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Anonymous: What you two consider to be "christian", is exactly what is wrong with this country. Things like imagination, individuality, and women's rights are things that should be encouraged, not discouraged and discredited as evil. Unfortunately people like you guys actually do exist and need someone or something to blame their own shortcomings on so they turn to the entertainment industry. How sad. While reading one of your many articles on Harry Potter, (which is quite pathetic that you spend so much of your time on him) for a class on censorship, i came to realize that religous fundamentalism is dangerous and maniacal no matter what religion it is. You guys are at a par with muslims, congratulations.

You must have misunderstood our messages. We have stated repeatedly that we are not promoting censorship of books. Nor do we force anyone to read our articles. Our goal is to equip and help those who ask us questions and willingly come to our website for information and encouragement from a Christian perspective.

From Rebecca H.: This [Marketing the occult] was a great article as to what should and should not be a the content children see. I do agree with some of your point but the OCCULT is going a bit far. Harry Potter again as I agree can influence children of what is deemed good and bad but for religious reasons it is far from the OCCULT. Every religion is the OCCULT if would realize that it's man following the word of the GOD or GODS they believe in.

oc·cult (P) adj.
Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena. (which could be explained as miracles too or faith healings like lying on hands.)
Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable. (again when people are not open to new views of what "Why are we here?" question.)
Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious. (there's no mystery in Harry potter but alot in the missing text of the JEWISH WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE- are you jewish, I'm not but I know the truth so to me it's not a mystery either)
Hidden from view; concealed. (Harry potter is not concealed)
Medicine. Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis, as a minute blood sample.
Not accompanied by readily detectable signs or symptoms: occult carcinoma.

When you live a life by one phenomenon then you only subject yourself to being closed minded and you don't learn from what life can really teach you about your spirit.

Again this was a great article but even bad movies or bad situations can be great learning lessons if presented to children appriorately as great examples of what not to do such as Lord Volemort be a villian and Harry Potter being a kid stuck with this prophecy (like Jesus) to save this society. It's interesting how we made one man, like this one boy responsible for all the people in their community or world? Hmmm, when does man take blame for themselves and stop relying on everyone else to save them or fix their problems?

Foot steps means GOD cares you when you need help and when you get "IT" is when you are walking with him as an equal. He's carring you right now. Open your mind and realize what the world really is and get your own opinion not that of the church or the bible. Get identity that isn't everyone else's in your church. Become an individual because people around the world are slamming this Harry Potter writer left and right but she's just writing for fun and, well like the TV you don't have to watch, read, or listen.

I agree with you about the word, occult. It has several meanings, and it’s application depends on a person’s beliefs or world view. Since I write from a Christian point of view, I use that word to refer to a broad range of supernatural forces or powers that God’s Word tells us to avoid.

I know that my perspective offends many, but since I am speaking primarily to concerned Christian parents, I have to speak the truths God has given me. I have to write that which matches my Bible-trained conscience -- even if many don't agree. I so appreciate the First Amendment of our Constitution, as I'm sure you do as well.

Thanks for your definitions.... May I post your comment ...?

Yes, that would be fine. Letting the public know the definition of OCCULT is good because people can be a little more Politically Correct and use "Non-Christian." I promote all religions if that's how you find your spiritual path but I don't follow the Biblical Path just a general GOOD Person's path.  Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous: I didn't even have to go through 3 articles on your site to realize it was all full of needless, frivolous bitching on stupid topics trying to ban young children from watching Harry Potter movies or Yu Gi Oh. Why?

We all know magic DOES NOT EXIST. There's NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC. So why's it matter if someone watches Harry Potter? Get a life.

You're the kind of people who feel bad for not being chaste and try to act like it by whining about EVERY little TINY bit of anything that goes against your religious beliefs. God gave people, THE ABILITY TO CHOSE. If someone wants to watch a dumb movie about a stupid boy who for some reason is the only one who can save the world 7 times in a row then let them. What's the worst that can possibly happen? Oh no, your kids will come home and imagine being Harry and they might, HAVE FUN: something you must be against by the way.

All you wihny baby Christians think about is yourself, you think about what others will do that will make you look bad. Or you see someone else having fun while watching a movie that has magic in it, and instantly it's evil because you were stupid enough to not watch it yourself.

If God's real I bet he laughs at people like you 24/7.

Here is a bit of wisdom from the Bible which fit our times:

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness....
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!"
Isaiah 5:20-21

From Jo Lewis:  Thank you for the recent article on the dangers of the Harry Potter books. I can tell that your desire is to warn parents to protect their children. I hope and pray that parents will ask God for discernment so they can understand the danger in allowing their children to read anything that would promote/justify witchcraft.

Thank you, also, for sharing the incident at the conference when you were "hit" by the evil presence. A similar incident happened to me a few weeks after I gave my life over to Jesus. I had been doing research into why my son's teacher was introducing him to Indian astrology and "earth worship" type stuff. I had been reading some of the writings of the people who promoted this type of curriculum, such as Alice Bailey and other New Agers. I understood that it was just not about "saving the earth" or "being ecologically conservative" but that it was truly evil. I thank God that he put me in touch with Bible-Believing Christian mothers in my town, who told me to read the Bible to understand it all. If I hadn't started reading the Bible, I wouldn't have been able to cope, let alone understand the dangers to my son!!

Anyway, one night as I got ready for bed, I suddenly felt a huge, evil presence in my room. I knew immediately that it was a dangerous and evil entity of some sort! I didn't know anything but to call out the name of Jesus. I boldly said, "In the Name of Jesus, leave!" It didn't. So, I said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave my house right now!" It didn't. I wasn't about to yield, so I said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, who shed His blood on the cross for my sins, I demand that you leave NOW." I spoke firmly, but did not yell and it left!!

The amazing thing, Berit, is that I knew what it was and that I just knew Jesus was stronger than whatever/whoever it was -- because I'd been reading the Bible daily and asking God for discernment and boldness. If I didn't KNOW I could rely on Jesus to protect me, I would have crumbled onto the floor. After the incident, I was not frightened. God gave me peace and I immediately went to bed and slept well.

I hope that parents will understand that the evil one IS roaming about the earth.

From Jeff W.: I was reading a little newsletter put out by the Corona Norco Unified School District (in Corona California). One article was about an elementary school that was promoting reading by having a theme within their library that said "Reading is Magic". It was promoted by having a visual display of Harry Potter oriented themes, such as a castle and other items. The kids were encouraged to read various Harry Potter books.

Christian parents may or may not know their local elementary schools may be promoting the Potter books in this way. It would be difficult for the children not to be exposed to this unless they were pulled out of the school. Potter promotes witchcraft, but I guess our public schools are comfortable not only promoting prolific occultism to our kids, but also promoting a religion. This is interesting considering the liberal hysteria  over even the remotest hint of promoting Christianity. Evil is good, and good is evil.

From George Connor, Avid Harry Potter Fan, Aethist and Student: i am responding to your article on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince. i would firstly like to point out that u say and i quote "Could this new mythology become the great equalizer of religions -- fusing Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities with 21st century paganism? "May i point out to you that paganism is the worship of a religion that is not that of the Jewish, Islamic or Christian faith where as there are no mentions to any religions in harry potter. I understand enemies or be saved from a flood leaving the evil people to drown, which clearly shows intolerance to those whos beliefs do not corrospond with your own?

Intolerance is something we must cope with in modern day society, for instance i have to put up with your narrow minded racist, homophobic and frankly ludicrus suggestions such as JK Rowling is trying to posion our childrens mind with books with a "dark undercurrent". I understand that you are entitled to this view but i must ask are you really so intellitually limited that you see evil in childrens writing? please ponder what i have said because i urge you to withdraw your ridiculus critisisms.

George, I searched for the phrase, "dark undercurrent," in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"  but couldn't find it. I did however use the word "dark" several times (as in "While the 'dark side' seems more deadly, the 'light side' is far more deceptive.")  But so did Ms. Rowling. For example:

1. "Defense Against the Dark Arts."

2. “And, should it prove necessary... if it seems Draco will fail...“ whispered Narcissa... “will you carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?”

     “I will," said Snape.

I will try to explain what I meant by the question, "Could this new mythology become the great equalizer....?" If you take four teenagers from four different religions and suggest a new, tempting philosophy to each one -- a particular belief that seems more exciting and captivating than anything they saw in the original -- those four teens might suddenly feel more comfortable with each other than with their former family values or spiritual leaders. Does that make sense to you?

As diverse children and teens around the world embrace the self-empowering notion of a supernatural force that can be manipulated through rituals and magic formulas, they become increasingly alike in their desires and values. The old beliefs no longer fit, so they begin to conform their values to the new mythology. It's already happening around the world!  Of course, many religions are quite compatible with Harry Potter's world of magic.

From Allison: I would like to comment on your article 12 reasons not to read harry potter. I am not saying that it was bad or a lie. But i personally am a christian and have been for 13 years, ever since i was born. I have always been a follower and always will be.

My two favorite shows are charmed and harry potter. To me it is just nice to watch these shows and escape from reality every once and a while. When my life gets to hectic, i just grab a harry potter book and start reading. I don't wish to worship or not believe in god just because of a book. There are worse movies and things out there that people should worry about than some book.

I haven't heard of one of my friends (all christians) even liking harry potter, but not because its satanic. Because they just don't like it, I go out and play faeries and stuff like that with my little brother (10) just because its fun to pretend to be something your not.... People cannot really go out and use a wand to perform magic. However, someone can go out and freely choose to do evil.

It is just human to want to escape every now and then. It is such a popular book. You said when they say i love hp, they are misusing it. Do you not say I love this or that food. or something else? like I love cheerleading. That doesn't mean i am not a good or faithful follower. It just means i'm human and make mistakes.

With all do respect,

I'm concerned, Allison, that many fans love Harry Potter and his occult world more than they love God and His Kingdom. If He asked you to stop reading such books, would you do it, for Him? That's the real test of whether or not your are His follower. Remember what Jesus said to the rich young ruler?

