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From___: I myself am very concerned about your website. Some of the information on symbols of the occult, is very very offensive to me. I myself am a proud pagan. I have done many Wiccan rituals and have used some of these symbols. I am also a proud Sagitarian, I was quite upset about what you put about the Sagitarian symbol.

I am aslo very into Anarchy, if you looked up the definition of it you might know that it is not used by Satanists. Satanists are way more communistic and facist to ever be into Anarchy. I COMPLETLEY disagree with the person who plays WarHammer, as I also play it. Honestly, I think what you wrote about dragons is crap, in revelations they wrote about it but that is all really. Your "hook 'em horns" is crap aswell. That only applies to the left hand, and most people don't even know that. The right hand is used to ward off evil magicks. Yeh, your Peace sign - complete crap. The whole protruding tongue thing- the gargoyles used that because the when it rained the water inside their mouths became holy and protected the building.

The whole Teletubbies thing, do you honestly think a childrens show is trying to go that deep? Do you think any child will even notice if it truly is what you think it is? Your whole thing about drawing the symbols- B.S. You cannot conjur a demon from any drawing!
Necromancy is so much more adept! I am really quite upset about what you have written.

Thank you for your time.

From "The best and brightest": THE CADUCEUS  On the western pediment of the Temple of Artemis at Corfu is a gorgon figure flanked by two lions. She stands in a 'pinwheel stance' which conveys movement without locomotion. Around her waist are coiled two serpents, entwined at the front, their heads arching back to face one another at her bodice. She is a guardian warding off evil and protecting the goddess within. As such, this stone figure represents protection through balanced duality. For the Great Serpent in the Garden of Eden and the 'Lord God' are one. Or, as the ancients taught, "Demon est Deus Inversus."

Swastikam: The swastika is an emblem of geometric perfection. In the mind's eye it can be stable and still or whirl in perpetual motion, its arms rotating one after another like a cosmic pinwheel. It is unknown why and how the term swastika, "may it be good," was wedded to this most ancient and pervasive of symbols. Most authorities designate the right-hand swastika as a solar emblem, capturing the sun's path from east to west, a clockwise motion. One theory says it represents the outward dispersion of the universe. One of its finest meanings is that transcendent reality is not attained directly through the logic of the mind, but indirectly and mysteriously through the intuitive, cosmic mind. Though Hindus use the swastika straight up and down, other cultures rotated it at various angles.

It all depends on your perspective and worldview, doesn't it? Those who love God will embrace what He loves and reject what He hates. But most of those who love idols and occult practices will ignore what He tells us in His Word:

"You love evil more than good...." Psalm 52:3


"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness....
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!"
Isaiah 5:20-21

Additional note from Jeff:  Here is another paragraph on Rosicrucianism from

As one looks at this, we see the very essense of what is now going on world wide, and it explains why the Rosy Cross is so popular:

Rosicrucian Anthroposophic League:

"Hearkening back to the influence of Rudolf Steiner on Max Heindel, S.R. Parchment, a former member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, formed the Rosicrucian Anthroposophic League in San Francisco in the 1930s. Parchment wrote a series of books to expound his version of the Rosicrucian teachings: The Middle Path, Steps to Self Master, Operative Masonry, and The Just Law of Compensation. Parchment offered a variety of correspondence courses using the texts. The League also published a magazine, Rosicrucian Quarterly.
"The occult basis of the League is spelled out in its objectives:

This kind of occult teaching has now been imbedded into childrens's textbooks, other popular books, movies, games and television. Our children are constantly tempted to distort or dismiss their home-taught view of God and His Truth. They need solid teaching, parental protection, and God's gracious discerment. They also need to wear the full The Armor of God. So do parents and grandparents!

