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From Heather: I have been a devoted Christian my whole life. I've taught Sunday School, I've worked at a Christian book store, as well as having brought several people to Christ. I also have been friends with a woman who is Wiccan for many years.

The reason I bring up my friend is that I can obviously see some similarities between the subjects of the HP books and Wicca. Also, as a side note to the person who was questioning if Wicca is really a religion: Yes, it is. Wicca is recognized as a religion by the United States Military and Wiccan priests and priestesses are allowed by law to perform marriage ceremonies. Wicca is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution as well. So yes, it is a religion. Also I might add that Wicca's base is Paganism which goes back just as far as Judaism.

But, I feel the need to point out one major difference. In all four of the books Wicca is NEVER mentioned. Not once. In fact no deity is mentioned at all either positively or negatively. Yes, they do celebrate Christmas, but you surely know that the origin of Christmas isn't Christian at all. Yule is the original holiday that is still celebrated by Pagans around the world. If J.K. Rowling really wanted to undermine Christianity, wouldn't she say that they were having a Yule celebration rather than Christmas?

I don't think so, Heather. Though her setting is occult, she made the story as familiar as possible so that children would identify with her characters and their lives. By mentioning "Christmas", she doesn't "Christianize" her story. Instead, she links Christmas all the more to paganism.  

Yes, "Christmas" is Christian, but even the Christmas tree isn't a Christian symbol. The evergreen tree, holly, ivy, mistletoe, etc. are Pagan symbols reminding its followers that the supreme deity is still with us even in the coldest, darkest time of the year.

Of what "supreme deity" do the Pagan symbols remind us?

I personally think that there is nothing wrong with the books. In today's society where kids lazily play video games such as Grand Theft Auto, I don't know anyone who wouldn't want their kids to read a little more and allow their individual imaginations to be challenged.

Frequently I have read mention of C.S. Lewis' book "The Chronicles of Narnia" and JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". I wonder how many people realize that both of these authors are devoted Christians themselves. If they can write about fantasy, magic, and another realm, why can't J.K. Rowling? Is it just because she hasn't declared that she is a Christian? What is the difference?

I don't believe there is much difference. See my article on The Lord of the Rings: Truth, Myth or 'Discovered Reality"?

I think the bottom line is that if you don't want your kids to read the HP books, don't allow them to. They will be ridiculed by other children because they don't know the difference between a Nimbus 2000 and a Firebolt.

It's sad that such trivia has become more important than learning the facts and truths that have been replaced by popular fiction and fantasy. But those who follow God have set their aims a far higher.

They will be teased because they don't know about the latest escapades their parents want to "protect them from evil".

That's part of the normal Christian life in today's world. See John 15:20-21. They know that the ridicule they face as uncompromising Christians in today's world is nothing compare to the excitement and pleasure of walking and talking with the King of the universe.

If you would rather that your children read "Nancy Drew" books and "Hardy Boys" books (who in their stories broke some rules as well) then that is your choice on how you want to raise your children. Just don't be surprised when they come home crying because they have been ostracized by their classmates. I know you can allow your children to read the books and be raised in a good, solid Christian home as well while communicating with your children about how God feels about the real witchcraft in the world. Thank you for allowing me to post my opinion.

I appreciate your sharing, Heather.

From Faline:  i'm sure you hear this often, but harry potter's magic is not real magic practiced by wiccans or pagans. the spells are latinized english words and fake. if you examine a wiccan spellbook you will not find in it any 'spells' from harry potter.

I'm not concerned about the specific words, Faline. What matters is the person's willingness to seek strength and "wisdom" from occult forces. The demonic realm is more than happy to comply -- for a moment -- no matter what words are used. Any "Christian" child that loves magic and fills their imagination with occult images (including practices that God forbids) will have to justify their delight by distorting their understanding of the true God. You can't follow God while pursuing occult thrills. The two are incompatible. See Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies

there is also little wand waving, no apperating, none of a lot of the harry potter type of stuff. that is fiction. harry potter is a creative, fictional series. fictional magic is much less difficult and time consuming then real wicca.

That's not what some "real" former Wiccans tell me, Faline.

it is worth questioning why people worry that children would become interested in wicca or witchcraft in the first place. no child who has grown up in a faith like christianity, who is active in it and feels their needs met through church, etc would want to turn to a different belief system, even if they do hear about it.  the most they will do is make believe and play around and quickly move on to something else, not form a lasting, long term, serious interest in wicca.

i believe that children who turn to wicca are not doing so because of harry potter but because they are not spiritually fulfilled in traditional religions. the answer would not be to ban books in the home but to make sure the child's needs are met. and i do not see a problem with an older teen looking into alternative religions. how else would you witness to those who practice that religion? ignorance is never desirable.

No, you don't want to be ignorant. You want to communicate the truth. But the truth about pagan cultures and practices differs greatly from the multicultural idealism schools and movies teach. For example, read some of the true stories about African witchcraft on this page: Occult. Look for the links marked with a red asterisk: *

Then, let me share some sobering statistics with you:

Americans Draw Theological Beliefs From Diverse Points of View: "A new nationwide survey conducted by the Barna Research Group indicates that a large share of the people who attend Protestant or Catholic churches have adopted beliefs that conflict with the teachings of the Bible and their church. ....'Our continuing research among teenagers and adolescents shows that the trend away from adopting biblical theology in favor of syncretic, culture-based theology is advancing at full gallop.'" Brainwashing in America

From Hedwig: I have absouloutely NOTHING against God. I love him and I pray every nigh. Harry Potter is the best book I have ever read. It is all myth and completely untrue. It is a fiction book!!! If you ban this, go ahead and ban every fiction book if it even says the word Satan in it.

I have never suggested banning any book, Hedwig.

I cannot believe you. I am a christian and I love Harry Potter. You think what you want. But it's going to be the HP lovers who win. :(   If you don't like the books and movie, WHY DON'T YOU ASK YOUR CHILDREN NOT TO HANG WITH US "WIZARDS" AND STAY OUT OF OUR BUISINESS! DON'T READ THE BOOKS OR WATCH THE MOVIES!!

But that's what I was trying to do!  My articles just explain why -- according to God's guidelines -- it would be best for us (Christians) not to read or see movies that bring our minds and imagination into an occult world.

From "a Harry Potter fan":  I would just like to comment on your section of Harry Potter. I am not a Christian, first of all, rather I have decided to become Wiccan, and no, that decision has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Also, I mean no disrespect at all to your website. Quite a few of my close friends are Christian, and their parents see nothing wrong with Harry Potter. One of my friends' parents do, but most let their children read the books. In fact, my friends usually don't like to read at all, so I consider it wonderful that they are willing to open a book.

I myself enjoy reading, all sorts of things, not just fantasy and science fiction, but fiction and histories as well. I would just like to point out that there are many good aspects of Harry Potter, such as 'Good' triumphing over 'Evil', the characters have good morals, although I admit they tend to break some school rules. I'd also like to add that my friends parents and my parents, (the rest of my family is non-religious) allow us to read any books that we want, because they understand that reading is good and opens the mind. So I would just like to point out that everything you said on your website wasn't all true.

Yes, reading "opens the mind" to new beliefs and values that were unthinkable in the past. But that's not necessarily "good" unless you change the traditional meaning of good. So when you mention "'Good' triumphing over Evil" in the Harry Potter myth, you need to remember that the "good" refers to a pagan or Wiccan good, not a Christian "good." Does that make sense?

God showed us long ago that winning spiritual battles through the use of occult formulas for spells and magic has never been good.  See Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies

From Ray: I came across your web site while browsing for info. on Harry Potter and thought I would check out what you folks had to say.  While I do not agree with your viewpoint, I certainly respect the thought and manner in which you relate your position.  Your website is a testimony to what makes America a great place.  We are all free to voice our individual opinions and I commend you for posting not only comments that support your views but also those with dissenting views.

My main point about Harry Potter, or any other book, movie, etc. for that matter, is that the responsibility should fall to parents to properly educate their children and discuss the difference between reality and fiction.  The idea of magic has always fascinated imaginations and Harry Potter is no exception.  I view Harry Potter as a wonderful work of imaginative fiction, not as a guide book for the occult.  

It's not that simple. Yes, parents must teach their children to discern right from wrong and to reject evil and delight in what is good. But they also need to protect their children from tantalizing images and seductive suggestions that plant contrary beliefs and values in their child's mind. Since global educators, public schools and the media are involved in a planned transformation of public values and loyalties, we need to live by God's values.  See "A New Way of Thinking"

What is your opinion of The C.S. Lewis books, The Chronicles of Narnia?  They contain quite a bit of biblical allegory, but they also contain magic.  As an adult and can appreciate fiction for what it is, but children can be more impressionable.  

I tried to answer that question in Bewitched by Harry Potter. I wrote a list of reasons why I would not recommend the Narnia stories these days. Here are the first two:

1. Different times and culture. Unlike most children today, their parents and grandparents were raised in a culture that was, at least outwardly, based on Biblical values. Whether they were Christian or not, they usually accepted traditional moral and spiritual boundaries. Even the old fairy tales I heard as a child in Norway tended to reinforce this Christian worldview or paradigm. The good hero would win over evil forces without using "good" magic to overcome evil magic. Social activities didnít include Ouija Boards, Seances, and an assortment of popular occult role-playing games. Nor did friends, schools or Girl Scouts tempt children to alter their consciousness and invoke the presence of an "animal spirit" or "wise person." Occult experimentation was not an option.

Today it is an option. Children now learn their values and world view from a variety of sources. The entertainment industry is one of the most persuasive agents of cultural awareness, and it usually teaches global and occult values, since thatís what their global market buys. In fact, children have become so familiar with profanity, occultism, and explicit sex, that they barely notice Ė just as in Old Testament days: "They hold fast to deceit, they refuse to return. . . . No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush." (Jeremiah 8:5,12) 

In this context, the occult images evoked through traditional fantasies threaten a child's faith far more today than they did three decades ago....