“Now as He was going out on the road, one came running, knelt before Him, and asked Him, ‘Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?'
        “So Jesus said to him, '... You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’ ‘Do not bear false witness,’ ‘Do not defraud,’ ‘Honor your father and your mother.’
       “And he answered and said to Him, ‘Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth.’
       “Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, ‘One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.’
      “But he was sad at this word, and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.
      “Then Jesus looked around and said to His disciples, ‘How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!’ ... And they were greatly astonished, saying among themselves, ‘Who then can be saved?’
     “But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.’ ”
Mark 10:17-27

A person doesn't receive Christ and enter God's Kingdom by obeying the law, but through faith in His Word and repentance (turning away from sin). See What it means to be a Christian and Guilty as Charged.

On the other hand, our changed life is evidence that He now lives in us and guides us each day. In other words, if we don't have a heart to follow Him, we probably did not become Christians in the first place.

On these two pages, you can find other verses that help us understand what it means to follow Jesus: Loving God First and Loving evil more than good. Here are some examples:

"Do not be conformed to this world.... Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. " Romans 12:2, 9

"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever." 1 John 2:15-17

From Seeker: Tell me, how does it feel to know that the new Harry Potter book has smashed all records in terms of sales? There's even a change it could someday outsell the bible. I was not going to buy the book, but after hearing you express your fears that it could weaken people's walk with god, I just HAD to get a copy. After all, I feel It's my responsibility to keep you guys in business, because if no one bought the Harry Potter books, what would you guys have to complain about?

I just jest of course, You have so many issues to complain about. But face it, today was a victory for free thinking people, you and your religion are being minimized, and It's hilarious to watch. Now don't worry, I'm not saying that Harry Potter can't lead people to witchcraft, and in fact, in many cases of lonely teens can contribute to a rise in this particular religion. But it certainly did not lead me to witchcraft or paganism, but I personally feel that any religion that has that close a tie to nature is a religion that like Christianity, leads to a boot being placed on the potential of the human race. Thankfully I believe people are waking up, and will soon come to their senses and realize that they should follow their hearts, and discover what true power is.

So, if you don't mind, I a 16 year old, am going to keep reading Harry Potter, keep watching Anime, Keep truly living my life, and keep worshiping someone who truly has saved me. Before I go, let me just say this, If given the choice, I would eat the apple, as I believe one should always seek out knowledge. Till next we meet,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Would you like me to post your letter? ...

Follow-up letter from Seeker:

I would like to apologize, I feel I went overboard in my attempt to prove a point. I am known to do that, but it was inexcusable to say what I did to you. I was just angry at what I saw at the time as a illogical fear. And while I still don't agree with your fears and concerns, you have the right to write whatever you want. Actually, I'm not very religious as I'm sure you can guess, as I feel it holds humanity back somewhat. Anyway, after reading your newest article on Harry Potter, I still think you miss the point of the story. Would it be alright if I emailed my views to you a little later? And sure, put my letter on your site, but please refer to me as Seeker. Till next time, your friend,

From Greg: I just felt compelled to write you. I was browsing the web, and I came across your abhorrent web site. In the brief time I have to write you I can only justify certain distains. First, your obvious attempt to commercialize your website with Harry Potter references is tantamount to what you are chastising. By using such obvious tactics you make yourself no better than people who…and I quote your site “lie and cheat when it serves their purpose”….

Going through the obviously tenuous list of twelve, there are entries that have absolutely no relevance to Harry Potter and only are, at best, remotely connected. I can only point out the most obvious disconnection that you have with…. what you deem reality….. Example….number ten; God tells us to "train up a child in the way He should go." Only at the last two words of your inconsistent paragraph do you throw in the words Harry Potter…. God doesn’t exsist because…oh, Harry Potter.

In summation, I think you need help, and the only reason I’m taking these few, relaxing moments out of my life is to tell you there is no god. In fact “god” was created by the politicians of ancient history to control and tax the people.

The biggest evil of all time is organized religion, not Harry Potter. Just give it a rest!

I can understand, Greg, why the article made so little sense to you. There are two main reasons:

1.You have been misinformed. Please see this chart: Biblical versus Cultural Christianity and Brave New Schools, Chapter 2

2. You see reality from an entirely different perspective. The following Scripture reminds us how impossible it is for those who don't know God to understand His love and wisdom:

“'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'
But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. ... Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God." 1 Corinthians 2:9-12

If you would like to understand why I believe and write as i do, please see What it means to be a Christian

From Vicki: I want to say "God bless you!" for your faithful stand for right and against evil. Don't ever become discouraged or afraid.  If we are ashamed of our Lord, He will be ashamed of us. 

We only become persecuted (by other's acts or words) if we are touching them in some way with the truth. You get many negative comments regarding your stand against the snares of satan, but I believe the Holy Spirit brings these dear writers (of negative comments) to your site so they can hear the truth.  They may not want to admit it now, but the Holy Spirit will continue to strive for their souls and bring to their minds the things they read here. 

Time is growing short and I pray we can all be shining lights for our God in Heaven and be faithful to the end.   Please keep the faith and be strong, dear friends in Jesus.  Visit today!

Anonymous: Your site is horrible. You say people shouldnt watch harry potter for dumb reasons. First off, who  #%$#  are YOU to say if people should watch something or not. You are saying that magic is not real. LOL a "God" that is all powerful and set natural laws for the world is real? It makes me sick people like you. You say what god wants and try to push your opinion to others, but i dont push my views on anyone. You have no right. I bet if an ATHIEST group came public trying to ban the bible from being sold, you would be VERY OFFENDED.

No, I wouldn't be personally offended. Even today, many Christians in China bravely face torture and imprisonment because they have dared to distribute Bibles which are banned unless bought through government-regulated churches. Since the death and resurrection of our Lord, Christians have joyfully endured persecution rather than betray the One they know.

Please also remember that our website was first written for those who share our desire to know and follow Jesus. As far as I know, no one is forced to visit us. Would you prefer to see our "right" or "freedom" to share our beliefs with others in America be terminated?

From Kimberly (25 yrs. old, F.Y.I.)I never cease to be amazed by the reactive remarks people make in regards to your inspired and thought-provoking articles. Every one of your articles is well-researched, well-documented, and presented in an articulate manner - hardly what I would call the ravings of a crazed lunatic! I'm deeply disturbed by the lack of discernment and Biblical knowledge among many of the dissenters (ESPECIALLY those who claim to be pastors!! Yikes) You speak the Truth as the Bible presents it, yet you are judged as being "judgmental" by those who tell YOU not to be judgmental!! Incredible. Although it's to be expected, it's undeserved, and I for one highly commend you on the body of work contained within this site. I praise God for the gifts of insight and wisdom which He has bestowed upon your ministry! I have learned much from you, and for that I thank you.
The great irony I found in these postings is that many of your accusers' statements personify the very qualities they supposedly find in you: "judgmental," "ignorant," "misguided," "closed-minded," etc. Their own words have revealed them to be hypocrites (which is another trait on the list of offenses; point proven). They claim to follow God, yet they base their conclusions on their own thoughts and "feelings": "**I** like Harry Potter because **I** don't see anything wrong with it...."
To those who are offended by the Truth, I pose this question: Did Jesus offend people when He threw over their tables in the temple (John 2:12-25)? Definately! Were the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees offended by the stinging words Jesus spoke against them? Absolutely! But Jesus was more concerned with pleasing God than He was with pleasing people; He made excuses for no one or no thing.
To this end, I pose another question: Why do people throw around the word "intolerant" as though it's a bad thing? Is it wrong to be "intolerant" of those things which are not of God? I'm reminded of one other such Person Who was hated for His uncompromising stance and "intolerant" views of the world. For being thrown into this much-derided category, a person should be glad; they're in good Company!
It's clear that people mistake God's patience for tolerance. God doesn't *tolerate* anything which is contrary to His Word, although He does show exceeding *patience* in granting us ample opportunities for repentance. People need to remember that God is not only Love. One only has to do a superficial reading of the Bible to see examples of God's holy, righteous wrath being used against those who knew the truth, yet contemptuously refused to obey.

From "a Christian that likes to read Fictional stories:" Hello. I'm a sixteen year old girl that goes to church, follows Christ, believes in the word of God, been saved, and I read and watch Harry Potter. I dont understand what is so wrong about these books and movies. To me they are just for imagination. I understand what is the difference and there isnt anything wrong with me. I'm not satanic. I do not study witch craft or wicca. I do not believe that Harry Potter is real. Harry Potter has not gotten in the way of my path to Christ. It just a story.

If you want to ban Harry Potter why dont u ban all of the cartoons that children watch because I know they all have something to do with magic. I've seen disney movies that have magic in them and I have been watching them since I was young. If you closely read Harry Potter there isnt anyway these books can show witchcraft because it doesnt tell anyone how to do the spell or whatever. It just happens. Also if you read in the books they always have Christmas. I dont think they would celebrate Christmas if they werent celebrating the birth of Jesus since thats the day he was born.

In our postmodern times, what do most people think about during Christmas? Jesus and what He did for us, or presents, parties, food and decorations? Across America, nativity scenes are being banned, while Christ-less celebration are promoted. That kind of Christmas fits in well with pagan beliefs -- especially since the Christmas tree and other highlights celebrated during the winter solstice were pagan from the beginning.

Harry also has a godfather which may suggest a baptism. I think if a child believes that these fictional characters are real they may have some problems because its just a book or movie!  Actually I was saved in the middle of reading the 2nd Harry Potter book.

In Europe, godfather and godmothers illustrate old tradition that have little Christian meaning for the masses.

If you haven't already read "Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies," please study it -- and look up the Scriptures. You will find better answers there than I could summarize here.

Here are some Scriptures that show God's view of the imagination: Imagination

I would like to ask you a couple of questions. Could you share your testimony of how you became a Christian as you were reading about Harry Potter? Could you also tell me what it means to be a Christian? And finally, who is Jesus Christ to you?

I posted the rest of your letter on the Star Wars page.