From Jeff: I was watching American Idol the last two nights on TV. They have a contestant on there that is favored to win the contest. Tuesday night she wore a necklace that was in the shape of a snake and sang a song that had the words "I am evil" in it. Then the next night she wore another type of necklace attire that was in the shape of a circle around a rosicrucian cross. This is the cross that I just recently mentioned to you, I have been seeing more and more. She seems very nice and very normal, but one has to think perhaps, these occult symbols are not just coincidental, but specifically chosen. On one other show, they had the contestants display their astrological signs and talk about them briefly right before their time to sing. On another similar type of show (called Nashville Star) one of the judges routinely wears occult symbolism on his tee shirts and cowboy hat. He even changes the shirts more than once during the show. One show, he had on tee shirt on that had a dragon figure on it. Then later he had one on that had a cartoonish looking devil figure with horns on it and he also wears the rosicrucian cross emblem on his hat sometimes. He also routinely displays the goats head hand sign on the show. There seems to just be a coming out, if you will, of people that have embraced these occult symbols and they seem almost determined to demonstrate them to the public. One almost gets the sense that some of these people feel they are gaining an advantage of some kind by promoting this darkside world. It is very troubling to me for their welfare.
Below is excerpt from one link I find for rosicrucianism.... It is very occult, mystical and not remotely Christian.

"The Rosicrucian Fellowship: "Several Rosicrucian groups have a direct lineage from the Theosophical Society, the largest one being the Rosicrucian Fellowship founded by Max Heindel (1865-1919) in 1907. Heindel, born Carl Louis Von Grasshoff, was an engineer whose occult interests led him to the Theosophical Society shortly after the beginning of the century. By 1905 he was a theosophical lecturer. Then in 1907 he traveled to Germany where there appeared to him several times one whom he described as an "Elder Brother of the Rosicrucian Order." He was sent to work with a knowledgeable teacher, believed by most to have been Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical Society.

"Returning to the United States, he wrote down what he had been taught and published it as his first book, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, still the major introductory text of the Fellowship he founded. the first center was founded in Columbus, Ohio, but within a few years centers could be found long the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles. In 1910, while recuperating in a hospital from his recurrent heart condition, he had a vision of the future center on Mt. Ecclesia in Oceanside, California. That center remains the headquarters of the group.

"The Rosicrucian teachings of heindel advocate the occult worldview of Theosophy. Heindel also picked up the astrological emphases of Theosophy and two of his books Simplified Scientific Astrology and The Message of the Stars were major factors in the twentieth-century revival of astrology in America. the Fellowship also publishes the popular Ephemeris, the annual table of the position of the planets in the astrological signs, a necessary tool for constructing astrological charts. A monthly astrology column continues to be an important feature in the Fellowship's monthly Rays from the Rosy Cross."

From D.: happened upon you descriptions of symbols on by chance. First I would like to say, it's a very good thing that you posted the warning about your interpretation of the symbols. I would likely have been amongst those provoked had it not been there. As it is, the page made for an interesting read instead.

The reason I write to you however, is to comment upon your description of one of the symbols. I feel I might actually contribute to the quality of your site in this matter. The symbol in question is the Eight Pointed Star representing unaligned chaos in the warhammer universe. It's described as a sort of home made occultism.

I feel it's important that you are made aware that the eight pointed star is purely fictional. Not only in the sense that it's home made, but also in the since that gamers see it as pure fiction. I've been somewhat involved in the Warhammer hobby for some 12 years now, and I have yet to meet anyone indicating in the slightest that they believe it to be true or something to do with reality in any way. While some choose to game using chaos forces, in my experience it says nothing of their personal beliefs. I might be wrong of course (as always), but that would surprise me a more than suddenly discovering my very Christian grandmother was in fact the opposite of christian.

The reason I'm telling you this is not to "defend" my hobby, as I feel people should be allowed to think what they will of it. I discovered while reading through the symbols page that you express far less over-zealous interpretation than I would have anticipated (no offence), and concluded that you are striving towards a high level of professionalism. The impression given of the description of the eight pointed star stands in stark contrast to this, as indicating that WH gamers actually believe in (or worship) this home made "occultism" is directly misleading. (at least in my experience.) This led me to believe that someone have had their fun at your expense..

I feel you deserve to be made aware of this because you've done a great job with the very informative web-site, and even though I very much disagree with your religious beliefs I resent people making a mockery of your work.

Thank you for your thoughtful letter, D. I appreciate your help in keeping our visitors informed with as accurate, current
information as possible -- even though it's colored by my bias. :)

I put a link to your explanation by the chaos (eight-pointed star) symbol on the symbols page. I hope it will make our visitors aware of the many different ways a symbol can be interpreted. I certainly don't have all the answers. But thanks to you and others, I am learning more as the months go by.