2. Different type of fantasy. Books, movies, games, and television all involve the imagination, and the specific fantasy directs the child's imagination. In other words, the imaginary scenes and images in books and movies are not neutral. As with guided imagery, the child's feelings and responses are manipulated by the author's view and values. For example, the stories and books children read in the classroom are usually selected or approved by each state because their message teaches the new global values, and because they provide useful discussion topics for the manipulative consensus process.

"Good stories capture the heart, mind, and imagination and are an important way to transmit values," writes Louise Derman-Sparks in the influential Anti-Bias Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children, which is full of classsroom strategies for eroding traditional boundaries and teaching the new spirituality.

As for whether the Potter books promote evil or not, well, they can be interpreted however someone wants to interpret them.  A smiliar point can be made about the Bible.  Why are there so many differing opinions and interpretations from the various Christian denominations about the meaning of Biblical scripture?  I now come back around full circle - that is why I love this country - we CAN interpret, feel, believe and express our different thoughts and opinions.  God bless the USA!

But He will not bless our land if we turn from His way and follow today's trend toward "other gods" and contrary values. See Deut 8:10-20

From Krista: I know that you have recived many e-mails regarding this page. And like many I do disagree. I do not want to put you down for what you believe because that is your belief, and you have the right to believe whatever you want. Other people have that right too.

I respect the fact that you want to believe that these series of books are againts Gods teachings (or any belief you may have) But can I ask that you be respectful to others before you sit and critize them. Every person has their own way to see God, and their own way to understand what he has taught us.

That's true, Krista. And when children fill their imagination with Harry Potter's way of seeing supernatural forces, their understanding shifts a little closer to the pagan world view -- perhaps only a small increment with each reading. You cannot love the occult without compromising Biblical Christianity. Rom 12:2-9  That's why I try to warn Christian families, not non-Christians.

Remember, we don't force anyone to come to our website or to read any of our articles. You and others choose to come and read our Christian information.

Although it may appal you that so many childeren could love these books, others sometimes find it hard to understand why. Many childeren (and adults alike) find a little bit of comfort and joy when their imaginations run wild while reading. I can understand that little childeren have taken this a little too seriously, (i read in one of your replys about the 10 year old who wanted to be a witch) some of them are a little to young to understand what they are saying. It is a phase which they may grow out of.

Could you please not put others down for what they love to read.

Where did I "put down" a person for reading the books, Krista. I evaluate various forms of entertainment and judge it according to a Biblical standard. I don't judge you or other fans. I don't know your hearts or motives. See judging

We all see God in our own ways. I know that I can relate to God through music, and that is me. Other may see him in nature, or family, and others, may see him in the joy that they have while reading. To most people a religious aspect is not what may come to mind when they read, some may not look to see that this could be against a bible.

Please, again, i ask you, respect others and they will respect you. We all have our own religions, beliefs and ways to live, because we all have our own way, it is impossible to place a distinct label on what is exactly right or wrong (in according to everyone), it will vary for every living person out there.

Krista, our God has shown us what is right or wrong in His Word, the Bible. Yes, it varies with cultures and people, but it doesn't vary with God. Only those who want to know Him and put their faith in Christ can know His heart and mind. See 1 Cor 2:9-10

But they seem to be a minority these days, because -- what He told us thousands of years ago -- is still true today:

"There was no king in Israel; 

everyone did what was right in his own eyes." Judges 17:6

From Jannie:  I was surprised to find so many of the people that have responded to your web site to be hostile and blinded. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people that truly believe that they can ride the fence when it comes to the Holy God and what He expects from us. In many of the messages I got the distinct impression they were saying "I love God with all my heart, my life is His, but I'm going to do what doesn't please Him anyway."

I speak against the Harry Potter books and turned to the web site to get some tangible information to back up what I've been saying. I read a letter written by an ex-witch which stated that the Harry Potter books were manuals which teach children how to be witches. He said that the incantations were ones that they had used and that the various names in the book were names of the devil.

People I've spoken to that have allowed their children to read Harry Potter books or watch the movie tell their children it's all pretend. I get the same response when I speak against Halloween. With the growth of WICCA and "black witchcraft" in the US, I'm surprised there are still people that really believe that it's all pretend.

So am I, Jannie. Thank you.

From Daniel: I am just returned from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie with my nephew. I cannot understand how people of faith can be so weak that they fear a childs imagination. I guess my faith is in the family because if I cannot spend the time to explain between fact and fiction then I should not be around children at all.

If this is just another way for you to find something to complain about then I am sorry to disturb you but maybe we should leave the book burnings in the past.

Daniel, do you think your judgment might be a bit unfair? I don't fear a childís imagination, nor do I recommend book burning. My goal is to share some facts that allow people to make wise choices.

If you were sick, would you want the doctor to diagnose the problem, or would you rather continue in blissful ignorance? Which is more loving: to tell the truth or to be so fearful of offending anyone that you remain silent ?

From Matt:   hahaha, you guys crack me up. seriously tho, is this like some parody
website? i just couldnt stop myself from browsing through your website, its just too @#$% funny!

From Laura:  I believe in GOD. I go to church, I pray. I love Harry Potter. It's a fun movie, and in No way Promotes "Evil" wiitchcraft. That is why the characters are "good" characters. Your article on the movie stunned me because, well Millions of people love the movies and the book, even catholics, christians and such.

The fact that the world "loves" Harry Potter does not prove its goodness, Laura. Instead, it suggests the opposite. Our human nature loves all kinds of things that God tells us to avoid.

Consider porn. Does its popularity make it good. Or does it desensitize people to an evil that most people avoided some decades ago?

By ourselves (apart from God) people readily drawn away from the "good" toward all kinds of distractions and destructive thrills. That's why God's Old Testament warning is just as relevant today. He said, "You love evil more than good...." Psalm 52:3

There is a difference between make-believe and real witchcraft. I do not believe people who watch these movies go out and perform witchcraft. No where in the bible does it say, watching a movie and enjoying it, that has witches and wizards is evil.

Yes, there are many differences between fantasy and reality. One of the problems is this: a well-written, strategic fantasy that appeals to our human nature and its cravings is more likely to sway a person's beliefs and values than actual facts. That's why companies spend millions on ads that entertain, appeal to feelings, affect behavior but present few facts.

Please see Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and Harry Potter and D&D

I do hope you guys don't like or watch the Wizard of Oz, lets face it that promotes witchcraft also.

From Carolyn: I applaud you for revealing the truth behind Harry Potter, but I feel your message would be stronger if you emphasized that issue of witchcraft is not a Christian issue but more of a Jewish issue as well. The Torah speaks in many verses about sorcery and witchcraft. In fact more scriptures that speak against witchcraft are mentioned in the Old Testament. So why should the Harry Potter issue be a Christian issue, I believe that we need to embrace our Jewish brothers as well. "Hear O Israel the Lord God is one. Thou shall have no other gods before me".

Thanks for making that point, Carolyn. So let me remind everyone that Deuteronomy 18:9-12, which I often quote, is part of the Torah.

Also, since witchcraft (wicca) claims to be a religion, why are they allowed in Public Schools? Separation of Church and State must be applied to all religions including wicca.

Yet, it isn't. Many educators tells us that Wicca and other earth-centered religions fall into the category of "Spirituality" (which supposedly is allowed -- it's certainly promoted) rather than "Religion." But their argument makes little sense when Wicca and other organized religions have been granted tax-exempt status as churches. 

The Public Schools do not allow stories that have a Christian or Jewish theme or message of values but they allow and encourage books about witchcraft. They feel that it is innocent, promotes reading and is nothing more than fairy tales. This is not true and this issue needs to be brought to the attention of every school board and the judicial system as well.

That's right. Witchcraft and other neo-pagan beliefs fit the UN model for a global spirituality. See Establishing a Global Spirituality and UNESCO's Declaration on the role of religion in a culture of peace

From Michelle:  I think you are all crazy! (Prof. Lupin is evil because he has a disease that can't be cured.)

Would you consider that last sentence a fact or a fantasy, Michelle?

I'm not saying that I believe that witchcraft is real. You need to give kids some credit. We know it is not real! Ask anyone! Have any of you actually read the books. It does not teach of witchcraft. All there is are some words that aren't even real. Ms. Rowling doesn't even believe in witchcraft herself.

All of you people have much bigger things to worry about then Harry Potter. What about kids doing drugs and having children at age 14. Or innocent people being killed. You don't think that Harry Potter is influencing them to have sex and do drugs, do you?

No, I don't, Michelle. But I do believe that rappers and other entertainers who promote drugs and sexual promiscuity do influence them. So does the pervasiveness of all kinds of pornographic images and suggestion.

Of course, those destructive message are transmitted through fantasy as well. And they all shows the power of fantasy to manipulate the imagination, undermine traditional values and promote unhealthy lifestyles. 

I believe in God, no doubt about that. And he doesn't love me any less that I have read all four Harry Potter books four times each, or that I saw the first movie twice, or plan to see the second movie. And if I am wrong for my opinion than so be it.

You are not going to stop the thousands of kids that read Harry Potter books!

Anonymous: Harry Potter isnt evil. Most of the spells in there are just english words like Eye Repare translated into latin. Also, So what if yung kids like magic? It's fantasy-let kids live out their yung lives, they'll get out of it by age 12 or 13. It doesnt invoke any paganism in it at all either -- they celebrate christmas in the first book.