Anomymous: Have you even read Harry Potter? Harry Potter is about children cooperating together in friendship and love to fight evil. How is that wrong for children? Does God not approve of children who are influenced to be kind to their friends and overcome obstacles hand-in-hand? While there may be witchcraft and magic to support the fantasy genre, Harry Potter in NO way encourages any satanistic practices. It's not like Harry Potter has a burning cross on his forehead and claims to be the anti-christ and proclaims he will destroy the world.

There are far worse things that oppose religion that children are exposed to, yet you only have the ability to pit against the most popular (and most innocent) out of all of them?

You should be more open to other views that the world offers; being ignorant and closed minded as to automatically label something 'satanistic' because the kids can fly on broomsticks is ridiculous.

Have you read Lord of the Rings? Do you know what 'Angel Sanctuary' is? How about
Dungeons & Dragons or Xenogears? Games, shows, that children are all watching and playing -- but you don't notice unless its on a big screen, do you?

It's probably a futile effort to try and persuade zealous people, but I have expressed myself. You can reply if you'd like, but if you're going to argue about things I can already predict you will say, don't bother.


From James:  While some argue that Harry Potter and his friends demonstrate friendship, integrity and honesty, they actually model how to lie and steal and get away with it. Hold on, Steal? Wow, yeah... once again, my friends, you've walked into a place where common sense in nonexistant, where flammable and inflammable mean the same thing, you've entered "the stupid zone" ok, that was misinformation. they never stole anything. Well, for the sake of progression in literature, i'd like to point out that they never stole anything, and as for lying, "Hi, Welcome to the 21st century, i'm cookie, i'll be your host for the next 996 years." Not that i agree with lying, but still, it happens all the time and as a "beleiver in god" i personally strive to avoid that at all costs (cliche). but still, is it that this is all the work of satan? or does somebody have a problem with AOL Time Warner, the people behind all this?

To answer your comment about stealing I would like to quote Kenneth S. McCormick, who wrote the following. Keep in mind, there are many more serious examples in later books:

The writer said she could find no instances of stealing in the first book of the series. For the record,  instances of stealing may be found on pages 64, 227, and 299. She could find only three instances of lying. There are more, but it is not the number of lies that is the issue; it is the way stealing, lies, hate, revenge, and even murder are presented in a complete absence of moral conflict. Lying exists, of course, in the plots of many children's books, but there is normally an at least tacit recognition that lying is a moral problem of some sort. Anyone who will thoughtfully examine the instances of lying in the first Potter book, especially the climactic one on page 292 which my recent editorial page critic managed to overlook, will see that lying is not only not presented as a moral problem, but may actually be interpreted as a virtue.


Part of the genius of the author of the Potter books is the ability to provide excuses in the plot lines that can make the unacceptable appear acceptable, perhaps even charming or cute. The result is sugar-coated poison that goes down so easily that most people, sensibilities deadened by long exposure to violent and amoral popular entertainment and to the real-life bad behavior of public figures, don't even notice.


The Harry Potter books are written for children, and that is why we must hold them to a higher standard than adult literature. So listen up, all you potterheads out there, I'm only going to say this once: lying is lying and stealing is stealing, no matter how small the lie or how cute the theft, and it will be a sad world in which parents fail to convey these simple truths to their kids.

Question from a pastor:  I am a minister of the Gospel and recently read your article on Harry Potter. I must say that I was very disturbed by your thoughts. I'm not saying that I disagree with your thinking, but wow, how troubling to realize the subtle undercurrents in our world today.

I have read the first three Harry Potter books and seen a couple of the DVD films.  Do you feel that Christians can view the films in a discerning way? What dangers are there to older teens?

I have said that there are similarities of "good vs. evil" themes with Harry Potter as in C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia." Would you agree or am I wimping out not wanting to stand up against the culture?

So many children in our church are reading these books these days, including my own. I'm not sure I'm ready to "forbid" the reading of books, but perhaps some education might be wise. What do you suggest?

Because of Him...

I so appreciate your concern, but I’m not sure I can summarize here what I tried to say in all the articles I wrote on the topic. Perhaps I should just re-emphasize that “good vs. evil” is no justification for delighting in occult forces. In fact, that argument is a rather deceptive excuse when the supposed “good” is actually what God calls evil. This dilemma reminds me of Isaiah 5:20-21:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!"

I’ve been reading Jeremiah again lately, and once again I am dismayed at the similarities between our world today and the spiritual blindness of Jeremiah’s times. The people “worshipped” God at the temple; they thought they were following Him; they believed He would protect them from the coming disaster; they hated Jeremiah and his “negative” warnings, and they presumptuously counted on promises from God based on the covenant they had broken.

Their end was destruction. God actually delivered them into the hands of the overwhelming enemies He had raised up in order to carry out His judgment against the world-centered and rebellious people that He had so richly blessed.

I am sorry to bring such a disturbing message, but I can only share what God shows me in His Word. Of course, the other side -- what brings joy to our hearts -- is His love and forgiveness for those who are willing to trust and follow Him, hear and obey His Word, and deny ourselves, allowing Him to put to death our flesh (our self-centered human nature). 

He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost? For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, of him the Son of Man will be ashamed when He comes in His own glory...."  Luke 9:23

From Katie:  I have stumbled upon your site and have found that you have posted twelve reasons to not see Harry potter. This alarms me as to why you would state such a negative article towards books and movies that have become children’s favorites over the few years. You are probably thinking that I have only glanced at this article, but no I have thoroughly read through it and have come to find that is completely false and rather disturbing.

You say in your second reason that 'Imaginary experiences and well-written fantasies can affect the mind and memories as much, if not more, than actual experiences. How did you come to that conclusion, did you run tests perhaps?

No, but many others have. You can find some of those "tests" in Harry Potter and D&D, Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and Toying with Death.

Or maybe you just decided to write some rubbish on these well-thought novels only because you seem to think they are taking too much attention away from God. You cannot possibly believe that children consider wizards and witches as their God. Certainly they are interested in these books and movies, but by no means do they worship them like a God.

No. But children certainly are learning to love magical or supernatural forces more than God. They delight in the thought of being in control and in wielding powers the Bible warns us to shun.

I'm sorry but what I just said might have been insulting it is what you are doing to millions of Harry Potter fans all over the world. The similarity between Harry Potter books, and the novel, is only that they are both available to read. I am concerned that you are missing the magic in Harry Potter. However, isn't miracles considered some sort of magic, I mean that is why Jesus was killed, people of high places were intimidated. It sounds like Harry Potter and Jesus have more in common than that meets the eye. You ought to do your research gentleman. I suppose you probably get letters about your Harry Potter article all the time, and if not I am puzzled, or perhaps people just pass by your link without notice. It's a shame I couldn't though, for your sake.

You also state in the fifth reason that children have become 'spiritually blind’ where do you people come up with this stuff, it is completely preposterous.

Didn't you ever think that someone could have just sat down and began to write all of those things, maybe God isn't real, and maybe it was all a scam because someone was bored? Maybe people shouldn't listen to God, because it could all be a major set-up. Ever think there isn't life after death, ever think we're here for no apparent reason, and MAYBE... there is not great plan. You could be living a lie and you wouldn't even know it because your too pre-occupied writing silly reasons on why people shouldn't watch Harry Potter. Finally You twelfth reason, pitiful, 'God has a better way'. I standby what I just said, God could be a fictional character that someone conjured up. It’s pathetic because people worship this God.... What if tomorrow people woke up and found out that God was a phony.

Anonymous:  Are you people really this ignorant and close-minded? You preach the gospel, you basically try to shove it down people's throats, and you expect them to believe all this nonsense? Honestly! Please understand that I absolutely detest organized religion, such as you present on your web page. Don't tell people what to believe, what to feel, how to act. That's not being a Christian, that's been a dictator.

Did we force you to visit our site and read that article? Would you prefer that freedom to share one's beliefs on the Internet be banished?

I recently read your "12 Reasons Not to See Harry Potter Movies." I wanted to vomit. IT'S A MOVIE, THEY ARE MOVIES!!! If people really have a problem with discerning reality from fantasy, then they have serious mental problems. You are the exact same kind of people that blame TV, video games, and music for all the bad in America these day. Please! I have watched TV since the day I was born. I've listened to music for as long as I can remember, and I listen to everything from Jazz, Classical, and Instrumental, to Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative and Rock. I've played video games since the days of the Atari 2600, and none of them have ever made me want to go kill someday, or perform violent or illegal acts....

Movie are not evil, they're entertainment. Get over it, and get over yourselves. Find something move constructive to do with your time. Stop worrying about what other people believe, because you'll have no impact on that. Take a good look at yourselves, and try to see what's so special about you that you can make a web site like this. God will still love me, even if I see a movie with magic in it. Remember, it's only special effects, just like God used to help Moses free his people from Remises. It was nothing but "special effects." You may think you are Godly, but you are not worldly, and in my opinion, you must understand both in order to truly understand what being a Christian is.

From Paul: To start off, you need alife. How much do you make a year preaching the evil deeds that Harry Potter does? Oh wait, last time I checked the main goal of Harry Potter is to rid the world of evil, or at least the wizard world.

I honestly thought this page was a joke at first. You are full of __!!!!  &%$#@ church going queer @#$%!  I hope you die.

Post this please. &^%$# .... no one likes you. %$#@& and die.

From Lisa Alvarez: I was looking up something about the Harry Potter films on the internet and your site came up. I have to admit that I was bothered by it. It just seems to me that you have no faith in people being able to make up their own minds and use their own judgement.  I enjoyed the films and the books and I just don't see how that makes me any less in God's eyes, or any person's for that matter, than anyone else. But I understand your position and that is your choice as watching the movies is mine.

What really bothered me about your article is that you quote the actors in a very misleading fashion. As if playing the part on the set and in interviews makes them bad kids. Especially the quote about Dudley "torturing" his cousin Harry. Yes the actor does say it "was fun" but in the context of the interview he means the acting was fun. He certainly did NOT mean that "torture" is fun.

Anyway, I just needed to let you know my opinion on this and I have my doubts that anyone will actually read this in its entirety. I know your
faith in your point of view is extremely strong and I can only imagine what your impression of me must be like. Low I imagine. If it is in fact a low impression, then that would definately be something that I do NOT understand. All you know about the type of person I am is by one opinion, and that fact that I took a minute to tell you that opinion. How can someone be judged for enjoying a movie?

