too bad you misinterpret the words of the Christ so skillfully that you miss this most basic idea. Sad.

Actually, we who put our faith in Jesus Christ have less to fear than anyone else. No matter what happens, we are safe in Him  -- forever!  The belief that "all roads lead to God" is a popular but misleading illusion. Many will be surprised at the eternal condition they have chosen in this life. See What it means to be a Christian

From "Child of God": I have just come from reading your site and I must say I am very aggrevated. You are rude.  You are insulting.  You are judgemental.  And most importantly, you are uninformed.  

Have you even read a Harry Potter book? The books are packed with "good" things and morals.  She isn't trying to promote witchcraft, like you think.  And just as YOU accuse J.K. of "brainwashing" people with her book (though you did not use that exact word,that is what you accuse her of) you are "brainwashing" people with your website.  You are brainwashing people to think that Christianity is filled with mindless, arrogant people like yourselves. Be a steward of the Lord.

I have read every single Harry Potter book and I still believe in God.  I still believe his word.  I am still a normal high school student on my way to graduating, not being a witch.  I leave my broom to sweeping the floor, not to flying around with.  These books have not changed my religious feelings at all because I know that they are fiction.  And any child who wants to read a book for the purpose of learning more about "evil" and magic, is not going to pick Harry Potter over other witchcraft books because a child who is seriously interested in witchcraft wants a book about facts.

You had better expand your site if you are going to bad mouth Harry Potter because there are millions of other things you should pick through as well.

I was watching "Scooby Doo" last night and Shaggy and Scooby were looking for a spell book to try and make this mutant shark man go away or something. Where is your anti-Scooby Doo page?  I think you should chill out
and put all your energy into something worth while.  You are not convincing many people NOT to read H.P., instead you are convincing the masses that Christianity is a joke and Christians are not to be taken seriously.

Did you read my four Harry Potter articles? If not, please do. I believe they would answer your questions. Your letter tells me that you missed my main points.

From a woman who preferred not to be identified:  I have read the Your Comments section of your website and have just been shocked and amazed at 

#1, people who assume that you think or say things that you didn't

#2, people who didn't seem to "get" the point of your articles and who you are directing it to.

#3, about how unbelievers and even some believers are biblically illiterate and do not understand Christianity at all.

#4, about how heated that some people are 

#5, that your articles on "tolerance" and the education system has been proven true by some of the philosophical views some of your commentators have espoused.

It is significant to note that according to George Barna, as you are probably aware of, most professed "born again christians" are not committed to their faith to any great degree, they hardly ever read their bibles, and their actions are indistinguishable from those in the world. This explains why liberal so-called churches are lifted up by people. This also explains why your website is so controversial.

I am so sorry you get these negative reactions to your articles. Sometimes I think that people are so fanatical about say, Sailor Moon (which I never felt "right" about watching) and the Prayer of Jabez that ANY negativity or ANY criticism or even ANY caution means they can make assumptions of how or what you are thinking on a broad spectrum of other topics even if you never expressed them. They stop thinking about it, or even reading the whole article clearly, and start writing angry letters impulsively. At least, that is what I think they are doing, the majority of them.

I don't mind the negative comments. I just pray that God will open the eyes of some who visit us and use this website to change hearts and inform and bless many. I trust He will.

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