From Jeff Wallace: Recently, while in a mall shopping, I noticed one of those stands in the middle of the mall walkway that had a lot of small things for sale like belt buckles, pins, necklaces etc. It caught my attention because of how many of the items had the iron cross on them. Of the ones without the iron cross, a good number of the rest had things like a skull and bones, or a pentagram, or the so called peace symbol or some other occult symbol. I would say at least 90% of the items had some kind of occult and/or other evil symbol on it of some kind.

I had noticed before in this same mall, they have at least one store, where the entire clothing line and other items for sale are geared to occult and dark side symbolism.

I asked the young man working there about the iron cross a little. He didn't know it was strongly associated with German leadership and military during WWI & WWII. He was from India and born a Hindu (not practicing though he said) and he showed me some Hindu items that had symbols on them, and he pointed out that one of the prominent Hindu symbols is actually the nazi swastika with four dots inserted within the four areas of the design. Your comments on the iron crosses connects it to fascism.

I believe the now forming global governance is more like fascism than anything. Often we speak of the private-public partnerships of this now growing globalization. Really, that is to me what fascism is really all about. Maybe the iron cross is just the latest fad or trend, or maybe it is popular because the powers to be, want it to be popular.

One last interesting thing about my talk with the young Hindu man selling the occult symbols. He said that some of the kids that came and bought the skull & bones items, indicated they liked that symbol precisely because it so represents the culture of death.

These two pages fit your message, Jeff: The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education and Reinventing the World

"All those who hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:36

From Nathaniel Smith: I'm not angry or closed minded or anything (or at least not trying to be or trying to come off that way). I was looking for symbols of protection and healing. When I stumbled across your symbols page. You say at the beginning of the page that the people reading it should not pass judgment on others beliefs (which is a noble and honorable thing to do). But in the description of amulet and dream catcher and perhaps others... I have yet to read that far (Sorry). You wrote that it is false or not to be believed. I would like to know why. I mean it's your web space and you can do what you want.

But isn't it being judgmental. I maybe wrong. I am young and may not be seeing the whole picture or understanding the whole reasoning or just might have not understood the website as a whole. but I did wonder and was Hoping that you would be able to guide me not understanding this. As it seem to be just slightly beyond me. I am sorry if this came off cross or critical. I'm not trying to question your beliefs I am seeking enlightenment in this. Again I apologize I sure you get more than enough of these kind of things. Do not hurry your reply

You don't sounding critical, Nathaniel. But please remember that I have introduced our website as being Christian. All that I write is from that perspective. Though I have attempted to provide the actual religious meanings of the diverse symbols – meanings found not in Christian books but in secular or multicultural lexicons of symbols – I have also included warnings from a Christian perspective in many places. Those are my opinions. I try to evaluate or analyze the symbol, but I don't judge the people they might represent. Only God knows their hearts and which ones who might one day come to know Him.

We all see from our own particular world views. Whether a person is Buddhist, Muslim, Native American or Hindu, he or she would usually look at all things from his or her chosen frame of reference. That makes sense, doesn't it, Nathaniel?

By the way, I really appreciate your name. Jesus made this very special comment about Nathanael, whom He chose to be one of His disciples:

Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward Him, and said of him, “Behold, han Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit!”
Nathanael said to Him, “How do You know me?”
Jesus answered and said to him, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.”
Nathanael answered and said to Him, “Rabbi, You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” 
John 1:47-49

From Marvin: As a Christian, I am deeply concerned how our country and our Christian brothers and sisters are turning aside. I am saddened by the number of people who are involved with the occult.

Upon reading about occult symbols and meanings, I do have one question that came to mind about our own country. It has been said over and over that our country was founded by religious men, our founding fathers as they are called. I don't doubt that some were very religious in deed. But one might ask what religion did some really follow? What might they have been hiding or disguising in the name of religion about their true beliefs?

The reason for these questions arise from seeing the many occult signs, symbols and statues that adorn our country's capitol and through out the states as well. If we were truly founded by "Christian believing men" then how and why did so many of these occult symbols appear and are still present today? How could "Christian fathers" be members of the FREEMASONS and claim to be Christians? They can't be both. An individual either serves the One True Living GOD  or serves satan.