Yes, but they leave out Jesus Christ. It's not a Christian holiday. Like everything else touched by Harry and his wizardly friends, it presents a pagan counterfeit of what God shows us.

 and the positive thing about the Harry Potter series is that its helpin kids to read, no offense but i wouldn't wanna see an 8 year old reading a bible yet, there are words in there he cant understand, and probly wouldnt understand the bible at all.It's ok to teach them about god, but dont tell them they have to stop reading a book or else they'll go to hell. It isn't right to scare them like that. I am going to tell you, that I am a devoted Christian, but I dont like to see people badmouthin children's books---My sister reads those, and even I do, it's all fictional, I dont believe any of the spells or stuff in there-- but it gets me reading, I usually only read when it comes to school related things. Thank you for reading this.

Whether you are captivated by the spells and magic or not, it also "gets" you to trade the timeless Biblical world view for today's pagan world view. It rationalizes and approves all the practices God tells us to avoid and turns Biblical values upside down.

From Dan: I have just finished some reading on your site (the article about Harry Potter), and I must say that I am apalled, stunned or even chocked by the things you write.

You seem to be have taken the message of Christ the opposite way that it supposed to be. The word is supposed to make you strong, fearless and empowerd. not fearfull, hating and small.

The only way to combat the increasing evil in our society is by following the example of Christ himself. to embrace the sinners and the fallen. If you start faultfinding you will only alienate these people even further from what is holy and right. Forcing them even deeper into darkness.

Dan, are you saying that we should just flow with the culture and forget God's warnings? Is silence and repression more loving than reaching out with God's truths so that some might come to Him and escape the spiritual confusion and blindness that follows today's flood of occult suggestions?

If you walked down the street and saw smoke pouring out from a second story window while the family was happily gathered around the TV watching their favorite show, what would you do?  Would you demonstrate greater love by warning them of impending danger -- or by leaving them alone in their momentary bliss until the flames engulfed them?

It's better to teach by example, not making any demandments. With warm regards.

Then, let's look at Jesus' example, for He asked us to follow Him. Jesus never ignored or minimized the corruptive power of sin. He died to set us free from it. His life and words were totally consistent. Both showed us the danger of ignoring sin and cultural corruption. And He constantly dare to offend people by telling the truth.

Please consider some of His truths and warnings, especially on this page: Luke 12

ďWhatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:27-28

From Kayla:  Harry Potter is a story written for kids to enjoy reading, not to influance them into joining Paganism/Wicca as a religion. People look into the book to much. My cousin isnt allowed to read the book and I just dont understand. Ive read all 4 books at least 5 times each and have seen the movie enough to recite it. Have I once had a thought of praticing Witchcraft?? NO!

Its just fantasy! I mean, look at disney. The Black Caldurn and The Sword and the Stone. Even Fantasia! Is that teaching small kids to believe in witchcraft? No, its just harmless fantasy. But people turn it into this big controversy. ANYTHING can influance a person. Its just the way the person looks at the situation!

Look at Emeniem's music! He talks of killing people but when I listin to his songs do I want to kill because he does? NO! But needless to say, putting Harry Potter into the sterotype of "Teaching Kids to join in Witchcraft" is plain silly.

You probably disagree. Once you have your heart set on the answer YOU think is right, its a bit hard to change your mind. But just to let you know, Im not one of the "Many children" who you say the book has influanced to pratice Witchcraft. Im 16 and can make those choices for myself without a book.

I read Harry Potter and will continue reading Harry Potter as long as I stay interested in the books.

Oh, by the way, I cant wait till the Chamber of Secrets comes out! NOVEMBER 15! that's in 14 days! whaooooooo! I would advise you to go see it, but you may be to influanced to join in Witchcraft. Sorry. *walks like a zombie and chants* Witchcraft.....Wiiitttchhhcraffftt!

~Harry's Wonderous World~

Please post my message. I would like everyone to see my views. Thanks.

I lot of people agree with you, Kayla, but your views make me sad. They remind me of two verses in the Bible:

ďFor My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisternsóbroken cisterns that can hold no water." Jeremiah 2:13

"...thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: 'In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.' But you would not...." Isaiah 30:15

From Nicole: I could not believe that I actually saw a site that claimed to be Christian and said that Harry Potter books encouraged young children to like witchcraft! Are you people some sort of Christian fundamentalist?

The answer depends on how you define "fundamentalist". That's a loaded word that comes with a lot of cultural baggage and accusations. We want to follow God, know His truth, and live by His guidelines, because He alone can bring true peace, wisdom and love into our lives. And He alone can enable us to share all the wonders of His life and wisdom with others. See What it means to be a Christian

It's absolutely embarassing that there are other Americans out there like yourselves that are more concerned over some of the most trivial things in life that in the great scheme of things don't really matter! I would rather a child read a Harry Potter book any day than go out and walk the streets, and possibly vandalize property. Please alter your website and find a new topic to harass others about.

Obviously there are more important things in the world to worry about than a book that rubs you a bit the wrong way. The world is changing and evolving and anything that help to unite children of the world is ten times better than something that will only continue to divide them. The facts remain as such: not even the majority of the world has Christianity for their religion. Please come back to reality and find a new focus. Or better yet, read a Harry Potter book, before openly criticizing it.

From Tara: I read several of your articles about the Harry Potter articles, and I am not saying you are wrong, but I have a few questions of my own. I don't care if you or if you don't post these on the comments/discussion site, but I just want the truth for myself.

I am a Christian. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. I believe Jesus was sent by God so that all men could be saved and live with him in glory in heaven.

Yet I have read Harry Potter. My parents have not read them, but have heard about them, not all bad things about them, but things about what they are about. My parents say that as long as you read it and take it as it is -- a book, that it will be okay. I know that it is a book that can influence, but to take it as a book- something about a fictional boy. My parents say that as long as I keep it fictional, and don't take it to my own life- to that extreme, but simply see it as a book, fictional, unreal, and something that is opposed by my faith (sorcery & witchcraft), that it is okay to read about it, as long as I don't let it live in my life, or let it influence me. I've heard it both ways, and in which I both see their reasons.

I have heard it that it shows the importance that good always conquers evil, and I have also heard it as that the whole thing is evil for wizardry, witchcraft, and sorcery.

I know that you totally disagree with Harry Potter altogether, but what do you think of my view of not letting it get to my life, heart, mind, and soul? Please let me see your view.

A lot of adults think they can watch porn without "letting it get in" to their minds and souls also, Tara. It's just not that simple. Many become unwilling addicts, captivated by the thrills they learn to crave.

Please read (or re-read) Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies. Pray that God guide you by His Spirit -- especially through the Scriptures I have quoted. If you still have specific questions afterwards, please send them to me. I will try to answer anything that isn't covered in these two (and the other) articles on Harry Potter.

From "a youth pastor": I just started reading the harry potter books.  I read the first book in two days and the second one is almost finished.  I have heard some negative feed back against Harry so I thought I would check it out on the web and I found your articles.  I am glad that you are taking a stand against Satan.  I realize that you feel this is a new great tool devised by Satan to lure children into his occultic trap and you might be right.  

First let me say that I am a strong Christian and love the Lord with all my heart.  The problem is I really enjoy reading the books and nothing about them conflicts with my spirit.  

As a youth pastor, how do you determine what is right or wrong in God's sight? By your feelings (what you enjoy or dislike or what feels good and matches your inclination) or by His Word

I am sure you know these two familiar Scriptures, but they might be helpful here:

"As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ."  Colossians 2:6-9

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and depart from evil."  Proverbs 3:5-7

I'm sure you would see this as spiritual problem with me.  So, if it is i'm counting on God to give you some spiritual wisdom to turn my eyes away from Harry Potter or LOR or Pokemon or any other popular fad that you might think portrays satan that I enjoy.  I'm sorry I can't fight along side you on this issue brother.  

My thought was this.  Non Christians are just that "non Chrisians"  they will find the world in anything and run after the prince of this world.  Christians have been captured by Christ and will not turn from Christ (Heb 6)  So i wonder why you are threatned by this more than any thing else the world provides.  Christ will call those to himself and they will not stray by reading a book they enjoy.

The New Testament is full of warnings to Christians to be alert and on guard in order to avoid deception, confusion and distortion of His truth. The battle continues to rage between the flesh (our human nature) and the Spirit as long as we live in this fallen world. The Colossians 2 passage above is just one of many illustrations. Two others are Ephesians 6:10-18 and Galatians 5..

 I'm sure legalism can make anything made in this world feel as if it were Satan's pleasure, ex (christian rock music, other editions of the Bible, preachers who don't wear ties).  I'm just rambling now.  Please help me understand how this is helping to build his kingdom.

I assume you are referring to satan's kingdom, not God's kingdom. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think I answered your question in  A Twist of Faith, chapter 8, "There is no sin or evil". (If you would read it, I would love to send you a copy as a gift.) After writing about the world's counterfeit or New Age angels, I wrote,

Evil is back by popular demand. And while, Satan, masquerading as 'an angel of light,' can only oppress Christians to the extent God allows, he has all the rest of humanity to trap and train as counterfeit "ministers of righteousness."[36]

 Their main work is to turn people away from God, to distort their understanding of His Word, to draw them toward a "new" way of thinking, and to open their eyes to feel-good thrills of the occult. Most of these "ministers" fit one of the following levels of service:
1. Pagan priests, shamans, spiritists, and New Age teachers -- people who actively seek to harness occult powers and lead others into the occult.

2. Followers and supporters -- those who promote the new spirituality and participate in its rituals.

3. The deceived masses -- those who flow with the social changes and deny the realities of God.

4. So-called Christians without a personal relationship with Christ -- those who bear Christ's name but distort His truths and follow contrary ways. They serve Satan by presenting a false view of Christ outside the church and by confusing or misleading Christians inside the church.[37]

Of course, God is always greater! See The Nature and Tactics of Satan. But if His children mock His standards and go their own way, they will face consequences of their rebellion. And His loving disciplines are not likely to be comfortable. See Hebrews 12.