I did read your letter, Lisa, and I would be happy to post it.

I don't judge anyone for enjoying a movie. I just try to show God's guidelines, so that Christians came make wise choices based on His Word. Those who love Him, will surely want to know His heart and follow His ways!  And if we can see popular entertainment through the filter of His Word, then such movies won't confuse our faith or hinder our walk with God.

From Nathan [Re: Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies]: Ha Ha, 12 reasons not to see the harry potter films? That the best joke I have heard in a long time! I wonder how many people have thought you were serious! I am shure that you would agree that the Harry Potter films are very good movies (and books). I can't wait till book 6 comes out. I here its better then any so far! Well, keep the funnys coming.

your fellow fan

Ivy: I was just reading one of your articles of the Harry potter phenomenon and it is quit interesting. You see you are quite rude to say such things about the pagan religion for I am one of them, and for someone who knows nothing about my religion your very strong on to not respect it as I for some strange reason I respect yours. I don't believe in your god no, but I also do not believe in you devil either this religion is based on the earth it self.

Its terribly rude to judge me and my people and blame us on a "wizarding" movie that has nothing to do with any religion for it does not speak of any kind of god or devil. It has plenty of morals and it has opened the eyes of young kids to read and steer there minds from video games and such items. And I believe that you feel the same way, that we both agree that reading is much better then that. Know you may have your options but its quite mean to talk down on something you know nothing of. I respect what you believe in, all's I ask is that you respect what I believe in. We have never mad a comment or proposal that we are the "soupier" ones here, but today you have mad that comment. If I am not correct but is it in your bible that judging is a sin I may be wrong but I do know that it is a moral not to judge other. And since you where speaking off morals so bluntly in this article that would make you a hypocrite. I'm quite sure that you would delete this email and not think of it one bit. That would just prove my point that you don't give people a chance to show there true self. I do know that I have seen your true self and I hope that it might change by this email, though I think it might take more for someone who is stuck in a small box when there is so much more to people then what you think. Have you ever read any of the books? If no I pity you if yes I wonder how you where brut up to be so hateful to something so good to today's youth and adults alike. It has given us and imagination that is a key to survive in this world we live in. If you do not wish to watch or read these books then don't but please don't not ruin it for others. Sorry for saying this but you need to be more open minded to others thoughts and beliefs.

Now I bid you fair well and may your mind expand from this one letter.  Blessed Be,

I'm sorry that you were hurt by my analysis, Ivy. But I didn't "blame" you or anyone else for the story that Ms Rowling has given to the world. Keep in mind, her message has been in the public demand for several years and is being read by millions of children around the world. It has been reviewed and evaluated by parents, teachers and editors from diverse backgrounds -- most of whom speak primarily to those who share their world views.

I speak mainly to Christians, because I want to help Christians parents raise their children to trust the God we love. Since the Harry Potter stories focus on a supernatural force that is contrary to the power of our God, it seems only fair that I speak some words of caution. Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, Ivy, I did read all the books, mark them up and take notes. Then I posted my comments on a Christian website that no one is forced to visit or read. You didn't have to read any of it, though I'm glad you did. (I wish you would read some of the section that tell about our wise and loving God as well.)

You wouldn't prefer that America put an end to "free speech" and squeeze all minds into a consensus position determined by our leaders or by the majority opinion, would you? 

From Nancy: This is a response to the comment from: "Anonymous: Hello, I'm 19, and i'm a youth leader at a church of about 5 thousand people. ... I've devoted my life to God, accepted him as my personal savior, been baptized in water, and in the holy spirit, i am a worship leader on two worship teams and head up the media ministries for the youth department at my church."

There's nothing about JESUS - and nothing about serving Him as LORD! Everyone wants a Savior to save them from hell, but FEW accept Him as LORD of their lives, obey Him, and follow Him.

I feel sorry for "anonymous" being mislead and following false teachings - especially at such a young age.

"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:21-23

From Julia (age: 17): I am writing concerning your articles on Harry Potter, and let me tell you, humans make something out of nothing all the time. Harry Potter is not dangerous for those who can differentiate the difference between this magical world, and know not to go and copy Harry and his little friends when they put down the book. But if you want Harry Potter to be a bad book it can be and if you want to look for the bad and not try to dwell on the fact that the writer wrote it, not as a bible to be taught in schools and churches and witchcraft to be encouraged, but as another fiction book. The characters in this book are not witches dancing around a cauldron like in the Crucible ( I think based on real events). They just learn how to fight the bad guys (the classic good/bad story) and make feathers float (oh my!). The books, I admit, do get a little creepy, especially the 5th one, but they are not supposed to be read as lullaby stories for nighttime either. And they do suck you in, but not that you pretend that you are the characters. When I watched Anne of Avonlea, I got sucked into that too! Is Anne of the devil?

It wasn't written by a Christian, that I know of, it has meanness in it (when Anne crushes the slate over Gil's head) It is also the parents responsibility to hold their children accountable for the type of book that they can handle. And somehow I don’t think that house elves are real.

Difference in reality and fantasy, no? And I don’t think that hiding children from real and non is good, because everything is out there and out there and will find them. But if they are too young and don’t know that these characters are make believe and that the writer did not write these books to inspire them to become witches or wizards, then they should not read it. If they do, then they are just fools. These books, and shows like Buffy are for those who can handle them, and if these naïve fools can't find a difference between God's Word and watching TV they need to grow up until they have the mental capability of handling television - in general - and fictional books. All Rowling did was write a few books for enjoyment for those who can handle it. She did not write Potter to be called the Truth!

It is fiction work. I don't understand how when something new comes out, you the conservative to the core Christians have to attack it and automatically assume that Satan is behind it and pick it apart. You are so mean. Ever heard of grace? I believe that God didn't write the Bible to be used as a weapon to Christians advantages, but to help us and guide those who are His disciples. The Bible says, "If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even Pagans do that." (Matthew 5:47) How is your website different than the worldly news channels, that is, never looking for anything positive to appreciate? Or better yet, how is it going to lead people to Christ? Harry is not shattering lives or my faith because I know that I'm mature enough to read about him. Other people need to know that too when they go to read them.

Thank you for reading this huge e-mail, if you did.

Did you read our Harry Potter articles, Julia? It is hard to give quick answers, but all our articles give in-depth answers
that should explain our position better than any quick answer I could give you here. I suggest you start with these
Harry Potter Overview, The Power of Suggestion and Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix - "It's just fantasy" and other deceptions

Second letter from Julia: I did look through your articles, and for me they are not giving me a satisfication that they are talking about what I am talking about. I read things about compromising faith and stuff and what I'm saying is that these books have nothing to do with faith! The Bible is a big deal. Prophesy is a big deal. I dont know why you bother with little deals like Potter?

Harry Potter has become a huge "deal" around the world. Keep in mind, the issue isn't whether the book or movie is based on fact or fiction  -- or whether you can tell the difference between truth and reality. The exciting images and suggestions in "good" fictional or mythical stories can stir your imagination and plant memories in your mind as easily as if they were facts. Actually, well-designed fiction and fantasy can often bring far stronger stimuli and affect beliefs and values far more than everyday facts and reality. Today's postmodern youth are especially vulnerable because so many has learned to crave strong emotional stimuli. Consider these dangers to clear, logical and Christian thinking:

1. First they desensitize you to things that God calls evil and tells us to avoid.

2. Second, they sear your conscience by making you feel as if evil is normal and acceptable.

3. Third, they cause you to crave more of the same kind of occult thrills.

4. Fourth, Potter-fans around the world are seeking the real thing. They read more books, visit occult websites, learn how to actually alter their consciousness, cast spells and do magic -- all of which involves the invocation (whether they know it or not) of demonic spirits or forces. 

We get letters from a lot of youngsters who have done it all and are terrified and oppressed by the spirits they have invoked through their occult experimentation. They cannot stop the oppressive new thought patters or terrifying images in their minds.

If you don't believe it, please also read Toying with Death and Popular Occultism.

As Isaiah 5:20 tells us: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil."

From Anon: Get a life you god freaks! Dont say harry potter is a bad book and film because it isn't. Your just scared that people will love harry potter more than god. You losers,

You are right about one thing, Anon. Millions of people around the world do love Harry Potter more than God. That’s so sad. They don't know what they are missing. See Loving evil more than good

From Jeff Wallace: I wanted to comment on Potter and especially on the comment by "Anonymous" dated May 27th (19 yr old youth leader). First in general I want to say I am shocked and dissappointed at how much of the Christian community seems comfortable with Potter. From day one, everything about these books and movies has been very disturbing to me. What I see (and I believe it is part of the message you are trying to convey over and over) is that Potter is just a part of the bigger picture of a growing occult presence in society.

If one looks carefully at Disney cartoons, books, movies, TV shows, etc... you see a continual stream of occult themes over and over. Each one by itself seems innocent enough, but over time I believe they have paved the way for ever increasing acceptance of the occult. Now, you can add to that a growing stream of TV shows over the years like Charm (and there are several others) that all give the same deceptive message as Potter. That is, that so called good occultist (white magic or white witches) are always fighting against the black occult world or black witchcraft. It gives a completely false and misleading impression to young minds, in particular, that there is a "good occult world" for them to experiment with.

In addition there have been a significant increase in the last 15 to 20 years in occult movies in general (always with this good occultist against bad occultist deceptive them). It has been said lately (I don't have absolute proof of this) that witchcraft or Wicca more specifically, is the fastest growing religion in America (if it is not number one, it's certainly growing in significant numbers). I want to try here to be respectful to "Anonymous" as he is trying to be a Christian, but I am personally concerned that too many Christians are just simply being way too comfortable with this serious problem for our youth in particular.

We know that Satan is a master at deception, and we know that he leads people ever slowly and cleverly into their sins. Why are so many Christians not able to see (with the help of the Holy Spirit) that this is a fast growing problem in society and the world? Clearly this an area, that non believers, pagans, occultist, and anti Christians of all stripes are very comfortable with and excited about. But all of you that name Christ as your Savior, you should be going in the opposite direction with all this. You should be denouncing this for what it is. Potter in particular is clearly occultism, top to bottom. I just cannot emphasize enough, get away from this and encourage any and all you can have influence on, to do the same. God Bless....