We have Latin inscriptions on our money that point to "one world government" and other cultic meanings. I am beginning to see more signs of the occult in the formation of our country than Christian. Can this be true? If so, then have we not been lied too and misled? Would that not be considered a great deceiving from satan himself? Please correct me if I am wrong. But this tends to be correct, then what should we do? Thanks for your help and understanding.

Andy and I discussed your letter, and we are praying that God will show us how to answer your questions. We've read much on this topic, but still don't feel very qualified to evaluate the visions of our founding fathers.

Apparently neither Benjamin Franklin nor Thomas Jefferson were actually Christian (even though they valued the moral foundations of the Bible), therefore they may have avoided this conflict. On the other hand, George Washington’s letters and writings indicate a strong faith and clear Biblical understanding, yet he was a Mason. We have read that he might have been an occasional participant in freemasonry, not a deeply committed member. In those days, the masonic lodge seems to have been a social and cultural phenomena that was accepted in varying degrees. The inner circle certainly knew the secrets, mysteries and symbols of freemasonry and shared a vision of a global society characterized by their ideals of unity, brotherhood and enlightenment. But I don’t think those secrets were shared by the outer circles. And only God knows the hearts of those men who founded this nation.

The following article shows one of those masonic symbols, but it wasn’t put on the dollar bill until the second Roosevelt administration: Adapting the Constitution to a Global Consensus

From S.A.M.: I read the article on the dollar bill  with In God We Trust. A friend quoted  the scripture you either serve God or Mammon. He said that the god on the dollar bill could have been changed to gad the Babylonian god of fortune.

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon [riches]." Matthew 6:24

Anonymous: i was wondering after visting your site, what method do you prefer to keep your hood nice and white? bleach? borox? blood of innocents?

when i first stumbled upon your site i thought at first that it was supposed to be a joke, then after awhaile i relized that no-one would spend this much time mocking, well, you.

the first thing i read while at your site was the occult symbol page. this is at first why i thoght it was a joke. the first thing i saw staring me in the face was the picture that is on the dollar bill.   #@%# ...  please send me your address so i can send them to you and you can proparly destroy them!

you listed an arrow as a occult symbol. i guess that would make the guys who put up road signs demons then? the sure spread satans arrow all over?

next i saw a butterfly. RUN ITS SATANS BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!

you also listed a circle as a occult symbol. (little johnny is that a ball? oh, my god, that ball has a circler shape! oh, your going straight to hell!) i guess this make football gods favorite sport!

scrolloing down furthor i saw the cou-de-gra. i was laughing out loud when i saw this. you listed the cross as a occult symbol. (i am really apauled at how bad the satanist problem is getting here, just yesterday i passed by a building that had a cross right on the top. st. mark's it said. damn those satanist, taking our good cristan names.) i will follow the advice you gave at the top of your page and warn my children never to trust anyone whering a cross.

i could go on with this by telling you how the masons, you say are satanist have a guy on there membership list called thomas jefferson. i think he did something important but i am not sure.

i really don't have time to address your whole site but just let me say;


good day, and may s... bless you.

I wish you had read our introduction on the symbols page. It would have saved you some confusion. We explained that most symbols are based on ordinary shapes that are part of nature. Here it is again:

Keep in mind that some of these symbols have double meanings. For example, the pentagram has been used to transmit occult power in all kinds of rituals for centuries, but to Christians the same shape may simply represent a star -- a special part of God's creation. The image of a fish may mean a sign of the zodiac (astrology) to some, but to Christians it has meant following Jesus and sharing the message of His love. We will continue to delight in the cross, while recognizing that others use the same image to represent their dark forces.

From Rosie: Concerning Yu Gi Oh, I'd suggest a link to one of the other articles about the New Age movement, or New World Order, or freemasons or something considering all of the Egyptian symbolism. I think they're preparing children to recognise those symbols as being 'cool', marketing it widely as the card games, play station etc.  I mean, any cartoon could take it's place as entertainment, but this is the one that kids are being plunged into.

I appreciate your warning, Rosie. But I don't want to post a link to pages that might include other occult suggestions as well.