From "Harry Potter Fan": I was was surfing the net, when I found the page on your web site, saying all these negative things about the Harry Potter book series, and the Harry Potter movie... I feel like I have to correct you on some of the things:

Oh! Before I start, I would like to add that I am a dedicated Christian, who attends my anglican church every Sunday, and attend a Christian school. I really love God (even though some of my ideas may disagree with some Christian religions) and, being 14, I do know the difference between fiction and real life.

1) "It's a shape-shifter... It takes the shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most." They are talking about a boggart right here. Its a creature that is able to shape shift. In the ledgands (boggarts have been around in tales for a long long time) boggarts shape shift because they like their privacy. They scare people away to get this.

2) "I would trust Hagrid with my life." ....He was almost twice as tall as a normal man and at least five times as wide... and so wild...." Uhh... When they say "and so wild" they're talking about Hagrids hair. Once again I ask. Have you read the book???

3) "The cloaked figure reached the unicorn... and began to drink its blood." The unicorn is described as the most pure of pure animals in the wizarding world. (JKR Says in the book) "The blood of a unicorn will keep you alive even if you are an inch from death, but there is a price. You have slain something so pure and innocent that from the moment the blood touches your lips you will have a half life." The dark figure is Voldermort. The centuar (who said the stuff about the unicorn) also says that the only reason Voldermort does that is because that he has nothing to lose as he already only has a half life. Another point, wizards (in the book series) are born magical because of their parintage. It has nothing to do with devil worship!

Just because different people have different views and religions that does not make them evil. God will judge us on who we are, and how well we express it. Not if we attend church each Sunday. Our world today does not revolve around religon, but human spirt, and you are seriously putting down peoples views of the world, and free-speech. From looking at your webpage and your comments on other peoples comments, it seems that you are the one sinning, judgeing people because they believe differently then you, and then dissing
their views of Christinanity. It seems that you are putting too much effort in stopping a peice of literacy on the press then putting a stop to starvation. The Harry Potter books are ment for enjoyment in todays hectic life... also read something you wrote about being able to talk to God.

*News flash* if we all look deep inside our souls, we all can talk to God. Read the books, and you may see that JKR was trying to get a message for good out across the nations. After that, get your head checked.

I have read the books, Madeleine, and your comments have only increased my concerns. You demonstrate how many of Ms Rowling's fans become familiar and comfortable with her "wizarding world" and use it as a standard for redefining familiar terms.

For example, a key word in the Bible is pure or purity, which refers to that which is compatible with God's holiness. But you apply this important word to a mythical being out of ancient pagan cultures. This application changes its meaning. Purity, according to you and Ms Rowling, now fits the values of mythical history, not the truth of God's Word.

That's just one illustration of how Rowlings books influence values and change the meaning and usage of words. Even more important, what did you mean by "if we all look deep inside our souls, we all can talk to God"? Does "we" include

1. All people or

2. All who trust in God or

3. Only those who have received His Holy Spirit because they based their faith on Christ's redeeming death on the cross?  

It's very important for Christians to know what they believe and the source of their understanding. See Armor of God. Remember, God tells us to -

"Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things..."  2 Timothy 4:2-5

Second letter from Aras (three letters down): Sorry if I was a bit rude, I just get a little upset when I read things that insult other cultures, such as calling one's customs of hospatiality given to you an act of the occult. (that and the harry potter books were amongst my favourites) Your accusations sound quite similar to the witchhunts of the last half millenium. I think when God was talking about the dark arts, he was meaning agents of evil than things that we have come to call witches and wizards that call upon cantations to curse the living.  Thank you.

The meaning of "evil" in the Bible is broader than the dark curses, spells or incantations of the occult, Aras. It includes anything that opposes or counterfeits His way and truth. It would include all the beliefs and practices that are part of "white" as well as "black" magic. Many are listed in Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

I, too, apologize for not being as friendly as I would like to have been in my response to your first letter. God is continually teaching and training me to respond with His love. Please forgive me.

From Cristina:  I'm 13 years old, and I'm a former Lutheran-turned-atheist. And I have a problem with your Harry Potter articles. Like sooooo many other people. But, unlike them, I (even though I feel like it), won't scream like a little kid at you with numorous exclamation marks.

OK, so here are my comments. On your front page, you have a list of quotes.
-"I was eager to get to Hogwarts first because I like what they learned there and I want to be a witch."  Hmmm. She's ten, right? And ten-year-olds don't usually know what real witchcraft is. They think magic is pointy hats, robes, a magic wand with a unicorn hair/phoenix feather/dragon's heartstring that you can wave around, say something like "Alohomora" and open a door, or a lock, or lift a feather off the table. They don't think "Oh, I like these books so I'm going to go dress up in a black cloak, draw a circle and summon a demon to eat my Christain friends."

-"I like the third book because [Harry] meets his godfather and Professor Lupin, a really cool guy." (This really "cool guy" turns into a werewolf...)
Hey, it isn't Remus [Lupin]'s fault he's a werewolf! OK, so he went outside after dark - but don't tell me you've never done that. If he could, he'd stop being a werewolf.

You seem to be taking the story pretty seriously, Cristina. Could it be more than just a fantasy to you? After all, Lupin isn't a real person. You don't need to defend him. 

Yes, it's true - kids (and teens) today are definately interested in magic/witchcraft. Some because of HP, some not. But it ISN'T a problem! Unless they decide to completely devote their lives to it, it can't cause harm. Let kids be kids. If they are just going through as obsession phase (like I do), then it isn't a big problem. Stop degrading HP.

Harry Potter is just a fictional character, yet you defend him as well. Perhaps I can summarize one importance difference between us. You seem to love the Harry Potter myth but despise people whose values clash with yours. We evaluate and critique the messages communicated through myth and entertainment, but we care about people like you. Might your love for fantasy and hostility for real people be an example of today's misplaced values. After all, actual human beings should be more important than fiction and fantasy. Wouldn't you agree?  

Oh. And this is just to make me feel better. YOU ARE IDIOTS! 

From Aras:  I have been raised as a christain my whole life, but I can appreciate other people's points of view.

I think you should remove your irrogant and distasteful views of other religions and harry potter from the internet. (just because a religion is different, it is not evil- God judges us upon what we know, I'm sure if you were raised muslim you would now be a muslim.)

Those beliefs and values didn't come from God's Word.  Do the myths behind your favorite entertainment teach you this philosophy -- and define your understanding of Christianity? 

If I am not mistaken, for humans to judge one another is a sin, (let he who has not sinned cast the first stone) and your webpage seems to be a pretty big judgment of these wonderful literary works.

God tells us not to judge whether a person's salvation. We don't know who, in their hearts, have (or will) put their faith in Christ and spend eternity with Him. That's why He told us that the "wheat and tares" (looks like wheat) would grow together until His time of judgment.

But He does tell us to exercise moral judgment and judge (determine or discern) what is right and what is wrong according to God's Word:

"For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged." 1 Corinthians 11:31

"Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time? Yes, and why, even of yourselves, do you not judge what is right?" Luke 12:57

Did you ever stop and think that perhaps these primitive points of view are the reason why so many people reject christianity?

Yes. God told us to "count the cost" of following Him, so that we don't get discouraged when we face opposition. He warned us that most people would reject Christianity -- especially in end times. (1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Timothy 3:1-14, 2 Timothy 4:3-4, Matthew 24:12) After all, people rejected Jesus Himself. If we follow Him, we will face rejection as well. But that's okay, for peace and fellowship with Him is worth far more than popularity in the world. Jesus said,

"If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.... If they persecuted Me they will persecute you... for they do not know the One who sent Me." John 15:19-21

The world doesn't want to hear about sin and our need for salvation. It calls the gospel (the good news about God's redemptive work on the cross to set us free and give us new life) foolishness.

"...thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things?"
2 Corinthians 2:14-16

At some point I hope you do cuz lets face it, Christianity is but 1 religion in this world, and Harry Potter is nothing more than what it is, an innocent children's story promoting love and commrodary amongst friends. Or perhaps lending a world to a child facing parental abuse or such other things, so that they can forget one day of the miserable life that Jesus gave to them.

Besides, I think other things in life are a much bigger threat to children than your qualms with a series of well written children's books.

p.s. I am an avid D&d gamer, have owned an ouwija board for 12 years, and own all of the potter books, I still have yet to see 1 demon come across my house. I guess Satan isn't trying hard enough.

Satan doesn't grow horns and tails on those who follow him. He is far more subtle than that. Those who are trapped in his seductions rarely know what is happening to them. They just follow their feelings and drift into bondage and blindness -- just like the gullible children in the story of Pinocchio who were seduced into bondage by the promise of fun and feel-good thrills on Pleasure Island. They did grow tails, but in real life, the victims of spiritual deception just become blind to truth and increasingly fascinated with occultism and death. See Proverbs 8-36

Name removed by request:  I was just commenting about your Harry Potter section. I just want to say that you are very strange and odd people. I am a Christian who has had his conformation, and I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

However, I have read the Harry Potter books, and unless they have come out with a Cliff Notes (the books that tell what everything means) for Harry Potter, I think that many people donít see that far into the books, and even if you did, you would be goiní too deep. The books were meant for pure enjoyment, not to be dissected by some people who think that Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and Magik the Gathering are signs that Godís word is failing. Godís word is not failing.

Of course not, Jonathan. It always triumphs! That's why I hold it up as a standard for good and evil. It warns us against any participation in pagan activities -- even in our imagination.

If you want to see Godís words in action, go support Operation Smile or a charity like that.

Operation Smile and its ministry of reconstructive surgery has done wonders for children around the world. But its goodness doesn't diminish the occult influences in the Harry Potter stories.

From Sammy: I am replying to your site "Harry Potter brings kids to witchcraft."  That is the most ridicules thing that i have ever heard! You are a narrow minded Christian who only Knows their own opinion and is to thick headed to except anyone's else.