Anonymous: Hello, I'm 19, and i'm a youth leader at a church of about 5 thousand people. I've read your views on the harry potter movies, and i'm not about to get into a debate about them. I just have a few comments. it seems that instead of trying talk to the people responding to your articles, all you are doing is trying to force your own beliefs on them and prove them wrong, all your comment sections are, are big arguments, wich I must say is NOT helping your cause at all. and i dont care if you say your not telling people what to belive, the fact that you argue with EVERYONE, proves you wrong.

Nowhere in the bible does our lord act in this manner. I was especially shocked when you told a person that you wouldnt even try to prove to them that the bible is true. I have seen the harry potter movies and talked with pastors about it, and In my opinion, they are completley and utterly harmless to anyone who is old enough to understand them, the characters are children and they are not evil and they do not lie and cheat and steal, all they do is try to help others, if there is a lie, it is a tiny white lie or something. If you had the choice between somone killing your whole family or lying about doing your homework, could you honestly tell me you would let them all die? cuz thats the exact same thing thats going on in these films.

I dont think that you are giving people enough credit on this issue and i think that you have closed your eyes to everything but your own point of view. I would like to know if you have read the books or even seen the movies, and if you have, i'll bet you went into it already knowing what you would think about it, so whats the point? I've devoted my life to God, accepted him as my personal savior, been baptized in water, and in the holy spirit, i am a worship leader on two worship teams and head up the media ministries for the youth department at my church. I am halfway through school to get an AAS degree in audio engineering so i can be full time at my church or another church... are you telling me that I am going to hell because I like the movies? I also think some of your verses have been pulled out of context and I especially belive that this verse...

"There shall not be found among you anyone who... practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord..." Deuteronomy 18:9-12

is not realevent because if we watch the movie or read the book, we are not among those who practice those things, it is fiction and they are not real, therfore how can they be among us??? I dont mean to be rude but these types hardline views is just are thing that hardends non-belivers hearts more and more and sours them on God. I really think that these type of posts are doing more harm than good, the majority of your comments are in disagreement with you.

I think it is great that there are christian websites out there like yours, there is a lot of crap out there, much worse than harry potter, I think it would be better to focus on things like, twelve reasons why not to watch pornography movies, then there might be more positive responses. youd be surprised at how many people dont know that its wrong. these types of articles would ultimatley lead more people to the site. no the concept of harry potter may not be the most tastefull, but it is not evil and it is not satanic. theres a lot more important things to be concentrating on in this world that wether 53 people know that you think harry potter is evil and satanic and wrong to watch or read. I'm sorry if you feel my views are completley warped, but once again, they are opinions, just like yours are. you always ask people for factual evidence, but i have yet to see any from you, yes the bible is the ultimate last word for me, but there are too many interpretations to take a verse, say it is fact when trying relating it to a fictional movie or book, the whole thing is just way to obscure. Its a large world out there and theres lots of crap in it, but harry potter is not satinc and evil, yes witchcraft is, but Harry potter itself is not witchcraft, all he is doing are little magic tricks, making feathers float, fixing glasses, healing sick people, and things like that, hardly evil witchcraft. anyways I gotta run, Good luck with your website! I 'm very sorry if i sound rude, i think its great that your website is out there. Have a great day..God Bless!

Just one question: What do you mean by this statement? " seems that instead of trying talk to the people responding to your articles...."  I thought I was talking to people. What kind of "talk" do you have in mind?

talking and arguing are two different things, what i see on your comments pages are arguments.

From Ashlee Nicole Gutierrez:  I'm 13 years old, and I want to say that I really love your website. I've gotten a lot of wonderful proof about the occult off of your website. I used to read Harry Potter books and I was just about the biggest fanatic that you could ever find. As a result from reading the Harry Potter books, I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reading their books. I was so fascinated with the occult.

I've been a Christian ever since I was about 5 or 6. I have to say I was a very strong Christian when I was little because if the Lord asked me to do something, I didn't give it a second thought. But, then, I got away from the Lord, and that happened when I was at school, in the 4th grade. My reading teacher brought out the book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and said that it was one of the most popular books, and that she was going to read to us from that book from then on. Right there, I was hooked. Soon, my father bought me the entire Harry Potter book set and I started collecting the action figures and the movies. It seemed like anything and everything I watched or read had some form of witchcraft, or Wicca in it.

Just now, I was on your website and I clicked on the page, 'Your Comments', from there, I clicked on Harry Potter. I believe it was the first person to write on that page (Anonymous) said that no kid, after reading Harry Potter had ever wanted to pursue witchcraft. And they also said that you didn't disagree with that, as you had no proof. But, I'll tell you that after reading those books, I did pursue witchcraft. Satan really had me in demonic bondage. I heard people telling the truth about Harry Potter and it was like I was dead to it. I made up the excuses, "It's just fiction", or "Oh, please, those Christians are just paranoid." Those books and all of their colleagues (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) had made me dead to God's voice.

Then, one day, my mother was reading a book that she had gotten from one of her Christian friends. It was all about the occult and how Jesus could set you free from it. I have to admit, Satan was getting really jittery whenever my mother would read passages from the book out loud to me. But, then, one day, God told me to pick up that book, and I never picked up 'Harry Potter' or 'Buffy' ever again.

Those books are real. Satan has had this planned out for a very long time. He knows that if he can get to the new generation, then, he's got control of the future. The truth is that millions of kids all over the world are thinking about getting into the occult because of these books. People don't understand how serious witchcraft is. It's ruined millions and billions of lives, but, because God loves me so much, He set me free from the bondage Satan had me under.

I want to thank you for boldly speaking the truth. I speak out against witchcraft now, and nobody wants to hear it, but it's the truth. My mother is the pastor of The Potter's Hand Healing Ministry and we're going to be speaking out against all of the witchcraft that is in the town where we live, Bryan, TX. There's a lot of witchcraft here and I would just ask you to pray for us. God promised to protect us, but please pray for God to strengthen us and give us courage and boldness, so we can stand against Satan and his demons. Thank you. God bless!

Thank you, Ashlee, for taking a stand and choosing to trust and follow God. Children and teens around the world face the same spiritual battles you faced, and they need to hear from victorious Christians like you who can point the way to truth and freedom.

Anonymous: I just wanted to thank you for providing me with one of the funniest things I have ever read. I laughed! I cried! I am writing about your articles on the Harry Potter books. 

I can't say why, but I find it funny that someone could take a childrens' book and claim that they expose kids to occult practices and the like. I have never even heard of a child who started practicing "witchcraft" just because he or she read a Harry Potter book. While I understand you do not claim this either, you basically claim that the potential is there and that the books are immoral.

Harry is a fifteen-year-old boy. His friends are fifteen too. It's normal for fiteen-year-olds to start being more rebellious. You start questioning ideas and authority. Everybody goes through this stage in life. Harry Potter doesn't make this look "cool" as you say. It isn't cool. It isn't okay. It is, however, part of life. And of course his relationships are going to be more fragile and darker. Harry is growing, and that's just a part of growing up whether you are a fictional character or not.

I know this letter won't change your minds but I felt compelled to write it anyway. Harry Potter has gotten thousands of kids to get away from the TV and Video Games, and for that we should be thankful. I wish you could just look at them as good books..good stories that will over all have very little effect on society at all. Thanks again for making me laugh.

You see reality from one perspective, I see from another point of view. You can't see from my perspective without knowing my Lord. If you would seek and find Him, you would understand my concerns. This page might be a place to begin:  What it means to be a Christian

From Chelsea ("a strong and devote follower of Jesus Christ"): Harry Potter is not satanic!!!!!!!! Harry Potter is the best book in the world!! There is nothing wrong with it! You can say that it has witchcraft sure, but that's what makes it a fantasy book. Harry Potter teaches kids the values that everyone should use. Be loyal to your friends, have courage, stand up for what you believe in, and always follow your heart.

But God tells His people to choose friends who love Him, not to stay loyal to those who delight in other gods and forces -- even in the imagination. We are to "stand up" for God's truth and refuse to compromise -- even give up our lives rather than deny our wonderful God! He also tells us that our hearts are naturally rebellious and wicked, so we must choose to trust Him and His Word, not our feelings and imagination. Please check these Scriptures that back up what I just said: Your heart and Choose friends wisely and Imagination.

For all you people that say that anyone who reads Harry Potter is satanic and is sinful, I have to say I resent that, being a strong and devote follower of Jesus Christ. Sure they do spells and charms, but it's a fictional book!! The spells are not meant to hurt people (most of the time) and they aren't using voodoo dolls on their enemies. Harry Potter and his friends use their spells to defeat evil. They're just trying to make their world a better place. If you had to kill an evil person to help make the world a better place then you would! The witchcraft is used for good not evil.

You can say that it teaches kids to lie, but the characters don't lie 24/7. When they lie it's to protect their friends or someone that they care deeply about. That's called being loyal.

It's also called moral relativism, pragmatism (the ends justify the means) and rationalization.

If someone came up to you and asked you if your friend stole something or whatever, you wouldn't rat out you're friend and go yes he/she stole ... you can find them hiding at my house. NO! You would lie and protect your friend, that's exactly what the characters in Harry Potter do they're loyal to each other, try it sometime.

Plus, Harry Potter teaches kids to read!! Which would you rather have your 7 year old doing, sitting watching pornography on T.V. or reading a good book that teaches him/her values that can be used every day.

We don't condone either! Christian parents need to teach their child to make wise, not foolish choices.

I know I would rather have my kid reading even if does have little witchcraft in it. It just teaches the kids to use their imagination a little bit more. Would you not let your kid watch Barney because he can use magic to show his pals stuff? Kids today are exposed to so much violence, profanity, and other stuff that 50 years ago was an outrage, that our worlds is becoming a terrible place to live in.