From Jason: Have you eve heard of Ben and Jerry's ice cream? If you log into and look through their links, you can see some occult symbols. They have the haunted house, Ben and Jerry's graveyard flavors, the peace symbol in the O for peace pops. They have a flavor called Carb Karma. Karma is associated with Buddhism. They have Flavor Channeling. They encourage people to vote by saying "take an oath to vote."
Awhile back, my wife was online and she saw an advertisement for Ben and Jerry's on the internet. She noticed snakes in the ice cream for the ad.

From Kathleen:  I visited your site and some of its links [illustrating Church Growth marketing] today--including This site advertises, among other things, banners for churches. Some are apparently available only to "officially registered" Purpose Driven Life churches.One I saw reads "Explore the Evidence...Join Us Sundays (times of services given)." Opposite the writing is what I take to be a human arm decorated with a human palm print with a beam of light in it. Is this supposed to be the nail-scarred hand...or a palm chakra?

I don't remember if I ever wrote to you about HM (Hard Music Magazine) the Jan/Feb 2004 issue, which I found in the music dept. of a local Christian bookstore. There are two grotesque caricatures in it, one male, one female--each hanging from a surrealistic tree, each wearing a crown. The first is obviously Christ being crucified. There are skulls hanging from the tree, and off to its side is an all-seeing eye in the palm of a hand. This palm is decorated with zodiacal and other occultic symbols. The other figure I believe is Mary, although her bottom half is a serpent's body, curled around the "tree." There are skulls hanging from it also. The bands interviewed in this magazine are said to be Christian. Most band members have extensive tattoos and body jewelry. Their music is (positively) described as "brutal," "hardcore," "pain-inflicting."

Thank you for the information, Kathleen. I continue to be amazed at how "Christian" organizations promote occult symbols, suggestions and entertainment.

From Sherri: Since asking you the meaning of this symbol, I took the information you provided and did a little research of my own. I found a wiccan website that uses the symbol on its website and claims that the world triad symbol is actually the triskelion. They give this definition of the triskelion:

"This threefold yin/yang type symbol is found in Oriental philosophy. It is also found in ancient Celtic symbolism and from this root, many pagan, and Wiccan traditions have adopted it. The threefold nature symbolizes the Triple Goddess and the karmic wheel of life: birth, life, and death."

After doing a little research on what in the world the Triple Goddess is, I was instantly reminded of the TV series "Charmed". If you aren't familiar with it, the main characters are three "good" witches that use the so called "power of three" and a book of shadows. One of the episodes this season featured the witches actually becoming goddesses.

Did you receive the other symbol I sent you from the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute?

I did, Sherri. Thank you. It looks like a compound symbol with the medical symbol of the serpent on a stake superimposed on the satanic pentagram. Perhaps what looks like a pentagram was actually intended to be the wings of an airplane. Or perhaps the artist wanted to create a symbol with several meanings. We may never know.

From Ash Man: You missed out an important symbol of My religeon, the chaos star! the sign for those that follow Chaos.

I will add it if you show me what it looks like. Is your chaos similar to chaos magic? Would you define it for me?

Second letter from Ash Man: well Chaos is exactly what it sounds like neither good or evil. Chaos simply is. Chaos is the opposite of order, the Game warhammer, from gamesworkshop uses it as evil, in its games, anbd it is true there is deamons and angels we worship but none are good or evil, chaos is the turmnoil in a person, and the power that comes from Father Chaos, comes from men itself, as chaos is natural whereas order is not natural and represes our natural self. that is how people who follow chaos can be good or evil, or both. is one version of the star, there are many variations on it.

Chaos's colour is not black, as we are not satanists or anything like that, but many different colours forever changing, and often are with the colour of the person, their personality. as i am a sensationalist, my colours would be be pastel colours, then changing to bright colours. Although made into a game, warhammer catches the worst sides of the real chaos, but they are real sides, they mearly made up names for them, as we follow chaos as a whole, in which all gods, and all people are part.

There is however no morals to chaos as how could there be? as everything changes? there is no right or no wrong and through chaos it brings us individual pleasure, and ambitions, and teaches us that chaos is not something to be feared but embraced and used to help us gain no matter what it takes, to sort of achieve the highest point of pleasure weather it physical sexual or mental, well thats the way i view chaos from.

the 8 pointed star represents the many many different directions of chaos and the many ways you can follow it. As the game put a name to how i worship it, i would say it almost sum'ed me up as a slaaneshi, although the real religion there is no name for it.