I believe that everyone has a right to speak their opinion and believe as they choose, Sammy. It sounds as if you would like to silence those who trust God and follow His guidelines. But remember, if I lose my freedom to express my faith on our website, then no one is free -- unless they conform to politically correct standards. Is that what you want?

From Mark: After browsing your website, and a number of others similar to yours in the search for some information on the Christian perspective on the Harry Potter 'phenomenon' (if we must call it that), I felt compelled to offer my opinion after perusing some letters from other individuals. Firstly, I am a 22 year old Australian male who was brought up in a Christian background and to this day still accepts Christ as my saviour. Alongside this, I have a degree in English and work as an officer in the armed forces. I am very open minded and tolerant of various things (and even religions...everyone is entitled to their own choices) in this world, and I am as guilty as anyone else when it comes to being a sinner and being influenced by things I probably shouldn't be at times in my life. When it comes down to Harry Potter though, I must put my foot down.

Anyone, and I mean any intelligent person, who cannot help but be a little disturbed over the way in which a series of books devoted to the glorification of witchcraft has taken off the way it has to become a worldwide sensation, and so readily accepted by the masses, has to have their head read. Now as I have said, I am a very open minded guy. I've watched (and enjoyed) horror movies, witnessed demonic possession (in my own house as a youngster after moving in in the wake of devil worshippers who had moved out...but that's another story) and basically overlook a lot of the hype over a lot of topics that traditionally inspire heated response in Christian circles. After watching the Harry Potter movie however, I was disgusted.

This movie contained a veritable cornucopia of occult related themes and references that are hidden underneath a veneer of childlike storytelling and 'movie magic'. Here are but a few that may or may not have been noticed:
- Harry receiving instructions that he must bring a 'cauldron, and an owl, cat or toad' along with him to Hogwarts. What for? Ahhh why for brewing up potions to 'ensnare the senses and even stopper death' of course. And the animal? Not for a pet....more like a familiar one would imagine.
- Harry conversing with a snake in the verdant confines of it's cage when he first realises the 'power' he possesses. Did someone say Garden of Eden and the temptation of humankind into sin?
- The way in which non-magic using individuals are referred to as 'muggles', i.e. often conveyed with an air of contempt.
- The scene involving an apparition (i.e Quirrel) levitating whilst drinking the blood of a unicorn. Any parent who endorses their child watching this vampiric scene (not to mention necromantic as the blood is used to prolong life unnaturally) is a fool.
- The scene in which Voldemort appears in the flesh of his 'host', Quirrel. Hmm no way, it couldn't be referring to demonic's a kid's movie afterall!

The list goes on and on. The movie makes all of this sound wonderfully exciting and mysterious. I even have to admit that after watching the movie, I couldn't help but feel that Hogwarts would be a wonderful place to go, if in fact it was real.

I know of young children who after reading/viewing this rubbish have tried putting curses on 'enemies' (or younger/older siblings as the case may be) and even one child who had disgusting behavioural problems, up until the plethora of Harry Potter paraphernalia was removed from his room that is.

I won't harp on any longer. The simple fact is, Rowling has written a series of books and has endorsed a movie which has desensitised children (and in some cases, otherwise intelligent adults who should be reading more, shall we say, challenging literature) to a hidden world of witchcraft. It is made to look innocent through the imagery of tutelage of children in the same arts used in the books. The fact that some schools are actually using these as classroom readers, when prayer, Christmas carols and anything else containing the words God or Jesus are driven out by the same people who think all people who believe in God as 'troublemakers' is astounding. I know for a fact that when I have children, they won't be subjected to the idiotic ramblings of J.K. 'I love money, keep it rolling in' Rowling and her worldwide 'witchcraft is fun' movement. Yours sincerely,

Thank you, Mark, for sharing your insights. I really appreciate it.

Anomymous: I am a reader of the Harry Potter books and i am agreeing with many of the other people who have commented on your site, THAT YOU ALL NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!

The Harry Potter kind of life? Please remember, there was plenty of good life before Harry Potter.

And no Harry Potter did not TEACH me to speak like that to you nor TELL me to speak to you like that. Seriously there has got to be something wrong in your heads if you think that children all of the world will be turning to witchcraft after reading the books. I do believe that you have underestimated how smart children can actually be when telling the difference between fact or fiction.

Please read my article, Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

And now getting to the matter of this god you talk about so often. How do u know that he or SHE for that matter even exists? Have you spoken or had a conversation with him or her, are you on a personal basis? Yeah you probably believe that he or she is there, but what a BURNER it would be if they didn't exist! And also, how do you know that they are aganist harry potter? For all we know they could be up there right now reading one of the books!!!

Of course I talk with my Lord. And His Word tells me that He forbids witchcraft and warns us to have nothing to do with it. See Deut 18:9-12

Do you people not realise that Harry Potter has actually enticed to kids to read again?! And by my opinion that is a HELL of alot better than having them run around on the streets causing havoc.

Anonymous:  you guys are nuts about Harry Potter it is harmless fun...let me guess you like LOrd of the Rings..just because JR tolkien is a christian that movie isn't witchcraft or sorcery.  

Wrong guess. Please read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: Truth, Myth or 'Discovered Reality"?

Also God forbids pre marital sex therefore you should not watch any movie which depicts that...oh yeah any movie with someone stealing from another is sinful and should not be watched.  You are foolish and ridiculous in your claims. I will keep you in my prayers.

Just some thoughts on prayer: "If I regard iniquity [or love sin] in my heart, the Lord will not hear. But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer." Psalm 66:18-19

From Icicle: I've gone through some of your articles about Harry Potter and they are all just junk. You say you are trying to bring the "truth" but you aren't. WHY? You keep contradicting yourself. You say Harry Potter is fantasy and then suddenly you say it's reality. It's either one or the other.

Without a specific reference, I may not be able to answer your question. But you may be referring to my argument that fantasy tends to produce imagined experiences which can -- even more effectively than reality -- leave memories, suggestions and impressions in the mind of the person. See Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons and Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

Also, how come you aren't picking on other books with so-called "witchcraft"?

No other book on witchcraft has captivated people around the world and caught the attention of children everywhere.

Are you only fussing over Harry Potter to get attention and possibly get attention and rake in money? I hate to say this but you're making things worse with your nonsense. When I say all this it doesn't mean I'm a Satanist because I'm NOT. Just because a Christian may read the Harry Potter books doesn't make them false Christians. You attack everything with magic, which makes you prejudiced and biased. You assume that anything with harmless magic is evil.

You have caused a lot of trouble for your pathetic, STUPID Harry Potter articles.

From M. L. (17): Only my amusement at blatant stupidity could have caused me to click on your web page and read paragraph after paragraph about Harry Potter being anti-christian and promoting witchcraft. I am not writing to insult your opinions, as everyone is entitled to their own, I am merely writing to suggest an improvement to your already ridiculous web site.

You say that you aren't trying to ban the Harry Potter books, that you merely want to answer the questions of concerned parents, thus giving the reader the idea that they have landed on an objective, informative site, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. You are nothing but antagonistic toward the whole serious, and your opinion bias is incredibly obvious. You do nothing to demonstrate the good qualities of the Harry Potter. Have either of you ever read a Harry Potter book? I think that if you did, with an open mind, you would find that, while witchcraft is an important part of the series, the books go deeper than that. They teach children about bravery, friendship, and love, and emphasize making the right decisions.

Please read Harry Potter Letters

And the bottom line is that Harry Potter makes children, teenagers like myself, and even adults HAPPY. I've read the books to several children that I know or babysit for, and watched all of them laugh, smile, and cry happily. If you've read all of the books and you can still find Satanic qualities in Hermione's studious enthusiasm, Ron's loyalty, Dumbledore's querky wisdom, Sirius's fatherlike concern, and Harry's quiet bravery, then I will say not another word. But it is important to realize that children wouldn't be so desperate for Harry's world to be real if the series wasn't just that good. You're opinionated page could be taking a little bit of happiness away from children who just happen to have paranoid parents.

Actually, M.L., the bottom line is that you and I see life and happiness from very different perspectives. Those who love and follow God, have a far more exciting life than you can imagine. We don't need to escape into a fantasy world, for the real-life fellowship we have with Him and His other friends is so much better.

For when you believe that God is our Giver, our Maker, our Strength and our Shepherd, each day becomes an adventure. When you believe that He, the King of the universe, has the world in His hands and has even planned out the final stages of this earth we inhabit, it makes sense to keep your eyes on Him and His guidelines. It would be foolish to deny His warnings and participate in pagan rituals and magic spells - even in your imagination. Why trade the very best He has planned for us for a counterfeit form of power that will only discourage us in the end. Judges 17:6

The "good" parts of Harry Potter are merely the trappings that help captivate the minds of children and youth. Behind the familiar human facades, lies a tempting world view that Christians would be wise to ignore.

But you can choose to focus on human happiness rather than God-given happiness. Or you can focus on God and know the wonder of His peace in the midst of turmoil, His strength in your weakness, His joy even when everything looks dark from a human perspective. But you can't have both.

I know that's hard to understand for those who don't know Him. For He said,

ď'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'
But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit."
 1 Corinthians 2:9-10

Please read What it means to be a Christian.

Anomymous:  I read the 12 reasons not to read harry potter and all of its ridicolus. Harry Potter isnt bad. Everyone says it teaches us witchcraft, But we arent even wizards i mean what can it do, i mean whootydoo and just for that 12 reasons not to read harry potter,im going to read the 4 books again 3 times again!!

We are not forcing you to follow our God. It's your choice. But you would be wise to get to know Him. He offers the only real safety you will find in this world. See Don't Look at the Mask

From Amy: I completely agree with your comment that perhaps Rowling can't finish the series because of occult influences. I believe I heard her quote on the video Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged ( where she states that Harry Potter just appeared in her mind. She made it sound mysterious.