Please read Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies

So to conclude, if you think Harry Potter, a book about a young boy fighting against all odds to save the world written by a single mother trying to support her family, is a bad influence, why don't you pick it up and read it! Oh and by the way, in the book muggles are defined as "Non-magical people" not "those boring, blinded, and biased humans who either don’t believe in the world of witches or who despise it as evil" please change that on your site!

In today's newspapers and magazines where the word "muggles" has been adopted as part of our postmodern language, it usually means just what I wrote, Chelsea.

From Torey:  Seems a lot of Christians bashing Harry Potter out there. That seems to go on a lot with Christians, bashing whatever they don’t like or think is ‘appropriate’ for people.

I was raised a Christian. Thank God I got out and had enough sense to have an open mind and look at other religions. I have studied many religions just for the sake of wanting to know what others believe.

I have my own set of beliefs now, not totally Christian either. I have a set of beliefs that embrace both the Old Religion (Witchcraft), and Christianity.

Torey, you would fit right into the universal spirituality promoted by the United Nations. More and more people are choosing to follow that  path. It's far more compatible with the world, with postmodern thinking, with globalism and with today's entertainment than Christianity. In fact, I wrote a book about the new spiritual blends designed to please the world. See A Twist of Faith

Now before you go talking about something you know nothing about, you might go and take a look as to where Witchcraft comes from:

Ireland, Scotland, and England. Witchcraft was in these countries BEFORE Christianity ever came there. The bible was re-written to include verses with the word “Witch” and “Witchcraft”. If the Christians had the bible before the Romans conquered Ireland and England (The Scottish were never under Roman rule), then why did the words change? Because the Christians changed them to conveniently persecute the Witches! The “Christian Holidays” are all based on NON Christian Holidays! Heck, even the “birth of Jesus” is a fraudulent date. Doesn’t it just seem too odd that the non-christian holiday; Yule, falls on December 21st and the “Birth of Christ” falls on December 24th ?!

Witchcraft also came from Africa, Babylon, Middle East, Polynesia and Asia. Witchdoctors mixed potions, extracted psychedelic "medicine" from plants, altered their consciousness, invoked demons, cast spells on their enemies, and caused their tribes or communities to live in fear on every continent.

During the last fifty years, their reputation has been whitewashed and re-marketed to the thrill-seeking West. People buy it, because few know the true history of occultism. Please read  Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

I agree that Christians have blended pagan celebrations with Biblical history and traditions -- just as you and others are synthesizing diverse religions today. There is nothing really new under the sun. History just keeps repeating itself.

The fact that witchcraft existed before Jesus gave His life for us doesn't diminish His gift or power. Remember, our eternal God has always existed. The fact that He would choose to enter our world as a man, then die on the cross to set us free, becomes all the more significant when we realize that He conquered the forces behind witchcraft and other manifestations of the occult world. As He did 2000 years ago, He invites anyone in bondage to those forces to trust in Him, call on His name, follow His way and discover true freedom in Christ.    

The truth is, that the bible has been re-written according to men in power, and is not “the word” as it is said to be.

There is plenty of evidence that counters your "truth", Torey. What evidence do you have to back your belief?

Christians have NO RIGHT to tell anyone else what to believe. That is why we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION in the United States.

We don't TELL people what to believe. We share what we believe, and all who choose to come and read at our website are free make up their own mind. [See What it means to be a Christian]

I am all for Harry Potter bringing people to look into REAL Witchcraft. Why not? You have Christians out there shoving your beliefs down anyone’s throat who don’t even want to hear what you have to say right? Everyone has a right to explore any religion they wish to. It’s absurd that someone should automatically label someone else a christian. I’ve seen it too many times.

From M. Jones:  I came across a link to your page today, the one where you give 12 reasons not to see any of the Harry Potter movies.

I really felt compelled to write to you and give you my viewpoint on your stance concerning this (and I assume other movies of this genre). My very strong belief is that your attitude towards the Harry Potter movies is extremely misguided and under certain circumstances, can be very dangerous as well.

The reason I say your viewpoints could be dangerous is because I don't see any real separation from you concerning what is entertainment and what is reality. Based on the reasons you are providing not to see this movie, it seems clear to me that if given you're way, you would ban many forms of entertainment that are associated with fantasy and magical subject matters. This would most certainly be a major infringement on all of our civil rights to free speech, and would in all probability lead to futher restiction of rights that we have come to enjoy.

Mr. Jones, where I have suggested banning any form of entertainment?

I am simply exercising my Constitutional freedom to share my opinion with those who choose to come to our website. I have never suggested that any form of entertainment -- no matter how distasteful and unhealthy -- should be banned. I don't expect the world to agree with me, for the world rejects the God I love.

On the other hand, it seems to me that you might like to see my freedom limited and my "dangerous" views banned. I realize that they have offended you, but if America would ban all views that offend someone with contrary values, no one would be free.

I also feel as if you are not giving near enough credit to anyone, children included, to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Reasons 2, 3 and 8 in particular are quite frankly, very ignorant in their statements. To suggest that a movie such as Harry Potter would have such power to sway young minds "to the dark side" is ludicrous and narrow minded.

I based my statements on actual research done by social scientists. You can find some of those published studies in Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion, Popular Occultism and Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons

What kinds of facts and studies validate your conclusions?

Something you might be forgetting in all of this, is that we as humans need fantasies.

We do?

In whatever shape or form they come in, it is a release from our everyday lives and is something to be enjoyed and not something anyone needs to feel guilty about. Obvious exceptions to that of course, but certainly not with a movie as harmless as the Harry Potter series.

How about learning to enjoy real life? The world God has created is far more exciting that all those artificial, man-made fantasies you love. Myths and fantasies are like donuts and candy. They may give you a boost of energy when you first eat it, but that kind of sugar-high doesn't last long. What's worse, it satisfies your appetite with junk food, builds a craving for more empty calories, and dulls your desire for what your body and mind really needs.

Instead of escaping reality by immersing your mind in fantasy, go for a hike, climb a tree, lie on your back and delight in the tall trees and clouds in the sky. Examine a flower, a leaf, a trail of ants -- and thank the Creator for the matchless nature all around you.

Perhaps that suggestions doesn't appeal to you. Many who have fed their minds with occult thrills lose the ability to delight in God and His beauty. If so, you can always ask Him to open your eyes once again to His wonders. In the long run, His reality is far more satisfying and peace-producing that your fantasies.

I can only say that it is a very good thing for the vast majority of people in this world, that people with your viewpoint are not in a position to set policy on what we can and cannot do with our lives. As I believe (at least in America anyway) that should such a viewpoint be made into law, it would not last long because of the tremendous revolt more rational and common sense minded people would initiate against such a law. And of course, this is also why there should always be a separation between Church and State. Simply, what are your beliefs, are your beliefs. What are mine, are mine. Nobody has the right to try and force others to accept their belief system, should that other person not want to accept them.

One last thing. If you were wondering, I do believe in God. I do not conform to any particular religion, but my belief in God remains.

P.S. Growing up I was big fan of horror\scifi\fantasy movies and entertainment, as many children are, and I certainly could make the distinction between fantasy and reality. With just a few exceptions (and there always are exceptions to just about anything), I believe all children can do the same.

From Mei Bug:  Hi, i was reading your harry potter articals, i don't know if you are the one's who put that all together but i have one thing (ok maybe more than one) but you are all out of you minds!

Reading harry potter books opens my mind, and teaches me things (good things, not bad) and just a reminder to all of you, though, god may not want people to practice witchcraft, but he would like you to accept everyone and everything.

He does? Where did you read or hear that, Mei Bug?

The God I know, has shown us a lot of things that blind us to the truth, distort our understanding and get in the way of His best plan for us. Therefore He tells us to carefully evaluate the culture around us so that we can choose what is good for people, not what is blocks our relationship with Him. Consider these verses from His Word:  When to judge or not to judge

you can't change a person, only they can change themselves. Besides What's it to you if they like Harry Potter?

If I didn't care about people, we wouldn't have this website. Nor would I spend so much time doing research and writing. If I only cared about myself and my family, it wouldn't matter what others did with their minds and lives.

And another reminder, it's not real witchcraft? Do you know what REAL witchcraft is? Abviously NOT! Being a a harry potter fan myself, I THINK that you guys (who made thise site bashing harry) need too accept whats going on around you and open you minds.

I probably know a lot more about witchcraft -- its history, its effect on cultures, its effect on the environment, the terrors of occult oppression and possession, etc. -- than most contemporary Wiccans today. The majority have bought a nice-sounding lie -- and they ignore the fear and the bondage that has accompanied witchcraft through the ages.

As for the reality of the witchcraft in Harry Potter, see  Harry Potter Overview  

From Japie Grobler (South Africa):  [This statement is part of his response to a pastor's endorsement of the Harry Potter myths]

To compare these books with children's stories like Snow White and the others you list (some I have not read) is ludicrous.  Was the stepmother not identified as the wicked witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  This is not found in the Potter series.  So-called white and black magic come from the same wicked and evil source.
Your opinion on the following please:  A fantasy club starts up which adults as well as children can join.  At this club they are exposed to fantasy flights about all kinds of sexual deeds and behaviours.  Or another one that leads people in fantasy flights of all kinds of violence.  Would you condone these?  Would you let your children join these?  Wait now dear reverend----these are only clubs where people are taught how to indulge in fantasies.  Why won't you allow you child to read the sexual fantasy letters that I am sure can be found in the letter columns of any sexual magazine, like Playboy and Penthouse for instance?  Surely these can do no harm as they are only fantasy! ...
It is common in these books for children to use their imagination to visualise and create what they want.  Listen to Anton LaVey in the Satanic Bible:  "Children, not knowing nor caring if they possess artistic skill or other creative talents, pursue their goals through the use of imagery of their own manufacture...Imagery can be manipulated, set up, modified, and created, all according to the will of the magician, and the very blueprint that is created by imagery becomes the formula which leads to reality...If you have material desires, you must gaze upon images of them---surround yourself with the smells and sounds conducive to them---create a lodestone which will attract the situation or thing that you wish." (The Satanic Bible, Avon Books, New York, 1969:124-125)

To read the rest of Japie Grobler's editorial, click here  Japie Grobler

His website url:

From Ivy:  I was just reading one of your articles of the Harry potter phenomenon and it is quit interesting. You see you are quite rude to say such things about the pagan religion for I am one of them, and for someone who knows nothing about my religion your very strong on to not respect it as I for some strange reason I respect yours. I don't believe in your god no, but I also do not believe in you devil either this religion is based on the earth it self. Its terribly rude to judge me and my people and blame us on a "wizarding" movie that has nothing to do with any religion for it does not speak of any kind of god or devil.