Look up warhammer. They have basically copied from the real religion into a game so they can tell u more, but only the bad side of chaos, it will not tell you about the use of chaos in healing, and in the mending of your energys.

I prayed to chaos to help me, and i was bistowed a gift it was like a miricle, i learnt how to charm women like never before and learnt how i can make people do whatever i want using my new charm.  it gave me dreams on how i could get all i wanted, if i just gave myself to it and it hasnt lied yet well if u want to know more just ask away.

Ash, you are describing what Satan and the his occult realm is all about. His chaos is the opposite of God's order in every way. Your evil task master never gives his seductive gifts without a payback, and the ultimate cost of his favors is your bondage to his cruel and depraved will. You must have suspected that since your email address includes the word "deviant." Remember, his favors will eventually cease for he doesn't love anyone. Read the first story in Chapter 3 of A Twist of Faith and Chapter 8 - "Deliver us from evil"

Please consider the only way out of this deadly trap. My God can set you free; no one else can. And His favors are freely given -- no strings attached. Please read these two pages and ask God to speak to your heart, open your eyes and give His understanding: What it means to be a Christian and Jesus

From Sadie: The pentagram has been a Universal symbol and also at one time was used in Christianity. It represented the five wounds of christ to Christians of long ago.

A inverted Pentagram may not necessarily represent Satanist's. As it is sometimes used to represent the material things. Perhaps, a person wishes to concentrate on the material things in his/her life rather then the spiritial. Since the top part of the star represents the Spirit, the Pentagram is inverted to bring up the bottom half which can represent the Material things in life.

I was very pleased to read the correct definition of the Pentagram.
Witchcraft has never had anything to do with Satanism. Witchcraft is a healing art. It is a mixture of Herbalism, Healing energies and Aromotherapy. It is the physical practice in Wicca. Whereas, Wicca is the belief, the religion. You can practice Witchcraft and not believe in the religion or you can believe in the religion and never practice the Craft. If Witchcraft is being used for anything but healing then it is not Witchcraft.

I feel that I should also mention that Satan has never exsisted in Wicca/Witchcraft. We do not have a all good diety and a adversary. Our God's/Godess's are neither god nor evil they just are. The goddess can give you a beautiful summer day or a raging storm that destroys everthing in its path. She is neither good nor bad, again she just is.
It must be remembered that Zoroaster evented the all good deity and his adversary. An idea which spread eastward. Satanism was a branch off from Christianity and never exisited in Paganism. So, to call a Pagan a Satanist is incorrect You cannot worship something that does not exist in your beliefs.

And what is a Pagan? It comes from the latin word meaning country dweller. We now like to have it defined as someone who worships nature. So why do Christians continually define a Pagan as someone who does not believe in god or a Satanist?

Pagan's believe in god just in a different context.
I know wish to pose two questions why are the Christian demoninations so threatened by other beliefs? And why do Christians think that they are the way? Perhaps, if the bigger picture is examined is it not possible that we are all striving for the same thing but choosing different paths to get there?

My hope is that one day we can all be accepting of each others beliefs. I want a world where my children, grand children ect. will live in a world of Religious Tolerance. A world that says no matter what your belief is being a good person taking care of your planet, the animals and your neighbour will be all that matters. Not whether you worship from the Bible or not.

Thank you, Sadie, for sharing your insights. I understand your view of paganism, for I have talked with many neopagans and Wiccans. You can read some of those conversations online in A Twist of Faith.

But, just like most symbols, the word "pagan" has different meaning to different groups that who identify with that word. And in many parts of the world, witchcraft is far darker and more feared than in the United States. Please see African Witchcraft and Occult News. I try to point out all the diverse sides.

Back in Old Testament days, witchcraft was practiced in all the pagan countries that surrounded Israel. And, just as today, God's people began to blend their beliefs in God with their neighbors' beliefs in all kinds of "other gods." Here are two Scriptures that shows how witchcraft fit into a set of practices that would devastate God's people:

"Also [Manasseh] caused his sons to pass through the fire in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom; he practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft and sorcery, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger."  2 Chronicles 33:6

"There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer,  or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.  For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you."  Deuteronomy 18:10-14

From David:  I read your definition of this phrase in your symbols page and though I have heard your definition before I disagree with it.  Here's the definition of Seclorum from a Latin Dictionary;

seclorum:  Word mod cl/cul      An internal 'cl' might be rendered by 'cul'secul.orum      N      2 2 GEN P N     seculum, seculi  N  N    Later the world/universe; secular/temporal/earthly/worldly affairs/cares/temptation;

Seclorum means secular or worldly so this makes sense because this phrase was typed in Latin to hide it from the common people but revealed in the secret societies.