I believe that she opened herself up to occult forces when writing these books. When you invite evil spirits into your life, at first they might seem friendly and giving, but after a while they will become demanding and tormenting. When I heard that the fifth book keeping being delayed the first thing that came to my mind was that she was struggling with the evil spirits she opened herself up to.

Now of course the public is not going to hear this. When the next book comes out (if it comes out) there will just be some excuse to it's delay. Why would she disappoint her readers, and loose out on all that money unless something was wrong?

From David: Your website and the ignorance it spouts off are a great example of why people are turning away from christaniy  HARRY POTTER IS FICTION dumbass its dosnt lead people to anything because its not reakl and if your church is so sucure why are you so threatend by books that bear no reasemblance to reall witches you make me feel sorry for any childern who come into contact with you you are just a very sad ignorant person.

From Bob: Hello idiots. I am 14 and Iím commenting on your stupid article condemning Harry Potter. Do you think us kids is that stupid; itís because of people like you who think the worst that on Sesame Street they killed Burt off. I bet if you had it your way there would be no fantasy books, and thatís what we kids know it is. It is just a story; just give us some credit because we know itís a story.

J.K. Rowling just wanted to make a book, to try and make reading fun, and she got a lot of kids to start reading. Illiteracy is lower then it has ever been.

Illiteracy is soaring, Bob. And it's getting worse.  Back in the early thirties -- before all the "progressive" emphasis on "look-say" and "whole language," children learned phonics. Literacy throughout the Western world was over 99%. Everyone could read, though some read better than others. See Early experimentation in California schools

She not trying to turn people into witches, she just wanted to give people something fun to read. I mean, do you have to turn everything into a conspiracy; and I know what your thinking, (and not through divination) youíre thinking oh she has another bewitched but that simply is not true. I am Mormon, and I condemn anything of the devil, but this isnít. Itís just a harmless story, nothing more.

From Antonio: Cat said, "I happen to believe that Harry Potter is as innocent as Santa. J.K.Rowling is just trying to bring some joy to children by making them happy with a story." You answered, "That's not what she says, Cat."

Would you, please, tell me what Rowling does say? A link will be appreciated. Thanks,

Here are some links. Compare her statements about evil with the image and message of Santa Claus.

Harry Potter and the source of inspiration,

Rethinking HALLOWEEN with help from Harry Potter


Since I have only saved the links I needed for my quotes, I couldn't find a link to one of her early interviews where she explained that she didn't write the books for children or any group in particular. She wrote them because she was inspired to write them. The initial message came to her while riding a British train, and she had to write them as they were "given to" her.


Do you wonder about the spirit that gave her this occult and increasingly violent myth? Might that source have something to do with the struggle she now has in finishing the fifth book? I don't know, but it all fits into the answer to your question.

From Cat: I am 13 years old and I have read the Harry Potter books and I must say that you do have your reasons to assume that it may lead to children believing in the devil. But you must realize that there are millions of other books (and movies) very similar to Harry Potter doing the same thing (which you consider believing in the devil). I feel it is my duty to inform you that you cannot burn all fiction books.

I haven't suggested burning any books, Cat. And I know well that there the genre of occult books for children is growing by leaps and bounds. That's why I hope that concerned parents will apply my articles on Harry Potter to all those other books as well. That's also why we started a page on books we do recommend. See Carina's Favorite Books

I happen to believe that Harry Potter is as innocent as Santa. J.K.Rowling is just trying to bring some joy to children by making them happy with a story.

That's not what she says, Cat.

And unless you are going to accuse Cinderella's godmother of being a witch because she turned mice into horsemen for Cinderella well then I think you have to do something about being a control freak (I deeply am sorry for being so harsh it is the only word I could think of).

That's okay. But keep in mind, I am not telling you or anyone what to do. I provide some facts and warnings, and people who freely visit our website can freely ignore all our warnings. That's the American way. The First Amendment. Right?

Also I have been reading some of your comments to the people who comment on your website. You should trying being less harsh for if you truly believe what you say then you should try to forgive them for if they were not warned then they cannot help themselves.

And you in one of your comments you state that in schools kids don't learn enough about our forefathers and the war they fought. (you did write something on the subject of this I checked 3 times) Then you go against what the fought about in the first place (or part of it) RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! You sit there plainly stating that if you are not whatever religion you think is right then you are evil (on note i'm not talking about the religon of suporting the devil but the others).

Actually, they fought for a broad range of rights and freedoms - including the freedom to worship God, to express personal beliefs, to share one's faith, to follow one's conscience.... 

Expressing my faith and posting my research -- as an  encouragement to other Christians in their walk with God -- does not violate our founders' vision of religious freedom. But it sounds as if you would twist the Bill of Rights and their intentions into a new set of rules that would ban free speech and forbid me from sharing my faith. Is that what you want, Cat?

Remember, if you take away my freedom, you will not be free either. When official guidelines for politically correct speech are based on the subjective and changeable feelings of totalitarian social managers, everyone must watch what they say. When this happens in America -- and we are fast moving in that direction -- we will live with the same fears that both Christians and pagans faced in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. See Your friendly community spies

Also I would like you to know that if a 10 year old girl wants to dress up as Harry Potter and pretend to fly let her and give it a break. When she's 11 her dreams will be squashed anyway cause she won't get a letter from Hogwarts (CLUE: she won't cause it's not real). Have a nice day and goodbye.

P.S."a concerned fan"I LOVE what you wrote to this guy!!!

From Storm: I ask that you please read the following quotes.

1. "...To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever."
- Jesus gave his life for us; his love. To protect us in the future did he not?

Yes, but comparing His perfect love to the human love of in a pagan fantasy is to put distort and degrade the meaning of His sacrifice for us. See Psalm 50:16-21

2. "Quirrell, full of hatred, greed, and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort (aka the Devil), could not touch you for this reason." - When we truly love ourselves and God, Satan cannot harm us. Hum....

Where does that conclusion come from? God didn't promise to protect those who love themselves? He will protect us from Satan when we make it our goal to love and follow Him. When we choose to be His friends, then He come under His protection. See Rom 12:2-9 and Consuming Fire  

3.  "Me? Books and Cleverness!. There are more important things. friendship, and bravery..."
- The bible mentions friendships. Friends are those we can trust. True friends cannot be found in the dark arts. As for bravery...We all need to be brave. The bible mentions that too.

Your explanations twist all of God's truth, Storm. Where do they come from? Did you just blend what you remembered from church with what you read in Harry Potter?  Yes, God mentions courage: courage that comes from trusting in the strength of the Lord and His promised victory in the midst of earth's battles.

Both words -- friends and courage -- take on a very different meaning when used in a Biblical context. Biblical friends share a special oneness because they are both filled with God's Spirit, their eyes are set on Him, and they follow His way.

4. "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."
- humilty; humbleness. Aren't we as Christians supposed to help those less fortunate then us? Well in the 4th book Mr.Crouch mistreats his house elf, Winky. Later we find out he's not all goodness. Sounds like a Christian
belief to me.

5. "Because that's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library."
- A true Christian who believes in their faith as much as you guys apparently do, would have taught their children that when in doubt, check it out in the bible. So an 11 year old boy in a fantasy world created by a simple woman is going to change years and years of parental influense? You think too little of yourselves.

Our children did learn to "check it out in the Bible," not in books that taught occult philosophies. If they had sought wisdom from both sources, they would have missed God's path for them. 

There are many more. And if you actually read this far, then perhaps I have thought wrong of you. I am simply defending what I believe to be an excellent and creative work. There is so much to these books then what you state. Have you even read them? Or are you scared that a great magical hand will reach out and pull you into a world where imagination is treasured, friends are forever, and love conquers all else? A sane person would know that there is no such thing as magic; not in the same way as in the harry potter books anyway.

I love the harry potter books, I do not deny it nor do I feel any remorse for guilt for having them memorized and remembered. They have not currupted my 12 years of catholic schooling nor have they led me away from God. They are entertainment. THey are enjoyment, and they are wonderful! They make me happy. And if the fact that they exists makes you unhappy or scared, then I laugh at you for no amount of writing should scare you into prayer. Pray for others less fortunate. Pray for the sick, poor, homeless, and hungry. But don't pray for those who read harry potter, because you're going to be stuck standing next to them in heaven. And I'd hate for you to have to be uncomfortable while I talk about HErmione, ROn and Harry in front of you.

From Rachel A. Collins:  I was baffled when I read "Twelve Reasons Not to See Harry Potter Movies". I would like to question a few of the things you said in this article. First of all, I know of no teachers who "Forbid prayer in the name of Jesus". Not everyone is christian or even theistic, so in a public school, religious opinions should not be voiced. No student is obligated to support the Harry Potter books, but many non-religious students are forced to pray or recite a religiously biased pledge of allegiance.

Prayer to the Christian God in schools was outlawed -- along with Bible reading -- back in the early sixties. But it is perfectly permissible to do classroom rituals invoking the presence of spiritual forces not of God. Such rituals -- including all sorts of occult formulas for casting spells and doing magic -- have become a normal part of multicultural and environmental education. Hard to believe? Then read  Establishing a Global Spirituality.

Secondly, I have problems with your contention that "the movie's foundation in fantasy does not diminish it's power to change beliefs and values". The books do not have the power to change beliefs.

Actually, they do. That's one of the main reasons Hollywood and educational leaders love to promote pagan or anti-Christian myth and fantasies. They know it undermines traditional beliefs and shifts America's collective understanding of spiritual things from Christianity to paganism or New Age. See Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning and Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion.

However, we can only hope that they might start the reader questioning the veracity of the bible and christianity. The Potter series does have the power to reveal to the reader that religion is just as much of a fantasy as any magic spell any fictional character could cast (or any one, for that matter).

Right. That's the message it sends to a lot of students. In other words, it has "power to change beliefs and values" -- just as I said.