Ivy, I can understand why you feel offended, but I didn't intend to judge you personally. I didn't even know you. I was writing about a belief system, not about people. 

Since only those who have trusted our God are able to understand and follow His guidelines, others will naturally see His standards as too hard to follow. That's why I continue to point out that my critiques are written for Christian families, not all others.  Those who love Him and are filled with His Spirit welcome His guidelines, for He enables us to follow Him. Through Jesus, they bring hope and victory, not offense and failure. See 2 Cor 2:14

Actually, I do know something about your religion. I have known and talked with many who call themselves Wiccans or Neopagans.  All our talks and walks have been very friendly. I have also spent time with a thoughtful, well educated neopagan high priest who taught me a lot about contemporary paganism and earth worship.

You can read about some of those encounters in our online book, A Twist of Faith -- especially chapters 1 and 4. I would happily send you a copy as a gift, if you are interested.

It has plenty of morals and it has opened the eyes of young kids to read and steer there minds from video games and such items.

Ivy, the world of the occult is as persuasive in the Harry Potter myths as it is in all the popular occult RPGs, perhaps more so. Please see Harry Potter Overview

And I believe that you feel the same way, that we both agree that reading is much better then that. Know you may have your options but its quite mean to talk down on something you know nothing of. I respect what you believe in, all's I ask is that you respect what I believe in. We have never made a comment or proposal that we are the "soupier" ones here, but today you have made that comment. If I am not correct but is it in your bible that judging is a sin I may be wrong but I do know that it is a moral not to judge other. And since you where speaking off morals so bluntly in this article that would make you a hypocrite.

There are two sides to the Biblical view of judging, Ivy. As you say, we are not to judge each other, since only God knows our hearts. But we are told judge ideas, philosophies and beliefs in order to see and avoid all compromise or deception. Please read these verses from the Bible: When to judge or not to judge

 I'm quite sure that you would delete this email and not think of it one bit. That would just prove my point that you don't give people a chance to show there true self. I do know that I have seen your true self and I hope that it might change by this email, though I think it might take more for someone who is stuck in a small box when there is so much more to people then what you think.

Have you ever read any of the books?

How could I analyze and quote from these books if I didn't read them? I pray that you would try to understand my values as I have tried to understand today's pagan values. And remember, we don't force anyone to come to our website. People come freely. All we can do is to offer hope, truth and lasting joy to all who know -- or are willing to seek -- our wonderful God.

 If no I pity you if yes I wonder how you where brut up to be so hateful to something so good to today's youth and adults alike. It has given us and imagination that is a key to survive in this world we live in. If you do not wish to watch or read these books then don't but please don't not ruin it for others. Sorry for saying this but you need to be more open minded to others thoughts and beliefs.

Now I bid you fair well and may your mind expand from this one letter.

Blessed Be, Ivy

Kelley: l have been to your sites on numerous occasions, and I have noticed many, many things that I'm am completely and utterly appalled by. You claim yourselves to be devoted servants of God, but I can't help but wonder if you have ever laughed or smiled at anything. Or just read or watch a movie, and have no religious thoughts.
I can't help but think that by being so devoted to the word of God that you forget some very important things.
That people all people are equal, and by a person being a Christan and a Harry Potter fan or a rock music fan or a Veggie Tales fan or even a homo-sexual, does not make you "less of a Christian", nor does it make you evil.
By reading your site, you all come off as closed minded, homo-phobic, and dis-respectful to other religions. I respect your opinions, yes, but being so devoted to God and his word, does not make you "more of a Christian" than the rest of us. God loves everybody.
And in reality, in order to be a good person and to go to heaven, you need to:
A) Believe in a form higher than the human race
B) Live your life right (i.e. do good, be charitable, and open minded)
Harry Potter, is nothing but fiction, and you by making it in to something else are being hypocritical.

Kelley, adults as well as children "feel" as though Harry Potter and the world of Hogwarts is real. Read some of their quotes in Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix and see for yourself. They identify with the wizard's experiences and absorb the lessons he learns in actual occult magic. And since they love this virtual world of the occult, they read the books over and over. But you probably know that.

Then please look at this chart which shows the parallels between real magic and the teachings at Hogwarts:  Harry Potter Overview

Yes, the Harry Potter series is part of me, but if I do good and pray, does that make me bad person? If I listen to darker rock from time to time, and yet live my life right, am I a bad person? If I respect homosexuals, and non-Christians, am I a bad person? If I put religion in the back of my mind, and watch a movie or read a book, and just enjoy the plot or story, does that make me a bad person?
Am I a sinner or a "Christian", by just having interests?

Apart from the gift of forgiveness and redemption Jesus Christ offers through the cross, all of us are sinners, Kelley. None is good enough to be in His family, walk with Him and share in His triumphs.

The Bible tells us that "we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." But if you are willing to trust Him, confess your sins, accept His gift of the Holy Spirit, He will change your heart and set your free to follow Him. Please see What it means to be a Christian.

Anonymous: The letter from April and your reply made me wonder about something that's been pestering me for years: is it a sin to imagine sexual fantasies that are completely fictitious and don't involve real people?

You said: "The same would be true of imagined sexual experiences. Remember what Jesus told His disciples: '... whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.'" Matt 5:28

If it is a sin I'll stop doing it. Presumably that would probably rule out hentai and other animated porn, and that would prevent me from putting any sex scenes in fiction stories (I used to do that, but I don't think I could now). I really don't want to do anything that is sinful because even if it feels good at the time it will turn on you later, like booze and other drugs. (If I hadn't drunk liquor and wine for "fun" while I was at SFSU in the mid-90s, I wouldn't have had to have invasive surgery in 2000 and I'd still have all my body parts.)

Yes, it would violate God's wise guidelines, but it also hurts you. A lot of research has been done on the damage caused by pornography and sensual images. Please read Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse? and Genesis 8:21

Thank you, dear one, for being so willing to turn your life around (that's the meaning of the word "repent") and follow God. I am confident He will enable you to follow His way and enjoy the sweetness and peace of His presence. See Philippians 3-11-13

From April: Okay, I've read the Harry Potter books, all of them up to date. I've read so many Christian articles that put them down. You look at the spells and divination, but there is so much more to the books. There are not many books where children can really relate to the character.

That fact make the forces and practices taught by the books all the more enticing and believable, April.

Children understand Harry; they understand him putting up with bullies, making friends, and being left in the dark because adults believe that they cannot possibly understand. Imagination is not a sin.

You are right. Imagination by itself -- like thinking -- is neutral. Its rightness or wrongness depends on what you imagine. For example, if you, through your imagination, enter into some of Harry's occult experiences and share some of his thrills, you would be disobeying God. The same would be true of imagined sexual experiences.  Remember what Jesus told His disciples: "... whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Matt 5:28

I believe that children need to know what is real and what is fake.

It doesn't matter, April. As I have said many times, a well-written fantasy or science fiction can be far more effective in changing beliefs and values than ordinary facts. If the book evokes strong feelings and causes the reader to identify with the characters, the reader will remember the message and probably accept (or "feel good") about its conclusion. 

I believe that the books should be discussed with children to make sure that they understand that the world of Harry Potter is completely fictional, but that there is real witchcraft out in the world. They do need to know that God states clearly that witchcraft, divination and the like are great sins. But letting a child dream about flying and escaping 3-headed dogs, is that really so bad? Is it wrong for children to dream about fantasy so long as they know truth? Magic is not something to rely on, and children know that. Children who are brought up to know Christ, will know that God is the only true thing to rely on. Children who were never taught to rely on God, will not be persuaded nor dissuaded to come to God because of Harry Potter.

I believe you would find answers in Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies and Harry Potter Overview

Will you put down all fictional magic? I have seen books in Christian bookstores about how Lord of the Rings is a good book (Finding God in the Lord of the Rings), but is Gandalf not a wizard? Does he not cast spells? He's a good wizard but Saruman the wizard is bad. I remember adults in my church telling me when I was a child that I should not be allowed to watch My Little Ponies or The Smurfs because they were magical. Would you take the condemnation of fictional magic to those lengths?

I would agree with the adults in your church, April. It's not a matter of condemning anything. I'm not suggesting that pagans or non-Christians avoid those shows. But they are almost certain to distort and distract from God's truth. As for Tolkien, please read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: Truth, Myth or 'Discovered Reality"?

From JP:  if there is a problem with the Harry Potter books then Americans should also ban, the original Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz, The Invisible Man, Dr, Jekly and Mr. Hide, The Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Shanara, all the Greek classics such as Homer, the Iliad, etc...and about 10,000 other book titles. Plus ban all the movies that have strange creatures, magic, etc; movies like Gremlins, Men in Black, Sinbad, The Titians, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Willow, and a thousand other movies...

i just cannot believe the stupidity of some people. these are novels, fantasy stories, one no more "learns" from these books than one "leans" from the comic strips. these are novels. if novels are now considered to be textbooks, then Americans should start to ban all the books with hideous murders in them, many with a touch of some form of magic like Steven Kings books, etc. Why not also be concerned with the thousands of novels and movies that show impossible science! Ban Star Trek, ban Flash Gordon, Ban Star Wars, Ban The X files, ban all the x-mass stories...hey lets burn all books except the bible!

i really despise Christians, they are the ones doing this -- they are narrow minded, think that they are right and everyone else is wrong (despite the fact that all factual evidence shows that they are 100% wrong) and that you, me, and the rest of the world must obey what they say or else. yet they have not one shred of evidence that they are right, moreover, they are the most fractured, divided, unorganized, screwed-up, nonsensical religion on the planet - these people should be more concerned with the fact that they are living in la-la land, i.e. an adult mind that believes in the Christian story is not living in reality.