The phrase NEW WORLD ORDER,  is a buzzword for One World Government:

novous = new  ordo = order   seclorum = secular or world
To me this would help people better understand this phrase instead of saying a new order of the ages. This is still veiling it somewhat. Lets call it what it is!!  Shine a bright light on this hidden agenda, praise God!

Thank you, David. I will add your explanation to our Chart on Symbols. I will also leave the definition of the U.S. government's website as an interesting comparison. Yes, I want to shine a bright light.

From "Scorched Leather": Interesting site. I read most of the comments and am a bit suprised...many say that your representation of the symbols are only from a 'backwoods baptist' perspective. I'm not a christian, I am a follower of the Church of Trikannis (haven't heard of it? Email me). The way the symbols were represented is very neutral--but I'm sure many did not see it that way. In fact most seemed to come off as the very thing they were accusing you of being, I'm humoured.

The symbols were displayed in a very factual sense by simply informing people on the general idea behind the symbol. All the possible denouncing of the symbols was left to the paragraphs surrounding the charts.

I'm very disturbed about others comments, but then again I'm not surprised. If others wish to know more on a symbol's meaning--and/or history--they should check occult books/sites, historical resources, etc. Besides, getting you hair buffetted over someone else's opinion is quite goofy. People get angry because they believe christians try to give them a bad rep when they usually accomplish this feat themselves.

And if anyone who feels the need to resurrect that ridiculous phrase 'if god is so merciful why does he let innocent people die' , I will summarily throw a shoe at them.

Also, parents should see the symbols with empty eyes. If you notice strange markings on their items, research the markings, and do not jump to conclusions. Watch the child's behaviour, yes, but don't become the overbearing mother from 'Carrie'.

Thank you for your encouraging, fair and thoughtful letter.

From Jack:  I am not a Cristian, nor am I a Satanist, I am who I am am and thats all. Though I value knowledge greatly, your site is a mockery. You claim to be trying to educate in Satanism when you haven't the first clue, a pentacle and pentagram aren't evil. One represents the good and one represents man, thats all.

You try to educate and all you do is brain wash with your false truths. If God is as great as you say why does he lets innocents die, and none of that "no one is innocent" everyone sins, including you! But they did not deserve to die, and you do know Jesus was jewish and what he wanted was to revamp the jewish religion to the old ways, and some fools and oppotunists used him to get power and immortality. Jesus is probably weeping at the site of your ignorance, now you know this is my opinion. Though my opinion is often right. Well that's my say if you would like to try and convince yourself of your lies be my guest and amuse me.

No, I won't try to convince or amuse you, Jack. I'll just respond to some of your points with some information that might be new to you. Take it or leave it.

The statement that I added to the "Ouroboros Baphomet" on the symbols page actually came from the church of satan website. I have examined contemporary satanism more thoroughly than you realize.  I know that many who call themselves satanists disagree with each other on meanings and practices.  Your definitions may seem right to you but -- since the foundation of satanism is mainly human nature and its wants or lusts -- nothing is absolute. Each new coven leader can choose his own definitions or directions.  Wouldn't you agree?

I started to write an article on this topic before Christmas, but didn't have time to finish it. You can read what I wrote here:  The Rising World Religion

As for God's will and ways, He has allowed evil in the world for His own purposes [see Trust in Fact] and He often lets evil have its way to help us to learn that we must trust Him, not ourselves or strong leaders. But in the midst of this spiritual war, anyone who comes to Him for strength and Life will receive everything everything they need  to triumph over that evil. See What it means to be a Christian

On the other hand, those who do not come to Him are at the mercy of those forces of evil.

Of course, many Christians have been persecuted and killed. That doesn't negate His triumphs. For when faithful Christians die, their souls enter into the wonderful presence of Jesus. Nothing could be better. See Polycarp and Almighty God