In your article you say that "God tells us to abhor what is evil and cling to what is good". First of all, things are not always black or white or evil and good. Also, good and evil are in the eye of the beholder. For instance, I think that the following excerpt from the Christian bible is quite evil: "Happy shall he be that taketh thy little ones and dasheth them against the stones"( Psalm 379:9 ), but since it is from the bible and is your supposed god's word it is perfectly acceptable to you. It amazes me how christians can completely ignore the scores of brutal and/or ridiculous bible passages. Perhaps you're worried that a more entertaining collection of supernatural fiction will divert the reader away from the horrid book of fairy tales you call your "Word"? Frankly, I don't see much difference, save for the fact that the Harry Potter series is far more well written, coherent and entertaining than the collected writings of ignorant, superstitious desert nomads.

I agree that the Scripture you quoted (actually it is Psalm 137:8) is confusing. But it makes more sense when you remember that it was written after the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and captured its people. Many were taken to Babylon to serve its rulers. The words above were preceded by these: "O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed, happy the one who repays you as you have served us!"

Keep in mind, the Old Testament is very honest about the capricious human nature that drives people to do and say all kinds of things that are contrary to God's ways. Because Israel so often disobeyed God and would blend their beliefs with their pagan neighbors, their Maker allowed enemies to take over the land and oppress the people.

We find God's standards for good and evil, not in the behavior of His people (which was often atrocious), but in the words that God spoke to and through his faithful prophets and servants. The words of the people in Israel and Judah would often illustrate their rebellion against God's ways rather than the heart of God. That's why God often called them a "rebellious" and "stiffnecked" people.

The message of forgiveness came through Jesus centuries later. God knew well that apart from His Spirit, people couldn't do what was right. But when Jesus came to save us from our sins and fill us with His Spirit, His followers could finally count on His strength and wisdom to follow His ways and to love even those who hurt us.

From E. Boyer:  You obviously have a lot of force behind your beliefs. Would not that energy be better directed against true evil in the world, rather than at a harmless children's fantasy series? There is so much real nastiness in the world that I wonder what makes you target fictional works that you would find, if you took the time to read them, actually speak against evil. Your stand on Harry Potter, and the fact that you put such a great amount of time into trying to "warn" others of the "evil" contained in these books, is strange beyond belief.

Why should I spend time warning people about entertainment that is obviously bad? That would be a bad use of our time. Our concern is that Christian families see the subtle suggestions and contrary beliefs that can affect their children's faith. Perhaps our article, Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion, will explain the problem.

From Drew.  I cannot believe the abuse you are taking from so-called Christians that read this Harry Potter book. Perhaps if these Christians read their Bibles as much as they read Harry Potter books they might come across verses like Deuteronomy 18:10,11. Or maybe 1 Samuel 15:23. I for one would like to encourage you because you are found worthy to take this abuse. Thank you for your insight, and your valuable web page.

Thank you, Drew.

From Kyoko: Harry Potter is a wonderful series of stories that you should just leave alone!!  STORIES, you got that? I'm sure God would allow us to tell STORIES, even if they contain magic.

Why are you so sure? God Himself tells us that magic and other occult practices are "an abomination" to Him. He hates all those timeless rituals that fill people's thoughts, influence their imagination, separate them from Him and draw them toward spiritual deception and oppression.

All kids believe in magic, but not the evil kind you speak of. Kid's magic is when they make up stuff that can't really happen in real life, just for FUN. I mean, isn't that what your imagination is there for? Otherwise, what else is there to do? Sure, people can do sports, do their homework, play with their pet (if they have one) but when they're bored of things... Destroying, censoring, and insulting Harry Potter will only give Christians a bad name. If that happens, then it's your own fault. Some Christians read Harry Potter (hey, you did yourself!) and does that make them satanic? I don't think so!!! It seems as though you're desperate to rip money off of people for your own cause.

Where do I "rip money off people," Kyoko?  We don't advertise, so we pay for this large website ourselves. It's a ministry to Christian families.

Second letter from Kyoko:  Why don't you stop using lengthy Bible quotes and actually LISTEN to people for once? I thought Christians respected other people despite their religion or what they read. And that's exactly what you're NOT doing. You're discriminating against Wiccans just because of their religion. You can also hate Harry Potter all you want but that doesn't mean you try to get other people to hate it as well! Stop taking what kids say and twisting them to make it sound like they've been brainwashed. You go as far as to messing up what people say just so you can get what you want. That's sick, what you're doing. Not to mention that you make EVERYTHING seem evil. You're so afraid of doing something wrong you may as well suspend yourself from the ceiling till you're really old.

If you think that from my letters I'm satanic, I'm not. I believe in God just as much as you do. Don't get a wrong impression of someone just from what they like to do.

What do you mean by "listen," Kyoko? I did listen to you and I wrote a response. I took your message seriously even though I didn't agree with you. Did you listen to me? You seem to reject my words as if they are meaningless.

Please tell me what I have twisted? I am trying to understand your message, but some of your comments don't make sense.

Third letter from Kyoko: When I say you don't listen I mean that you just ignore what someone says and use Bible quotes as your response. And what do you mean you don't twist what people say?! You do it all the time, and you know it! For example, if a child says they want to be a witch/wizard, you take it literally! They just want to pretend to be a witch/wizard because the spells make life easier.

I think I understand. Are you saying that, even if I read your letter but don't dialogue with you and try to find "common ground" so that we can agree, then I am not listening? That would imply that your definition for  "listening" demands that I compromise what I believe in order to please you.

I know many believe that, because that's the heart of the consensus process. The new global education systems are teaching this feeling-based way of thinking  to children around the world. Everyone learns to think "dialectically." Perhaps that's what you are doing. And since I don't follow the ground-rules for dialogue, you are not really listening to me. I don't fit the new "relational" pattern for communication. Is that right?

The result is that you and others just react emotionally and get mad at me. But life a a lot easier and kinder if you can discuss things logically rather than emotionally and dialectically.

What's wrong with having a litte fun? You are obviously a bunch of boring people because all you do is cling onto your website instead of doing other things. And J.K. Rowling herself isn't a satanist! She's just making fun of witchcraft, not promoting it. She's religious herself, so don't you dare say she's taking the wrong path! If she thought making fun of witchcraft was just as bad as the actual witchcraft then she wouldn't have written the Harry Potter books now, would she?

P.S.: I guess it's getting really pointless writing to you because you're too deaf to hear me out. I don't know WHAT it'll take to get through that thick skull of yours.

From " A Good Christian":  I strongly object to the promotion that Harry Potter literature is evil and satanic. It's true that there is lots of evil in this world, but Harry books are not part of it. The foundation of the books is built on clean moral values, and I've read Christian literature with much more violence and so-called witchcraft than I have in the Harry books.

So have I. Some of the ones I read described some of the occult practices, terrorizing oppression and murderous expressions that accompanied sorcery, primitive animism and demonic possession. They showed the reasons why true Christians -- those who loved God and people enough to travel to the oppressed people of the world -- would risk their own lives in this world to set the oppressed free through Christ. 

You people would be much more useful expending your energy dissing on things like sex and drugs, not children's books! In the scheme of things, Harry Potter is NOT going to make this world any worse off, and it certainly isn't satanic! Yours Truly,

From Amy: I am responding to the comment from a "Disgruntled Christian" (below). I also oppose Harry Potter and I find it interesting that this Disgruntled Christian called you narrow minded. Jesus said, Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be with go in thereat: because strait is the gate,and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:13-14. So when people call me narrow minded for following Biblical principles, I take it as a complement."

Thank you, Amy.

From "Disgruntled Christian":  Let me just say that if I wasn't a Christian myself and if I were teetering in that gray area trying to decide my true path, if I came across this website I would certainly be turned completely off by your narrow-mindedness and total blocking out on true, beautiful literature. This is NOT what Christians are for and you know it! Harry Potter being Satanic and should be ashamed of yourself! Have you even actually READ the book?

This is the kind of stupidity that is turning people away from Christ. Not fantasy or Harry Potter or Pokemon or Dungeons and Dragons...unless you become more accepting, saying that CULTURE and STYLE is a whole other ballpark from religious beliefs, you can kiss you converting mission goodbye. Thank you very much.

I did read the Harry Potter books. Have you read the Bible -- especially Deuteronomy 18 and Romans 12:2 and 9? Remember, God tells us not to be "conformed to the world." 

If you haven't already, please also read Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion. Maybe it will help you understand why the Hogwarts "culture" compromises Christian faith and confuses a person's understanding of God. 

From Sarah H:  You may have heard this before, I'm sure, but I'm going to say it with my own words. How can you say that Harry Potter is a bad influence on children, and that it will lead them to witchcraft? In the fantasy world, not all magic is bad. Obviously, you don't believe in magic, but haven't children seen enough Disney films to know that magic isn't used for evil, but to CONQUER evil? All children believe in magic. It's in their nature. In OUR nature.

Your last three sentences are correct, Sarah. But that's the problem. Children raised on Disney movies are used to magic. They have learned to believe that occult forces will conquer evil.

We shouldn't be surprised. Our human nature wants its own way -- and it wants power to accomplish it. That's why people -- in every nation throughout history -- have sought spiritual power through symbols, rituals, myths, pagan prayers and occult formulas. 

But God doesn't give us power to do what we want for our own self-centered reasons or even for noble causes that are not from Him. While today's deceptive visions of spells and magic are as old as time, there's a new ingredient that makes the pagan fantasies all the more seductive: the mind-changing promotion of paganism through television, movies, computer games and other high tech gadgets. 