JP, would you please send me some of that "factual evidence shows that they are 100% wrong"? I would love to see it.

By the way, we have never suggested or encouraged book banning. We only share the kind of information that helps families make factual and wise choices themselves. Please read  Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix - "It's just fantasy" and other deceptions, Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning.

it is Christians that murdered millions of innocent people during their inquisitions, murdered millions that believed differently during the Crusades, murdered some of the greatest minds in science because their findings went against the bible...

True Christians -- those who love Jesus Christ and follow His ways -- didn't murder or torture people. See Biblical versus Cultural Christianity. But religious institutions, whether a distortion of true Christianity or any other religion, are filled with ordinary people whose human nature demonstrates the same self-centered and cruel tendencies as the rest of the world.

ironically one can buy a gun in the US as easily as buying a pair of shoes, but Christians want to ban Harry Potter books - morons!  Yet they do not know that Easter is a pagan holiday, (Easter is the god of fertility and the egg is one of the symbols); the x-mass tree is also from a pagan religion, as are many of the customs and symbols used in Christianity - morons - maybe THEY should start to read some of the books they want to ban.

See our article on Earth Day Joins Easter

as a scientist i usually pay no never mind to their ignorance - but at times i get irate by the fact that these people are the epitome of voodoo-hoodoo thinking, then they go around telling everyone else what is reality. seriously, what they believe in just shocks me as an adult - talk about fantasy. the difference is, the rest of us can distinguish fact from fiction, but they can't, and actually live in their minds in a fictitious world.

Anonymous: Hi, was just linked to your page about Harry Potter. I would like you to know that I think you are ABSOLUTE idiots. Harry Potter has opened the minds and imagination of thousands of children. Maybe you should try opening your own minds and STOP being close minded. So I just wanted to let you know that I think you are nothing but idiots. And I was wondering if you could just keep your feelings to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

From Chris: Let me start by stating that I am a Catholic and have been since I was born. I am not a born again Christian because I never lost Christ in the First place. I also attend a Jesuit University but I went to a public High School. I have read all of the Harry Potter novels and have seen the first movie.

I do not find Harry Potter as a promotion for the occult and neither does anybody else I know who have read the novels.

Don't you think that your conclusion might be somewhat subjective, Chris? You know people who agree with your, and I know many people who agree with me. Those limited observations do little more than verify the old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." 

I would like to remind those who are in charge of this site that Harry Potter is fiction, more importantly, children's fiction. Although the topics addressed in the books are heavier than most in the same genre, it is nothing that teaches children to start worshipping Satan and learning magic. It is fake.

Chris, would you please read ask-peter/hp-overview-1.htm

These books should not be banned for two reasons. The first reason is that the content of these novels are no worse than other pieces of literature. If you people could have your way, would you also ban the Oddyssee and the Iliad, because literature like that might cause people to go out and start making animal sacrifices to the Olympians.

We haven't suggested that any book be banned.

The second reason is that these books are indeed literature. They make effective use of foreshadowing and also use archetypes, along with the themes and motifs that are reinforced throughout. Thought the diction is middle school level, the literary technique is on the level of any books any intro to composition class of any university. Hopefully, within a few years Harry Potter will be standard curriculum for High School Classes.

In short, Harry Potter is a great thing for our society. If Harry Potter sells 10 million copies, that means 10 million people will be reading an 850 page book rather than engaging in some more mind-numbing activity.

Aren't there some better ways to spend our time? If HP is "fake" as you suggested, wouldn't it better to study something that is true and real? Or if HP does tempt children to explore practical witchcraft (which has been documented by many groups), wouldn't it be better to read something else -- and just leave that mind-numbing TV off.

From Lloyd:  I think all of this fuss about Harry Potter and witchcraft is absolute nonsense! (FYI, I am a Chritian.)

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC! If it were so, then we would persue magical solutions to world hunger, etc.

The world of Harry Potter is purely fiction. Non of it occurs in the real world. Scientifically, it's an impossibility. Therefore, I cannot see how you have come to your conclusions. Even if there are people who say they practice witchcraft in the real world, their "magic" has no power. The cannot turn themselves into animals. They cannot fly on broomsticks. They cannot make entire houses disappear. So WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? (It is stupid to practice witchcraft, however.) The belief that this sort of power does exist is a superstition. The opposite of superstition is science (that's how I think of it). If there is magic, then prove it. If you can't prove it, it isn't very reliable then is it.

Please read "Ask Peter" and Harry Potter Overview. I will try to find time to post more data next week.

The only supernatural power I believe in is the power of prayer. I.e., your brother has a terrible brain tumor which is suddenly cured by prayer.

You believe in God's power but you don't believe His Word? He reminds us throughout the Bible that we are involved in spiritual warfare. Eph 6:10-18 and Three kinds of temptation

Anyway, lots of Christians could learn a lot from Potter. Loyalty. Love. Good. Acceptance. This reminds me of a Bible verse something like "how can one cast out devils in the name of devils. Then the devil would be divided against itself."

God is not "divided against Himself," Lloyd, but the devil is. God tells us that he was a liar and deceiver from the beginning and his demonic servants have always fought battles against each other. They have no love for each other, nor for their oppressed subjects. See Unequal Contenders in the Spiritual War

By similar token, how can Harry Potter be moral and devil-worship simultaneously? Then, the devil would be divided against himself. Harry Potter would be evil if it taught evil principles, i.e., Voldemort was presented as good and Harry and company were presented as evil.

His fans may think that Harry is a "good" guy, but he certainly isn't moral by God's standard. He lies, steal, casts dark spells to take revenge, etc. But the worst is that he pursues and uses occult power (which God forbids) to win over other occult forces.  You can defend him all you like, but your arguments don't change God's unchanging Word. Please read Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies

Sorry, but I just do not believe in witchcraft. I can't take it seriously at all.

From Kristin:  I believe that each person has the right to choose what they believe in so I'm not trying to say what you believe is wrong or anything.  I was raised Christian and went to a Protestant church every week.  I was taught about God and had a strong belief in him.  I also read many fantasy books some which you might consider occult. 

My mom, also a strong Christian woman, always encouraged me to read.  She thought that having an imagination was a good thing and I knew what I was reading wasn't true because my mother taught me that.  I think as long as you let your kids know what is real and what isn't they should be able to read whatever they want.  When you don't allow them to read things like this it's like saying there's some truth to it and that's why you don't want them exposed to that.

There is a very enticing reality in those fantasy books, Kristin. My goal is to help parents explain to their children how this kind of literature can distort and dull their understanding of God. Then, hopefully, their children will choose to read books that will really encourage and help them.

Now having said that.  I am no longer Christian.  Some where along the way my beliefs changed.  I practice Wicca.  Now that might upset you but it is a religion.  And it is not based on getting power and using it.  It is about communing with nature.  I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  There are a lot of different religions in this world and who is to say which one is right and which ones aren't?  Maybe I am wrong.  not in what I believe.  I don't believe there is anything wrong with what I believe but it may not be the real truth, but no one knows what the real truth is. 

Maybe there is a God.  I just don't happen to believe there is.  Does that make me a bad person?  I think that everyone should have the opportunity to discover for themselves what they believe to be true.  I hope that when your kids get older they find a way to read Harry Potter and enjoy it for the good writing that it is.  I don't think that J.K. Rowling was trying to convince kids that to beocme Pagan.  She was just writing an entertaining story and she did it wonderfully.  I think you yourself are missing out on something really enjoyable and I feel sorry for you.

I don't think I can convince you that the Bible is truth, Kristin, so I won't even try.

Let me just tell you that this former skeptic once doubted the reliability of His Word. I tried to read the Bible, but it didn't make sense to me. Then, one day, He opened my eyes and mind -- and suddenly everything became clear. Everything fit together. Yet, apart from the wonders of His amazing grace, I could easily believe as you do, Kristin. 

From Lain:  I came across the 10 Reasons now to see the Harry Potter movie. I find that quite strange...I mean hey, I'm a Christian, a very strong one indeed. But I read Harry Potter books and watch the videos.  Well...You say it's wrong, right? I get it that in the Bible it says that witchcraft and wizardry is wrong and that it's a great Sin to practice this.

Let me note something else to you: The Wizard of Oz. A movie classic. There's witches in that movie and book, isn't there? No one seemed to complain about that... What about the movie "Hocus Pocus?" Witches on halloween. I'm not trying to prove you wrong and say that your opinion is wrong but look here, I'm giving reasons on why it isn't bad and it's just as good as anything else. Exceptional for opinions of course.

My spelling is bad because I'm actually quite young. But I'm making you look at the stuff around you to see that Harry Potter is not the only magic tv/book there ever was. I get the point that it offended people in some sort of way with their religion...But what about the other things? They didn't seem to mind them. Thanks for your time.

Lain, are you telling me that the witchcraft in Harry Potter is okay because most people have accepted the occult suggestions in the Wizard of Oz?  That's not much of an argument, and it makes no sense from a Biblical perspective.

The fact "that Harry Potter is not the only magic tv/book there ever was," doesn't make its popular occultism good. Instead it shows the corruption of our culture. It also reminds us that paganism appeals to our human nature. That's why a lot of people are turning God's values upside-down and drifting away from His loving guidelines. See Isaiah 5:20.

With increasing exposure to occultism, the public is becoming increasingly desensitized to what God warns us to avoid. People do what feels-good at the moment and don't even try to please God.  That's very sad, because when a nation turns its back on God, God withdraws His protection and lets us suffer the consequences. Here is a chart and picture that might help explain my concern: America's Spiritual Slide.

Please pray that God show you His way. And don't just follow what the crowds do. Remember,

"Blessed is the man who

  • Walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

  • Nor stands in the path of sinners,

  • Nor sits in the seat of the scornful [mockers];

But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

And in His law he meditates day and night.

He shall be like a tree

Planted by the rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also shall not wither;

And whatever he does shall prosper." Psalm 1:1-6

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