I will not lie to you, and pretend I'm some know it all grown up, because I'm not. Like many others, I'm 13, and I've been a Harry Potter fan for a long time, but I do not wish or attempt to do witchcraft, or follow evil, in that matter. And since we're on the topic of truth, here's another fact. I am not a Christian. I'm sure you won't hate me for that, because I believe Chritians don't hate. I have many good friends who are Chritians, the most Chritian-ish people i know. They are all Harry Potter fans. Their families don't believe in magic, but they will still read JK Rowling's books at free time.   

You might tell me that I don't understand, because I'm not a Christian. But  I see that MANY Christians are fans of Rowling's books. Then again, you may say, "Well, then they are not TRUE Christians, they are not loyal". Well, you're wrong. Many Chritians I know are very loyal to their religion, and still enjoy reading Harry Potter. They go to church every Sunday, and are very strict about some christianity issues. My friend and her family drives out of the STATE everyone Saturday, just so that they can be at their church by Sunday.       

Maybe it is just your belief. But can you at least say ONE good thing about JK Rowling's Harry Potter series? Set aside the witchcraft and wizardry in them. See the friendship, bravery, and GOODNESS they do. Many children, including me, see what the children in Harry Potter can do, and we have this boost of self confidence. We don't turn around, and just decide to follow Satan. We see how good it is to help someone, even if they are your enemy, and we see the importance of family and friends. That's what JK Rowling is trying to send out to the world. She's not trying to spread witchcraft.

But you can't expect a 9 year old child to mature so fast, to grow up so fast, and just leave behind the mysteries of magic. Why do you think so many Disney movies are about if you believe in magic, you can do anything? Do you think they're trying to turn children to witchcraft and evil? I don't think so. A huge part of a child's life is magic, but once they grow up, magic will be their past, and the future awaits many wonderful things, but they will leave their past behind.

That's not true anymore, Sarah. The cultural pressures now cause people to accept neopaganism as normal -- just another spiritual option. Having believed Hollywood's fantasies, they link magic to good feelings and ignore the other side. By the way, did you not notice how Harry and his friends lied and stole in order to win their battles or to satisfy their wants?  If not, please read Harry Potter Letters

When a child grows to be 35, wedded and with children, they're not going to be like, "Oh yeah, I remember when I was 10, I read Harry Potter, and magic was so cool. Now, I wanna contact the dead and cast spells on my co-workers". No of course not. They'll forget all about it. I know, when I'm 30, I'll still remember my childhood magics, but that was then. My point is, every child has a period in their life where they believe in magic in their fantasies. But at one point, or another, they will stop, and grow up into reality.

Sorry if you don't see my point here. It's hard to explain to a person who plans to ban everything from slutty clothes to witchcraft. I wanted to ask you though, have YOU read the Harry Potter books? If not, I suggest you not go and overeact on things. Sure, you may have done PLENTY of studies on the human brain and how it is affected by these books, but please. Take if from a true fan, (and many others, as i see from your comments list), don't try to take away something so precious like magic from children. Don't worry, they're not going to turn into the devil for believing that the FairyGodmother can magic Cinderella into the beautiful princess. Plus, as JK Rowling said, if you don't like the books, then don't bother about them. It's okay. There are plenty of other people out in the world trying to stop all happiness and hope. We don't need another one. HOPE you make it to Heaven.

I have neither the power nor the desire to ban or to take anything away from you, Sarah. All I do is show some of the dangers and leave it up to parents and children to make their own choice. Is that so wrong?

From DavidCats: I am appalled that you could even suggest that a children's author has any kind of connection with the bible, Jesus, God, etc.

I didn't suggest that, David. I am merely warning Christian parents to be alert to the ways her suggestions and images can influence their children's faith and values. Please read Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies.

It's a book! I have read all of them, and can tell you that they are very entertaining. They keep me in suspense, and I am in no way looking to join a devil of any kind (although I'll have to be a little more careful, if that may be the effect of my reading the next one!).

I'll come right off the bat: I am an atheist who happened to stumble upon your page. I am very interested with all religions, and enjoy learning as much as I can about them, so I can figure out just what I believe. However, I do not believe that all stories have to be associated with the Bible, and I don't see why anything un-related has to be wrong in some way.

I am a writer. I write on topics that are important to me (for example: religion, love, morals, values, charity, and yes, sex and homosexuality as well). I just hope that I may be free to write about topics that have no religeous essence whatsoever without being persecuted.

Of course. And Ms Rowling is free to write whatever she likes as well. Shouldn't I have the same freedom? And shouldn't parents have the freedom to warn their children?

A writer should be free to express his or her ideas, and Ms. Rowling is an excellent writer. Her use of language, exposition, suspense, everything! It's just a lot of fun to read her books, watch the characters develop, and follow the twists and turns she creates. So, if she is taking me to the devil, it's one fun ride!

That's your choice, David.

From Eric: First off, I'd like to respectfully request that you take note of an excellent point that Chris made: "The Harry Potter books have not harmed me in any way, nor have they harmed the dozens upon dozens of other people I know who read them. You can talk in theoreticals, but I have never known *anyone* who has been drawn to witchcraft by Harry Potter."

The same holds true for myself. I've not once heard of someone's faith being swayed dramatically by a piece of entertainment, let alone any credible report pertaining to Harry Potter. The lack of any solid evidence (especially in regard of something that should be so easy to provide evidence of) is a rather large blemish on your argument, and without it, for better or for worse, you are not going to be belived. And perhaps it's time you began to ponder whether or not you're right, if no evidence presents itself.

I believe many of your problems with Harry Potter (and many of the other entertainments you've mentioned on this site) stem from a misunderstanding about authors. You, as writers, prefer to deal with your views on reality, perceived truths, solid opinions. Writers of fiction, such as Harry Potter, rarely take their subject matter to heart. I fancy myself a writer, and my stories sometimes deal with elements of the supernatural that I don't at all believe in, or things like homicide and drugs that I don't even remotely condone. Stories aren't always - CAN'T always be perfectly pleasent. It's part of what makes them stories. There is always going to be someone who takes offense to something in a story, and in this case, it happens to be you.

"In today's world, a person who professes to believe in God could just as well be referring to the various New Age gods as to the Biblical God." Isn't that a bit of a paranoid attitude? Following that, there's no reason for me to believe that YOU'RE Christians.

"Faith and spirituality are now in; Biblical Christianity is out -- as you may have noticed from the letters we receive." Nothing is ever in, and nothing is ever out. Getting everyone to believe any one thing is like using a pumpkin tree to rearrange the constellations. It ain't happening. Humans believe. It's what we do. But we're also all very different people, and subsequently believe very different things. You can believe this is right or wrong or natural or the work of Satan. But the fact remains that, true or no,  no one belief is ever going to be "in." And no one belief ever was.

I have written six articles about the Harry Potter books and movie which include references to studies and statistics on the influence of suggestions and images on human minds and behavior. They also show the rising interest in practical witchcraft -- specifically spells and magic. Did you read those articles? Could you refer to some of my specific arguments with documentation rather than simply quote generalizations?

From Alex:  I, much like many others, am a twelve year old, Christian fan of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowlings. I know you must recieve many angry or frustrated emails regarding your belief that Harry Potter encourages children to practice witchcraft so I will try to be somewhat impartial while writing this. I can see why you may believe that many children may turn to the occult after reading this story, but you are also seemingly refusing to notice the other point of view on the books. While it may be true that many people may want to be witch or a wizard after reading Harry Potter, most of them know that it isn't possible, but it is still fun for some to pretend. It doesn't mean that they will turn to the devil, it just means that they are just enjoying the wonders of their imagination. Imagination is one of the most wonderful things a person can have, it can take them to different places, people, or even to a castle named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Again it doesn't mean they will become satan worshippers, they just want to have some fun by pretending they can do extrodinary things like riding a broomstick, or making a feather float in the air.

Harry Potter also teaches many of the values we learn in church every Sunday. Bravery, loyalty, helping others in a time of need, are all practices of the Christian faith. Perhaps though, one of the most important messages J.K. Rowlings has managed to present in every one of her Harry Potter books is that good will always prevail over evil.

But there is one more practice that many more people need to remember, tolerance. Haven't we always learned always to tolerate people no matter what their race, gender, or religion is. We all are God's children no matter what.

That's not true, Alex. Only those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and trusted in what He accomplished for them on the cross are born again and become His children. Those who don't trust in Jesus Christ are not part of His family, and -- unless they choose to repent and follow God, they will face suffering, not joy, in eternity. Because I care about people, this sad fact prompts me to share the encouragement God has given us in the Bible.

But don't take my word for it. Please read the Scriptures on these two pages: Judgment and What it means to be a Christian. And remember, saving faith is not simply saying I believe in God or in Jesus. Listen to this warning in the book of James, "You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believeóand tremble." James 2:19

This website though, seems to condemn Harry Potter for what they believe in. It also seems to condemn anyone who practices Wiccan or any other religion with some type of magic in it. So please try to be more tolerant of the other point of views.

Have you notices, Alex, that most people who write to us are very angry because I have a different set of values. My beliefs are based on the Bible, while most people simply absorb the popular values of the world. Most people have zero tolerance for Biblical values and little understanding of what God really tells us. And they imagine a permissive, Santa Claus kind of a God who fits their liking. But God isn't anything like that. That's why He said in Psalm 50:21, "You thought that I was altogether like you; but I will rebuke you...."

In contrast to the world's intolerance toward Biblical Christianity (which is based on what God reveals in the Bible, not what people like to think), God calls His people to share His truth with kindness and love. We can love those who disagree, even though we reject the occult beliefs and practices they choose to enjoy (in their imagination, if not in actual practice).

But He tells us not to tolerate anything that has to do with the occult. The word "tolerate" is used only twice in the New Testament:  In Revelation 2:2, He comments His people, saying, "I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men..." But in Revelation 2:20, He criticizes them for their tolerance: "Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel....

God tells us, "Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good." (Rom 12:2-9) But those who choose to tolerate evil, may soon learn to abhor the holiness of God and His wise guidelines.

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